Eastward, Ho! by Soi Sauce

As Bangkok matures, it’s surely inevitable that the “nightlife” will be pushed further out from the city centre. Nana really is prime real estate – if you look past the bargirls, the drug dealers, the extremely rickety pavements, the beggars, the African prostitutes and pimps, the pushy street vendors, the suddenly ubiquitous roadside dildo boutiques, the traffic and the smell. Because despite all that, it’s a mere 3 stops from Siam on the BTS, a stone’s throw from a major expressway, and will surely be as soulless as Singapore in a decade’s time – all concrete, steel, glass and money.

Nana Plaza’s lease expires at the end of next year, but the trend of recent times is that old bar areas close down – Clinton Plaza, Sukhumvit Square, Asok Plaza/Corner, Soi Zero, Sukhumvit 1 Plaza, Washington Square – with no new bar areas appearing to replace them.

Recently though, two new establishments have bucked the trend, becoming the first venues of their kind in hitherto unexplored areas. Is there life outside Soi 4? Daywalker didn’t know. So I dragged him along to find out (and to pay for the drinks).

After starter drinks at the Mango and a toilet stop at Nana Plaza, we eventually found ourselves a whopping three whole blocks further down Sukhumvit Road, at the mouth of Soi 10. Yes Virginia, there is a soi 10.

Suck It And See

The cunningly-named Lollipop #1 lies in an alcove to the left, a short walk up Soi 10. There was a gaudy advertising board perched on the corner of Thanon Sukhumvit itself, and another at the corner of the alcove, so it’s easy enough to find. There was also a less-than-subtle fellatrix sat outside the bar bellowing at us to “come inside”, who would almost certainly have cleared up any remaining confusion.

Lollipop #1 will be providing direct competition to the likes of Lolita’s, a block over on soi 8. In other words, this establishment is brought to you by the letters B and J.

DW and I dithered for a moment as we approached the threshold – there was outdoor seating, but is it worse to be caught sat outside such an establishment, or inside it? Was this the kind of bar where you can just have a beer and chat without being interfered with, or were we going to walk in on a grisly scene of Caligulan excesses?

There was only one way to find out.

We weren’t the first customers – a couple of older chaps were already sat at the bar, with a girl each in attendance. Thankfully, they hadn’t started yet. The action, such as it is, apparently all occurs upstairs. That said, there was a suspicious number of boxes of Kleenex dotted around the bar area. Further investigation may be required…

We parked ourselves upon a pair of sofas, where I was joined by a fairly attractive girl, and DW was joined by a girl who looked like a Transit van. We bought them drinks, which seemed to surprise them.

The two other customers soon took their girls upstairs, leaving DW and I with our “dates” and an amused-looking cashier. No other staff were around, but then this was a Wednesday night, and according to other sources this is still a soft opening (so to speak) – the grand opening will be this Friday, August 5.

We wanted to be alert and receptive at the next venue, so just finished our drinks and left without availing ourselves of the specialist facilities, but this will certainly one to come back to once the paint has dried.

The Other White Meat

Having successfully avoided being eaten, we sauntered a block further to Soi 12 (yes), where the most unlikely of venues has been in business for about three months now – White Lioness. It’s a go-go bar with a difference – the dancers are all Russian girls, and if you think 150 baht is a bit steep for a drink in a go-go, you may as well stop reading now.

I’d heard about the place a few times, from a few people. They all said it was outrageously expensive, that the women were old and ugly, and that the entire enterprise was doomed to failure. None of them had actually been in, though. It’s outrageously expensive, you see…

The Thai door girl who greeted us spoke great English, and invited us to take a look inside before we decided whether we wanted to commit, which was another nice touch. She told us that all the dancers are from Russia, but I’ve no idea how true that is. Certainly in similar bars in Pattaya, the dancers can come from any number of former Soviet states whose names all seem to end in “-stan”.

She then explained that our 500 baht entrance fees would include our first drink, and showed us the drinks prices in advance to make sure there’d be no unpleasant surprises later – all spirits were priced at 420 baht, while Singha, Heineken and San Miguel were around 350-380, with Corona at 420.

