Halloween Party this Saturday (29th)

It’s that time of the month folks.  It’s party time!  It’s probably not the best time of year considering whats going on around us, but then why not escape the chaos and panic and enjoy yourselves for an evening?

You can also save on food and drink in your houses by eating and drinking ours!

Halloween Party will be held on Saturday 29th October 8pm.

There will be some free scary welcome drink (probably tastes nasty, but should be strong)

Free snacks

69 baht all night on house pours

Happy hour prices all night on ham/cheeseburgers and Thai food.

Bangkok is pretty quiet at the moment… lower Suk is no exception.  Lets hope things are on the up.

Jonas will be the one looking like the walking dead.  We asked him to dress up, but he refused.

Hope to see you there!






Flood info….

The best advice of all.........

For those people that are intending to come to Thailand in a few weeks, I thought I’d post this link that was sent to me by Spats.  – Thanks.

If anyone has anything to share – please do so.

The only tip I can share is that to save water – drink beer.  We have some specials on at the Mango.. 😉    oh, and dead cats are a good alternative to sandbags.

The new Honda Wave?













Breaking the Doctors Cherry – by Tusk

A few days ago Daywalker posted a link to a website advertising a new blow job bar opening on Soi 7/1.  I have long held the opinion that if blow job bars were common around the world, we could probably put an end to war and most human suffering.  I mean, there’s nothing like a good, professional blow job to drain all the tension and stress from your life.  So, to support this worldwide movement for peace and human happiness, I decided I would check the place out on its opening day.
Continue reading “Breaking the Doctors Cherry – by Tusk”

The Boys are back in town!

Chaps,  November is just around the corner and we have a few things going on.  But first off,  a mention on the Halloween party at the Mango on 29th October.  A more detailed announcement will be made next week, so watch this space.

Our new party room will be in full swing.. scary looking girls on poles! Details to follow.

A lot of talk on the blog about people who are going to be here in November. It’s only right that we have some form of gathering, a chance to meet folk in person, and dare I say it – experience our new party room that was expedited to be ready for these November events.

Love him or hate him, YP will be arriving on the 4th November.  DW will be personally picking up the little runt from Mother Penfold in the UK and flying with him to Bangkok.  He will be arriving after DW though, about 30ft after him!   😉

Fuuuuuuuck that hurt. Casanovas here I come.

1st stop will be the Mango to have some decent food as (I imagine) the food on the plane is total shite.  Then it’ll be a Nana run to catch up on local updates look at girls that will at some point during November – hate us!   Take notes of girls that want to party and where they are.  I am sure a BJ bar will be on the list also.


On the 5th, The one and only pmmp will join us.  Holding a wad of cash that could choke a dozen donkeys we have pledged to flood the Mango party room with AT LEAST 20 girls from various gogo’s.  Refer to notes from the night before. (No L.B’s)

We’ll round up the girls in the evening – ready for a major session on Sat night.  It’s not a formal party, so don’t expect a feeding!

There will be a tower of free flavoured Vodka shots for Bloggers. (it’s horrible, but strong) – Join us!

On the 6th… I think the best way to recover would be a group visit to one of the Soapies that everyone is talking about, before re-launching ‘Coyote Sunday’.  We can relax and talk shit whilst we make a serious dent in their 2 for 1 Pitcher of Margaritas offer.

That’s about as far as we get.  Many of us will be around for a while, but plans don’t always go according to plan.  Feel free to submit suggestions and times  here.  You’re all old hands at this… let’s try making this memorable November.

For any Aussies joining us.. we expect the ‘Movember’ to be seen.

Team Mango




Three days of threesomes Part 2 – By SJW

Part 1

Now then, it’s later Sunday, early evening at this point. I have a  shockingly early flight to Kuala Lampur on Monday morning. All  attempts to raise local partners for frolic and mirth on the mojo wire met with steadfast silence. The rest of the world, it would seem,  wanted a quiet Sunday night in with the family. Or something like  that. However, I was on a mission. Having managed a soapie threesome  and an oily threesome I decided I was hell bent on a go-go threesome.

