The 33rd Bangkok International Motor Show – Opened today!

Taken from the Bangkok Post today….

Thailand’s car buyers have faced supply shortages over the past year after the flooding – the worst in 70 years – disrupted the production of major automakers such as Toyota.

This week though, the atmosphere should be bright as the 33rd Bangkok Motor Show opens its doors to the public, with a record number of new cars going on show for Thailand’s increasingly wealthy consumers to get their hands on.

It’s also an opportunity for the rest of the world to see how Thailand is beginning to influence the way we buy cars – a country that’s rapidly urbanising but still developing, it’s a model for automakers keen to make products as attractive as possible for the lucrative Asian and other developing markets.

The new Mitsubishi Mirage, to be launched at the show, is perhaps the highest-profile example of this, a global compact car designed for all markets, but with the needs of countries like Thailand in mind.

That means a small enough form for built-up cities like Bangkok but large enough to be versatile (somewhere between the Fiat Panda and Ford Fiesta) and a small, low-cost engine which sips fuel at just 3.3l/100km.

It will also be priced from a wallet-friendly 380,000 baht (about $12,375) and have a range of trim levels to ensure it will also sell in countries like Europe.

Suzuki has also launched a Thai-built car in a similar vein called the eco-Swift, while Honda will be promoting its Brio, which launched last year but was severely hit by the floods.

$12,000!!! That’s pretty fookin cheap isn’t it? ROLLN has to leave somewhere in that figure as a damage deposit when he checks into a S.T room. Note that the picture in the Bangkok Post is none of the tree-hugging cars mentioned above!

What makes me laugh is that someone much higher up the food chain than me is wanting Thailand to be ECO-Friendly, when let’s be honest, they have much more pressing matters to deal with 1st.
– how about the drains down soi 4 for starters? The holes in the sidewalk for no apparent reason, the fumes being kicked out of those 50yr old buses…

We at the Big Mango are all about the ECO-Cars...

Malaysian F1 – Sunday 25th 2pm

Same deal as last week kids….

If Schumacher wins…. I pay 500 towards each bill for those* who watch the F1 in the Mango on Sunday 2pm

Schumi qualified in 3rd.

If Kimi makes it to the podium… I’ll ring the bell! (unless shumi wins, then you can poke the bell ringing)


Hopeflly the view from Schumachers mirror.












* for those of you that are thinking of nursing a bottle of water for the race until Schumi looks like he’s got it in the bag then starts ordering like crazy…..  be prepared to have Jonas rip your head off and serve red curry from your skull.  🙂


F1 Opening Race (Australia) – 1pm 18th March 2012

It’s F1 time again folks!   Sunday 1pm  Australia (in the Mango)

We are looking into a Aussie dish on ‘special’ for the race.. the Chef is just having a hard time finding a Koala.

The usual Happy Hour deals will be on offer.

But here is my little offer –    Being a Schumacher fan..

If Schumi wins the race,  you will have 500bht knocked off your bill*.   (no, you’ll not get any change if your bill is under 500bht!)

If he finishes on the podium,  you can have a free Mango Nipple Shot.   (at the time of posting this, Mercedes were qualifying 1-2)

Yes, I know he's German.... at least he's not French.









*Customers only qualify for this offer if they watch the race from the start!




YP in Bangkok – not sure what day? – By Young Penfold

Wake up on DWs sofa. Seems like I didn’t choke on my own sick and die. Skill. This will please my mum, no end

Brain is foggy as fuck. Elephant tranqs have really done the business. My phone buzzes with a message. Its on top of microwave about 10 feet away. Fuck that, it can wait. It buzzes again. Then twice again in the next coupe of minutes. Well aren’t I a popular bastard. Buzzs like 5 times in as many minutes. Maybe its something serious. Try to move and I cant. Try again. Fail. Shit. Maybe I shouldn’t of swallowed 2 of those fuckers. Takes me about 5 minutes to get to my feet, and 5 minutes walk to 3 meters to the microwave to retrieve my phone. Feels like im wearing a fucking suit of armor. Continue reading “YP in Bangkok – not sure what day? – By Young Penfold”

Mango goes to Monaco – By Dayrider

(This is a bit different to the usual tales on here…  This is a couple of years old but touches on some subjects that have been banded around here for  a few weeks…. plus.. as next weekend see’s the season opener for the F1, I thought I’d chuck it in.

For those of you that are F1 fans and will be watching at the Mango, there will be some kind of drinks promotion going on at the Mango during the race.  Details to follow.   And, as I am a Schumacher fan, for each race this season that he makes it onto the podium, I shall be ringing the bell and giving away anything that looks like it should have been thrown out a long time ago…come and join us this Sunday 1pm)

“Last night we partied with Puff Daddy”   said the heavily made-up girl wearing little clothing that I was chatting to at the Cannes film festival. Continue reading “Mango goes to Monaco – By Dayrider”

The Big Mango – By Jake Needham

I feel the need to just touch on Stickmans weekly (again).

Anyone who visits the Mango Bar may have seen the big poster on the wall of the book cover and many copies of the book are on the bar which we give away at random!

As mentioned by Jake Needham, there was an agreement to keep a bottle of Oban behind the bar for him…  well Jake, it’s still there!

– We may have moved the bar slightly, but the posters, books and your Oban still remains very much a feature of  The Big Mango Bar.


Now, I just need to get hold of a Private Dancer poster….. if anyone has one?


Free when you spend 50k in the Mango Bar!


YP in Bangkok 29-01-2012 – by Young Penfold

Lets back-track 10 minutes to the Pinklao crack-nest. Logged in to Facebook to answer emails and update my status, when I noticed some skank Id been scouting for the last year was online. Told her I was in town, and we should hook up. She asks for my number. I obliged.

Shes one of those fucking annoying ‘Facebook whores’. You know the type. Those she-cunts that put provocative pictures and attention seeking, corny-ass status updates on her profile with the sole intention of getting horny farang dickheads who think they have a hope in hell of nailing that ass, to leave cheesy gut-wrenching comments, stroking her over inflated ego. One of them she is. Continue reading “YP in Bangkok 29-01-2012 – by Young Penfold”