She went on – the dancers appear one or two at a time on the main stage, but will also dance at your table for tips. The minimum tip, she told us with a stern look on her face, is 100 baht. Lady drinks are 600 baht.

We could see the stage and a few of the dancers from inside the door, and they were certainly a lot more attractive than I’d been expecting. A look and a nod from DW, and we took our seats by the stage.

Before I go on, an aside. There is a much-loved myth amongst Bangkok’s bitterer ex-pats which states that “all white women are fat and ugly”. This is, I hope we can all agree, not true. When these chaps say that “all white women are fat and ugly”, they actually mean “the only white women who are willing to talk to me are fat and ugly”. There is a difference.

Most of these women are white. Very few of them are fat or ugly. Okay? Good. Glad we cleared that up.

Of course, the dancers at White Lioness will probably not make the FHM Top 100 list. If they looked like supermodels, they wouldn’t be pole-dancing down soi 12. They’d be working as supermodels. It pays better.

However, they’re not too shabby either. I’d guess we saw about ten dancers working there, all of whom seemed to be in their 20s. There was already a girl on stage as we took our seats, and the first thing I noticed was the dancing. These girls can actually pole dance.

The club itself looks like money. Lots of money. Very nicely decked out, with more leather sofas than the DFS sale (ends Sunday). We guessed it could seat around 120 people, but on our visit there were perhaps five other punters, if that. This was mid-week though – it would be interesting to return on a Saturday night.

According to the staff, most customers are Indian, with a few Japanese and some Thais.

As Svetlana swang around the pole, upside-down, her stripper shoes whizzing through my field of vision over and over again, I wondered whether they’re still technically stripper shoes if the wearer never actually strips.

Sadly, there seemed to be a no nudity policy in the main bar area. Although clothes come off, the underwear stays on.

DW and I had a couple of girls in our laps soon enough, and we were able to make further enquiries. There are VIP rooms, to which I was invited for a “private dance”. I asked how much this would cost – two thousand baht. I asked what a private dance involves – she told me she would take off her clothes and dance naked.


Another stern look.

I had to decline.

Like most things in Bangkok, a takeaway may be available to the right person for the right price, but if naked dancing costs two thousand baht, I don’t think I want to think how much horizontal jogging is valued at.

Still, decent looking girls, a complete change from the usual venues, and not quite as hideously expensive as I’d feared – especially if you can get DW to pay.

58 thoughts on “Eastward, Ho! by Soi Sauce”

  1. I think it must be over 12 years now that i have been hearing the old (Nana plaza’s lease is up soon) And it never is…I suppose one day it will be but don’t hold your breath.
    Lets leave the Russian mafia bars to themselves and the Indians etc,
    I found the ones in Pattaya: Expensive, aggressive and with a horrible atmosphere and that was just the Girls!
    Rip off and rank……………..
    Uncle D.

  2. Nana Plaza closing will be a disaster, speaking personally.

    I’ll be staying in Soi 10 in 5 weeks (who’s counting?). I will visit White Lion, mascochist that I am. Take me down….

  3. Thanks Soi Sauce, for the change of pace.
    This story gave me a bad feeling of things to come in BKK. why travel to the other side of the world when i can get a lap dance in the US for 700 baht. On the other hand, what gets pushed down in lower suk or bkk in general hass to pop up somewhere else. I dont imagine Issan has any plans on slowing the supply down.

  4. Good write up, probably not heading to WL anytime soon. I think Russia is probably closer to me anyway. Still like that BKK is continually evolving…

    Top marks on this one: “… they actually mean “the only white women who are willing to talk to me are fat and ugly”. There is a difference. Almost cost me a keyboard… 🙂

  5. Nana close??!! I belive that when I see that it’s closed. I have heard that is going to close for so many years now and it never happens.

    Thanks for a good post.

  6. Thanks Soi Sauce, good info!
    I’m with ROLLN on the price thing, those are close to Westside LA prices? And aside from you guys that live there, I never quite understood why a Westerner would travel to LOS just to nail a white (or African) girl?
    I personally like the off the beaten path areas like Sukisan and a few other places WW, BBB, and you know who et al. had wandered! Lower Suk tends to grind me down…
    Speaking of and sorry for the off topic Soi Sauce, but anyone know anything about an Island off Vietnam that’s supposed to be one big brothel?

