10 Things I miss about Bangkok right now….. – by Daywalker

As I sit here… in the middle of nowhere, I can’t help but miss Bangkok….

1) The beep of the 7-11 sliding door

2) The heat of the kebab stall that makes sitting on the corner of Big Dogs unbearable.

3) The little fucking bastard beggars attacking me outside Dynasty Inn.

4) The midget at the entrance of Nana Plaza

5) The people offering ‘Sex Movie’ at Pantip Plaza within 15 seconds of entering.

6) The Indian man telling me I am very….very… lucky!

7) The taxi’s that have a ridiculous amount of Buddhas on the dashboard.

8) The book stall at the end of soi 4 that has been displaying Michael Creighton book ‘The Lost World’ for 6 years.

9) The people standing at the traffic lights at the end of soi 4 who can’t wait for the green and run across the road like they’re running on hot sand.

10) Lolitas

33 thoughts on “10 Things I miss about Bangkok right now….. – by Daywalker

  1. Oh man every time i hear that same chime from 711 on something in the states I smile. Sounds lame but its true…

    I also miss cheap and no questions asked Zithromax

  2. 11. Being called a Hansum man.” I go wit u.

    12. Tiguuurrrr Beer

    13. Those fucking croaking frog wood pieces

    14. Conversations with ex-SAS/Green Berets/CIA/Delta Force/SEALs

    15. Financial advice from expert “Forex traders” during Happy Hours or on the stoop at the 7/11

    16. English “teachers” that cannot speak English

    17. Thais “Drag racing” on 125cc scooters.

    18. Being able to escape a speeding ticket for 200 Baht.

    19. Seeing a first run movie in a first class cinema for 80 – 100 Baht on Wednesday movie days.

    20. Women (and more than a few women poseurs) in skirts rather than pant suits or granny sacks.

  3. Eff, that 7-11 door sound irritates the h out of me. The NFL Network had that sounds in one of there regular segments and it was also annoying.

    There are a lot of things I miss about Thailand when I’m not there, but dark skinned girls (stick can have the albinos), food, climate, and trying to recall what I did the night before are always the top four.

  4. 21. Open air bars, lots of them, everywhere you go

    22. Open air restaurants,

    23. Street food, especially the fruit guys and fried chicken

    24. massages, lots of them

    25. Formula One mini-bus drivers to Hua Hin, NOT!!

    26. Timmy

    27. My sister act from Lucky Lukes

    28. Short skirts, long legs on scooters

    29. Rain, sometimes

    30. My Thai friends

  5. @Gary – No. 14 Hahahaha. I was beginning to think I was the only Farang in BKK who was not ex-SAS, Delta-Force, Seal, Mosad…etc. And maybe I still am?

    I’ve once or twice got rid of unwanted trogs in go-go’s by answering the question ‘what you do?’ with ‘I’m working with the Tahan Prahn’ (a Thai Army special unit who appear to be quite unpopular). They vamooshed at the mere mention…

  6. Im booking a ticket now to get there on September 5.I was going to come in November but I missed all of the above and I need to cum soon. Who will be around for a few drinkies and some wingmanship.

    • How long are you in town for lachiedog?

      Around the 12th September… PRP and I are going to complete a challenge of visiting EVERY bar in soi cowboy in an evening.

      Might need some warm-up or warm-down sessions too!


  7. Tell me more about “Tahan Prahn”

    I understand the meaning of Taharn – soldier. But what does the “Prahn” mean specifically? Is this just a generic term for a Special Forces Soldier? Or a specific unit of Thai Special Forces in particular? If the latter – and they have a bad reputation – why is this?

    Thank you.

    From my own experience – you will not impress any Thai woman by saying you are a soldier. They will relate it to Thai soldiers who are “butterflies”, poor and low class. If you are older, as I am, they will be perplexed to how you got so unlucky and need to be in the Army for one and now as an older individual especially. They dont really get the conscription/volunteer differential. Which is odd because of cause there are professional life long soldiers in the Thai army, in addition to the conscription element. In fact, when i saw them on the streets with the red shirts most thai soldiers looked f#cking ancient.

    I have heard that seniour ranks in the Thai army life quite the life though – with a lot of cash and birds. eg. there is a bird at Deja Vu whos dad is in the army, senior (rich, possibly on the fiddle somehow) is in his fifties and has a hot, wife of early twenties. If u see British Army wives in the Uk – horrendous creatures as a rule.

    At Saharah the door bloke is often dressed in his Army gear! I am guessing he is still an active duty soldier but how he is permitted to wear his kit at his working at a brothel is very bizare.

    A lot of British Army soldiers do come to thailand – pattaya mainly. And there is a trend now for exforces blokes to live in patts and work the security circuit from there – coming to patts on their long leaves. But there are a lot of blokes gobbing off as well. A bar manager in pattaya claimed to be ex-sas to me. didnt believe him for a second. but he bought me a beer so i wasnt overly judgemental.

  8. i got inspired by the list (well easily duped 😉 ), so i booked a ticket to arrive 1st of sept…

    but the 12th, is that open invitation? … cant miss all the bars in SC in one night binge.. 🙂

    • Hell yes it’s am open invitation on the 12th… However, you will be required to take notes – for the write up I’ll have to do after.

      Anyone else interested?

      Companyman.. I’ve added you to the Calendar.

  9. @DW ….. Notes, Check …. bring spycam and voicerecorder, check. 😉
    Be able to operate said machinery and memory after half-evening, not so sure about that 😉

  10. Your #9
    Interesting differing viewpoints
    I always considered that the “beginning” of soi 4 while you consider it the “end”
    to me the end is down by the Warbury and very end by the tobacco facility
    Probably because I enter (beginning) from Suk, but then again I also exit (end) onto Suk
    I guess it is totally unimportant but does show how differently people look at things

    • 8-Ball. As I live in soi 4… walking to the junction would be considered the ‘end’ for me, as that is the end of the journey down that road.

