A Winter Residents Point of View – By Companyman

A long year is soon over, finally. As I’m writing this its only 10 days until I arrive on the big bird to suvarnboom, for that delightful 6 am arrival with probably 60minutes wait for immigration and usually the dropped arrival card meaning that I have to back to the desk and write a new one, although if I’m lucky then after 3 attempts to fill in it correctly I can at least see that the lines have lessened to only 30 minutes.

Then onto the baggage retrieval but at least the upside is that after spending time in the immigration is that at least the luggage is on the band, unless I’m so late that they have moved it off to some remote corner, which usually take another 15minutes to locate.

Then taxi, since I’m to lazy to chuck my two bags on the sky train and straight to the hotel…. Since I’m not that desperate for a companion I have to go to suk5 street to find anyone directly, no I can wait until my usual favorite massage place opens at 10 in the subsoi of soi5 and see if im lucky that my favorite massage girl Noi still works there… she have the last 4 years but I don’t take anything for granted since TIT .

Real life starts again for 2 months and we are all creatures of habit, or at least I am.
So the following have to be done, and usually a little to often sometimes,


Big Mango, and their Mango-Burger off course Sukhumvit Soi5 street, the Pakistani guys thai-kebab… that usually makes me swear not to go there since eating at 4am is not good for my waist but I still go to often. Soi Texas, for the hidden Chinese behind the birds nest displays, that serves the best spareribs and sharkfins on this side of HK Landmark, for the steaks Korea town, for the BBQ on the table LoveScene on Suk Soi23, best Thai restaurant och nice place to eat after the shift   ,-) when the girls from Cowboy go there with their prizes of the night.


Angelwitch, no visit to Nana is complete without at least looking into for a while there.

Bar outside Prettylady, nicest girls to play 4inrow and other games with Baccara, since
sometimes smoking is nice inside, -) and I like the upstairs girls big boobs

Suzi Wong, but that is actually sliding down on my list for must-dos since I think it has lost a some fun… read Tequila and Apple, and I don’t mean drink and fruit then 

And I’m curious about the new place on 3rd floor of nana, Billboard? … I liked at least the old Hollywood and that Czech guy peter was at least friendly to us occasional visitors.

Then I can’t forget the Soapies but then I tend to try different ones and don’t have any special favorite so far.

Other funs and musts

The VIP cinema at Central world, those seats are magnificent, although its hard not to snore sometimes.

Tokyo Hanako, facials in Siam Square, that service is unbeatable for the face and the bed are magnificent, although its hard not to snore sometimes.
Any foot massage still open at 3am, that’s even better than a BJ at 3am 😉 and the occasional snore can be heard then as well ,-)

The Indoor karting in RCA , defiantly no snoring involved, just shear fun

Ball in Hand, the best pool place ever….. but I need more practice so I can beat ALL the girls that work there, some of them is really good…. I had a great idea once there to beat their best player, that after every round we had to down a jäger, since I believed that I would gain some advantage then…. I still lost, but at least I won in that sense that I was the only one that walked out by my own feet… although at that time I got two really pissed-off people staring with the big evil eye during the latter stages of the game…. My then Thai-Chinese girlfriend and the employee-girls Thai-boyfriend who didn’t see the fun us two players saw when one of us missed the white ball and fell on our arse instead…… well I learned at least that a bottle of jaeger don’t improve your pool-skills ,-)

Not forgetting to go people-gawking at Khao San is always a must, as long as u can relax on Soi Rambuttri after..

So that’s about what is on my must list…..

What have I missed? Since BKK is such a big city I surely must have missed a lot of gems, what are yours?
Or should I take a small holiday in the holiday and head down to Pattaya?? 🙂

See ya all soon 🙂

44 thoughts on “A Winter Residents Point of View – By Companyman”

  1. Great post.

    It is so easy to forget about the world outside. Same happens to me every time I go to Pattaya at the end of the year.

  2. Good stuff.

    YP and I had a list of things to do last month. We carefully planned it in the bar at Heathrow Airport. Needless to say, we didn’t do any of it.

    Eating at 4am is fine. As long as you only woke up 6 hours before!

    Don’t forget to check-out Terminal 21 Shopping Mall. It’s my fave place now. Probably because its so close and I am so lazy.

    Didn’t see Lolitas on your list? Must have been a typo?!


  3. Just wow. I’m kind of ashamed to say I’m familiar with about 95% of your “Must do List in BKK” even down knowing ex Shebas bargirls Tequila and Apple. Coincidently Apple tried to add me on Facebook last week, which I had to unfortunately deny. Anyone who knows Apple’s temperament would have to be a desperado to let her access your real world friends list.

    I’m touching down in BKK in a couple of weeks, so I guess I should start thinking of where I’m going to be spending my time. I have a stable of phone numbers of bargirl/freelancer/partygirls from my previous visits, but I usually make new friends easily enough and those numbers get forgotten too quickly.