  7. “… they actually mean “the only white women who are willing to talk to me are fat and ugly”

    North Korea’s hungry citizens to break up animal turds to find undigested corn kernels. Western men must go through a similar search if they desire a white girlfriend.

    Enjoy your brown corn gentlemen. You will find me in the Thai restaurant.

    Visit the White Lioness? I’d rather have my liver pecked out by seagulls.

  8. I’m all for a range of hues on my canvas of debauchery but think I’ll wait until prices are more comparable. As a regular sukhumvit dweller I hope Lollipop strives to be as faultless as the Star of Light – then I won’t have to leave the reservation for a guarantee of quality.
    Interesting trip report – thanks SS

  9. WL reminded me of a Eastern European strip/drinking club. High end. Don’t muck about in there as you’ll get taken out the back and slapped around. I don’t think the Russians are as tolerant as the Thai’s. And why should they be?

    As for Lollipop… if they cut a hole in the mouth of the girl on the sign outside, I may of parted with my money. I got stuck with a horrid creature who I couldn’t get away from quick enough.

    If I visit either place again, I’ll be taking a cab though. It’s frigging miles away. I almost started bleeding when I turned the corner of soi 4.

  10. Nice report….

    I thought the name Lollipop “NUMBER ONE” was interesting and curious… Does that mean there’s another Lollipop bar of similar style somewhere else, or that the owners have plans to expand with additional locales? The No. 1 reference would seem to suggest that…

    The recent popping up of different new businesses around the Soi 10 – 12 area is an interesting development…. There’s also the Club Insomnia that’s located there in tandem with the 24-hour “V Diner” American food establishment….And the relatively new Los Cabos Mexican restaurant as well…. and Thermae across the main road….

    What’s different, vs. Nana though, is those are all separate and standalone operations scattered about a neighborhood… as opposed the main Nana Plaza location and its critical mass, mall style, of sleaze… 🙂

  11. @ thaiguyinla; been to Los Cabos, great atmosphere, service passable, prices crazy high and shit food! Must better option for closer to real Mexican food at resonable prices= Coyotes on Suk soi 31ish…FYI

  12. I’ll second nurseRon on Los Cabos & Coyote (near soi 33).

    I’ll also throw in my two cents that the food and service at the V Diner mentioned by thaiguyinla both suck, though the 39 baht SanMigLight might cause you to pop in.

    It’s worth mentioning what’s been mentioned a lot… the beer bars lining soi 4 have built a critical mass that can probably survive the loss of NEP if & when it happens… much different than four or five years ago when the closing of NEP would have just seen a bunch of tailor shops lined up on an empty soi.

    Other nightlife options that have opened to the east as older venues have closed include Penalty Spot near Soi 29, and a slew of places on Soi 11. The owners of Coyote opened the Australia Pub on 11 a couple years back, and are about to open a wine & tapas bar nearby on the same soi.

    Queen’s Park Plaza seems to be showing signs of some resurgence, and there’s a vibrant nightlife along Sois Thong Lo and Ekkamai. Sherbert & Piano can’t be said to be “new” anymore, but they’re not long in the tooth yet.

    If NEP closes it’ll put a dent in the go go bar business, but there’ll certainly be no shortage of entertainment options. And with Bangkok being Bangkok, it’s likely that the P4P businesses lost at NEP would find an outlet in some form and some location somewhere else. Perhaps a few stops north on Ratchadapisek Road, linking to the massage heaven of Hway Kwang, or maybe a bit further out along the now extended BTS line, east of Onnut, or even somewhere to the south near Khlong Toei.

    One thing is sure; Bangkok won’t close down if NEP does.