The go-go scene is my least favorite of all of the options in BKK, and  this trip was a great example why. In the after hours clubs there are  ‘tweeners’ to chase and the odd non-whore to talk with. The massage joints actually give a fuck about customer service and repeat business  if you pick the right one. The go-gos, in my experience, are barely concerned at all with any of that. You don’t get you bill padded at  Caesar’s and your Akane girl, if you offer, will order a drink and  thank you politely for it. But she won’t bitch and moan and pull faces if you don’t. So, with my prejudices in mind, here’s how it went. Continue reading “Three days of threesomes Part 2 – By SJW”

Three days of threesomes Part 1 – By Scampering Jack Wilshere

*eds note.  Thank SJW for well detailed account of your pervy quest for 3 threesomes in 3 days.  This will be split into 2 parts…

Was in Asia on bidness for about two weeks, I’ll be relocating to Hong Kong or Singapore at some point in the relatively near future. Was mostly doing meet-and-greets with clients I had not yet met. Did little development for them here and there when possible, but mostly meet-and-greet. If meet-and-greet was ground-and-pound I was a corporate fucking John Fitch.  Wound up with a few extra weekend days I didn’t think I’d have at the end. I was in Shanghai on Thursday and due in Kuala Lampur on Monday afternoon, so what to do? Continue reading “Three days of threesomes Part 1 – By Scampering Jack Wilshere”

Big Mango Bar Update!

Many of you will know that the Mango Bar has been going through a bit of a change. The changes are still on going in the quest to provide our customers with a nice relaxing, entertaining, quiet, buzzing, respectable, naughty party, venue. Not as easy as it sounds…

You said

“we like a more variety of food. Not just burgers”

We responded –

Done. Our new Chef is from a very reputable Hotel chain. We now offer a larger selection of food – Thai dishes also. Check out our Specials Board in the bar. Fancy something different? Just ask!

You said

“We want staff that can be barfined in order to spend more time with them away from work”

We responded

Well, 1st of all we had to find staff that will always be on hand to keep the place going. Next up was to recruit more staff to interact with the customers. It took a little time, but we now have more staff to keep the customers company. – We’re still recruiting.

You said –

“I used to come in and have breakfast, but you closed in the daytime”

We responded –

Sorry for that, low season gets worse every year. Opening daytime as well as night time requires 2 sets of staff. Dayshift and evening shift. During low season, not many customers around in the daytime, so the staff (understandably) don’t want to work the day-shift. So, we put our heads together and spend a few baht and now have a happy dayshift during the low season. Breakfast is now served when we open the doors at 10am

You said –

“it’s not fair that I have to smoke outside in the street”

We responded

It’s the law unfortunately. However, we did knock some walls down and create a smoking area that is still part of the bar, with music, TV and seating area so you are still part of the bar and not in the street

You said –

“ahh, but I like playing pool whilst I smoke”

We responded –

There is now a pool table outside in the smoking area!


You said –

“we like Jonas from the original Mango Bar”

We responded

We got him back!

 You said –

“the music is crap”

We responded –

“we agree!” – We’ve now updated our playlists and got rid of all that kiddy-pop crap.  Rock music, some 50’s, 60’s, 70’s will be played downstairs and the dance type music will be upstairs – where the girls and boys can have a little dance!

Our Staff said –

“the kitchen is too small”

We responded –

Have a new kitchen, twice the size of the old one

Staff also said –

“we want to freedom to wear what we want (sexy)

We responded –

Great, we no longer have to pay for uniforms

Some girl carrying a new born baby said

“where  the hell is pmmp?”

We Responded –

Not another one…..




At the Mango, we listen to customer feedback and try our best to cater for everyone.

We have all new staff, we have a different bar layout and as of this weekend, the 2nd floor will take on a totally new look. We’ve a new bar up there.. dancing area/poles.. sofas… and of course – there will be girls!  For those of you that remember the Tequila Dragon on 7/1 – think that kind of theme.

On Fridays and Saturdays Gin, Vodka, Rum, Whiskey and Tequila shorts will be offered at 69bht.  Let’s call it the 69 Night?!

We have some interesting parties coming up, one of which will be a foam party.  Too old for that?  Well, think about the  scantily clad girls that will be hidden in the foam somewhere. We will also have some Coyote dancers… dancing and didn’t someone mention there is a new Star Trek film coming soon?


Thanks to everyone who has been assisting us with ideas and feedback through this change.  Spats, Doc Bond, Jonas, THE MAN, prp, James S,Bubba and others who I can’t name as I’ve forgotten. None of this would have been possible without our special Team Leader – Kwan!

 Pictures will be posted shortly when the painting has finished.

Hope to see you there soon.

Team Mango