    Things I’m thinking of doing? Well most of this shit never goes to plan and it’s usually all done on the fly, but here it goes:

    – Daytime boozing in Patpong with Spats comes to mind (YP too, if he hadn’t visited in Nov).
    – Soapy runs through Ratchada district, always ending up in Nataree, boozing it up while debating which sideline babe to pick out (then missing your chance when she’s swept up by the random Japanese business man).
    – 1-2hr long ‘quality’ Thai massages at my usual joints.
    – Drinking San Miguel light’s at the entrance to Big Dogs in the daytime, while watching the bar girls without makeup (and Lima Bravos which seem to be 70% of them) wai’ing Buddha on their way to their work), followed by a full Nana run to all the usual bars.
    – Riding on the back of a moto taxi up to Soi Cowboy after blowing off all the hotties at Nana too early in the night, just in time to get the killer meal deal at Catus.
    – Hitting outer edge BKK G-Club ‘Sky Lounge’ with the usual crew, then moving onto the after hours club circuit.
    – Private party in Big Mango, 2nd floor might be on the cards too.
    – The 24hr Pattaya run with 2-3 other mates. Might actually get the jacuzzi room in Heavens Above short time hotel.
    – Trying to find the most low brow, hole in the wall bars with Daywalker and Spats (These guys have an eye for spotting depravity and fucked up units).
    – Eating at Sunrise Tacos. Best Mexican food in BKK.
    – Just getting cunted with drinking buddies while talking about where to go.
    – Finally, get no action after partying all night? Hit the fail safe: Lolitas.

    There’s plenty more, but they are the usual gems that spring to mind.

  4. Indoor Karting @ RCA is a scream. Make sure you get thoroughly lubricated at the bar first, for optimum performance. If you are feeling brave, drop some speed or an E tablet before you hit the starters grid. That will really kick things off. Sebastian Vettle watch out. Disclaimer: Make sure you have good holiday insurance, and a disregard for broken bones, whiplash or possible death

    If you are talking soapies, I gotta go with Rick Masters on this. Get down to Nataree. No messing. Ogle the abundance of young cunt on show, whilst knocking the arse out of the 100baht long-neck Singhas. Tell The gay papasan with the Telletubbies tie, that YP says ‘Hi’

    Sundowners @ Long Table Suk 16 are a must. Might be worth booking a table on the balcony. Great view, 2 for 1 cocktails from 5:30 to 7:30, and as soon as you get the girl you took home, she will open those legs, quicker than you can say ‘Singapore Sling’

    Daywalker is bang on the money with the Terminal 21 assesment. Great location, a million and 1 places to feed ones face, truck loads of young beaver milling about, and they have these funky Japanese style toilets that squirt water up for fart-hole, once you’ve dropped your fudge. What more could one want from a shopping centre? ‘You couldnt’ is the answer

  5. Indoor Karting? Sounds fun. I’d love to rip it up there, but have never been there when others are up for it. Only thing is, there are a few out there with serious wheels back home (ROLLN) and I fear they would get frustrated at the lack of power and be too competitive, thus going on a rampage afterwards if they didn’t win.

    – or is that just me?

    Anyone up for Karting? I am sure we could organize an event. Say, the beginning of Feb?

  6. A little over two weeks until my touchdown too. Looking forward to checking out Terminal 21 as it is almost on my doorstep – annoyingly it opened 5 days after I left last time – otherwise I’ll be sticking to my normal haunts (old dog new tricks) which have pretty much boiled down to Mango/Akane/lolitas – although I might check out Dr BJ if it saves me the trouble of crossing sukhumvit. In terms of bar-fining I have no specific faves so we’ll just see what happens – naturally I hope to encourage a few lithe beauties to shed clothes in the name of fine art and enjoy a bit of chinwagging with whatever reprobates are in town at the time. All in all a very satisfying prospect – just got to get Christmas and Boxing Day out of the way then I’m outta here – get the orange juices on standby

  7. Daywalker – Get your laughing gear around this http://www.easykart.net/

    Ive only done the RCA karting once, about 3 years back. I was in a team of 6, against 9 other teams (10 teams in total) It was something like 10 minutes per driver, then change over as fast as you can. We came 2nd. They had a concession stand of John Smiths Bitter which was free all night (inclusive of the 1500baht entry fee each) and all you could eat pizza.

    I fucking hate John Smiths. That didnt stop me drinking about 8 large cans of the filthy stuff, before climbing behind the wheel, and running folk off the track

    In terms of power, I THINK you start off with a 125cc ROTAX engined thing, and you have to register so many hours of track time with that, before they let you lose on the 250cc beasts. I could be talking out of my arse, but that sounds about right.