    I look forward to slipping into Lollipop sometime soon (maybe this week) and finding out first hand what the story is. 🙂

  13. Thanks for the Post. If you combine the two new businesses mentioned above and find a blowjob bar named Olga’s, that would really be cool. Although, I don’t see paying 7000 baht for a BJ, or worse, go to a strip club in bkk that only has thai girls. However, if Olga’s had Russian gals giving 700 baht BJs…

  14. WW, The Austrailian on Soi 11 is ………………way over priced and the daytime broads seem tho think that your just another dumbshit tourist from the hotels on the street, which I may add are not attractive and have a attitude problem. The next thing is that just where did some Australian or Kiwi think that they knew what Mexican food was or how it really tasted. There isn’t a real Mexican place in the whole of the country. Come on, you can buy rice anyplace and opening a can of refried beans just isn’t that hard but they can’t even get that right.
    I like the Penalty Box at night, but daytime sucks, no service, broads that have an attitude of why are you bothering me, can’t you see I’m eating. Eating something that smelled so bad my heavy hitting drinking partner and I had to leave, it smelled so bad.
    Having been here when NEP had a ground floor parking lot, I for one would be happy to see that garbage pit go. It has no redeeming value any more, filled with LB’s and thugs. As far as the beer bars on the soi, they are trash filled with over the hill broads all with too much makeup that will never hide the fact that the really should be back on the farm.
    OH and while I’m at it, look at the caliber of customers parking their asses in those beer bars…………..OH Yes some real winners there.
    Nope, the sooner it goes the better!

  15. I like Soi 11…has the most delicious Italian restaurant in the city on that street…Lemoncello’s. Their pizza is amazing…

    And…the Australian is a rip-off…I guess if you like watching Aussie Rules, it’s the best place to go…other than that…I see no reason to actually go there.

  16. @ THE MAN; dude you need to take a reality trip back to the state for a week or so brother! Even if all your points were valid it sounds like you forgot how good you have it living in LOS?

  17. NR
    I was here when it was special 1968 and I never have to go back to anywhere to think that this is OH so wonderful. If you want to expect garbage or second best, well that’s up to you, I don’t!
    Trash is trash!!!

  18. THE MAN, this does beg the question, if you consider everything in Bangkok to be second best trash, where, then, are things “special” (as you call it) *now*?

    While you may reminisce back to 1968, most of us (I hope) live in the present, and compare things to current points of reference.

    I’m not saying that Bangkok is a gem amongst gems (it certainly isn’t), but maybe you could provide some alternate reference points that meet your stringent criteria?

    TimeTravel is not possible, so places today, please…

  19. DD
    Bangkok is what it is, and for me it is now second or third best from what it once was. But it’s everything that many of you search for and can’t find where ever your from. For those of you that are, to me, newcomers, you deem this action to be the best you have ever been able to experience in your lives, you can do things here that would put you behind bars or sitting before a shrink, back in good old where ever. But when I say that I remember when thing were better, to me and for me, I now find a it to be a sorry excuse for what it once was. I consider the NEP to be trash, garbage, feeding off those that find it very hard, anywhere else in the world to get over at a minimal cost. Come on after all it’s the cost that keeps most coming back here, it’s the abundant amount of P4P that is available 24/7, it for damn sure isn’t the flora and fauna or the temples that brings them back, it’s pussy, dope, 24/7 booze and no one at home to see you. All I’m saying is that it once wasn’t that way. Remember one mans meat is another mans poison. I liked a softer easier time. There is no way on this earth that I would ever return to castrated America and all of it’s politicaly correct bullshit, that I may add, some of you allowed to happen.

  20. Have to agree with “The Man” re NEP. I have stared at it from my hotel window during daylight hours and my first thought was “What a rundown tip!”, and guys actually sit on a plane for up to 20 hours to visit NEP. It just shows the regard that the owners of NEP have for us westerners as they let it fall into decay…drain the last dollar or baht out of it before it closes up. Yeah at night the neon helps and the loud music n crowds disguise it a bit. You know if you sit and people watch at say Big Dogs you can’t help but notice how the Thais see us as easy bait as we flow into NEP like fish into a net. I’m not judging anybody but my point is that too many westerners put up with visiting slum like areas in third world countries for p4p…. and the Thais smile!!!

  21. Everything decays, degenerates, and becomes “less” with time – the same as you (THE MAN) have said about NEP can be applied equally well to the USA, or many other places, if you wear 1968 spectacles.

