Slumdog didn’t care. – By Daywalker

Having a read through Stickman this week, I noticed the sentence –

The Thai police help a victim recover his stolen IPad in Bangkok.”

Could this be the same stolen iPad that the cops found in the S.T hotel opposite the Mango the other week?

Yes it was! I had a ringside seat for the event. We heard that an Indian guy had stolen an iPad and the Cops used the GPS to track it down. We just assumed that it was a ladyboy helping her/himself to an iPad whilst a punter was in the shower and he/she had been caught. If that were true, you wouldn’t want to tell the world you’re banging an LB and got turned over would you? Of course it was an Indian!

In this case.. it was true.

What makes me interested in this story is that I’ve recently had a few encounters with undesirable Indians recently at the Mango. As anyone who has been to the Mango, they will confirm that the Pool is free. Free that is to customers! Recently we’ve had some Indian chaps come in and start playing pool. No ordering of drinks or food. Just hanging in the bar, enjoying the rock music, free wifi, 4 plasmas showing sports, aircon, rock music… o.k.. I am just pluggin now…. What’s more, they were carrying their own refreshments!

Now forgive me if I sound tight or mean, but this isn’t on. When we found out what was going on, they were asked politely by the staff to fuck right off. They did so. I guess they were just trying to see what they could get away with?

Roll on the next day, around midnight two Indian chaps came in and headed for the pool table. The staff (who were very quick to attend) asked them what they like to drink. They declined. The staff looked over for direction. “pool is free to customers”. The chaps then ignored what what said and then tried to negotiate the price of 1 coke to share between them! The service girl winced away holding her nose as it was apparent that these guys were less than hygienic. Me, being the calm, caring, compassionate person that I am instructed them to fuck right off. Even if they were to start ringing the bell like Quasi Modo, there was no way we could let these undesirables spoil the atmosphere for the rest of us.

Two incidents in as many days regarding Indians. Not good. Having said that, the Mango being an International bar that it is, has many friends that are Indian, so we know they’re not all bad.

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  1. “The chaps then ignored what what said and then tried to negotiate the price of 1 coke to share between them! ”

    WTF is wrong with these jerks? Even ‘some other’ people that we all know (and love) wouldn’t be that cheap…?

    Great story you linked to – I think I’ll highlight it over on the other site 😉

  2. damn, i am an indian from london and yes these twats from India do embarass us as well because some people cant distinguish the ones from London to the ones from there when you walk in a club or bar. So always get a look until you open your mouth and order some proper drinks.

    Well one way for people there to distinguish us from them is clothing, smell!!

    Anyway i was planning to come and have some drinks with a friend at the Mango when we are there in March. Would i be welcome?

    Been a keen reader of this blog for a few years.

  3. Welcome Rax!

    Of course you are welcome!! Everyone is! Well, almost everyone. Just don’t steal my iPad.

    As stated, we have many Indian friends at the Mango.

    I too get embarrassed when an English lout is passed out on the pavement with his pants full of shit and piss. But, better that YP is on the pavement than on my sofa.

  4. Was buying hair wax and Leo beer in the 7/11 over the road from Mango about 3-4 weeks back. Some Indian guy with a Ned Flanders moustahce and a bum-bag was ahead of me in the queue, and was trying to haggle over the price of a small tube of Colgate and a toothbrush. Cashier politely told him to fuck off, and he left empty handed. Ill just never understand some people

  5. I cant believe the Thai police actually used GPS to track down an ipad. They don’t even do that here in the worlds tech capital. Well only once I heard of when they were looking for the missing next generation iphone. You know Apple has its own secret police…

  6. Daywalker – Not in cans at 11:01am you dont

    Doctorbond – Nice. Can I ask, what was his name? That male Indian escort agency I tipped you off on, has never let me down

  7. Fellas,

    After reading the entire post, looks like we got the facts wrong:

    – The culprit is a Pakistani, not Indian.
    – There’s no LB involved.
    – The victim, not the police initiated the search, using ‘find my iphone’, which is a wi-fi based positioning service.

    what an interesting story…

    • Padawan – you are correct, but by no means were we being racist against Indians or Pakistanis.

      It’s that American/Canadian, Scottish/English, Pervert/French thing.

      Everyone looks alike! No offense intended.

      As for LB’s – that was joke, as we see LB’s in and out of that hotel all through the day/night.

      I went through the post to see if the Mango got a bit of free advertising. It didn’t. It was painfully boring I agree.

      As gavinmac sums is all up – ‘what kind of idiot leaves an iPad on a bed in a shared hostel room!

