Mid-week madness in the press – by Daywalker

I was e-mailed a link today to a rather amusing site.  I get that a lot.  Some of the sites are just… well…wrong, but this one led me to this article which caught my eye.

I shall be back in Bangkok next week and plan on going to see Batman.  Am I worried about unhinged gun men?  No.  I’ll be taking a Mango with me.

If this takes off, I’ll set up a stall near soi 5, along side the taser guns and the knives.


Also sent in…   some dude claims that taking pills to cure his baldness has turned him into a woman.

Nice try.  I would argue that wearing one of those tattoo sock things and bright red lip-stick is fooling nobody.   Why doesn’t he just come along to Patpong or the Plaza where nobody actually gives a fuck?

Dude certainly don’t look like a lady.


6 thoughts on “Mid-week madness in the press – by Daywalker

  1. When I first saw the picture of the dude-woman, I thought he had a little deformed arm or was showing similar symptoms to that of the guy in District 9

  2. too bad the resident expert is unavailable for comment…As far as tatts go on real chicks? I know a few guys that will turn their noses up and walk if a girl has any art work. I’m open to it but must admit most BG tatts aren’t very appealing, but some do give that “I’m a bad girl” thing in GREAT way! As you know I have my own quirky favorites when it comes to girls.
    What do you guys like/dislikes?

  3. @nurseRon,,, Yes, the expert’s comments would be interesting here.

    @DW,,, You mean a half Prawn… So I’m assuming this guy is suing the Pharma corp that made the Baldness Rx. If its a scam,,, Dressing up like a tranny full time while the law suit pans out… You got balls…

    Also, that Mango throw story, could be easily switched up to a guy who fled on his tab. How far do you think we could get before Miss Kwan drops us with a mango. ha.

  4. @NR – I’m not a big fan of the ‘Tramp Stamp’ either – imagine getting a new shirt that looks great initially but then you have to wear it for life – small and discrete is ok

  5. @ doc Bond; the only tatts that really turn me right off are the ones that invade the nape of the neck. I personally find that to be one of the most beautiful places on the female form and defacing it IMHO is criminal! But I’m weird that way, I also love sexy, cute little feet…Unfortunately most TBGs’ feet look like they just climbed down out of a palm tree and having never donned foot ware with support, flatter than Fred Flintstones’!
    But I continue to march on in that never ending quest and the farms keep sending them down by the bus load! 😉

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