For all you healthy people…..

Coming up, we have another YP installment that I just know Zepplin is gonna love. But 1st, a recent story in the Bangkok Post regarding California WOW. A place that YP used to spend a lot of his time. Time that is, when he wasn’t indulging in his other hobby that also followed by the word ‘WOW’.

California WOW Xperience Plc (CAWOW), one of the main fitness operators in Thailand, is being sued in the bankruptcy court by Bangkok Bank Plc.

Photo above of the fitness center CaliforniaWOW Women, developed at a cost of 160 million baht, opened in 2006 on Sukhumvit 31 but has since closed.

The fitness centre company on Wednesday reported the bankruptcy lawsuit to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

Bangkok Bank, the creditor, filed a lawsuit after the company was unable to service debts totalling 75.87 million baht (debt of Bt71.90 million and default interest of Bt3.97 million).

YP started working out at a young age.

This accounts for 9.05 per cent of the company’s total assets as of Dec 31 last year, Bt 838.79 million.

According to CAWOW’s report, the lawsuit will cause difficulties for the company to acquire future bank financing.

The report said CAWOW, founded by Eric Levine, “is continuing to make progress on the existing rehabilitation plan”.

There have been consumer complaints about the company, which sells lifetime memberships but regularly closes facilities. Members have also complained about below standard services and breach of contract details, according to the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB).

Under Thai law a debtor cannot file for voluntary bankruptcy. The creditor must bring a lawsuit.

9 thoughts on “For all you healthy people…..”

  1. When they sell you those ‘Lifetime Memberships’ they don’t mean your lifetime, they mean their lifetime, and they are clearly on their deathbed.

  2. Anyone could see this coming for a while. Pretty sure that they went tits up in Korea 3-4 years ago. Selling lifetime memberships for 12,000baht , then 100baht a year renewal is a shithouse business model

    The music is offensive, sales staff/personal trainers are pushy fuckwits, the kit isn’t well maintained, and expect to find grown men wanking each other off if you brave the sauna/steam room. Main thing going for them was the price, and accessibility to their branches from BTS/MRT

    The Olympic Club @ Pratunam Princess Hotel is the best gym in BKK for my money

  3. Well, there’s always Lumphini park. I like going for a run there and there’s an outdoor gym that only costs B30. It’s not fancy, most of the equipment is home made, but it gets the job done.

    1. vpi78 – It’s a bit late… however, if there is enough people to warrant staying open, then I guess we could do so.

  4. California has all sorts of newish equipment and soooooooo poorly maintained. The music is really the worst part of it – even with ear buds on my iPod turned way up, I can’t block out the really shitty techno and “house” they pump out. I talked to the Canadian owner about it, but he is useless as tits on a bull.

    The business model is to sell lifetime memberships to people who do not come to the gym. The “trainers” are there to sell and stand around so that you can’t get on the machines. No tears for their bankruptcy.

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