The e-ticket of Eli

Rolln and his crew are in town.  These guys are all about the partying.  This is not a game, this is their way of life.

One of the crew ‘Eli’ (and I call him Eli because he has a religious aura about him.  His religion is ‘partying’ and he takes his religion seriously.)

Eli being the sensible one had the brains to get an early ticket back to Gotham City from wenst they came.  He had to leave his hotel at 2:30 this morning.  So last night was his last night to have a  few quiet drinks with the chaps.

Into the Mango around 10pm to sink a few shots and say goodbye to the staff.  Next, we hit Straps.  There is enough of us to take the whole bar by siege.  The drinking had begun.

Rolln, being the quiet conservative gentleman that he is, whispered to all the gang to turn the time on their phones back 2 hours!  I signaled to YP lift Eli’s phone, as he’d probably be looking at that, rather than our phones when he wanted to know the time.

Good idea.

Several drinks later Eli checks the time. ‘Wow.. I thought it was past midnight, but it’s only 22:30’!    “Really? I asked, as i pulled out my phone and checked – just to give him confirmation.  In that case – we’d better have another drink!

Being Monday night, the Plaza wasn’t too busy after 1am.  We didn’t want him wondering why everything was closed so early, so asked the owner of Straps if she could host the gang at her other bar ‘Jersey Bar’ on soi 6 for a few hours.  We left Straps and headed for Jersey Bar.

At 2am, Eli went to his hotel to collect his bag and head for the airport.  I am not sure if it was the intention to let Eli actually go the airport, but I have no reason to think that they would not find that hilarious.

When the gang hit Rolln HQ, Eli was there calling us a bunch of little rascals.  – He found out the time and thought it was rather funny!

He has changed his ticket for tonights flight…   Well, that’s the plan anyway.  We’ve learned that it’s best not to make plans when rollin with Rolln.







21 thoughts on “The e-ticket of Eli”

  1. Wow. That’s a whole ‘nother world of what someone thinks is funny. I’d have been angry enough to get a shotgun and shoot the lot of you. I must be getting old and crusty…

    1. Eli thought it was some funny shit. I was worried that he’d go ‘postal’, but he’s a good sport.

      Later that night (5am) Rolln got a call from reception asking him to vacate the hotel due to excess noise. Pack your shit and get out was the instruction.
      – however, as Rolln was safely tucked up in bed at the time and the party had disbursed, he soon realized it was the ‘gang’ having a giggle.

      Last night they dropped cash as Straps like Michael J Fox drops juggling balls. Tonight I got a call from the owner chewing my ear off as most if not all the staff didn’t show up tonight! Ooops! Sorry!

  2. Eli was just disappointed we didn’t come up with something equally as clever the following night! To legitimize the no show back with his GF. I’m surprised she let him go with me to bkk in the first place!

  3. Myea… Good prank depending on what Eli had to get back to… If the Boss was arriving in town and he was late then NOT funny. If its an angry GF then yea that’s pretty good.

    1. One of the guys that was due out last night (missed the fight) is having a few drinks at the Mango. If anyone has any suggestions how we can fuck his next flight up…. we’re all ears.

      Anyone seen Penfold?

  4. I’m at 8 days and counting since I last saw or heard from Penfold. I left him sitting at the Big Mango bar with a beer in front of him on Thursday last week. At least I think I did — maybe he’s just a figment of my imagination…

    1. Penfold returned to the Mothership last night. A group of us went behind enemy lines to rescue him. After a good sleep, a bath and a good hearty meal, Penfold is back with us once again.

      Partying and catching up with people is now out of his system!

    1. Some of the chaps have already left town for sunnier climates.

      Rolln had to go take care of business for a few days. I hear he will pass through town in a few days or so. Rolln… if you do, please, please don’t lead YP down the road that is paved with bad intentions!

      At long last… he’s sobered up!!!

  5. Yp is safe. And, wifey is coming back with me. She is on to me. Which is actually a good sign considering all my mishaps the last month. I was unable to change my ticket again. So Sunday and Monday night is all I got!!!

    1. Rolln… I assume you are not going to stay in the hotel you’ve been wrecking the past few weeks?

      The same hotel that showed the Manny Pokemon fight. Grrrrrr.

  6. Spewin’…
    S’pose i’ll just have to stick to ridin’ elephants and visiting temples with guides hired at the arrivals desk then…..Madness!

  7. The story about Eli ripping the sink off of the wall is a better tale, but for fear of incrimination……Its best that story remains untold

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