For all you healthy people…..

Coming up, we have another YP installment that I just know Zepplin is gonna love. But 1st, a recent story in the Bangkok Post regarding California WOW. A place that YP used to spend a lot of his time. Time that is, when he wasn’t indulging in his other hobby that also followed by the word ‘WOW’.

California WOW Xperience Plc (CAWOW), one of the main fitness operators in Thailand, is being sued in the bankruptcy court by Bangkok Bank Plc.

Photo above of the fitness center CaliforniaWOW Women, developed at a cost of 160 million baht, opened in 2006 on Sukhumvit 31 but has since closed.

The fitness centre company on Wednesday reported the bankruptcy lawsuit to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

Bangkok Bank, the creditor, filed a lawsuit after the company was unable to service debts totalling 75.87 million baht (debt of Bt71.90 million and default interest of Bt3.97 million).

YP started working out at a young age.

This accounts for 9.05 per cent of the company’s total assets as of Dec 31 last year, Bt 838.79 million.

According to CAWOW’s report, the lawsuit will cause difficulties for the company to acquire future bank financing.

The report said CAWOW, founded by Eric Levine, “is continuing to make progress on the existing rehabilitation plan”.

There have been consumer complaints about the company, which sells lifetime memberships but regularly closes facilities. Members have also complained about below standard services and breach of contract details, according to the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB).

Under Thai law a debtor cannot file for voluntary bankruptcy. The creditor must bring a lawsuit.

Daywalker has left the building!

That’s right folks. I have left. But before you get too excited and start celebrating (preferably at the Mango) I have only left the building. I used to be resident on the 5th floor (or Penthouse as I used to call it) but after all the abuse, piss taking and name calling – I decided that the staff were right . It’s time I left home. Continue reading “Daywalker has left the building!”

Wi-Fi in the sky!

At last, the likes of YP will now be able to e-mail/skype/call LB’s whilst coming into land. It’ll also mean that we can now contact ‘people’ – letting them know we are about to land and where to meet – so we don’t have to switch on our mobile phones straight away, informing everyone you are in Thailand!

Thai Airways brings Wi-Fi, mobile phone services to the sky

Thailand’s flag carrier announced it has teamed up with airline communications group OnAir to equip its aircraft with in-flight WiFi and mobile capabilities. The first flights are expected to offer the service in mid 2012, with full roll-out completed by 2014. Continue reading “Wi-Fi in the sky!”

Round up of the last visit….. – By Daywalker

Finally I got the hell out of Bangkok a few days ago…..  so what’s been happening?

The ‘gang’….   French Matt, Rick Masters, pmmp, BBB, Spats, Bubba, Jonas, Phoenix, Wombat and the Three Amigos, Dave the Rave, Big Tony and Stickman – I think that’s the lot?

Good to see you guys again and good to meet Phoenix.  He was a daily regular who soon realized my wealth of knowledge really only revolved around soi 4.  Sorry. It’s the world I live in! Continue reading “Round up of the last visit….. – By Daywalker”

Happy Songkran?

Foreign tourists keen on Songkran    (from the Bangkok Post)

“At least 61 per cent of foreign tourists now visiting Bangkok intend to take part in the Songkran celebrations, according to the result of a survey by Bangkok Poll released on Wednesday.

A minority, 15 per cent, said they would not, while the rest said they knew very little about the Thai New Year festival.

Of those who would take part in the celebrations, about 15 per cent planned to join in the fun on Khao San Road in Bangkok, 8.5 per cent at Pattaya in Chon Buri, 8 per cent at the resort island of Phuket, and 6 per cent at Samui Island off Surat Thani.

Asked what they were concerned about in joining the celebrations, the respondents pointed to safety of life and property (25.1 per cent), traffic jams (23.4 per cent), violent conduct by Songkran celebrants (17.2 per cent), sexual harassment (7.5 per cent), and political rallies (6.7 per cent).

Asked what major attractions drew them to visit Bangkok, 33.2 per cent mentioned ancient sites and artifacts, 19.8 per cent tradition, culture and folk arts, 16.4 per cent shopping venues, 14 per cent Thai food, and 11.2 per cent the hospitality of Thai people.

The poll was conducted on March 30 and April 1, with responses from 640 tourists at seven major tourist attractions in Bangkok.  Most of the tourists polled were from Europe.”

I’ve never spent Songkran here.  And don’t intend to. I am getting the hell out of here in a few days.  Who are these mad people that like getting water and powder thrown all over them?  And the people that throw the water and powder… do they like getting a punch in the face?

I’ve conducted my own little pole regarding what major attractions drew me to Thailand…

1) Girls
2) Bad Girls
3) Slutty Girls
4) Cementing English-French relations

That’s as far as I got.

Back at the bar……

Last Sunday saw us have a little bit of a different party at the Mango.  We told the staff… ‘this one is for you’.

Bring your pals.  Drink what you want. Eat the food that you want. Listen to the music you want.

– Turns out they’re not a whole different to us.  It was a good party!  Thanks to all the people that stopped by – glad you had a good time!

Rick Masters is off back to Farangland today.  I am still learning of all the things he and Fender has been upto.  PMMP is glad you guys are no longer here so he can get back to some kind of reality.

French Matt is in town… good to see him again (even though he is French)

I am hearing that everyone struggles to get staff these days – maybe Anglewitch could branch out into providing (wo)manpower, as they seem to have plenty of girls crowding their stage right now.

At some point, my wallet was lifted.


Hang on... I need to fart.

Had to laugh, we had a guy in here last night asking to play pool with someone. He warned us first “I’m pretty good though”

Bartender ‘Tai’ (and secret pool superstar) kicked ass and didn’t let him win one of their 5 games.  When will guys realize that when they are in a bar full of girls with a pool table – they’re probably not the best players in the bar!