We’re a weird mob: Australians’ bizarre behaviour

We break from our usual program to bring you this.  Taken from the Sydney Morning Herald, this helps us understand why RainMan is… well, let’s use the term ‘special’

We love the Aussies in the Mango Bar.  Always a pleasure to hang out with them and they’re always up for a laugh.  Not like the French.

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Mango Fortnightly – 18th June


Greeting and salutations. These weeks past fast. Last Saturday was our Party. It went pretty well considering the time of year and many of our regulars being out of Country. Many new faces and some old. It’s no secret that the Mango has undergone many changes inside and also patron wise. We made the mistake of starting too cheap and too early. Still… it was all good

Thanks to all those that turned out in support.  As stated before, it’s you guys that make the Mango the friendly, fun community that it is. Continue reading “Mango Fortnightly – 18th June”

The e-ticket of Eli

Rolln and his crew are in town.  These guys are all about the partying.  This is not a game, this is their way of life.

One of the crew ‘Eli’ (and I call him Eli because he has a religious aura about him.  His religion is ‘partying’ and he takes his religion seriously.)

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4th Year Anniversary Party!!! 9th June

Yes folks, we’re still here!   On the 9th June, we’ll have been here for 4 years.   So come down and celebrate with us.

Some regular blog faces will be in attendance and the usual gogo girls will dancing around the place.

– Starting at 7-8pm…    Tiger Heineken Pints 30bht
–  8-9 Tiger / Heineken Pints 40bht
– 9- Tiger Heineken Pints 50bht   (Until Stocks last)

Free Food / Snacks – Tikka Masala – 20:30

Shot give aways!

Buy 3 drinks, get the 4th free.


Mango Fortnightly 4th June (late due to being drunk)


Good more blimey, these fortnights (2 weeks for our American cousins) seem to come around pretty quick.

Hotting up on the blog is a bit of a discussion on good girls, bad girls, relationship type things!  For those of you seasoned veterans, and by that I am talking about the ones that have already been burned at some point and can see past the pretty blushing eyelashes of the our wonderful girlfriends.

It’s been said that I maybe tainted, but if that is true, then there is a good reason for that.  I see many, many people come through the bar wanting to talk about their relationships with their tg.  I can’t say I’ve heard them all, but I can say I’ve heard a lot.  And each time a guy has started to tell a tale I say to them ‘if there is a doubt, then there is no doubt’.

First of all.. if you are looking for a good girl, you’ll not find her in a gogo or a bar.  And why is it people who claim to have a good-girl have often found them when they were looking for a bad girl?

Ask yourself if this ‘good girl’ would be with you in your own country?  If you think she wouldn’t and that in your own country the girl would be with a younger, better looking guy, then do you wonder what would happen if she were to meet a younger better looking guy in Thailand?  Well maybe you have money?  So there you have it, the good girl is with you because you have money.  Does that still mean she’s good?

Let me tell you 3 short tales…

A guy I know, and older guy has a young girlfriend.  She’s not exactly a stunner, but nice enough.  He is a more ‘mature’ man and works all over the world but spends a lot of time in Thailand.  He bought her (parents) a house, bought a condo for them to share and even rents a salon for her to keep her busy.  They are in love.  Or so he thinks.  When he is out of town, her pals run the salon and she is out with ‘friends’.  When he is at home thinking she is spending a few days up country with her family, she can be found at Spice or Bossy with male ‘friends’.  He has no idea.  He thinks he is with a good girl.

Another guy – met girl off a dating site.  They got married and he took her home to the land of Australia.  She got bored living the life of luxury and returns to BKK every few  months and WORKS at a bar playing with customers.  She enjoys the life and the excitement.  She has everything she could possibly want – nice house, nice car, nice clothes.  Yet returns to Bangkok every few months and goes S.T for 500-1000bht a time.  The guy thinks he married a good girl.

Last guy, meets a girl who was a friend of another girl he knew.  No money changed hands.  He knew what she did, and as they became ‘friends’ – he offered her a life outside the bar.  Put her through school, give her money for her kids schooling and gave her 60k per month to spend on shoes and handbags.  Surely, if she has all that, she’d be happy. But, if there is a doubt, then there is no doubt.  The guy finds a name/number on her phone and asks who it is.  He is an ‘old friend’ who helped her out before. A kind old man that she never ‘go with’.  No problems then. She’d not lie to him. Or would she?  She has no reason to lie. She can have anything she wants.   The guy then creates a hotmail account with his name and e-mails her.  She responds that she is happy to hear from him.  He says he is in Pattaya for a few nights and wants some loving. Can she meet?  She then tells her bf that her pal is moving condo and she is going to help.  She e-mails the other guy and tells him it’s on!  When she’s almost at Pattaya, her bf calls her and tells her that the e-mail was him.  But it doesn’t matter as she was going to help a pal out. Goodbye.

You may think I just made these up, but actually these are just some of the stories that I know to be true.  The last tale was about me and my ex.

