Party Pics from 3rd Year Anniversary – Part 1

Some good shots from the July 30th party!


12 thoughts on “Party Pics from 3rd Year Anniversary – Part 1”

  1. Thanks Daffy.

    We have some more coming. Just have to get a few confirmations on customers having their pics published.

    The Promo girls – which are obvious were a lovely trio. Pictures don’t do them justice.

    The other girls.. who knows? Some were girlfriends of customers, some were customers! We often have Thai (and farang) girls come to the bar. Probably because there is not a hard-sell ‘buy me dink’ from the staff?

    BIG THANKS to Silverboi for taking some excellent quality photographs. Very good indeed. I just want to see the pics he took after the party now.

  2. I think you have a few repeats at the top. That young lady at the top of the pyramid in black, dios mio! Calidad!

  3. Cam, yeah, we noticed the duplications. I am still learning when it comes to these computer thingies. Once we’ve selected the second batch of pictures, I’ll make it right.

    Now, I have to get back to taxi-driving, or whatever it is I do in the daytime.

  4. DW isnt there a bat-signal for pmmp or something?

    Oh yea the photos themselves are actually pretty good too! Worth the wait…

  5. “Excellent quality photographs”. I hope so. I’m waiting for the gratuitous “girl in black bent over pic up the cleavage” shot. Or a nipple slip.

    If you need a colonoscopy camera for the next party let me know. I can probably get my hands on one somewhere.

  6. In picture 21…please, Lord…tell me that the guy isnt wearing a Kansas Jayhawks shirt.

  7. yeah the lady’s are lovely but #20 is more my flavor! I’m into youthful girls that still look Asian…too bad she just got her braces off! haaa!

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