The Scumbag and his Scumbaguettes, Part Two by ROLLN

eds note…  whilst some of us enjoy an iced Coffee and a good book for company, Rolln likes to roll a little different……….

Part 1


Day four, the day starts off like a repeat of day 3. I sneak a call in to wifey, all is good. But right after my call my best bud arrives from SF. He walks in my room to inspect the damage, and calls me a Peast. A Peast, what’s that? “ A Piece of shit/Beast” well that’s a new one. How about the Barron von Bar Fine, or School Bus Gus, or even Scary Gary? He says “No, You’ve used all those already, you’re a Peast”. My boy goes to get a massage and the girls and I shower.

My friend meets back up and we all hit MBK for boom boxes and music for our rooms. Get back to my room, get the music set up. I go hang in my boy’s room. Two other locals come join us. My boy is ready to go hard, we drop vitamin A, drink a
fifth of whiskey, three quarts of beer, blast through two rectangular white thingamajigs in about an hour and a half. Smoke some of the Bay area’s finest green and Morocco’s best chocolate. Tay shows up with some colder stuff, it’s her birthday and she is ready to party. My Japanese homie calls his Senegalese connect, code name “Footwork” He wants the hard shit, the brown stuff. He goes and is back in no time. We are all feeling really nice but eventually we all make it to NEP and me and the girls go to pay bar fines at R4. The girls introduce me to Mee. 20 yrs old, ribbon in her light brown hair and some freckles, a real cutie and a giggler, great personality. She lays a big fat kiss on me. Nan says Mee wants to come with us, and knows the deal and can put it down… Say word, Uno mas bar fine please…

We go to a party in Thong Lo; I turn down nose candy about 5 times because I’m too fucked up on everything already. Then Tay gets weirded out about all the Hi-So people and runs away. I decided to leave and my friend from SF is looking rough also, too hard too fast so I say let’s roll. We are off back to my room with fresh glass ware and beers. We get separated in different taxis and I lose my boy on the way back. Also, during the way, my Thai friends call and say they are coming to my room for some vitamin C, well, ok. This is an issue because their girlfriends know my wife.  At the party I just ignored the go-go girls and acted like they were with my friends. So my plan was to take everyone to my friend’s room, but he never comes back to his room.  So now, I got my friends, and their girl friends who know my wife and a single hot model chick, and a hot single luk krueng girl doing vitamin C off my desk and smoking chewy’s in my bathroom, R4 girl’s playing cards on my bed pretending they don’t do vitamins. The girls with my Thai friend’s come out of my bathroom high off their rocker and say “Five toothbrushes eh, so all these girls are with you!?!?” I had no reply for that, just kind of did a figure 8 through the small room and ended up back in the same spot ignoring the statement. Then one of the model girls I’ve known for years, who is smoking hot and is well
aware of wifey is now sitting on the edge of my bed with her friend and 3 hookers on the bed behind her and starts flirting and hitting on me. Wow, Thai chicks are heavy… My Thai friend tells her to cool it. I didn’t know at the time but he is tight with her boyfriend. Meanwhile my Japanese friend is nodding out on my floor and scratching himself all over. Every few minutes or so the frozen water would kick in and he would get up and do a dance move but then would go right back to his itchy nap. This is getting weird.

My Thai friend singles the lets go sign to the crowd. They all roll out and I walk them down to the garage. On the way my Thai friend who is obviously high thinks I’m following out this girl who is his boys girlfriend and is doing his best to shoo me the whole way down to the street. I get the picture when we hit the street and I retreat, my boy looks relieved. And I,,, I just can’t believe they were driving… Back up to my room. It’s just my Jap friend and my 3 girls in attendance. I then get an SMS from my boys girlfriend “Please don’t worry, your secret is safe with us, do your thing, you are our big brother”. Fucking Rad, One loose end tied! So, we kick it for a good while. Then I get to the point where I’m looking at my 3 girls, on the bed and 1 is a new one. Mm hmm, it’s time. I know already my boy is not into group actions and I wasn’t planning on sharing anyway, not to mention he is barely conscious. I then remember what my good friend who was an old roommate of his once said. “Biggest cock block ever”. So right then I had him up by his armpit, feet off the ground all the way to the door, like I’m bouncing at a rough and tumble bar. Well, maybe I was little bit nicer than that, but I told him the deal and we both had a chuckle at the door and he was gone. I turn around,,, it’s on…

I relaxed amongst the girls for a few. Kind of just basked in the glory of what was about to happen to them,,, and me! I think its shower time girls. “Nan & Ball can you please shave Mee while you’re in there, thanks”. After they shower, I shower and we are straight to the bed. They say to me, “Rolln, I think one more!” “One more?” I said. Their reply was “   Yeah can you call your friend D” with mischievous smiles. “Oh, it’s like that? Ok I will call him”. I did actually try, but no dice. I don’t hear from him for the next day and a half. I tell the girls if he calls he can join in but we are not waiting, they say they weren’t planning on waiting.

