4th Year Anniversary Party!!! 9th June

Yes folks, we’re still here!   On the 9th June, we’ll have been here for 4 years.   So come down and celebrate with us.

Some regular blog faces will be in attendance and the usual gogo girls will dancing around the place.

– Starting at 7-8pm…    Tiger Heineken Pints 30bht
–  8-9 Tiger / Heineken Pints 40bht
– 9- Tiger Heineken Pints 50bht   (Until Stocks last)

Free Food / Snacks – Tikka Masala – 20:30

Shot give aways!

Buy 3 drinks, get the 4th free.


6 thoughts on “4th Year Anniversary Party!!! 9th June”

  1. – sorry for the delay in updating… blame ROLLN.

    Great turn out to the party. Thanks to all those that attended.

    Nothing too exciting went down. We save the dramatics for the DW parties.

    Met some new faces which is always good. The group of American youngsters that were looking to meet YP – and gave me a picture of how they pictured YP… I will be posting that when I can figure out how to scan it! YP was flattered!

    YP arrived fashionably late around 1am. Having been held captive the day before and calling on DW to arrange his release from a blade wielding LB, he was keeping a low profile!

  2. My first YP meet…Hmm, I think everyone should pound out a little blurb on when you meet penfers for the first time…Good to hear there should be a 5th anniversary and another DW gathering!

  3. I guess the LB got tired of doing all the “pitching” and insisted they swap roles as it was the LB’s turn to play “catch”-YP decided to do a runner coz he was so full his nose was running…out came the KNIFE!

    Didn’t Mother teach you to play fair YP??
    Wot a Geezaaaaaa….

  4. When the “American youngsters” showed up, Doc Bond leaned over to me and said, “It looks like a group of young intellectuals just walked it. They won’t be here long.”

    They were still at the bar when I left.

    Glad to hear that Penfold finally arrived. He seemed to have missed the party, then failed to call me on Sunday as promised, didn’t manage our gym session on Monday, and basically I haven’t seen him or heard from him since I left him sitting at the Big Mango Bar on Thursday last week. I thought he might be dead or under arrest. I guess he just didn’t wanna see me…

    Thanks again to DW for putting on another good night.

  5. Sounds like I missed a party. I was in Bangkok on the 3rd and 4th, managed to visit the Big Mango both nights, I was the guy sitting quietly playing connect 4 with one of your girls (forgot her name, I’m really bad with names).

    I wanted to make it back for the party, but the 9th was my GFs birthday, so I couldn’t slip away. Now I’m sitting in Pattaya with a broken thumb wondering what I’m going to do. Maybe I should come back to Bangkok a bit early…

    Also YP was not what I expected either…so it must be an American thing…

  6. Thanks for putting on the party DW, great effort. Sorry to have the camera rolling, the shy little hookers wouldn’t strip, but I do have footage of one large stage lite breaking loose and falling from the ceiling missing a girls head by 3 inches, that was cool….. deleting it now.
    All good and great to meet nearly everyone, take bloody care of yourselves, crazy bunch 🙂

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