Party Pics from 3rd Year Anniversary – Part 2

Some more good shots from the July 30th party!

15 thoughts on “Party Pics from 3rd Year Anniversary – Part 2”

  1. Daffy – it’s partially a consequence of not using flash – so there is no drop off in background light quality…. (or of course, they’ve installed stadium lighting – I’ll find out in a couple of weeks)

  2. I like it bright! All my troubles have occurred in dimly lit establishments…Hmmm? Fucking YP!

  3. Considering that YP pulls his trousers together with underoos down to his ankles in almost every establishment he visits, the dimly lit the better. Just be careful though if it’s too dim lit in case the Pinocchio LB that was noshing him decides to plant one on you. Okay, maybe that was again too much information.

  4. @ pmmp; Spot on brother! As some would know every skirmish I’ve ever been in while on holiday in BKK was when YP and myself were either leaving or heading to a said “dimly lit joint”! As far as being in the area of effect while in the young ones company, that’s kinda the charm of partying with our little LB slayer…So far I haven’t been too terribly molested by his 6ft, shovel handed, unshaven (facially) husky voiced fan club? But we’ll see happens this winter…

  5. @Wombat; oh? Not “I” was fucking YP! Just cursing his fair name as us Americans frequently do…like when your buddy leaves the frig door ajar and all the beer gets warm, you would say “fucking dude” ? LOL! Plus I’m too old, white and fat for boy wonders tastes…cheers!!!

  6. @nurseRon

    Ah, the vagaries of English language & those that profess to communicate with it. If an individual leaves a ‘fridge’ door, or any other door for that matter, open may I suggest a more polite reprimand such as enquiring if they reside in a tent. A ‘frig’ is something entirely different. One day I will work out how to place a smile at the end of a comment. Or more likely get a minion to explain how.

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