    Once again, I ask what place do *you* consider to be better, right now, in our time?

    Vietnam? Laos? Brazil? Paris? Russia? Canada? Etc…?

    Personally, I spend a minimum of time in NEP, if any. I have a couple of regulars that I like to visit, but even in their case I often prefer to just have them come to me to hangout. I agree with many that cowboy is a much better maintained venue (which isn’t saying much, though), yet everyone whining appears to forget that there are *a lot* of other venues outside of what I call the farang ghetto.

  22. Let’s remember that Clinton Plaza, Sukhumvit Square, Asok Plaza/Corner, Soi Zero, Sukhumvit 1 Plaza all came after NEP was established and I wouldn’t put Washington Sq on the same level as Patpong, Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza. If it ever does close down and change from what it is today, there will always be some place else to occupy ones time doing similar things one may do there. I think the bigger of the bars there would relocate somewhere. After all it was bars relocating from Suk to NEP that got it started.

    I also first went to NEP when there was a parking lot in the shopping plaza (yes, the sign didn’t always say entertainment) and still had Arabic signs from a restaurant I think and other non bar businesses and when the Nana hotel still had AmEmb visitors staying there. I ate lunch at Woodstock a lot, where I had cold brews during the day when there was only Singha, Singha Gold and Kloster. My night spots were Desiree’s (Nong from Chiang Mai was my first Thai infatuation), Asian Intrigue (remember Alex had the python they would have in a show. Nai the hostess was my 2nd infatuation or 1st Lao one) and Three Roses (where Nong’s sister Ong worked).

    So sure it is found to think back to how it was in the early days, but I actually thought it has improved over the years overall. I certainly like Big Dogs better than the gold shop with more choices of beer and I like the new 4 bar seeing some cuties in there, and there are decent chaps and cute chicks scattered throughout these places. I have had a lot more fun in Rainbow 4 than I ever did in Woodstock. NEP blew up and over took Patpong and Soi Cowboy in the late ’90’s and early 2k’s, I’ve enjoyed all the Rainbows, the old Hollywood downstairs, VooDoo (’98-’04), AngelWitch early on, the old Carousel/Hollywood 3 (was even caught in a raid in its hey day in ’03).

    I even like some of new changes with the “cleaner” less clustered looking beer bar area in the old parking lot and new clubs up on the 3rd floor. It has basically changed over time and I think there have been more good changes than bad ones. Sure some things about it I don’t like, but I hate worse what Patpong has become, in the late 80’s that place was fun like NEP in the late 90’s, and maybe how Soi C has been the late 2k’s. I don’t like that Nana hotel has become a dump from what it once was, all that money and they did very little to update it outside of adding Golden’s in the late 90’s and the recent remake of the Nana disco or Angel’s as Liquid (I remember fondly the days of listening to Lionel Ritchie in the old Love’s club too with my dates, but I had lots more fun in Angel’s in the early 2k’s). But, there are a lot newer and nicer hotels that can be found at great value now that didn’t exist before.

    Change is the only constant and not all change has been good, but an awful lot of it has been, BTS, MRT, newer, nicer shopping malls, hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, airport (despite its short comings, and as much as I am nostalgic for Don Muang, the new airport is still just better) etc… This place will always remake itself and if one loves the true essence of Thailand, one will always enjoy where ever they spend their time.

    I enjoy Thailand just as much today, if not more, as I have over every trip for the past 25 years, whether I’m in a p4p area with people of all types or a posh hotel with the well to-do, or with just regular non p4p affiliated friends and family, despite the fact it isn’t cheap anymore (but still can find value, besides every where else has become more expensive too) and not all things change for the better, but that’s true anywhere as well, isn’t it? As long as most of it is for the better, grab hold, embrace it and enjoy the ride otherwise you will just be treading water, stuck in the past and become bitter!