If you want a ‘normal’ relationship with a ‘normal’ girl then you are not going to find her in Nana, Cowboy, Patpong or Pattaya gogos.   If you are twice her age, then there is nothing ‘normal’ about that.  If you are going out dancing, partying, watching the same movies and like the same music then I’d say you have a chance.  At least then she enjoys more than the money you may have to offer.   I’ve yet to hear of a success story.  Yes, it maybe your perfect relationship in that honeymoon period, but it soon passes. I have yet to learn of a good girl with a good guy.  Because lets face it – good guys don’t go to Bangkok.  Why should a good uni girl want to be with a Bangkok bad boy?

If you think the solution is to take her out the country and back to your country, then you better hope you live in a tower and are able to shave her head.   Nature will find a way.

This is the bit where all you guys with ‘good girls’ jump on me now and shout me down.  Don’t bother.  What I am saying is only based on what I see and hear in the bar.  Talking to the girls and talking to customers.  And trust me when I say this.. a staff member will tell her boss more about her private life than she’ll tell you!  Luckily all the old staff are now elsewhere. The staff we have now are purer than the driven snow and are all good girls.

And finally… yes, I am a jaded cynic.  There will be one or two diamonds in the rough.  But they’re hiding from the likes of us!



  • Comings and Goings

Upon my arrival at the Mango I was greeted by a naked young boy in my bed.  Yes, that’s right, YP is back.  And looking at the state of my crib, he has no intention of returning to Mother Penfold for a while.  Not sure what he’s going to do yet, but I do know he intends to hit the gym – so if you’re in need of someone to help you out on your gym activities, then get in touch.  Also, anyone wanting to join us on the Nana tours that I cant take you on (LB’s) then I am sure YP will be more than happy to be a guide!

Welcome back Doctor Bond!  I shall see you in a few days for an Orange Juice and catch up on what you’ve been getting upto in that ungodly part of the day that you call ‘daytime’.

ROLLN is in the house!  He’s been having a quiet one.  And when I say quiet one, there has not been any police shoot-outs, hostage taking, or hotel room destruction.  Actually, If you want to hang out with ROLLN but can’t.  Just play Grand Theft Auto for a few hours.  It’s the same.  But different.

RainMan is in town.  Davo bangerpants is not.  I am fine with that.    RainMan is a larger than life character – a real nice guy.  But shit, he can’t half drink.

Aussie ‘Bruce’ will be back in town also in a few weeks. Advice.. leave your heart at home. It’s not needed here.

Lomeo has left the theatre.  poof!  Come back soon!

Big Gary from New Yoik will be decending on us in a week or so also.  The guy is a monster.



  • Incoming e-mails this week.

Someone asked what it’s like to party with ROLLN.   This is a photo of him as a kid.  Draw your own conclusions!

How YP's dates usually end up....


  • Round up / news gossip

Closing all around is still 2am.   With the low season kicking in, you may find certain bars closing their doors earlier than the 2am.

Seen posters on various toilet walls for a new bar on soi 9. ‘Game’ It’s called.  Although, I find it hard to walk any further than soi 8 these days.

Bossy and the like are packed full of our Muslim brothers at the weekend… best avoid.

Insomnia still the place to be.  According to some street tout last night handing out flyers it is Indi-pop-house-reggae?!!

  • Whats happening in the bar – food specials, parties?

The Big Mango bar is celebrating 4 years on June 9th.  There will be a separate posting on it when I get to the Mango and firm up the details.

Kicking off at 7 for 1 hour….   Heineken & Tiger Pints 30bht!!    From 8pm-9pm, pints will be 40bht

From 9-10 you are going to have to fork out 50bht per pint….  after that, who knows?  I’ll have to ask the lady that runs the place.  She is gonna kick my arse for setting these low prices to begin with.

Various other shot give aways… free food will be available.  Tikka Massala will be there somewhere.

The usual daily specials….

Mondays – Beer Lao 79bht

Tuesdays – Beer Chang 79bht

Wednesdays – Beer Leo – 79bht

Thursdays – Heineken – 89bht

Fridays – San Mig.Light 89bht

Saturday – Tiger Pint Draught 99bht

Sunday – Heineken Pint Draught 99bht

Hamburger  / Cheeseburger   89 / 99bht  (find a better value burger if you can!)

Upstairs at the Mango we have a party room.  Open party nights and any night you want if you have a group.  Just ask… we can supply all your needs!

Pool tables have just been re-covered.  Why not come on down and be one of the first persons to rip, tear and burn them.

Don’t much like the music in the Mango?  Well, apart from taking it up with the complaints department, you can always bring your own!  Newly installed this week is one of the those Apple Express thingys.  Not too sure how it works, but if you have an iPhone, iPad or any other iTunes device, you  an beam your favorite music.  Good idea in theory, until it was commissioned by Doc Bond.  He gave us 30 mins of his fave music.  Thanks.

– forsale.  Airport Express.  Used only once for 30 mins.

Doc Bond showed off his new Mac Book - in white.




* Up coming events (sports)

I am sure there are all kinds of sports on….  Just ask!

Formula One – 10th June – Canadian GP   If Schui or Kimi wins…  free drinks!

Shit load of tennis on – can’t say that it does it for me.


Got something to say?  bigmangobar@hotmail.com