Omni Tower – Partying by The Notorious BMG

Before I partied at the Penthouse, I found myself being Notorious in the Omni Tower.

Why would I leave soi 4 when everything I need is here?

I lived in Omni for a few years.  The doormen liked me, the receptionist fancied me, the restaurant knew what food I like and the neighbors hated me.  Many times I had an angry member of staff knocking on my door at some ridiculous time in the morning asking me to turn the music down.  I told them I had to play the music loud to drown out all the banging from next door. Besides, it’s 10am, the neighbors should be out working or doing something that old bastards do.

It was time to change party venues.  Well sort of.  As I stood outside wondering where I could host my next party, my nose started bleeding at the thought of crossing the road, let alone leaving the soi.  An about-turn left me gazing up at the Omni.  What the hell,  I’ll just rent another 2 bed corner suite on another floor for a few nights.  Easy when you think about it.

“Good morning gorgeous” I said to the receptionist.  “Good morning Mr. Notorious, how are you today. You are looking extremely handsome today” – or something like that.  I could tell the receptionist wanted to ravish me.

“I am needing a corner suite.  One with 2 bedrooms so that there are 2 walls between the lounge (dance floor) and the neighbors (moaning old bastards probably).  I only need it for 2 nights.  And NO maid service and extra towels.

I had the room sorted.  7/11 provided me with enough booze to keep Charlie Sheen drunk for a week and also stocked up on toothbrushes and shower caps. A stock of small white t-shirts were provided by foodland so that the creatures of the night didn’t raid my wardrobe.

Next up was the girls.  My pal, lets call him Joseph… (because many times he has found himself wearing a Technicolor Dream coat.  And when I say Dream coat, I mean that he has been covered in piss, blood and vomit by the odd girl here and there – (and loved it) has a very comprehensive list of hookers in his Sony Smartphone.

He called the usual ‘call-in’ group of CW’s,  and told them to bring some pals.  My other pal ‘Jesus’ was also joining us.

After the bar there was  club.  After the club there was the party… and after the party was the after party (R Kelly wasn’t there) – which was at my place around 4am.

I entered the doors to the Omni.  The night receptionist knew me.  She just smiled in a disapproving smile. (Probably gutted she was not invited).   The little security dude was by the elevator.  Some of the girls didn’t have I.D’s but I knew them so told security dude that it was o.k. and slipped him a 500 and told him we didn’t want to be disturbed as we’re having a party.  Also, other girls will be arriving so please send them up…  Security dude was always happy to oblige.  I’d like to think it’s because he approved of my quest to have fun with cheap sluts. But in reality, he was making about 5k per month in tips off me.

With the party underway, the aircon off, the girls getting hot, the clothes were dis-guarded.  Being the shy fellow that I am, I got naked hoping the girls would follow suit.  They didn’t   Half a dozen girls in their skiddies, a few guys with their shirts unbuttoned and me streaking.  This was not going well.  With all the booze and Rolln medication I was not displaying my usual ‘like a Thai girls arm’ manhood. (ask Y P) However, being starkers ensured the girls paid an interest to me – as I seemed like fun.  Although in reality I was feeling embarrassed that I could not stand to attention.  One of the girls kept grabbing hold of me a giggling.  We had a little chemistry so fucked off to one of the bedrooms together.  The 1st bedroom was occupied by Joseph who was shagging his way through any girl that was upfor it or drunk enough.

My girl took care of me.  Behind closed doors she was the defibrillator that I needed to live again.  After 3 mins of shagging and 2 hours of spooning, we joined the party (with a towel).   The sun was up and streaks of light were bursting through any gaps in the curtains.  This was like sunlight to vampires. Jesus had pretty much turned his ball sack inside out with all the jellyfish he deployed and one or two girls were already curled up on the sofa

It’s this phase of a party that we all dread.  Supplies are either very low or all gone.  Energy levels are low and daylight is breaking through the curtains.  As the host, you  have no plans and can just sit in the room all day wanking if need be, but the girls are all thinking about having to recover and go out ‘working’ the following night. For some reason, you just don’t want to be left alone. This feeling was easily changed by telling them they’d get paid for 2 nights. Their moods changed, they relaxed and walked like zombies to the bedrooms.    Jesus had claimed the sofa.  Party time was over.  I suppose when that stage is reached, you could ‘chase it’ to get it back going by 7/11 runs, taping up the windows with bin liners, brushing your teeth ordering in some new girls (at that time of the morning, they’re probably sleeping or busy) but in reality, it’ll not be as good as the previous 5 hours.

Time to call it.

In the evening I woke to the sound of girls on phones.  Through out the afternoon I’d heard various phones ringing, messages being received and beeps sounding to signify the batteries are running low. I  Up around 9-10pm to survey the damage

All girls in bed with towels wrapped around them in deep sleep or a coma

All shower caps used.

Tooth brushes used and some used as hairpins.

