Taking a little walk – By Daywalker

Been back in the hood for week so thought I’d take a little stroll and remind myself why I keep coming back here.

Into Nana Plaza to do the rounds.  Billboard seems to be popular – and was in full flow.  Great line up all round.  The girls were looking fresh and punters were happy.

Dave the Rave was outside his gogos looking busy as always.  I do like the little walk around the plaza before venturing inside a gogo.  When walking with a pal, I always chose the safe line when walking past the LB’s so as not to be molested.

Mandarin being one of our faves was next on the list.  It’s never disappointing.  There is a girl there with blond hair that seemed to stand out from the rest.  Give her black hair and no doubt she’d be no more spectacular than the others.  It’s the little things that make them stand out.  Blond hair… permed hair.. short hair…  it’s the no hair that would probably be too much.

– note to the (older) service girls/women – there is no need to stand in front of us and wave your hands in the direction of the stage in order to ‘present’ girls to us like we didn’t know they were there.  We do.  We get it.

A first time for me (after 6 years) was Rainbow 3.   My pal took the 1st glance one gets through the curtain.  That 7-8 second view that decides if you’re going in or not.   We saw some girls on the stage, pretty hot and having fun.  This hooked us.  There is nothing I like more in a gogo than girls mucking around with each other laughing and joking.  Holding onto the pole, shuffling your feet and looking miserable just doesn’t do it for me.   After sitting down, ordering a drink and tipping the fun girl a 100bht for being happy, we then wished that in those 8 seconds we’d seen the gruesome, LB waitress who looked like she could knock fuck out of anyone who she wanted to.  In fact.. I can’t even say it was an LB.  More like one ugly guy with long hair.   Besides which, the aircon absolutely sucked and were sweating like pigs.  Would I go back?   Well, next time I’ll spend another 8 seconds to find a seat that in near an aircon machine and away from the gruesome lady dude.  Of course, that’s only after I am convinced the ‘fun’ girls are on stage to entertain me.

I’d heard that Spankys has changed so we dived in there after.  I have now found my new fave!  I’d not been there for a while.  Many of the girls were naked, lots of them were hotties.  As I walked in I got spanked with one of them foam tube things.   We sat on a seat where a girl was balancing on the back part, dangling from a rope or chain.  Lots of eye contact and sexy movements inches above my head.  I have to say that the customer interaction was great and everybody seemed to be having a good time.

My pals and I agree that finding a gogo that has a good fun atmosphere is more important than a gogo with the hot line-up.  That’s not because we are not there to barfine any of the girls, but because we want to be entertained and leave with a smile on our faces.  I see many, many guys sitting on the tiers, gazing at the girls with a dead-pan expression on their faces.  It’s the Nana Entertainment Plaza for Christ’s sakes…. Be entertained!

15 thoughts on “Taking a little walk – By Daywalker”

  1. “Dude looks like a lady…” just kept chorusing through my head…

    Ugh… now I know what to avoid.

    Yeah, Mandarin is always my favorite, as is AngelWitch (especially because of the million baht girl)

  2. That’s the spirit DW! after all your living the dream baby? or at least you have the option less the 20 hour plane ride…cheers all!!!

  3. After your near fit-inducing expedition to the upper sois with Soi Sauce it must have been a relief to stroll around NEP – Talking of local provision I have a deal with Penners that I will try Nataree if he tries Annies – I hope you will be on hand to ensure he sticks to his side of the bargain in November

  4. Penners wont be here in November. He got busted for setting fire to a Thai massage joint in Croydon during the riots.

  5. Doc – I shall be there to make sure Penfers carried out his bet. Although, that’s not saying much. After 10 months in the UK, YP would happily take one off the wrist from the Taxi driver at the airport.

  6. I second NurseRon; It must be nice to take a stroll into the plaza anytime, without airfare.

    I was so close to buying a ticket to the Land last week. What a battle it was with myself, Rolln lost, semi-decent husband won. But,,, I’m going to the bowels of Tijuana this weekend just to keep the Rolln motor running. Hopefully a good enough time to do a write up.
    @ Pmmp and crew, will we ever see the remainder of my last story??

  7. ROLLN – have you submitted the remainder of your last story?

    – I can’t see it in the inbox? Please send again!!

  8. Mandarin is pants down, my favourite go-go in NEP. The music is that trashy euro-fag shit I like to listen to when Im high, and I have a soft spot for their resident cut LB, who has an ass like a boyscout, and a doctorate in anal creampies.

  9. Daywalker, how noble of you to offer the ‘wall side’ of the walkway outside Cascade to your companion, thus exposing him to grabbing ladyboy hands.

    Taxi driver handjobs – I find you can often negotiate these in airport cab rides in exchange for waiving the tolls

    Go-gos – Totally agree on fun atmosphere being a must. That’s why I like Playskool, seems that they’re always larking and misbehaving on stage, and if theres only 2-3 hotties that’s still more than enough to work with.
    BTW anyone know how Las Vegas on the 3rd floor of NEP is doing? Dead as Amy Winehouse’s home studio?

  10. ‘Doctorate in anal creampies’ – yuk yuk! 🙂

    Sorry my Winehouse gag was poorly delivered. I should have said ‘less action than Amy Winheouse’s home studio’.
    Gotta love a deconstructed punchline, the sound of rustling tumbleweeds and a distant church bell

  11. Las Vegas was deader than YP’s UK pants last week when I was there.

    Mandarin is still good… but I think Spankys and a few others are probably more fun now. Sorry YP, but you’ve been out too long 😉

  12. Poodle – Bit of an insensitive joke about the riots. Im all for a bit of banter, but this shit has effected thousands of people lives you inconsiderate fuck. I mean…… my local off licence has been closed for the last 3 days. My liver thinks my throats been cut

  13. YP..Keep your head down and outta trouble.
    However, had you heeded WW and myself, you could have been here in the Land of Upsidedowness, prancing up and down Oxford St in your best multi coloured suede slacks, bright green sleeveless cardi, drinking Fosters from a can ( cause us Aussies wont touch it so they sell it cheap to visiting Poms) and chasing your preferred gender. You would have been on first name basis with the Gorilla bouncer with the high pitched voice and bent wrist at the Taxi Club.
    On weekends, joining me on my flybridge being attended to by a bevy of Lake Beauties. I would even have loaned you my Captain,s hat.
    But you ignored our advice and now have to go without your favourite amber fluid.

  14. Apparently the Rioters all kicked off in Liverpool for the past week.

    – no one noticed anything different.

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