To bike or not to bike? by Dayrider!

I want a bike!   I am a biker.  For 30 years I’ve had some kind of bike.  From off-roaders to a 916, I’ve had a few in my time. Currently I have a couple of R1’s in my garage in the UK.  I used to keep one where I lived – on the south coast of Spain, and the other in R1 in the UK that was used primarily to make my annual pilgrimage to Monaco each year to watch the F1 GP.  Since moving to Thailand, the bikes are now enjoying a new life of living under blankets in my garage in the UK.   For me, in Farangland, bikes are toys.  Nothing more. Continue reading “To bike or not to bike? by Dayrider!”

YP in Bangkok 28-1-2012 by Young(ish) Penfold

Woke up on the plane spooning Daywalker. Hand dangerously close to his cock and ball bag area. Balls never touched so its not gay. There’s sick on his back and over his jeans, and sick on my hoodie and sleeves. I cant differentiate who’s sick belongs to who. I dont think it actually matters. I’m just surprised there isn’t more of it. Slept with my fucking contact lenses in. Feel like Ive been bukkake’d. Slip my sunglasses on, and pretend I cant hear the fellow passengers cussing me and DW out for acting like pissed dicks 11 hours prior. I ask a passing stewardess for a beer to quench my raging thirst. She pretends she cant hear me. Probably for the best. Continue reading “YP in Bangkok 28-1-2012 by Young(ish) Penfold”

Farangland V Thailand – by Daywalker

Whilst YP cries into his warm UK beer and ROLLN works on a plan to persuade Mrs Rolln that he is off to carry out charity work in BKK , I have to remind myself that maybe we’re looking at Bangers through rose tinted glasses.   It was just last week when I was sitting in a grotty little bar on soi 22 being ignored by the 16 ugly staff when I entered a conversation with Snakewalk and our  girlfriends.

I (drunkenly) told my girl I’d take her to England at some point.  She was excited.  Of course she is.  Spending time with me will do that to a person.  However, I found myself telling her about some differences she’ll encounter when visiting.  I didn’t realize at the time that I was listing ‘bad’ things about Bangers which I don’t normally pay attention to.  It was my subconscious kicking in.. Continue reading “Farangland V Thailand – by Daywalker”

Back to reality – by Daywalker

I am happy to report the journey back to the UK with YP was less chaotic than the journey in.  We had a few drinks at the airport and a few on the plane.  We did nearly kick off at the airport when we stopped some arab queue jumpers trying to skip the queue.  After telling these guys to ‘fook right off or they’ll get a slap’ we decided to tone it down a little as we really don’t want to be refused entry to the plane.

The DWIV was a success.  Again, thanks to all those that turned up.  Nothing out of the ordinary went on.  As it was a free bar upstairs, folks were encouraged to ‘help themselves’ which we thought was quite novel.  THE MAN does make a good bartender.

The girls we had were pretty cool too.  For those who saw them, they’ll know what I mean.  The little foam pool probably wasn’t a good idea – thinking about it, with cheap beer and drunken English teachers, no good will ever come of that!

Kicking off around 8pm a steady flow of people came through the door.  Beer at 37bht went down well.  The staff worked their socks off.  The problem with offering pints at 37bht, the staff at best can only expect a 3bht tip!   So, once the party started thinning out around 1am, the staff joined in. Drinking, dancing and blocking up the toilets.  Just like the guests!

YP, pmmp, THE MAN, Spats, WW and BBB to name just a few were all seen getting amongst it.  Chicken Tikka Masala (on the menu!) went down well too.

All in all it was good.  I am not sure there will be a DWV.  I think I am getting too old.  We’ll see.

To anyone wanting to host a party, the second floor is a perfect venue.

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Less than a week later, one of our regular customers arrived one afternoon with 10 girls on his arm and asked for the 2nd floor.  We were more than happy to set it up and a (from what I saw) a good time was had by the party goers.

Over the next few weeks there were various other little parties and Nana runs.  YP has promised to write one up… but I’m not holding my breath.  I have a few tales that I’ll write up also.  As always, anyone wanting to share with us their own tales from the dark-side – please send them in!

Before They Turn Jaded – by Working Tourist

I’m on my second trip to Thailand. First trip was mostly south of Phuket so I didn’t explore the P4P scene except for a few last days spent in BKK. In this process I found the blog and have since been an avid reader. I prefer the GFE and below is my tale of the first 3 days doing exactly that. It’s also a tale that hopefully counters the image of BGs as cynical individuals who lie and steal just to get more money. Continue reading “Before They Turn Jaded – by Working Tourist”

Private Party Room available at the Mango

Do you want a party?   For whatever reason and for however many people, we have the ideal party venue for you and your group.

We can cater for all your needs for a private party.  Let us know your requirements and we can put something together.

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The Egos have landed….. – By Daywalker

As some of you will know by now, YP and I arrived on Friday looking less than our best.    Rewind 15 hours and were fresh as the daises that YP has in his hair.

Arriving at Heathrow Terminal 5 around 4pm I had only an hour before meeting YP at Terminal 3.     I hit the bar at Terminal 3 (arrivals) and waiting for the kid.  One of my work pals (Bazza) just happened to be in Heathrow also – so I called him up for a quick beer.

After a couple of hours of drinking with Bazza and YP at the extortionate prices, we were well on the way to getting arseholed.  Realizing that if went and checked in to our Thailand flight (which was open) we could be drinking for free.  It is a recession after all, so best we be thrifty.   And besides, Bazza had enough stories of ladyboys, girlyboys and the ins and outs of the Nana Plaza. Continue reading “The Egos have landed….. – By Daywalker”