  23. DD, You keep asking where I find things better. Hell I am not out looking for better, or best in some other country. You don’t get it, That isn’t even close to what my original post about. I have had the best, I’ve had better times in Bangkok than what it offers today.

    cdsphx The place with the Arabic was a Lebanese restaurant, ground floor left hand side with about 4 or 5 Arab hookers that were pretty damn nice to look at and not at all like these great Arab cows roaming Suk these days. Patpong was once long ago a pretty good place, in fact it was the only place. My first time was in a place on the corner called Thai Heaven, name was Cat and the price was $11.00 all night, no bar fine, I guess she had to cover that. Then I went upcounty, price dropped to $5.00 all night,(100Baht) no bar fine, $2.50 short time. Oh ya! and they made you feel like you had known them half of your life and been dating for a couple of years. Go to a movie and they peeled grapes for you. We will never see those times returning.

  24. You know, THE MAN, I think you just fondly remember the past, and selectively ignore what was worse back then, or what is better now. I think cdsphx has done a pretty good job contrasting both past and present, and all things considered, I would think the present is pretty good, if not far better than the distant past.

    Let’s not forget, dreaming of $11 or $5 all-nighters only matters if you get paid in today’s dollars and then traveled back to 1968 with a time machine to spend it. Consider that $500 in 1968 money comes out to be around $3000+ in today’s money, so $5 back then comes out to roughly $30 in today’s money, which comes out to about 1000 baht, and last I checked you can still get 1000 baht LT upcountry (heck, you can even get them in bkk under the right circumstances) , and the 2000 baht LT is also the same as you pay nowadays ($11 in 1968 money).

    The difference, as cdsphx points out, is the many improvements – better hotels, more variety, BTS skytrain, variety of foods, many more amenities, etc…

    The one thing that many people, I think, don’t understand, is that THEY change, yet want the world around them not to do so.

  25. Excuse me DD your as full of shit as a Christmas goose. Do what you think is great and wonderful as you will ever find again in your life. Your just in my opinion another dumb shit. In other words go fuck yourself. I don’t have the time for your shit!

  26. @ THE MAN

    Shouldn’t your moniker be THE GRUMPY OLD MAN. That would at least show a sense of humour. At the moment you are coming across as yet another OBH bitching about how good it was in the old days.

  27. I’m stepping out for the Man here… what’s wrong with saying something was better in the past? Obviously in some ways it was. I’d like to think I could muse about something in the past without someone incessantly nagging me to put something into ‘their’ frame of reference

  28. how about less fighting and just a definative list of all the “other” p4p places in bkk? could some of u old timers give us a good list – including other cities?

  29. Ah well young whippersnapper …. Back in my day it were known as Washington Rectangle, so it was. Then they built on half of it.

  30. People sit on flights for 20 hours to get here cos the P4P in their own countries costs a fortune and all you get is a corned-beef legged boiler with too much lagging. At NEP, you can still get a toned, tuned and tanned under-25 nubile for for less than a score (in sterling).

    With that in mind, who gives a monkey’s what NEP looks like in daylight ?

  31. Agreeing with Wombat there – THE GRUMPY OLD MAN seems most apt, after his polite flounce. Seriously, there’s nothing wrong about musing about those things that were better in the past – obviously, there are – but I just critique the selective rose-colored glassed, and simultaneously claiming everything new and in the present is pure crap.

    That’s just someone *STUCK* in the past and unable to move into the present, which is obviously what THE (GRUMPY OLD) MAN’s problem is.

    … and that’s the last I’ll say about this.

  32. I just covet those warm memories of sucking on mums tit, sponge bubble baths, soft warm cotton diapers, crapping myself and giggling about it! Ohh, those were the days! And on the bright side, “THE MAN” is most likely coming due to recapture those very times here in his twilight? Fuck dude, all I was so “politically correctly” trying to point out is you sounded like bitter old women? I’m sure times were grander for you, as we all have had? But pissing on everything current just puts a very negative vibe on the line, and no body wants to read that shit? We (those captive by our own life choices) login to catch up on what’s going on in our favorite places! If you live there, your fortunate! I for one would follow your courageous path and set up shop if I had the means, but at this point I choose to earn my living else where and lack the ability to do as you have! So when you post, kindly keep that in mind, mate? Getting nasty will surely earn you a “good old fashioned beatdown” if your not a keyboard pussy and “MAN” enough to backup your mouth? And in honor of my contributions to political correctness, FUCK YOU! How many guns you own, bitch?

