10 things that pissed me off just this week – by Daywalker

Ten things I hate about Bangkok – this week.

1) Thai people that still think escalators are something magical and hesitate before stepping on them

2) All the commercials before a movie starts in a cinema that contain homos.

3) Thai people running for cover when a little drop of rain falls from the sky. It’s like they think it’s lava.

4) The lack of waste bins around the city. Wonder why the city is a mess?

5) The radio stations in taxi’s assaulting my ears.

6) Buying a few bottles of water from 7/11 and being given 15 straws in the bag.

7) Nigerians

8) Having my gf eat chickens feet. CHICKENS FEET?!?! wouldn’t be so bad if the chickens wore shoes and didn’t stand in their own shit.

9) Having to remove popcorn from the chair you want to sit in at the cinema, because the lazy bastard cleaning crew didn’t do their job.

10) People keep giving me tat for ‘good luck’ and say they prayed for me… yet the good luck never seems to come?

26 thoughts on “10 things that pissed me off just this week – by Daywalker

  1. I don’t get the feet either. It’s just skin and cartilage, why would you want to eat it? I think it’s better than frog though.

    My girlfriend’s mother once served me pig dick soup, which was f**king delicious. I like to tell the Muslim guys I work with how delicious pig dick is because they are usually struck speechless for a few minutes.

    Hey DW thanks for touring us around the other night, good times. Amazing how animated all the girls become when you are in the bar, instead of just doing the Issan shuffle and staring at the wall. I’ll definitely be booking a private party in the Mango around November when I’m back. I think I owe you a beer next time.

  2. I think DW should open a boot camp training program for gogo and service girls! They just don’t get it, if the bar is empty and 1 customer walks in not only do you want to get and keep him but it might also help with the guys who take a look and turn away when the place is slow? Plus he can teach em all farang have at least 30k in their pocket at all times, just like him! 😉
    it is pretty fucking cool wanking into any place in the plaza with DW though!

  3. Considering all the major inconveniences in BKK your list seems very trite

    @allistair this may help you “get it” regarding chicken feet. You see after you eat the meat you can “pick your teeth” with the claws all in 1 motion. See as we already know Thais are a very logical breed.

  4. @Nurse Ron

    “it is pretty fucking cool wanking into any place in the plaza with DW though!”

    You’ll get locked up if you two carry on like that!!

  5. @Don Logan; ooops, that is “walking” …I gotta get some new glasses!

    @Rainman; yeah it does bog down the line but have you ever been searched? That’s always been one of those Thai discrimination things that oddly enough goes our way.
    Gotta agree with you on heading home. I guess it’s a little better since the ride home is a 3 to 3.5 hours shorter flight but still sucks knowing what I won’t be doing that night ;(
    As far as DW being a handsome devil and magnetic charm, that’s it exactly. The 30k is for the rest of us sorry bastards short comings!

  6. Well you’ll be in an experts company for that then!!

    I can’t join you but I will take this opportunity to remind you we have an appointment for a beer next week ,in oh so different surroundings!!

  7. @DW; you know there was that one night? I can remember anymore, so much crazy shit goes down with the gang on those plaza field trips! Do I still owe you money? 😉

  8. Just hung out with Dave the Rave.. Stickman and ‘built like a brick shite house Pete… we hit Staps, Pretty Lady, Anglewitch, BillBoard and Spankys.

    Fuck me…… Spankys is the place to be. It has to be the most packed out place in Nana.

    Kudos to Dave the Rave….. buying Walter his first drink as a Mango Team member.

    It’s Friday in a few hours… let the games begin…

  9. Agree about the total waste of time MRT security idiots, who shine a torch into a bag for a nano second. And it really pisses me off that you have to be checked at Asoke even if you are just using the underpass. Why can’t they move the checks to near the top of the escalators down to the ticket hall so they only deal with people who are actually going to use the MRT. There’s plenty of space. Too fcuking sensible, that’s why.
    And I’ve lost count of the number of times I get a straw when buying milk or a can of beer in a 7/11. Brain-dead people.

  10. About #4 I always thought Bkk was a surprisingly litter free city considering its huge lack of trash cans.

    The simplicity of #7 made me laugh.

  11. Don’t understand the problem with the excellent guards at the MRT, I never get checked, maybe that’s because I wear superior cloths and I am a handsome devil, who looks like a man of means. For those that consider BKK as being litter free, you should drive down, ( do not walk ) Soi 3 at about 05:30. That’s of course after all of the Arab, Nigerian, dirt bags with their rotund women folk have retired for the day. Also do not fail to check out the area between Soi 11 and Asoke on Suk, I think you would change your mind.
    DW, would love to join you at the Plaza but the ever loving wife is home this week end because of the holiday. Well………………………can’t win them all, can you?

  12. The single best thing about not being in BKK is planning your next trip there.

    This time next week BKK, then CM and a few nights by myself (yeah right!) in Patong. Life is sweet, once again .. Hit and run but I will have the pedal to the metal for 14 days and soak it all in.

  13. you know I think at one time they may have had proper trash cans, like the ones you see around the parks and higher rent areas but somebody was collecting them up just like they do with the pathway tiles, and selling/trading it for god knows what. Maybe that’s how the chicken feet thing started?
    You would think considering they employ people to sweep the street by hand they could hire some more to stand at every corner with a back pack for trash! Hey that may solve the Nigerian thing too…

  14. Don – how many people do you know, even Thais, that drink beer with a straw? They give them out for cokes etc and just do it automatically without thinking when you buy any kind of liquid to drink. Anyone with a brain would know you don’t drink beer with a straw, so they don’t need to give you one. Hence brain dead. Sorry I had to spell it out for you.

  15. They are told to give em out with any drink.. Not Brain dead, just workers following orders.They don’t get paid enough to worry about why they are doing it.

    Or perhaps they feel sorry for a farang who buys a single tin of beer from a 7-11.

    Do you sit outside and drink it??

    Perhaps you should use the straw . It will last longer.

    CAAAAHNT !!!!

  16. You are good at making unsubstantiated assumptions; that they are told to issue straws with any drink, and that I buy just one can of beer. WAAANKA !!!!

  17. First thing that pissed me off this week – Returning to Saudi and looking at my first camp meal on a tray. That sucks!!

    Thank you, DW, for the far too short time I could hang out with you. Too bad that I only caught up to you on my last night in LOS with an early wake up.

    I like the ladies at Straps, especially the affectionate Cashier, she does move and grab for the drinks, though. Kind of worth it. Also, thanks for the stop at Lucky Luke’s where I could say good-bye to my friendly sister act.

    Nice to meet Rainman, too, i hope that I can catch him again.

    Till next time!! And there will be another time.


  18. @ rayyar, pleasure meeting you, apologize for throwing up and asking for a loan, will be back Dec hopefully, good catching up with you DW, although too short.

  19. I am still confused why u guys like to beat bangers so much

    Here are my top bitches about the place.

    1. Taxis trying to rip off farangs.
    2. Locals trying to rip off farangs
    3. Bars closing early without notice
    4. Coups can be a bitch when u are on vacation
    5. Shite weather in July Aug and Sept
    6. Songkran
    7. OK I dont live there so I suppose the power might drop off sometimes, guess what that shit happens in Cali too.
    8. People wanting to massage my feet
    9. Traffic
    10. Elephants in the street

    Wow never realized I could find 10 things I didnt like about bangkok

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