    Im sure if we couldnt get enough bloggers to make it out for the event, we could bring some crack-whores along to make up the numbers?

  8. Yep. Talking shyte. 160cc and 270cc engines. Im still sure they dont let you jump straight on the 270’s. They also have 100cc ones for bitches, young children and the likes of PMMP.

  9. 160cc are useless, full throttle all around track… 270 is ok…. but u have to do at least one run before the move u up to 270cc…..

    but if anyone wanna tag along ? maybe i can for give some pointers if there is anyone that wants some help ?…..

    and some races would be great… i for would think its real fun.

  10. 271cc is the least I will go. Need the extra power because I like to keep a 30 kilo spinner tucked between my throttle and stick whilst I ride. @Bruce, b’lieve dat!

  11. Got to agree with YP on the Long Table seduction technique. It does work wonders.
    The temperature is perfect in BKK at the mo.

  12. I frequently take the kids racing at the RCA track. They are only allowed on the 100cc, but really enjoy it.

    The 270cc go fast enough to do real damage if you fuck things up. They don’t have a roll bar and in the past we have had one Middle Eastern man turn up at our hospital with serious spinal injuries as he had rolled it at the track.

  13. Does anyone know the name of the new massage place the owners of nataree just opened? Apparently they moved all the best girls there. Silly tart who was taking care of me couldn’t remember what it was called.

  14. I turned up at an out door go-kart track in the UK only to be told I could not drive the 270cc karts until I had proved myself in the 125cc Karts.

    I tried explaining that the 190mph Red Beast that I turned up in should be sufficient proof.

    That didn’t work on the 17year old spotty faced work-experience oik.

    I was then refused a drive after they caught me pouring Ether into the tank.
    Hoofed out with no refund. Apparently the not so small print says I can be kicked off track if I intentionally cause damage to the equipment.

    I hope RCA is more relaxed about cheating and damage.

  15. Dancing Boy – Say it isnt so. Thanks to some shrewd UFC betting, I now have 3x Nataree runs to cash in on. Not so keen on wasting it on sub-standard whores though

    PMMP – 30 kilos? That narrows it down to either an amputee, or an 11 year old rent boy? My money, is on the latter

  16. @Nataree fans! Do look into this, Nataree is in my top 5 must do’s when in BKK!

    @Cart fans; we a few killer places here in Cali ranging from 90 mph dragsters to electric indoor road courses but none allow or encourage pilot intoxication! That sounds too fun! We used to go to a place that had a small banked oval with a clear slick coating on the turns that with a dab of water made for some serious black ice conditions! They called it “slick track” and even though the carts were only little 150cc/3 to 4 Hp four stoke mower engines with centrifugal clutches burning regular pump grade unleaded, they were a blast with 4-6 of your mates all trying to kill one another!
    @UFC fans; what are we going to do with Mr. Jones? Say good bye to Mr whining big mouth blow hard auf HB CA.! And a moment of silence with heads down and flags at half staff for the passing of a true Champion and MMA legend…Lets hope Mir has a follow up? Looks like from now on (or at least for the next 3-5 years) nothing new going down from 170 to 205? Lets hope the little dudes bring some fresh “on any given day” excitement?

  17. @ YP ‘and they have these funky Japanese style toilets that squirt water up for fart-hole, once you’ve dropped your fudge. What more could one want from a shopping centre? ‘You couldnt’ is the answer’…Classic line my son!! had a chuckle over that one.

    Demand the 270cc and dont take no for an answer u poof, crack whores as grid girls 🙂

    @ Daywalker (my hero) Karting as part of the DW IV events program??

    ”That didn’t work on the 17year old spotty faced work-experience oik” I wondered what YP did back in Blighty!!

  18. @YP and NR – Uncorroborated but this girl seemed to know her stuff. The only info I have is that its on ratchadaphisek road near robinsons. Apparently the lease on the current building is due to expire soon, which is why they don’t maintain the rooms (love those e coli tinted bath tubs).

  19. Is this the same Apple that used to be a hostess in Sheba’s and was afterwards a dancer in Tilac?
    And then disappeared for a while?

    Now she has blond hair and still keeps disappearing on me. It’s always a night full of fun and then she’s gone for a couple of months, just to turn up again.

    What ‘s her Facebook name then? :-p

  20. Well, DR. BJ on 7/1 looks good, clean and has an ample stable, Las Vegas on 3d floor Nana not bad!

  21. @ CompanyMan, Nice. Must be nice to have a plan and stick to some of it. Last time I was in bkk, I didnt even see bkk.

    I wont be able to make the next bash but I am down to hit the track the next time 2 of us are in town and concious the same time. I must warn you, I worked at a cart-track when I was 19. We even had a mini speed boat track. Just loved jumping into the petro sheened water 5 times a day to up-right some smart ass. No one cared if the drivers showed up loaded, we were too busy licking our own wounds.