  33. That’s funny, on my first trip my boy Paul’s girl Well from Asian Intrigue peeled his grapes. I’ve been fed here and there from then to the present, no biggie, there is still Thai hospitality, just keep treating them like a lady and it will always come back around. Maybe not every single time, but often enough to keep one positive.

    I still get the long time GF treatment if I want it and take the time to select the the right one. Yeah, I remember the rate was 500b lt or $20 USD, but never a big thing for me about getting cheaper or free, that’s happened too, but every experience I’ve had at the going rates (I’ve never gone over $2k baht LT though) has overall always been better than the free or below market.

    Besides costs always go up anyway and I make more than I did then. I remember getting candy bars for 15 cents too or when gas was 93 cents a gallon (when I first went to LOS), those days are long gone and so is the market price for a piece for 2.50 or 11, but that is expected and I love all the other stuff available today that wasn’t then.

    It is not all bad, even with costs up, I still have the time of my life each and every time because I make sure I put into it at the right value level what I want to get out, a positive experience, still living like a rock star but on a salary man’s budget!

  34. @ dogflye; Right on dude! That’s what it all really boils down to, “still living like a rock start” less the crazy drug habit, trashed hotel rooms, paying for it all and holidays in Rehab???
    peace to all that seek it!

  35. That’s funny I have often thought there needs to be a rehab place to get out of the fog of booze and women and just spinning that Wheel of Thailand, you know a special ward at Bum’s, man I have wanted to check myself in so many times to recover from the craziness (but it would back fire with all the cute nurses and individual attention).

    Luckily drugs never did it for me (no value for money that matched hol) so I was able to maintain when dabbling in my younger days, and the last time I trashed a hotel room was in San Diego across from the arena after the Iron Maiden World Slavery Tour when Twisted Sister opened. Ever since then I had to use a darn credit card and never made enough extra to want to have to pay for trumped up damages that would amount to a serious medical bill!

    If I had super rock star funds, I probably would F up a few more hotel rooms, just for GP and to keep it real!

  36. Not only does the NEP need to go by way of the wrecking ball so does the whole corner. As soon as that is all gone then the vendors with the carts will go, the side walk bars, and shortly thereafter the beer bars that are just hanging on will go. Can’t wait for Christmas and new year, and the wrecking ball. Then those tourists, the ones that pop in and out once or twice a year, will clutter up some other area, hopefully Pattaya, that would work just fine.

  37. ^ at which point you will then start whinging and moaning about how terrible that next new corner is, and how the olden tymes where so much better.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Damn, THE MAN, you sure are one heck of a BITTER and GRUMPY old man….

  38. @ RDD; LOL!!! someone please shoot me if I grow to become that…I’ll bet Christmas is real hoot at his place?

  39. Wrong!!! Not bitter at all, I just don’t like what I don’t like, what, I’m required to like what you think is great, good or whatever. I don’t like NEP, never have, never will. Also don’t like push carts taking up sidewalk space, selling crap and nasty ugh food!

  40. TG&BOM : “what, I’m required to like what you think is great, good or whatever”

    Nope, no one said or implied that.

    TG&BOM : “Also don’t like push carts taking up sidewalk space, selling crap and nasty ugh food!”

    You’re in the wrong *COUNTRY* for that – maybe you haven’t noticed it, but those aren’t limited to the NEP area… 😉

  41. Your right they are not limited to the NEP area, I just do my damnedest to avoid areas where they clutter up sidewalks and as far as the ( I guess it’s food ) there is no way I would ever eat anything from one of those sidewalk garbage pits. No!, I try to stay with the venues, and restaurants I like, the ones with air conditioning, doors and windows, clean latrines, and properly dressed patrons. After all it’s Bangkok not the beach. Tourists can’t seem to understand that Bangkok is not Pattaya or Phuket.
    Yes! you implied exactly that I was wrong in saying that I wanted the NEP removed, along with all that it brings with it. That I was bitter and grumpy because I didn’t like what you think is wonderful. Well too bad, they could take every LB, whore, beer bar and street vendor and move them all to Pattaya for all I care and in fact the sooner the better. Maybe the Taksin administration will do just that.