  8. I tried to read that World Wide Will blog posting about the ipad theft and recovery. I gave up. the writing was too dull and convoluted. What kind of an idiot leaves an ipad on a bed in a shared hostel room anyway?

  9. Rob Colsell, RIP, of Down Under Bar fame Soi 7/1, had a sign on his outside bar area TV .
    “This is Pay TV… buy a drink”
    I saw him point at it many a time to people who stood at the roadside stairs to get the cricket score etc.
    The message invariably got thru & if it didn’t he reverted to the “fuck off” theory.
    Perhaps a sign might work, something like “public free pool at end of soi, concrete lined, fast flowing, hygiene not scrutinised” might work.

    • There was a guy sitting in the bar one afternoon, he’d been working on his laptop for a couple of hours whilst sipping on a bottle of water.

      He asked why isn’t water on special for the happy hour?

      I replied that if I did that, it would not be worth opening. He’s using the free wifi, sitting in the aircon, with lights, music, ice in his clean glass and watching the tv whilst using up the electricity…. all that costs money!! I then went on to say that we do have other good deals, like the other night when we had a party with free food and pints of lager for 20bht.

      – He replied ‘yeah, that was cool. I was there for that’!!!

      It’s a good job us at the Mango are not in this for the money!!

  10. As DW said said earlier all people are welcome here, but it happens way too often that people walk in with their own food and drinks and just want play pool for free!

    Wonder, do they do the same in their own country????

  11. You know here in SF they publish a book about how to live in SF for free. How to live, where to sleep, where to shower, where to eat, use wifi, what times to go to which businesses to get over on them, get government money etc etc etc. We got moochers all over the place.

    But in Bangkok we have the Mango blog telling the professional expat moochers where the cheap drinks/food, pool, ac, & wifi is…

  12. It boggles my mind that people expect to be able to hang out in bars/restaurants without buying anything. You wouldn’t be allowed to stay for long in the USA, especially New York.

    But if you walk into a bar in Africa during a televised Premier League match you’ll see about 50 local dudes sitting around not drinking anything and watching the TV.

  13. Somehow these stories like two Indian tourists in Thailand negotiating the price of one coke between them and another haggling the price of a colgate and toothbrush, sound over the board. I have never seen such like happening even in India and wonder why someone who may afford to be a tourist there would behave in so utterly miserly a manner and also, if similar were the national characteristics, why over 900,000 Indians who visited in 2011, could not succeed in putting their country on an absolute blacklist by the Thais as far as tourism was concerned, in contrast to the relevant minister visiting for promoting tourism.

    @ Rax, I rather hoped that having, from the turns of phrase you use, successfully acquired somewhat of an English education you would not still feel so direly in need of acceptance from the white skinned and ingratiate yourself so, that too to a handful of men of superlative achievement like sexpatriate shopkeepers and their fellow mongers in BKK.

    @ everybodyelse, apologies to you who have not cast the stone and yet have to bear the cross by association.

    • DKM,

      Whilst the story of negotiating the price of a coke may sound overboard, I an assure you it is true. I was there. I was the one that halted negotiations. My policy is that we will not negotiate with Terrorists or cheap bastards!

      This guy just happened to look like an Indian. Regardless of creed or colour, he would have met the same result.

  14. DW,
    I’m sure you are right but wonder why cheapos of such monumental proportion sought out an obviously Farang dominated Bar to play pool. The normal tendency would have been, if one were a bit short on cash, to head for a less pretentious place, if you will excuse my saying so (they hoped to impress you with their pool playing skills and gain employment, perhaps ? Alas, we’ll never know). Though I have been reading these such blogs for long (yours is frequented by a gang as witty and engaging as the one that populated the mangosauce of yore, unfortunately foreclosed, how do you call it, internecinely?) I wouldn’t have opened my mouth (knowing how acceptable Indian bashing is and the total pointlessness of protest) but for Rax, who to me represents an even lower specimen of Indian than the ones exampled in common lore. (“Flog me, flog me master, for I come from stock that deserves no less, but pray do bear me in your company ! “).

    • DKM,

      First of all, I (we) don’t see that Indian bashing is acceptable. Like I said, we have many friends & customers who are Indian. I also extend that to all other nationalities as the Big Mango Bar is and international bar. Of course, I’ll always take part in a bit of French bashing, but honestly, it’s only a bit of fun. I love the French. In fact, I think every prison cell should have one.

      Moving on, I don’t think it’s a great mystery why cheapos descended on the Mango bar as they did. They were staying in the hotel opposite. The hotel has cheap rooms, as all the hotels in the soi. Unfortunatly, cheap hotels attract cheap people. Going one further, hostels can attract less than trustworthy people, hence the stolen iPad.

