The Scumbag and his Scumbaguettes, Part Three – by ROLLN

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Day five, I’m still awake obviously.  The stereo is blasting at 11am; I’m DJ’ing for the whole sixth floor I think.  I can’t get any of my friends on the phone all day.  Some are too hung over and the rest know I’m on a terror and they don’t want to deal with me.  Pretty standard.  I don’t leave my room all day, the girls go fetch me food and beers.  I take some codeine and max out for hours.  Ball and Mee go back to their rooms to change and are back in less than 2 hours.  I tell them last night was awesome and we are going to do it all over again.  They all smile. Around 9pm we drop vitamin A and step up the drinking.  The girls get a delivery of vitamins, and they tear through that pretty fast.  Shower time again.  Back to the bed.  Pretty much a repeat of last night, but I’m not as fucked up so I go a lot longer, and do a lot more of the work.  I have Ball finish the job this time, she’s got real firm hips and ass.  For whatever reason they want to use condoms today, I think each one of them is a bit embarrassed about the other 2 knowing they get down raw dog and take creampies.  Kind of late for that, but sheepishly I agree to it. I recall after screwing Nan, then Mee, and then Ball, there was a condom exchange before Ball.  I’m sweating profusely.  My stamina was near fizzle and I kinda lost wood.  Ball rolls her eyes at me. “Chill out and give me 3 minutes to fucking breath”.  It took less than that with the three of them working on me and we get going again.  I told Nan in the morning, about Ball’s eye roll.  I said “I don’t really give a fuck, but one day she’s going to do that to the wrong drunk and she’s gonna get decked.  If she is your little sister, teach her…”

Afterwards I manage to sleep for 2 hours.  When I wake up I feel like I get hit by a baht bus.  I’m sore from head to toe. My ears are ringing like crazy with tinnitus. My back is fucked, and I got sciatica shooting down my right leg. I’ve seriously aggravated an old injury. 20 years ago I broke a disc in my lower back stealing Nitrous tanks off trucks to get high and ended up on the cutting table, true story. So now I’m hunched over and walking around in my boxers with one hand on my lower back looking like a ninety year old man.  I was thinking I might need to go to the hospital for a minute there. Screw it, I will just self-medicate, I got plenty of supplies.  I have scores of chemicals and emotions racing through me. Feeling fragile, I get a msg from my Mom with worry, its Mother’s day in the US and my cousin told her I was in Asia.  I don’t tell Mom or Grand Mom when I go, because when Dad went, he never returned.  Completely different circumstances but hey they are Mothers. I’m too crazed to return a call to my Mom; I can’t face her through the phone while I’m on a bender with 3 whores in the room.

This decision starts to wear on me and I start feeling super guilty, and then,,,some tears come out!  Nothing more humbling than crying about your Mom in front of hookers.  This obviously made the girls fall in love on the spot.  My tough guy card is now vaporized. I recover, and I tell Ball and Mee, it was great, and I loved our sessions but I can’t have 5 hour foursomes everyday I’m too old and I can’t afford it.  But I want Nan to stay.  They say no problem and I give them 3K each and they bounce out.

Sometime after that some friends from South Africa call and ask me to meet them in Silom for some trouble making.  My friends don’t look like tough guys but they are thinkers, and they have been known to duck-tape razor blades to themselves just in case they get thrown in the clink, they are pre equipped with a weapon.  Read about South African jails sometime and you will understand.  This could be ruckus!  My recipe of meds and booze has worked miracles on my back but I’m feeling morally and emotionally depleted and I’m running a fever; I go out anyway.  My Japanese friend joins me and we are on the way with Tools of Mischief in a bag.  When I arrive at the street food meeting spot, I sense some irritation that my friend and I are so whacked out of our minds.  I’m still kind of glowing from being over sexed, and it feels like every female that looks at me can feel it too. Ahh the ego,,, combined with vitamin paranoia it’s an incredible thing.  With that, I feel like I’m keeping it together but just barely.  We get some beers and red bulls, but I’m unable to put down any food. We get up from the table around 2am and start walking. I get a real bad feeling I’m going to be in jail tonight.  On top of that, strangely with all the shit I’ve been putting in my system that last Red bull has me feeling real uncomfortable.  A few laws are broken and I’m getting edgy, I throw in the towel, “Fellas I’m out, I have a bad feeling, I’m sweating gallons by the step, there is not enough people on the street for us to blend in, rain check”.  Since I’m the senior in this group everyone agrees to follow the gut and we spilt up.  Taxi back to my room, Nan is watching TV in some sexy red lingerie; I feel better already and go straight to a 30 minute shower.  I feel even better afterwards.  Nan says my heart is beating like crazy and I should try to sleep, ok, blow me please… She finished with a smile then clicked off the light and I eventually drift off to insane dream land.