  42. TG&BOM: Well, I do agree with your peeve about tourists who can’t seem to understand that Bangkok isn’t Phuket or Pattaya — or, for that matter, that don’t seem to understand that you shouldn’t behave like asses if you are guests in another country. It always astounds me to see tourists behaving in a manner that they would never do in their home country (well, with the possible exception of some Brit chavs or Aussies).

    Though, again, you have misunderstood what you imply I said or meant – I didn’t imply that I consider NEP to be “wonderful”, but I think there’s no further point discussing the finer points of what each of us said, or claimed to have said.

  43. I have to say, I hate those bastard carts on the pavement (sidewalk). All with the exception of the one outside my door that sells Ice Coffee. She can stay.

    I also think that the LB’s are harming soi 4. There are just too many aggressives there now. In Phuket a few months ago, I saw some tourists all giggling and wanting a photo taken with the LB’s. They were a tourist magnet!

    Each time I walk past them on soi 4 (looking for YP) I often find myself telling them I am not interested in any of their services, in a non-polite manner.

  44. Gentlemen we all know that what happens here would never happen where we live or used to live and we also know why. I am not trying to imply that some of you are dirtbags, some of you, I know are to be people with a degree of honor, be cool DW, all I’m saying, in my opinion, NEP has gone straight down the toilet from what it once was. It is in truth, not a fun place, everything is in your face and you are always being pushed into something that is really not what you want. I know what I’m looking for in a broad, and I damn sure don’t need some old bitch telling me that this is what I want or to hurry up and make a choice. The main problem is that if your white your a tourist, cut and dried in NEP and therefore an easy mark, I resent that, and I expect to, no demand, that I be treated as a man and not a fool. And who or what is demanding the services of LBs, why are they all over the god damn place? What group of Mickey Fickers is looking for that action. I do have a feeling that most of it is coming from the north side of Suk where at one time none of those people ever ventured to the south side.

  45. All I’m saying is NEP hasn’t gone down the toilet to me over the last 25 years. Yeah, maybe different, but I can still have a good time because I’m going to put in what I want to get out, and that is a positive experience.

    How I would love to go out and walk a few blocks and see such a vibrant scene right now. The carts are a pain sometimes, but it also is part of what is different and I’ll take it every time! Especially over the bs alternatives here.

    I still find it a fun place because I make it so, what’s a cart going to do, I’m more pissed at politicians. They may push something I don’t want but NEP never does because I don’t let it, I go there for me and have complete control, I always project myself as a man on top, but treating them like a lady, whether they are or not, so I’m never taken for a fool!

    If they are looking for a fool or mark, I don’t even tell them I’ll be your huckleberry (ok unless they are super fine), I just say you better go check out the man over there.

    I apologize if that was you.

  46. I have no issue with the carts – then again, maybe that’s because I used to stay on Petchaburi (and would again if I found a decent serviced apartment, again), and they are of a different quality (maybe).

    The food was good and cheap; the vendors were happy and friendly, and while sidewalks are always crowded, it was a pleasant neighborhood.

  47. i too have been here a long time. No one ever mentions Lucy’s Tiger Den where real life mercenaris hung out at Patpong. but BKK has changed .More options today yet still there are throwbacks to the old days. I view BKK now as I did in the 1970’s as if it where television. If I don’t like one station I change to another on the same TV set. Simple as that. Just more stations on TV and in Thailand now than in the past. To quote and rember Trink>>”enough said”

  48. 8 Ball, yeah I do remember good old Lucy’s, they always had a pot of beans on for those that ran out of money or just needed a bite to eat, and the place was full of spooks and others. Damn what a great place to spend an afternoon. Damn I had almost forgot about Tiger. God damn diabetes got him.

  49. cdsphx says:”But, there are a lot newer and nicer hotels that can be found at great value now that didn’t exist before.” Please name them…………

  50. Regarding the ‘good old days’ in Thailand reminds me of the the first sentence of that book: “The past is another country. They do things differently there.”

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