August Party 27th August

Its that time of the month folks.  The time when we start hemorrhaging cheap booze and free food.

This month we are having a bit of a footy theme now the English Premiership is underway.  This is also an ideal chance to come and welcome (although many of you know him) the latest member of Team Mango.  Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s Jonas!

Some of you will remember him from the original Mango, some of you may remember him at the new Mango – sleeping (drunk) at the bar. Anyone that knows him though, will confirm that he is a nice guy, helpful and has been around the block a few times and has many interesting tales to tell.

Come along and say hello.  Have some cheap beer, a bit of food and watch the match.

—-Heineken/ Tiger Pint 79 baht start from 6pm and all night…

—-Local bottled beers all 65bht

—-Guiness / Corona 99bht

—-Nasty ass  free shots….( handed out once in a while during the night)

—-Some cool drinks –  special price –  starts from 8 pm..  Our Head Barman will be dealing with this.

—-Food start at 8 pm.

—-Promotion girls will be there…..erm… promoting.

I have it on good authority that some go-go fun girls will be making an appearance to welcome Jonas.

Promo Girls... doing their Promo thing.


17 thoughts on “August Party 27th August”

  1. Steve,

    Yes, it’s the smart pills kicking in. Do you want some? 😉

    Some of you may remember that Jonas was barfined at the old Mango. I know where Jonas is now, but wonder where the other guy is? 😆

  2. Hi Daywalker,

    No, I don’t need any smart pills; I took some a while back. That’s why I have known for some time now that the Mango needed to get the likes of Jonas back.

    Are you gonna be there Saturday?

  3. Good to see Jonas back.

    The last time I saw him was in the Mango a few months back. Drunk…sleeping at the bar. Until some girl helped him outside en-route to a S.T hotel.

    Still a dirty little bastard then?

  4. Those promo girls look pretty nice. Can’t say I’ve ever seen them hanging around Taffys in Washington Square. Then again, most of the places I drink resemble a set from the film Rise of the Planet of the Apes. (or porn as I like to call it)

  5. PRP – Is that the Taffys of ‘Taffys Hairy Pie Club’ fame? If that isn’t the best name of any bar anywhere in the world ever, I dont know what is.

  6. Slightly off topic -or maybe not- Does anyone know where a decent ‘colonic’ is to be had in BKK?
    I realise the back-row of Cascade offers a service but I mean something more medicinal….

  7. Thanks to all those who battled with the down-pour to make it to the Party last night. Not a bad turnout considering the rain.

    A few more parties coming up in Sept and Oct (Halloween) and lets not forget the big one in November.

    If anyone has any suggestions for a September theme… let us know!


  8. DW – Hummmm – how about a glamour photography evening? – I’ll bring cameras and lighting and genral punters can bring their instamatics…

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