The three of them on their backs at the head of the bed, Ball, Nan, Mee. I dive in, I think I licked every inch of all three of them and kept busy with everything I had for a while. Then on to two blowing me and one squatting over my face with one of her leg’s kicked out so I could see the other two, 15-20-30 minutes of each, rotate one girl, repeat, repeat, repeat. All kinds of weird oral positions. Then on their backs, girl in the middle getting railed, girl on left sucking middle girl’s titties, the right and middle making out with each other. All variations on this, switch girls, repeat, repeat, repeat. I’m on one and I got tons of energy. I pick up Nan and Mee by the ass and fuck Nan standing up, I have Mee straddling me from the side with her legs over and in between me and Nan and Ball just holding on from the back sticking her tongue in my ear. Jesus, it was just pure adrenaline in that big ass mirror. But, I started to stumble with that, ha. So we fall back on the bed. The girls took turns riding me awhile and the other two did whatever I could come up with. Nan was the finisher. She was the lead girl, and so it was technically her job. Well not even technically, just is. Nan jumped off, no creampie, a fucking gusher with all their little hands on me. I was a happy mother fucker right then. Glowing, Fuuuuck Yessss. Just laid there smiling, panting and ego tripping for about 15-20 minutes. I get up and smoke a cig with the girls. They looked at me and winked and said “Gooood!”. I guess I passed that test with flying colors. Just don’t piss test me, cause I’m real dirty……..


Part 3 coming soon!

14 thoughts on “The Scumbag and his Scumbaguettes, Part Two by ROLLN”

  1. Ah, could there possibly be a better tale to illustrate why Thailand is great?

    No, there couldn’t be.

  2. ROLLN – Great to read, hate to be in the room next door!

    Boom boxes from MBK, lol, class….

  3. Do you actually screw these girls? After all that partying and self abuse, how do you muster the energy, let alone buckets of spunk?

  4. I recently got a cock up my arse. It was a first time experience for me, after years of buggering ladyboys i finally became the buggeree. The situation just occured realy, although i cant deny I’ve been contemplating the experience for some time.

    After a long, deep rim job, Milk (her real name) jammed her perfectly adequate penis up my bum. Ohn (a real girl) was also in the room – the rather delightful Hotel 27 on soi 22. She was gobbing me off whilst rubbing her vagina in my face trying to make me feel heterosexual despite Milk’s best intentions. All in all it was quite a pleasant experience. A little pain at first, a little poo but ultimately the sensation of a protracted good shit.

    Before the session we enjoyed a few Leos together and afterwards Milk bought some Pork and MSG on rice from 7-11. A cup of tea would have made the evening perfect.

    JUST SAY NO – Nancy.

  5. @poodle….

    This just has to be the best comment I’ve ever seen on here. LB’s (mans cock) are not my thing. Having said that, at the age of 18 I said that alcohol was not my thing. I guess that once you’ve explored all avenues of sexual pleasures, you tend to push the envelope a little? I am not there yet and hope I never will be.

    I often see a guy with an LB or two going into the ST hotel opposite the Mango. The LB’s are usually those glamorous types (not the Micky Rouke lookalikes) and I must say, I bet those guys had some serious fun.

    But like I say, not for me. A nice cup of tea would be more than enough for me.

  6. “I recently got a cock up my arse. ” fuck poodle if that’s not the best title for a blog post ever! lol! Dude kudos to you for just puttin it out there! Here’s to you and “it takes all kinds”. cheers!!!

  7. Sorry for the off topic ROLLN but since we no longer get UFC write ups? Just finished watching the Verses fights and I’m most pleased to report it was well worth the price and time! Most impressive by all! Lets hope Rio on the 27th keeps it going?

  8. @ NurseRon,,, Im still sure how i keep there names straight, probably cuase these girls i met on several occasions. There is plenty of times, i wake up not knowing the name of the girl in my room.

    @ Buttmunch,,, There are occaisonally massive fails. The little blue buddies help but some time they get overpowered. I have no problem telling those stories as well, there are some coming.

    @ Poodle,,, I often wonder what will happen if i continue down this road, what will it take to get me off. I have known a few people who took it too far after years of mongering and ended up in Cambo, risking prison to satisfy them selves, if you get my drift. Not cool.

    @ 8Ball,,, Do you have any specific requests? haha.

    @ Hunch,,, Yeah the Fenix tries to keep me well away from the other guests when possible. But they actually wanted a 1000US deposit from me this last time. haha

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