Now that Chrismas is out of the way, it’s time to get back to normal and start drinking.

New Years Eve is Party Time at the Mango.  You could go to the ‘over-crowded’ bars that don’t give you that ‘personal touch’, nice free food and a place you can chat without shouting your lungs out, or, you could pop along to the Mango and hang out with the crew.

Doctor Bond is in the house,  Rick Masters will be a day late (poof), pmmp  Daywalker, The Crazy Swedes and other associated scroats.  Come join us.

Kicking off at 7pm…….. until next year!

Pint of Tiger – 55bht (7-9 ish… depends how much fun we’re having)

Bottle of Vodka 555bht

Nasty ass shots – 5bht. (actually free, but I like the ‘5’ pattern we got going on here)

As per usual there will be food.  Free food!

– Flied Lice,  Flench Flies, Turkey Masala!! some kind of spicy salad and whatever else we can find in the freezer.  The kitchen staff are also now able to make pizzas… so expect the odd slice flying around for people to try.

The upstairs party room will be open… if you fancy a bit of a boogie with your girl – it’s perfect!

Word on the street is that pmmp will be ringing the bell for everyone in the bar at some point!

See you there.











It’s the season to be jolly…….!

It’s nearly Christmas time folks!!

So what are we all doing?  Well, if you fancy your Christmas Dinner at the Mango we are serving……

from 2pm-10pm    ** DINNER IS AVAILABLE NOW!!**


How clean is that oven!!

3 Course Christmas Dinner.-

Caesar Salad or Cream of Tomato Soup

Traditional Christmas Dinner (Roast Turkey, stuffing, Pigs in a Blanket, Roast/Mash Potatoes, Vegetables)

Christmas Pudding

Each set meal will be given a Free welcome drink.

Christmas crackers and party hats provided!

Bargain Price of 650bht.  (it’s a lot of food!)


After 10pm-

Traditional Turkey Sandwiches with Cranberry Sauce

Christmas Dinner on it’s own (no appetizer, desert or welcome drink) 300bht.
If you would like to join us at a particular time, please let us know so we can beat the cooks into reducing your wait.
In the evening, Jonas will be walking around spreading his festive cheer in the form of a special Christmas shot. – (it’s special because we haven’t figured out whats in it yet)

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, the Mango Team wish you all a great time.

Just an average week – Part 2 – by ROLLN

Part 1

There was dinner plans. But why?  Fuck dinner lets gets some whores!  I ran over to AW.  It’s a bachelor party; we need to get this guy on stage right?  I talk to the manager and tell her a group is coming and we want to get this dude on stage for a traditional ridiculing.  My boys don’t show up for a quite a while passed show time.  But they eventually roll in about 15 deep and a show gets going.  You know what happens in the show, no need to explain that.  But while I’m waiting, one of the girls I know “Nooky” comes over.  Tells me she really wants to go with me but she’s with this guy.  She points over to a large group of US Navy guys.  Whatever.  I said, you don’t want me tonight because I want many girls at the same time and that’s not your thing.  She says “my friend can go with us tonight, my sister, but promise you use condom with her.”  Her friend comes over, actually looks like her sister, but obviously it wasn’t. The two of them lean in and give me a long 3-way tongue kiss and then I agreed to take them both. I should have known this would end up in drama, why? Because Nooky has busted out in tears on me a few times in the past. She has feelings. This threesome is destined for failure. Continue reading “Just an average week – Part 2 – by ROLLN”

Just an average week – Part 1- By ROLLN

Another Roller-Coaster ride from the legend we know as ROLLN.  For those who may not believe some of this, like they don’t believe YP’s tales,  trust me, these guys leave a lot of stuff out!admin.

Week two gets its start. (What the hell happened to week 1?-ed.) I go to Pattaya with some friends that are working a venue for a few days. I drop vit A during the car ride, and I can’t wait to arrive so I’m going nuts in the car. I hit up Alcatraz go-go. Soon as I get there, one of my best buddies (who is not here) regular girls comes to sit with me. She is hot but out of the countless whores my friend bangs that he won’t care about, I know him well enough to know this one will irritate him. She asks if I can pay her barfine so she can go dance with us later. I don’t have a problem with that. She has scouted girls for me on a previous mission. I wish someone would have stopped me. This ended up being a dumb ass idea. For the rest of the night she put out a weird (he’s mine bitch) vibe and it was pushing girls away instead of pulling them in. I got totally tossed on alcohol and tramadol. Ended up back at our rooms calling the local African at 5am but it doesn’t work out. Continue reading “Just an average week – Part 1- By ROLLN”

A Winter Residents Point of View – By Companyman

A long year is soon over, finally. As I’m writing this its only 10 days until I arrive on the big bird to suvarnboom, for that delightful 6 am arrival with probably 60minutes wait for immigration and usually the dropped arrival card meaning that I have to back to the desk and write a new one, although if I’m lucky then after 3 attempts to fill in it correctly I can at least see that the lines have lessened to only 30 minutes. Continue reading “A Winter Residents Point of View – By Companyman”

Welcome to Thailand by Rid em Cowboy

Pattaya, Friday morning, 7 a.m.

My phone rings. “Hello?”

It’s my friend Roy, “Hey. Where the hell are you?”

“I’m asleep in bed in the short time hotel.”

“Where’s the hotel?”

I answer, “Right next to the go go bar we were at last night.”

Roy: “We were in a go go bar last night?”

Apparently he had a lot more to drink after I went to sleep. Continue reading “Welcome to Thailand by Rid em Cowboy”