Various tissues all around the sofa where Jesus was sleeping.

Playing cards all over the place.

Various empty little green jars of that chicken stuff

Lots of empty bottles.  Lots of empty bottle tops – next top the trash can I might add.

Various phones plugged into the walls (where did they get the chargers?)

Dog eared comics scattered on the floor

Empty chewing gum packets and what looks like a make shift chemistry set.

Black bin liners taped to the windows.


I don’t bother with cleaning anything up.  I get rid of anything that looks like it shouldn’t be there and wake everyone up.  The girls (all wearing white t-shirts) have been paid generously by Joseph and sexually abused by Jesus.

By 10pm they’re out.  I am fully refreshed and the night is young.  I head to 7/11 to restock.   I stopped by reception and asked if House Keeping could clean my room as it was trashed during the party and I want to go again later.   Receptionist looks at me affectionately and says he’ll get someone to deal with it.  Good lad.

Later that night…. We did it again but with different CW’s.  For some reason, parties are not as good when you’re not 100% boned up for it, having partied the night before.   Joseph split early to with the plan scrape up some CW’s from the street and hit a S.T hotel where they expect to find shit and blood stains on the bed, up the wall and on the tv remote.  Jesus was my loyal wingman – and when I say loyal, I mean dirty little ratbag who I wouldn’t leave alone with my dog.

By 10am I had to check out.  Reception kindly called my room at 9:55  to tell me to check the fuck out.   I gathered my girl, iPod speakers and tossed what ever booze I had left into a bag.  Jesus was wearing his girl as a hat when I told him we had to check out.

Because I was checking out from an apartment/hotel where I was living in long term, the check out procedure consisted of me leaving a (rather bent up) swipe card on the table and walking down the corridor to the elevator half dressed and carrying a few 7/11    bags.  Jesus dragged his girl a few paces behind.   After a few minutes I arrived back in my apartment.  Sun burning through the windows/curtains.  All quiet.  A real mood killer.   Go straight to bed with both girls (for sleep) I can’t be arsed to eventry and perform.  Jesus goes straight to the sofa.

Laying there in the bed, all depressed about how quick the parties go down hill, I think to myself… what about pattaya?  I wonder what it’d be like to party there?

Must try it sometime….

34 thoughts on “Omni Tower – Partying by The Notorious BMG”

  1. Omni Tower is well constructed with good amenities but its reputation for antisocial behaviour makes it the cheapest condo building in Bangkok. A brave investor could double his money if Nana was redeveloped.

  2. I like the Omni……………………
    I had a cracking little S+M party there not long ago, no “shusshing” from the Girls like in the Nana when the whip cracks and the yelpers yelp!
    Back in 3 weeks……………..That gives me an idea………………
    Heh, heh.
    Uncle Dave.

  3. @NBMG,,, I dig the stealthy descriptions. I’ve wanted to check out the Omni, sounds safe.

    I can see your marquee now.

    Jesus, many Mary’s & Joseph, and NBMG as the 13the oppostle. Live at the OMNI one night only, or maybe 2 nights.

  4. ROLLN,

    Tell me you don’t know about that sunlight intruding into your theater!

    How do you combat that shit?

    I think we need to hook up and par-tay. Pattaya, Patpong, the Kok…. somewhere new.

    When are you next back in the hood? YP is coming in November. Maybe we should arrange the Mother of all parties?

  5. dont know many here but i’ll also be in town in novemeber too, see you all then!

    i’m the white guy with one or two thai chicks on my arm… feel free to say hi! 😉

  6. @ et al: sounds like November tis the season? I just booked my flight today. I’m game!
    How about it DW/mangoBrothers? need to invent another holiday in Nov.

  7. Heads are coming together to sort out some kind of party in November. A post will be put out – asking you guys for any suggestions and input.

    It’s been a long time since there has been a lot of us together at the same time.. and there are some people that may want to come meet the cast.

    Pencil in the 1st part of November. Details will follow in a month or so.

  8. Hey guys I’m rocking into BKK this week 24th for the par-tay and wanna posse to hang with. Bars, gogos, massage, clubs the whole fucking deal. Bitches dig my shit and I got green to burn. Maybe buy a club if it moves me. Gotta do what ya LOVE.

  9. @bmg,,, yeah those dreaded rays of light are very bad. they scream “your pushing it” and it always reminds me of the kurt kobain line “jesus doesn’t want me for a sunbeam!”

    @the cast,,, I’m always down to par-tay but its to soon to call right now. I think I may have promised YP the rest of the credit on my bumrungrad gift card. I may need it if I show up in Nov! Stay tuned

  10. The Omni is my HQ,had many a similiar occassion maself…love it!
    Always give the ol’ mate a salute as they all parade into the lift foyer…
    November ayy?? …Where’s me credit card…..