Smiling as I wake up, week one complete and I still have all my digits, I’m not in jail, haven’t converted any glass anal thermometers to a pipe yet and none of my friends have accidentally killed themselves.  Good Times.  Week two about to about to begin, go harder or slow it down and pace?  A dilemma once wished for.

17 thoughts on “The Scumbag and his Scumbaguettes, Part Three – by ROLLN”

  1. “We get some beers and red bulls”

    Dude, I’ve never had beer and red bull. Nice?

  2. Like your style. I recall a very memorable 2 day party with ‘The Heckler’. Girls were being ordered up and then sent away throughout the session.

    Fight the fatigue. Crank up the music and order another girl.

    Have you tried a Pattaya Penthouse Party yet?

    Highly recommended 😉

  3. Breaking into floods of tears, at the tail end of a drink & drug littered tear? Happens to the best of us buddy. If anyone laughs at you, or calls you a fag for doing so, sock the fucker in the mouth. Ive got your back

  4. @ DW,,, beer and redbull, its simply a matter of access at that moment really. This is gonna sound strange but I get more of a odd hangover from redbulls than alot of the other crap, believe it or not.

    @ BMG,,, Thanks. I did have Penthouse Pattaya party on this trip thats coming in a later installment. We got 6 rooms there one night. Love that place…

    @ YP,,, Thanks my dude.

    Fellas, I just returned from my weekend in Tijuana Mexico. It was wild. I’m gonna do an informative write up on the scene there soon as i can think clearly. Pretty similar shit thats going on on soi4 minus the fear of a kidnapping..

  5. ROLLN, good stuff. I can confirm with Young Pens, a bkk drug, booze, sex fueled bender can make some of the most hardened crack…

    I anxiously await the TJ write up, could give me something to do next weekend!

  6. @ROLLN; I used to go to TJ all the time in my Navy days, surfing down by La Bufadora and San Quetine, Papas & Beer and all of of Rosarito! But since all the head chopping I havent’ even thought about going south? And it’s only<3hrs drive down the 405 to 5 and out. Do you drive over or park in that big lot and walk it? We used to take the trolly when I was stationed @32nd st. That was a nice no hassle option and you didn't have to replace any parts on your car, or risk DUI!

  7. @ NurseRon,,, Used to drive in starting about 15 years ago, but almost always ran into a problem with that. There was DUI checkpoints on the US side of the border. Now we park at that lot and walk across the border. Just ten steps into Mexico there are hotties in bikins and heels handing out flyers for disco’s. They should do that at Suvrnabumi. I used to find asian and white girls over there plying their trades before all the murders started now just Mexican chica’s.

    @ Cam,,, I wont make your weekend deadline buddy, sorry.

  8. ha, no worries! 😉


    last time i went to tj there were more lb’s than the back two corners of nana…

  9. @ ROLLN; That’s cool, I would like to hear about down south! Please do include prices and names/locations ( not just “mid way down on Revolution”) lol!
    cheers brother!!!

  10. @Hunch, funny every time I see Helm’s photo that scene is all i can think of, scarring is probably a good word for that 30 seconds of the movie…

  11. ROLLN,The best read now for sure on any BKK site is yours.
    YP you’re gonna have to plan big to outdo this on your return.. and looking forward to you giving it your best shot, maybe bring WW back from the brink too

    Serious question, the hotel Le Fenix, I am thinking of staying there on my next visit.
    I’m not sure what I’m trying to ask here,!!! but how do rate it?
    It has to be girl friendly 🙂 …

  12. I think YP’s next trip will be memorable. It’s already being planned in great detail.

    Well, so far I am picking him up at 4pm on the Thursday and we are driving to the Airport in London. The rest is still under discussion.

    There will be a separate post coming out about YP’s return, as it seems there will be a few people returning to BKK at that time. A bit of a mad reunion if you like.

    Details will follow when we have them……..

  13. @Miss u: My friend stayed at the Le Fenix once and had a terrible visit. There was some guy down the hall blasting that young kid’s music and having orgies. He couldn’t get a wink of sleep. 🙂

  14. @Miss u,,, Thanks man! The Fenix is a good price for that street. Even the Federal is more and its not nearly as nice. I like that you can avoid the front desk by just taking the elevator outside. The guys downstairs will check girls ID’s if they are not busy, if you really want them to take their ID you might need to make eye contact with the guard and he will know. The rooms are nice but they are very small. Also my freinds can check to see if I’m still alive on their way to work.

    @pmmp,,, lol

    @ Cam & YP,,, Yeah lets get the rest of that last story dude.

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