So here we are… YP and I are sitting in the business lounge… drinking our way into oblivion…..

The gate number has been called, but YP wants more of the free booze.

We land tomorrow.  Will be at the bar at 7pm.  Come and join us for a little drinkie poo!







DW IV 28th January

It’s that time of year again folks….  Time for Daywalkers 37th Birthday party. (he looks much younger)

For those of you that have been to the previous parties, you’ll know what they’re all about.   For new comers –

Kicking off around 8pm on Saturday night.

Pints of Heineken & Tiger = 37bht (whilst stocks last – approx 200 pints)

Free food – Tikka Masala, flied lice, flench flies, etc.

Various discounted drinks

Shot give-aways

Go-go girls will be brought in to ‘mingle’

Killer Pool – 500 bht to the winners

PS3 UFC fight challenge.  – Best of 3, loser downs a nasty ‘Jonas’ made Shot. (vodka based)

Being a child that grew up in the 80’s – the music will be cheesy 80’s.   Upstairs in the party room will be the usual dance/hip hop stuff.

Anyone dressed in 80’s outfits will have to expect to be given many free drinks.

Various blog faces will be attending.   We welcome back ChelseaBlue and that little oik YP is making a special trip also.

All regulars/Friends of the Mango that come and say hello to DW can expect a drink on him!

Come along and join us.



My 1st trip to Nataree – By Louie

I’d often read a lot of good reports online about Nataree massage, but I’d never been a customer there. When a friend of mine suggested that we check it out recently, I agreed enthusiastically. It’s located on Ratchadapisek Road, next to Huay Kwang subway station, so it was easy to find.

My buddy is a longtime customer of Nataree, and so he explained the setup to me over a beer. There were about a dozen girls in the “fishbowl”, most of them looking a bit older – 30-ish, maybe a bit more. These girls, he told me, would give you a proper soapy massage for around 1800 baht. Continue reading “My 1st trip to Nataree – By Louie”

Thought I’d share this with you…..

Every so often we are pleasantly surprised by some of the people we meet in the bar.

Last month an ‘elderly couple’ were in the bar having a little food.  I went over and said hello and was surprised to hear that they read and follow the blog.  At that moment I looked down at my feet and felt the need to apologize for the goings on that erm… go on.

When the elderly Gent said that “YP was a little character”, I was in two minds whether to inform them the shit-faced, sleep deprived, LB sniffing oik was standing in the corner.   I did.  Afterall, this couple had been coming to Bangkok for more than 35 years,  so YP in his element should come as no shock to them.

I introduced YP to the couple and they had a little chat.  I then threw YP out after 5 mins as I didn’t want him to put them off their dinner.

Anyway – roll on a few weeks and en envelope arrives at the Big Mango Bar – A calendar and a note.  I showed YP.  He was touched, as we all were.

hang on.. isn't that YP's handwriting?


So thanks to the ‘elderly couple’ for sending that in. Please come and see us again.  YP and DW will take you on one of our little ‘Nana Tours’

Let this be a lesson to others.  Now that we have a calendar, probably the best thing to do would be to just paypal cash to us.