      Having said all that, I often take a suite at the Royal President Hotel, just to get away for a bit of peace and quiet. There is a large Indian (sorry if they’re Pakistani) influence there and I am sure I am the poorest person in the restaurant when I go. I am sure if I were to haggle over the price of beer they’d all look down at me. (in fact, I think they do anyway!)

  15. DKM,

    I think you come from India and are willing to tolerate. NO i dont need approval from as you say White Skinned. In fact these chaps from India drive me f****n mad. They jump the queve at the airports, shops like they own the bloody place. It’s all about manners. If you want a laugh go to CM2 at Novotel siam square and watch them in action… bloody embarassing.

  16. @RAX, for a well dressed, nice smelling, London dweller of Indian ancestry you do have a keen eye for the worst in those who unfortunately share your genes. Your readily partaking in Indian bashing on a predominantly farang blog, and happily carrying on with it, is what gets me. You want to see long queues of urban people standing patiently day after day in temperatures close to 40*C , come to Mumbai and hang around the bus stops at close of business hours. Its fine to recount any instance describing ill mannered, boorish, unacceptable behaviour from anybody and even mention their nationality but to use it, in howsoever subtle a manner, to suggest that the behaviour is typical, appears illogical at best and motivated at worst.

  17. DKM

    It is not abour farang, indian, paki, french, chinese, thai, balck, green, blue

    Its about manners. In the airport which is air conditioned whats the explanation of queve jumping when you can clearly see there are all kinds of people waiting patiently in turn.

    I have been on holiday in various parts of India and yes its pisses me off when they just shove in. Secondly, have you seen the way the poor are treated by the well off in a resort. Its shamefull.

    So please get a life and dont pull the race card. One of my friends a few years back heard a couple of farangs shout out “too many pakis here” as he walked by and he stopped and said yes and i am sure they felt stupid.

    You cant stop a bunch of twats being racist as they come from a council estate in Britain in other words called “chavs”.

    You just seem to go on and on without recognising that the Indians from india do need to change their ways.

    Wish you all the best DKM.

  18. @DKM; it’s liberal, PC minded fucks like you that I seek to escape from in my home of Southern California! Seems I’m one the few handful of gun toting, angry conservatives that are not afraid to speak direct and truthfully on subjects that may indeed offend certain groups or classes of individuals! Per my experience it is frowned upon to speak of another ethnicity, especially if their a minority, in any sort of negative fashion. But if say an African American says something racially slandering of their own, who are we to argue either way? everyone has the liberty to speak their mind and if it offends oh well, get over it or maybe even learn from it? to pretend we all can behave in a socially unacceptable way and accept saids behaviors as ethnically appropriate and excuse them for being diffent? Fuck you dude! I would love for you to heed my
    insights and enlighten yourself but your also more than welcome to come
    challenge me in my convictions and I’ll start with an introduction to the business end of my HK USP 45! A couple caps should open up your mind?
    now shut up…

  19. Funnily enough… a few weeks back YP & I dame across a few queue jumpers at the airport. A couple of Indian guys. I stopped them and told them that if they didn’t fook off to the back of the queue I would knock them out in front of their pals.

    They were Indian. Pissed me right off. Made me lose my temper. Me, being a peaceful small guy.

  20. Yep, manners, had a sweaty 200kg, 15yr old Arab kid push his way in front of me at Maca’s, when told to back off ‘politely’ he went pale and and started convulsing, fk Maca’s can be addictive.

  21. @nurseRon, I will heed your advice and shut up, since your convictions are backed by an irrefutable HK USP 45. I hope for your sake its legal. Where did you say you escaped from ?

  22. DKM

    In my opinion I think you need to bend over and pretend to pick a bar of soap and let a ladyboy take you doggy style.

  23. Free pool is great but I think having free chicken tikka masala would be nice and could you play some Punjab music in the mix. Thanks you kind sirs.

    • KJS – Each party, there is free Tikka Masala!

      As for the music – poke you’re Punjabi up your…… 😉

  24. AN Englishman, Irishman, Scotsman, Japanese, Vietnamese, Burmese, Korean and a Chinaman enter a nightclub.

    Bouncer says ‘sorry, cant let you in without a Thai….’

    Here all week.

    • If the bar was empty, it’s because the smell was off-putting.

      Tell me, if you were to use the pool table, why should I give you free lighting, free chalk, free aircon, free music, free tv?

      If you would like to take it up with our complaints department, then please do so.

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