    @ Pmmp, I gotto go with YP & Rick on this one too. 30 kilo’s sheeesh! I gotta see this! I saw Nan hop on a scale my last day there, and she was 34 Kilo’s. You met her, and thats about as mousy as I can go (most nights). You know braces dont weigh that much. Thats gotta be a forearm or at least below the knee on one leg. You guys know the secret amputee spot and your holding out???

  22. @RickMasters. There is a whole new level waiting for you…See you soon buddy. Was out last night with wingman in Manila. Oh god i feel violated

  23. I am going to side with pmmp on this one. The man has freakish strength for someone of advanced years. Whilst the spinner maybe 40-50 kilos, to pmmp, she only weighs 30.

    (she’s probably still an amputee though)

  24. They feel the same once the lights go off, unless u have a foot fetish and you’re groping for it.

  25. If I’ve said it once-I’ve said it a thousand times…..
    Wot a bunch of GEEZAAA’sss!!
    Love it..

  26. DW
    The secret of my freakish strength, and my advanced years is, I learned long ago to pop Ci alias an hour before I plan on getting laid, blown and then after the fun and games, get drunk, not like you doing it the other way around, getting drunk, laid. blown MAYBE and then trying to remember if it all was true while your puking. You see while I’m puking I do know for sure that I got some pussy.

  27. THE MAN –

    Have you been following me?!!

    I don’t use Cialis. I just put a lolly stick in my condom as a splint.

    If she’s a pig, then I Ruphie myself so I don’t remember it the next day.

    *Tip… anyone who troffs the Kamagra gel.. they do a honey flavor (not that we buy them for the taste) which is absolutely vile!! Avoid it!!! I nearly gagged.

  28. I think the new massage joint on Ratchada is the “Alaina Entertainment” building on the corner of Soi 7. It’s the big building (which was originally purpose built as a massage parlor) that was vacant for many years (at least since 2007)… can’t comment on the ownership being the same as Nataree, but the location makes sense.

  29. Yeah, in 8 hours im on the plane to better life :-)….. and i have a new adventure to look forward to, tried the Thaifriends dating site, and have dates with regular girls set up for wednesday, thursday and friday…. love this life 🙂

  30. @ManUBlue.. it may have been a drink I choked on after hearing you were going to buy a round? Nah, it must have been the Kamagra.

  31. Apple is pure evil. Beware. – if we are talking of same one, that blond haired slut, ex-shebas now tilac. tho as has been said – she goes off on extended breaks. havent seen her in a while. no bad thing.,

  32. @apps – Oh yeah, Apple. The one and only. I’ve known her since 08 and got some real horror stories. Won’t be actively seeking her out when I touch down in a week. Caveat emptor, Pal.

  33. apple: spotted! coming out of nana plaza. maybe she works in there now. i guess she is quite hot, but i just cant get past her evil. it would be like sleeping with the devil.

  34. On a different issue: saw a farang vs. thai fight on soi cowboy last night.

    It was one on one for a few seconds and then it would be no exageration to say that it was then quickly 10 thais vs. one farang.

    In fact, more than 10 if you count the walk on extras eg. as the farang was tussling in a moving ruck a thai man ran over and hit him over the head with a bottle before about turning and running off!

    But I write here to commend that farang. He actually faught them all off like a lion and ultimately stood by himself in soi cowboy with no thai daring to approach him. This was not without cost and he was very bloodied at the end of it. I hope he is ok.

    His bravery was incredible. He may have been at fault in the first place. i dont know. But he was very very brave. And i was really sickened to see the cowardice of his opponents. Especially their behaviour afterwards – when he had left, and they were all safe – when they all seemed quite pleased with themselves.

    I dont think the majority were security men working on the street. but random punks hanging around. boyfriends etc. waiting to pick up their sex worker gf and spend her money etc. there are actually a lot of them around at any one time if you take the time to notice them. i guess a lot of them have a simmering anger about the whole situation – their gf a whore and they a punk who sponges off them. it certainly isnt an aspirational place in life. buit then life is ultimately what u make it. they could start by getting a f*cking job.

    so, what can be learnt? – just get the fuck out of there. In my mind as i watched – and it was horrible to watch – i was begging him to just cut and run. but he didnt. he fought for a long few minutes. and showed incredible bravery. but as i say, it was at some cost. there was a lot of blood. i just hope it was all superficial.

    The thai sluts i was with saw a thai victory and were overwhelmed with happiness. i saw it a bit differently and tried to explain but i dont thinkl they really got it. to my mind that man was a lion. and i salute him. he wasnt even that young actually. 45 at least. maybe 50+. incredible. i just hope he is ok. maybe he is a reader here?

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