      Look at it like a piece of string that you are holding in the middle. Which is the start, and which is the end?

      Also. Life is like a box of chocolates. Don’t know what that means either – but the film made like a half billion dollars.

  11. I’m with rayar on missing that beautiful, warm smile and excited “Mr Lon, how are you?” hope she’s doing well!
    Everytime I’m in a Walmart noticing how huge all the white and hispanic females have grown…Then some adorable little 20’s something Vietnamese cutie glides by! Hmmm.
    Finally finding that pair of panties we gave up on 2 rounds ago and she’s since gone home “Rambo” late for work.

    Tripping over cute little shoes at my doorway, wadded up bath towels and tiny cloths all over the place!

    Soaking wet socks after entering your bathroom following after said towels and cloths were placed.

    Playing the what floor elevator button game with your new friend!

    Hearing on the over head ” Next station Naaanaaa” and “mind the gap between train and station”

    The cracking slap sound from the Spanky’s pull girls or getting mobbed at the top of the escalator in the rare times I don’t take the stairs.

    Standing for the King before a movie.

    noticing the water running to the floor drain (to your lower right side) when washing my hands. Then hoping the paper towel dispenser is loaded or you’ll never really get to chalk up enough to finish your game before you have to piss again, rinse repeat, rinse repeat…

    Having to check the blog for clues in an effort to figure out where all my money went, who shit, pissed and puked all over my cloths and why does this room full of strange people all strewn about look like we were cast extras from the video “Sometimes Salvation” The Black Crows…???

    Rarely do I ever but, walking down the street enjoying an open bottle of beer or JnCoke like it’s no big deal! @ DW; your staff does charge me for the glass if it leaves the building I hope, since I can’t ever remember having returned with one?

    Being caressed all over my sweat soaked face, neck and chest by slightly callused little hands with fresh from the freezer chilled towelettes!!!

  12. @DayWalker – count me in for the cowboy tour. Not done the entire soi for many years. I presume that includes all the “Arab” bars, so some may need a quick shot and out…

  13. @DW; I know he’s always busy but see if Stick will do one for us with a bunch of his fantastic photos! Could turn it into a little contest, I don’t have a BM T-shrit from the current administration… BTW forgot one, being on the BTS after Chula lets out for the day or Espanade for the same reasons!

  14. A little catch 22 fact: Anyone who mentions to you they are SF are not SF. There’s a lot of lost souls and desperadoes in Thailand, especially Pattaya. I wouldn’t believe 90% of the BS I’ve heard from expats in my travels down there.

  15. So a bunch of blood thirsty soldiers live in Bangkok good to know, because no one else wants to hear their stories, proud to be a soldier please

    • ‘dffdf’…. please, if you’re going to post on here, think up a name instead of randomly hitting keys on your keyboard. Names like ‘dffdf’ go straight into moderation – which means I have to go through loads of spam and shit to filter out the genuine comments.

      Thanks 🙂

      As for the comment… don’t listen to him. He’s drunk.

  16. Miss:

    1) Stopping by the side of the road with my Taxi friend Tiger with some ice cold Heinekan beer stuffed in a 7-11 plastic bag w/ice and eating moo ping (bbq pork on sticks) that cost around 30 cents ea. on a hot, humid day.

    2) Sitting with my friends at 12 midnight at a sidewalk food stall, having some ice cold beer, great food that’s so cheap, with the sounds of cars and tuk tuks passing by and sweat running down my forehead.

    3) Going to karaoke places with my friends at 3 am in the morning till 6 am…and going home when the sun it already up.

    4) Eating at Kwang Seafood….kau pat goong (shrimp fried rice), oisuwan (oysters w/egg and veg.), and stir fried squid with veg, etc. Awesome!

    5) Shopping at MBK and buying Quiksilver and Billabong t-shirts for $4-$5 ea.

    6) Listening to those great Thai bands at all of those Thai pubs and eateries and enjoying great food, cold beer, and blue margarita pitchers.

    7) Having a traditional Thai massage for 2 hours and falling asleep.

    8) Seeing all my friends and partying out with them.

    9) Having the breakfast buffet at my hotel with the same great workers at the hotel greeting me every morning everytime I go there.

    10) Having the lunch buffet at the Hyatt Erawan Hotel- w/the best lamb chops, ahi and hamachi sashimi, shrimp cocktail, and some of the best Thai dishes you’ll ever taste with my friend Naris.

    11) Always being treated with respect and a smile.

    12) Seeing the same vendors at MBK that I always buy from and getting the best deals from them- and always being treated nicely.

    13) Going to Fuji Restaurant and having a great Japanese meal for just $4-$5.

    14) Eating shabu shabu at MK Restaurant – where the sauce is the bomb!

    15) Having the best tasting live prawns cooked to perfection and the best ganjud musab tofu (tofu soup) at my favorite outdoor eatery (which unfortunately closed about a year ago) and always getting special treatment from the owner.

    16) Eating the best laab moo, kau pat goong, and kau moo yung at my friend’s place near Pathumwan.

    17) Sitting down at 4 pm in the afternoon at my friend’s pub…talking stories, joking about all the crazy things we used to do, and reminiscing about the past times that we all had in the past 20 years in Bangkok.

    • Antonio….most of the items on your list make up my list of HATES when I am there!

      I’ve noticed a lot of food/eating on your list… yet not a mention of the girls.. which is what most of us miss!

  17. Yea, gooday , the girls, that’s what i miss, memories are still great even though its been over 30 years ago, stayed at the Atlanta Hotel back then n The Grace was THE PLACE, what a time, cheers n beers

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