Lomeo goes for gold! – by Lomeo

So I finally emerge from the arrivals hall at Swampy about 1 AM on a Wednesday morning, after spending the best part of 26 hours on on a crazy DRW-SYD-KUL-HKT-BKK pootang mission. Can’t say I remember much about the first few days, but managed to blow a whole bunch of baht – More money onto MRT card – B300, getting SIM working again in iPhone – B1500, new watch for teerak B5700, banging her in the ass for the first time – priceless. You know the drill.. Continue reading “Lomeo goes for gold! – by Lomeo”

Mango Fortnightly – 29th August 2012

• Editorial

Last November, there was a pretty good gathering at the Mango. People came from far and wide over the globe to hook up. In my own warped mind, I’d like to think that everyone turned up to unite at the Big Mango as it’s cool place to hang out at. In reality, it was all about timing.

Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to pretty much pick and choose when we can visit the Motherland. Some of us are restricted financially and others are tied to their jobs. One thing we do all have in common, is that when we’re on the plane out of Bangkok, we spend a few moments thinking about the things we didn’t have time to do, and think about our next return. Of course, there is an exception. Those lucky swines that live in Bangkok! – but this isn’t about them! Continue reading “Mango Fortnightly – 29th August 2012”

A kiss for cab fare!

I have a few cab horror stories.. but none like the story that was in this weeks Bangkok Post.

I always seem to come unstuck when going to the airport from Bangkok (soi 4).  It’s usually around 300bht… unless the dude takes me on the scenic route.  I usually have a bunch of 100’s, but if that doesn’t cover it, I give him a 1ooo.  He then complains that he doesn’t have change, which I can believe as I hail a cab around 9am.  Tough shit.  I then tell him to speak with one of the many… many cabs at the airport and hopefully they’ll have change.   I wonder how many people just give them the 1000 or 500 note and tell them not to worry about the change.    And if you do… shame on you!  You’re spoiling it for the rest of us.  Next time, just offer him a little kiss! Continue reading “A kiss for cab fare!”

10 Things I miss about Bangkok right now….. – by Daywalker

As I sit here… in the middle of nowhere, I can’t help but miss Bangkok….

1) The beep of the 7-11 sliding door

2) The heat of the kebab stall that makes sitting on the corner of Big Dogs unbearable.

3) The little fucking bastard beggars attacking me outside Dynasty Inn.

4) The midget at the entrance of Nana Plaza

5) The people offering ‘Sex Movie’ at Pantip Plaza within 15 seconds of entering.

6) The Indian man telling me I am very….very… lucky!

7) The taxi’s that have a ridiculous amount of Buddhas on the dashboard.

8) The book stall at the end of soi 4 that has been displaying Michael Creighton book ‘The Lost World’ for 6 years.

9) The people standing at the traffic lights at the end of soi 4 who can’t wait for the green and run across the road like they’re running on hot sand.

10) Lolitas

2 fast, 2 furious, 2 wheels?

Teen bikers defy police – News story from Bangkok Post

Once I get the brakes fixed on my little scooter… I am up for this.

Teenage motorcycle gang members continue to defy the law by staging races in the dead of night, say police.

The most recent incident occurred early Saturday when some 300 to 400 bikers blocked three express lanes on inbound Phahon Yothin Road in Bangkok’s Don Muang distirct to stage illegal street races. Continue reading “2 fast, 2 furious, 2 wheels?”

Footy Season is here again!

Now all that running, jumping and throwing shit is over, it’s time for normal service. English Premiership Football.

Before you haters jump in and abuse me, you’ll have to get in line. No one hates football more than me. But, we at the Mango love to please everyone, so we’ll be showing as many matches as possible.

Check out the weekly schedule for teams/times

As always, we are very accommodating, so if there are any particular matches you want to see, then please ask the staff who will be happy to assist.

I will get with the boss and see if we can offer any footy promotions.


If I played footy………

Mango Fortnightly -15th August

• Editorial

Another fortnight passes…. What’s been going on? Well, we’ve gone Green! Mango Green! We’ve now another Mango Team Member out of Baltimore – he’ll be looking at making improvements on the website. Other news is that we have Walter on the team. For those of you that know Walter, you’ll know that he has a few miles on the clock. He’s been here a while and there isn’t much he doesn’t know about what’s going on around the place.

I spent a few nights having a quiet beer with Walter… getting to know him. He has tales, advice, opinions and reservations about many things.. but you’ll not find him blurting them out. You’ll have to ask him!

I’ve only been around Bangkok (soi 4) for 7 years, but I’ve managed to pick up on a few things myself.

Sitting there with Dave the Rave and Walter – talking freely of how things have changed, we arrived on a couple thoughts. – Continue reading “Mango Fortnightly -15th August”

Time to get the hell out of here…..

Time to get the hell out of Dodge. Been here almost 2 weeks. Where does the time go? Apart from drinking and whoring that is.

I’ll give a little more detail on my next ‘fortnightly’ posting in a few days..

Haven’t had too many nights in the Plaza this trip. I did manage the odd visit to the usual haunts with Rayyair, Stickman, DavetheRave and BBB. I am sure I saw Rainman here somewhere also? Where did he get to?

As you may know, Walter from Big Dogs is now on the team. I was a little concerned that Walter may not like setting up camp in the Mango as it’s rather quiet compared to what he’s used to. I told him to bring a book in case he gets bored!

He’s fitting in fine and I am happy to see that he’s identified that the staff at the Mango are a good team.

We’ve also got a couple of new kitchen staff, so the gf has been sacked from cooking burgers. She did a pretty good job and it only cost me an iPhone 4S. She still thinks it’s a tv remote.

Anyone seen YP? I’ve been calling.. messaging… shouting… looking…. it’s as if my little pal is avoiding me?!?!

Last night was a messy one in the Plaza. Got back to the Mango around 2am to watch the Olympic Boxing between Thailand and China. Bullshit result if you ask me. Thailand should have won.

10 things that pissed me off just this week – by Daywalker

Ten things I hate about Bangkok – this week.

1) Thai people that still think escalators are something magical and hesitate before stepping on them

2) All the commercials before a movie starts in a cinema that contain homos.

3) Thai people running for cover when a little drop of rain falls from the sky. It’s like they think it’s lava.

4) The lack of waste bins around the city. Wonder why the city is a mess?

5) The radio stations in taxi’s assaulting my ears.

6) Buying a few bottles of water from 7/11 and being given 15 straws in the bag.

7) Nigerians

8) Having my gf eat chickens feet. CHICKENS FEET?!?! wouldn’t be so bad if the chickens wore shoes and didn’t stand in their own shit.

9) Having to remove popcorn from the chair you want to sit in at the cinema, because the lazy bastard cleaning crew didn’t do their job.

10) People keep giving me tat for ‘good luck’ and say they prayed for me… yet the good luck never seems to come?