  11. Ahhh, memories of the “3 models” who turned out to be good girl, asian street meat, and prisoner. Who’d a thunk it.

    Made the mistake of staying at the Omni about 6 months ago. Place has really degraded and just has that musky stanky filthy air about it. Definitely not worth the rate. Dawin or Dynasty Grande on Soi 6 are nicer for the money. Not when it comes to partying though. Omni would still be better for that.

    November it should be seriously on. Rick Masters, are you there? Get in touch with Penfers and get your ass in for it.

  12. Sounds like November will be *the* month!!

    I have a plan to be in town, most possibly at the Omni.

  13. Yo Pmmp, I’m still here, just lurking around in the background these days. Nov is a possibility for me if my workload is down and it sounds like some of most serious stone cold whoremasters to grace the Big Mango will be descending on Bangkok at the same time. I’ve been talking to YP and he’s got £1000 riding on Anderson Silva this weekend – who knows maybe he’ll be buying me a couple of Nataree girls this time round.

    @BMG – To combat those killer rays, you gotta carry your sunglasses around all night. Me? I don’t walk out the door without my Oliver Peoples. Also that trick with turning off the air conditioner to get the girls to loosen their clothes? Blackouts on the windows? 7/11 runs? Ordering new girls at 8 in the morning? Empty little green jars of that chicken stuff around the apartment? You party just like another dude I know when I’m playing in BKK. He’d appreciate your style 🙂

  14. November is shaping up to be big then. I better start training now to make it past 9pm. I managed to get three after 12am finishes last week, so the training is on track.

    @Rick, sort that shit brother. YP is craving some London Bridge action I heard…

  15. pmmp is in training to get UP at 9pm. 🙄

    Surprisingly, to us all, Spats gets pretty drunk, pretty quick and pretty easily.
    – then he’s not pretty. 😉

  16. There must be at least of few other Mango customers and/or readers of this blog who much prefer seducing beautiful young “good” Thai girls. At least I hope so if not then that must mean that I am the devient.

  17. 8 Ball, I am with you but still like any woman when the “good” girls are not available

  18. I like your math ROLLN. You should write a book – or maybe there should be a blog entry here for the noobs and bashful boys on tricks to successfully throw a whore infested orgy. I already got a couple of hints out of this post, i.e. turning off the air-con and ensuring the obligatory naked man is in attendance. YP could get a lot of work out of it.

  19. The aircon off (or temp not fixed to mega freeze) is a good tip. Keep adjusting your shirt also, so you look uncomfortably hot. The girls then insist that you remove items of clothing. And of course, you respond with – “ladies (sluts) first”.

    With the aircon remote, I change the temp (whilst not pointing at the AC unit) to 19 or 20 incase they question the temp. – which is on 26! 😉

    I also find leaving playing cards for them to find is a great way to get them gambling with their clothes.

    Other than that.. just tell the girls you are gonna give a girl some cash to dance in underwear… offer a thousand.. then get them to under-cut each other…

  20. 8 ball. Like the good girls to but soon found out that the difference between a good Thai girl and a bad Thai girl is the good Thai girl waits until the second date to f**k

  21. @DW,,, Next time Im in town can you send over your AC tech to hack mine to say 20 when its actually 26.

  22. ROLLN – use tape to cover the display on the unit! Go in another room out of sight of the AC unit and turn it down to something acceptable (in theory) to the urchins.

    Or you could just set fire to their clothes?

  23. Speaking of tape, the LB’s that I like to party with, when my gf is at work all tape their todgers between their legs. They think I can’t see them, but I see everything.

    I don’t bother with aircon anyway, as it’s too expensive. Besides, if I am paying, they should strip for me without having to rely on underhand tactics.

  24. @PrP,,, “Besides, if I am paying, they should strip for me without having to rely on underhand tactics.”
    -That really is the bottome line isnt it.

  25. @PrP,,, “Besides, if I am paying, they should strip for me without having to rely on underhand tactics.”

    -Coming from Prison Rape Pete this line brings back some horrible memories for me.

    Party Tip #21: The pre-party blow job is always a good idea in case things don’t go as expected.

    Party Tip #22: Don’t let them play cards for money, just for the stripping. They will go hours and won’t even look at you otherwise. The losers will be pissed off too.

    Party Tip #23: Picking girls for a hotel party is like picking a jury if you’re a lawyer. Lay out exactly what you want them to do, exactly. The more details the better. If you want them to do a Suzie Wong lesbian show for you while you pee on them, just lay it all out there. Eventually you will find the perfect jury and win the case.

  26. “If you want them to do a Suzie Wong lesbian show for you while you pee on them”

    – That reminds me, you owe me for the cleaning of my rug.

  27. Riiiiight, like you’ve ever had that thing cleaned. If you ever took a microscope to that thing you would find several different species of Ewok tribes breeding elaborately in the damp sticky core. Herpes Ewok, HIV Ewok, Feces Ewok, AB+ Ewok, O- Ewok, Saperm Ewok, Sangsom Ewok, etc. etc. and of course Urine Stain Ewok.

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