Toilet door’s read, Taco’s or Burritos. Which door do you take? by: ROLLN

I had wanted to do more of an informative piece on Tijuana. But it turns out I’m not very good at that, and it was just fucking boring. So I threw in a smattering of my usual hijinks. The info is all in there. I decided it was time for a TJ trip. If I would have planned a little ahead tickets could be had round-trip for $175 but now 4 days away there $300. Continue reading “Toilet door’s read, Taco’s or Burritos. Which door do you take? by: ROLLN”

Mango Party 24th September – Fight Night!

Fancy a bit of a punch up?  Why not come down the Mango and take part in bit of boxing or cage fighting?  Men against Women is also encouraged.

The playstation is plugged in the wall… the controllers are fully charged.  UFC and Boxing games are readily available.

This months party will see us getting violent on screen!

As per usual, there will be free food and special drinks promotions.   I am thinking of a 2 for 1 on Heineken and Tiger Pints?

There will also be some nasty shots to give away.  Maybe if you lose a fight… you have to down something nasty?

Special guest Doc Bond from the Star Trek party is in town and available for autographs and kisses for a pound.

Hope you see you there.


Team Mango






Mother Penfold Part 4 – by YP (who else?)

Just cant switch off. Too high to sleep, but too tired to plough on and go back out. Dont know what to do. 1 thing I know though, is that I could fucking murder a big, cold, refreshing, crisp alcoholic drink. Fridge check. Half a litre of Malee pineapple juice and a jar of mayonaise. Fuck my arse. Im a bit of a cheapskate and only top up my mobile by 50baht a time, there is no money in my cunting phone, so ordering in yeast based liquids is an impossibility. This sucks big old kangaroo cocks. There is only 1 thing for it…. shop run. Continue reading “Mother Penfold Part 4 – by YP (who else?)”

Snapped Up – Short Stories # 2 by Salty

One night an old boy went out to celebrate the passing of certain important personal milestones with some of his friends. The night started off reasonably sanely with a barbecue for dinner along with plenty of liquid refreshments of the locally brewed and distilled varieties.  As the evening progressed, with a certain tasks to be carried out by teams of our revelers, consisting of certain photographic evidence being produced and other objects to be collected, the eventual winners were required to drink more refreshments.

To obtain the photographic evidence a certain reasonably good camera was obtained along with the owner of same. Much merrymaking was had in bars followed by more merry making in Walking street. As the camera owner was required to be reasonably sober for work the next morning he left the happy gathering about 11 pm and proceeded to walk home. Walking Street to his apartment was a good 30 minutes walk and so along the way he became thirsty and was persuaded to partake of more refreshments by some very hospitable young ladies.

The bar where these ladies resided had the obligatory pool table which for some reason attracted the attention of our evening traveler.  The pool table passed inspection in that the balls ran straight and did not deviate as they were propelled along the table. An agreement was made with one of the hospitable ladies whereby if she could win 3 games of pool out of 3 games, our evening rover would bar fine her.  She lost and could only win 1 game.  Was she trying to win or was the late evening imbiber not to her liking. Not too sure about her intentions as she was at other times involved with wantonly molesting him. Our, by now, somewhat drunken friend made his excuses and proceeded on his way somewhat refreshed. Next morning on inspection of the damage to his person and property, he could not find his camera no matter where he looked in his apartment. This was not good news for him as he also uses it in his work and the pictures were not all uploaded to his computer. No time to waste as work was soon to start.  On the way to work he found the bar from the previous evening open for cleaning and inquiry there revealed that his camera was safely tucked behind the bar. That night drinks all round for the bar girls for their honesty.

Thanks girls!

Putting up with shit – By John Obama

eds note…  Have a short story to tell?i   Send them in.

Short stories…..# 1

Putting up with shit

There is a bar… in that bar was a guy.  I am not going to say where he was from. Lets just  call him Hamish Connolly.   He turned up at this bar around lunchtime having walked a full 10 meters from the hotel he was staying in.  Dressed in shorts and a white vest, he sat at the bar and drank. He took a shine to some of the girls and bought some drinks.  After several hundred more drinks he was plastered.   Off he stumbled to the toilet.

After 30mins the staff were getting worried.  One of the girls entered the rest room to see Hamish, covered in his own shit, passed out on the crapper.   It was not a pretty sight.  The girls knew where he was staying – so one went and spoke to the Manager at the hotel and asked if she could go with the Manager to Hamishes room and get some new pants/underwear/socks.   Whilst she obtained the clothes that were not covered shit, the girl back at the bar were washing this guy down.  The bum-gun got a good work out.  Within 15 mins, the guy staggered back to the bar where he was given a bottle of water. – he rejected it.  The girls in the bar offered to take him back to his room as he was incoherent. They gave him the bill.  The girl helped him pay as he kept dropping his wallet.  The change was given on a little silver tray thing and he scooped it up with his now soap smelling hands and stuffed it in his pocket.  The girls, one either side helped him back to his room, collecting the Hotel Manager on the way so he could supervise them putting him to bed.    All went smooth.

The guy never returned to the bar.  He never left a tip. He never said thanks.  I can only assume that he didn’t know the next morning what had happened.  And didn’t know where the tied up plastic bag with with his shitty pants came from.

The girls didn’t pad his bill.  They didn’t take his watch or help him spend from his wallet.

I watched all this from the other side of the bar.  It made me realize that as much shit as they give us, they do sometimes get a lot of shit from us also.