Normal service is resumed.. finally.

There has been too much going on to go into great detail… I’ll try and cover as much as I can remember.  Sorry if I missed people out – who deserve a mention.

Not sure what order this lot happened but this is what I was involved in or know of.

First of all, a big thanks to all the people who showed up at the mango to make it all a good time.  These times would not be as great if we didn’t all do our bit.  The Big Mango being something we all have in common, so hooking up at Mango is ideal.

Right then, we covered the arrival of myself and YP.  That’s all old news. Continue reading “Normal service is resumed.. finally.”

The final stretch…..

We’re now entering the final week for our visitors.   It’s been a mad few weeks, many laughs, many troubles and even a few tears!

Bruce lived out a few chapters of Private Dancer,  Jonas fell in love, Canadian boys showed how they can grow mustaches and eat hot sause, YP showed that even he eventually needs sleep. Tosh flew in and flew out. Spats kept his unbroken record of not staying out past 9pm, Resident Ernie showed us how to keep 5 drunken naked girls entertained and Rolln set a record for leaving a girl in his room whilst he popped out for toothpaste. (do they sell it in the plaza?)

So we’ve been doing the rounds as you may know.  Most nights see us do a little Nana run.   As always Pretty Lady and Anglewitch are on the route. Always fun and always entertaining.

A few of the guys hit Insomnia, swing, spicy and some just hit the golden mile.   All had fun I am sure.

We have some stories to tell and some stories to keep to ourselves.   I shall have a go at telling Bruces story if I can stop laughing long enough.

Meanwhile, life goes on at the Mango.  Hopefully things will clam down a little this week as people start to fall.

Normal service will be resumed soon.  I have some reader submissions in the queue…  will post soon.







Party anyone? Saturday 19th

Anyone fancy a little party?   A lot of interest since we created the upstairs party room.   Sorry for those who missed out in the last party a few weeks ago.  This week we’ll have another little gathering and see how that goes.

Upstairs on the 2nd floor….   We’ll get a bunch of girls from a gogo and turn the music up.  Some kind of drink specials and throw in some food / snacks.

Not sure if YP will bring another LB?

Hopefully see you there.




Boys are back in town… still going.. just….

Right then chaps…. I’ve attempted so many times to post a quick update to keep everyone upto speed with what’s going on, but as I am sure you can appreciate, it’s been a tad hectic.  I am now sitting comfortably in the Mango and there is no sign of YP, Silverboi, Jonas, NurseRon or Debtstar.   Let the update begin…..


  • Friday arrival. –  You were all there.  Great time.  Lots of drink, some girls and a good catch up.


  • Saturday –  Still drunk….  Party was pretty good.  Pretty Lady girls provided the entertainment in the Party Room… good time had by all.  Who brought the L.B?


  • Sunday….  Were meant to hit Coyotes.   Ended up drinking all day in the bar meeting various people that missed the party and planned another in a few weeks.  The two CANADIAN Telecoms guys that stopped by were  a hoot.  DebtStar, Silverboi, NurseRon, all made an appearance.


  • Monday … Thinking  things would calm down…. YP had a few hours sleep.  Only a few.  Again…we hit it hard.  Pmmps turn to babysit YP.  Patpong was on the menu.  Why they chose there I don’t know?


  • Tuesday….  Recovery mode.  Licking our wounds..   Couple of Nana runs.  It’s taking it’s toll.  Spend some time watching Silverboi biting off more than he could chew with a couple of hotties and needing help.  Like true pals, we just watched him suffer.


  • Wednesday….  ‘Bruce’ showed up.  Been a while since he hit town.  Welcomed back, he met up with YP and Jonas for a few at Big Dogs.  Interested in the little tour tonight, he’ll be back to join us.


So this is where we’re at…   just hanging out.. having a few drinks.  Getting drunk and getting ready for a little action later.  As always… get yourself down here and join us!

The Rose – by Tusk

Two or three years ago I found myself awake and horny in the small hours of the morning, and not really in the mood to go outside looking for a girl.  I connected to the internet and googled for Escort Services in Bangkok.  I was surprised to find that the top return seemed to be for a massage shop on Soi 22 that said that they could deliver a girl to your room 24 hours a day. Continue reading “The Rose – by Tusk”