Lomeo’s Gambit – by Lomeo!

Sometimes I think I need my head examined. By someone who actually knows what they are looking at and can interpret the results accurately.

Funny things happen when you are spinning your wheels while waiting for the next tour. A few weeks ago I made contact with ‘Virgin Girl’ via email after 12 Bundy & Cokes (If you’re not Aussie you’ll have to google it). Of course she was thrilled to hear from me, professed to still love me, and seems to have accepted her position as ‘mia noi in waiting’. Not sure why but I really want to plough this girl, blood on sheets and all (they charge extra for that, don’t they? – the sheets I mean..) Continue reading “Lomeo’s Gambit – by Lomeo!”

Cowboy Bar Crawl – Part 2 by Drunkwalker

Part 1

Time to cross the road. It’s 22:45. We’re all on the way to getting drunk. Some of us have passed that stage, and some of us are no longer in the convoy. C-Man is has a harem of girls hanging around him. Laitchiedog was quiet, WOM looks like he’s just had a shower and re-dressed, Pete flexing his biceps at some girls, Mike had already gone to another bar to make sure it’s safe for us, nR is nowhere to be found , Bubba is marching me to the next bar and PRP is telling his pal how not to get drunk. Pity he never followed his own advice.
1st bar (next to Old Dutch) is an Arab bar…. Continue reading “Cowboy Bar Crawl – Part 2 by Drunkwalker”

Mango Fortnightly – 22nd September

I missed out the last ‘fortnightly’!. No one noticed… or cared? Which kinda steers me towards the option of scrapping it. It takes time thinking up stuff that you maybe interested in. For me, this posting I do is for those who have 5 mins to kill, maybe at their desk, in a coffee shop or even sitting in a bar with time on their hands. I don’t know how the likes of Stickman can knock his up every week. I don’t know where he finds the time or patience, let alone gets all the info he has. Amazing. Which why this bit of garb is more for US – made up by US. So please, do send in anything I can use for the fortnightly.

Much debate this week on the blog regarding payments to girls. How much is too much? How much is too little? Is it cheaper than a girlfriend? It is dead money…. Etc…. Continue reading “Mango Fortnightly – 22nd September”

Soi Cowboy Bar Crawl – Part 1

Remember when you younger than 35?   When your pals ordered a round of shots and you got all excited?  “fuck yeah… shots”!!   Sadly, after you go past 35 and someone orders some shots, your attitude changes.  You start saying things like.. “who done that”?  And,  “oh no, this is going to be messy”.

Shots were my alternative to having a beer or a vodka each time we visited one of the 32 bars in the soi cowboy crawl. Having passed 35 yrs… this was going to be messy. Continue reading “Soi Cowboy Bar Crawl – Part 1”

Drinking with the gang

Evening all…. just a little update. I have a full write up about the cowboy run coming.. it’s taking a little time to piece it all together. I am still suffering memory loss.

A quick thanks to all those that attended. We lost a few during the night…. a few made it to the bitter end.

Been doing the rounds in Nana.. usual haunts. The rain is a bit of a pisser at the moment. killing of trade at the moment.

I am out of here in a few days (thankfully)… I need to give my liver and wallet a rest.

More coming soon!

Soi Cowboy Challenge! 12th September – Updated!

Gents…     talking with my old pal PRP, we came to the assumption that it’d fun to do a Soi Cowboy challenge.  ALL the bars in one night.

– There are a lot, so we’ll need to start early evening.


We shall be starting at the Old Dutch at the bottom of Cowboy.  A deal has been struck with the Big Cheese there for a bunch of snacks before the marathon.  Chicken Wings, Ribs, Spring rolls… kinda thing.     

And when I say ‘deal’… this one is on me and PRP.  The marathon eaters are welcome. Of course you’ll have to identify who you are to us.  Any freeloaders will be stabbed in the chest with half eaten rib.

The plan is ‘one drink and out’.  No exceptions.    (even the Arab bars)    All are welcome.   If you can make it to the Mango (and spend some money) before we set off, it will be a good opportunity for introductions and name calling.

Planned date is Wednesday 12th September  ETD (Estimated Time of Drinkathon) is 18:30 at THE OLD DUTCH

Let us all know who is in….  and I’ll add it to the Calendar.     (for those of you already said they’re up for it, please mention again on this tread, as it’s easier to track)

A write-up will follow.   So I’ll need people to take notes. Continue reading “Soi Cowboy Challenge! 12th September – Updated!”

Big Trouble in Thailand – by Daywalker

Last night I arrived in the UK before I fly off tomorrow for the F1 in Italy. It’s not often I get to see the TV in the UK, because…erm… well, I am not here much. So, flicking through the TV channels last night as there are no gogo bars or hookers to keep me amused, I happened upon a TV program called ‘Big Trouble in Thailand’. Or something like that. This looks interesting I thought. This is a program that my UK pals would watch and think I am living in the middle of. Oh, how wrong!

The 1st thing that made me think this might not be 100% accurate is when they stated that Pattaya attracted many tourists due to the beaches and sea. Crap. Why not be honest. It’s girls. Simple.

There were a few little sub-stories in this program. I will share. Continue reading “Big Trouble in Thailand – by Daywalker”

A Law for the Taxis – finally!

I know we’ve covered Taxi drivers in the past, but a new law has now come out that lets us complain about Taxi drivers who refuse to take us anywhere. When trying to get a taxi home, it usually takes 2 or more attempts to get a taxi to take me and the gf. I blame the gf for being a drunken mess with vomit down her shirt and dog shit on her shoes. Or was that me?

What is to stop people making false complaints about taxi drivers they don’t like? How can they prove it? Will they have to low-jack all taxis? I think this will die a death……..

I’ve copied the good bits…. you can read the full story through this link. Continue reading “A Law for the Taxis – finally!”