Third Time Lucky – By Lomeo

Thanks Lomeo!  First-timer on the blog (and people say it’s a closed group??!)  The name ‘Lomeo’ was allocated by the Mango girls, as this chap was in town – looking for love!  (wrong town if you ask me)   Keep them coming…..

Third Time Lucky

Everything was going so well until I fell in love with an Isan princess. Then I was caught in a world of fake pregnancies, flick knifes and paying for pussy I wasn’t getting. Until I came to my senses pulled out my own knife and reached down and cut the rope below me. When my passport was stamped for the third time by the friendly folks at Thai Immigration, my only plans were to not go anywhere near Phuket Continue reading “Third Time Lucky – By Lomeo”

Mango Fortnightly – 16th May


Second installment is upon us….  It’s been a pretty good few weeks at the Mango.  A group of guys from the US Military descended upon us.  We have a good relationship with all Forces who are always welcome.   Guys, thanks for stopping by and we look forward to seeing you again.

It’s the time of year when the bar is quiet.  Most of our loyal friends live outside Thailand. Some of the more fortunate of you visit several times a year.  Some of you can only visit every so often.  Either way, we appreciate your loyalty.       We are not in the business for the money. There isn’t any!  We don’t enforce any kind of drinks quotas on the service girls who then in turn hassle the customers.  There is no hard sell and no salary cuts.  These ingredients all add to the fun and friendly atmosphere at the bar. Continue reading “Mango Fortnightly – 16th May”

Isan women drinking too much? Really?

Interesting article recently in the Bangkok Post

On the last day of my 1st visit to Thailand and the Big Mango Bar, I had a pile of notes that I didn’t want so thought I’d give a little challenge to a couple of Mango girls. I told them that I’d give them 100bht for each Tequila shot they could down in 2 mins and lined up 2 rows of 10. They drank the fuckin lot and didn’t even flinch. (yes I did check it was tequila) When I asked how the fuck she was o.k she simply replied ‘I am a professional’. Bless her. Continue reading “Isan women drinking too much? Really?”

Mango Fortnightly 2nd May

  • Editorial

Welcome! Allow me to introduce the fortnightly update of goings on in and around the Mango.
It’s not the Mango Weekly that pmmp would churn out each week, but just a little informative piece to keep all you lovely people up to speed, sitting at your desks, on a train, in a bar or on the crapper.
Participation is welcomed and encouraged! If you have any tidbits then please send them into This isn’t stickman or any other big sites, it’s just a bit of drivel to keep you amused for 5 mins and will hopefully encourage you to ‘get involved’…. Continue reading “Mango Fortnightly 2nd May”