Drinking with the gang

Evening all…. just a little update. I have a full write up about the cowboy run coming.. it’s taking a little time to piece it all together. I am still suffering memory loss.

A quick thanks to all those that attended. We lost a few during the night…. a few made it to the bitter end.

Been doing the rounds in Nana.. usual haunts. The rain is a bit of a pisser at the moment. killing of trade at the moment.

I am out of here in a few days (thankfully)… I need to give my liver and wallet a rest.

More coming soon!

37 thoughts on “Drinking with the gang

  1. DW
    I hit Cowboy last night and found it very unrewarding. Had not been there for about a month but the vibes just were not there. Shark did have a very nice group of honeys but as for the rest, it just wasn’t the old Cowboy. I may add the price for a 37 Baht bottle beer at Villa, had gone up one hell of a lot. The bastards have gone off the deep end on the pricing. OH yeah, my pal asked what the price was for an all nighter and the honey quoted a modest 6000 Baht figure +bar fine and never batted an eye. He choked on his ice cube.

  2. The Thai way of thinking is, if you have less customers you double your prices, be it hotel rooms, pussy or piss.
    I only go for cultural/religious aspect.

  3. Things are getting tougher everywhere. Here in Patts recently, a punter paid short time 2000 baht plus 300 short time room plus 500 bar fine. This was for a pretty ordinary girl in a not so fashionable bar in Naklua. He paid and was back in 15 minutes. Total ripoff. Down the road in Soi 6 he could have still got the same for 1000 baht all up, but I have heard that prices there are also on the increase in some bars.

  4. 6k! Shit I’ve pre-booked my little Nam for every night this trip at 7.5k/per night! But that’s long time and includes bar, and her mother!!!
    Wonder what silly shit they take at Bacarra or R4 now?
    @DW; any word on when Strapps is due to re-open?

  5. DW
    By the way that was at Shark, and he did tell her that. This pal of mine gets more free pussy at the Central World and many Starbucks than the law allows. It pisses me off all the free goodlooking honeys this guy pulls in, of course he is a hell of a lot younger than an old fart like me.
    I had an absolutely fantastic honey on the string for a while and then some Japanese dude bought her right out from underneath me. I can understand why because she was one of the very best and only 21. OH Well, here today, gone tomorrow but they are like at taxi, one coming around the corner every 2 seconds. You just have to be on the right corner.

  6. One can only hope that the market will balance itself out naturally. If punters are paying so much that girls feel they can ask 6000 baht, then hopefully in the next few years the market will get flooded with pretty young things looking to get rich and the prices will come back down. Boom & bust cycle, right?

  7. moms the fluffer and she rubs my feet after 😉
    BTW boys, in all honesty my girls a Nana gogo champ and she’s happy with my 3k gratuity every afternoon. Part that I don’t care for but would never ask her to do is skipping the barfine! I don’t mind so much paying it, I just get tired of having to get off my ass and actually walk into her bar, buy a beer, buy her another fucking shot and get hounded by all of her long lost BFF’s who are near death from thirst! But I get the drill and she does appreciate getting hi5’d by the line up and pat on the back from mamson for being a top earner and it surely translates in attitude. For those who have been out with us, especially when I drag her with in to Pretty lady, she’s a blast!
    I guess knowing what I know of this one, I wouldn’t absolutely reject 6K but that would fuck the budget up pretty bad! Wish I could say you get what you pay for but all I really can pass on here is take the best possible care of the good ones you do find
    For any who are up and about today, I’m itching for a Nataree run! Say around 4-6pm? Easy access from the lovely Huay Kwan MRT, can be back in the shit within 2-3 hours!

  8. oops! phone rings and plans change, gotta love LOS! sorry to post and bug but let’s shoot for a BMB tour of Nataree another day… cheers all 🙂

  9. @nR

    I can heartily concur with thoughts on your girl – I was out with you and DW last week in Pretty Lady and she is a total trooper. Thanks again for a top night. Not so sure about the 5am finish though…but seeing DW in full flow was quite something. Sorry about trying to pick up your Thai gf and bar fine all of your staff. I think I may have had a couple of Leo’s.

    Now in Melbourne where a perfunctory Henry Lee costs around £35 – I miss BKK. Full report to follow on my 3 days and nights.

  10. Guys, Guys, Guys………………..These prices are crazy!!
    Its paying this type of money that has made Bkk so expensive for people on Planet Earth like myself when we visit.
    Thats over £120 for for a couple of hours if you are lucky………….
    Theres no sex in the world worth that amount of money and to be honest during all the time I have visited here I can remember very few sessions that were even remarkable.
    So please think before you inflate expectations, the local economy and the experiences of those who pass after you.

  11. Uncle Dave…. sex worth that money isnt made by the girl… its made by both 😉

    and the little amazing thing last night sure helped along for that… DW knows which one…

    and she would have been worth all that and beyond for sure… although she neither expected or got 6k obviously….

    but i think its a way on how u present yourself to them… sure if u go in and just say wanna boom boom shorttime and is rather unattractive and no fun… sure 6k pops up…

    but go in, have fun and make the girl want to boom boom u… then its another figure 😉

  12. Chaps…. Kwan has got the cooking bug again… she is now at the market buying a load of food ready to cook for a 3rd world.

    Do stop by and say hello/goodbye if you get chance!

    nR & Bubba in the house so far… 🙂

  13. You guys are having all the fun – Can’t wait to get back there 🙁

    Highlight of my day has been negotiating my first golden shower with teerak as part of a sexting session.

  14. That 6000 baht may have been a way to say I really don’t want to fuck you but for 6k, ok. Had similar experience from Midnight. Bitch quoted me 4k, I declined. Later on that night, I saw her with a friend of mine. He told me he was paying 2k short. FYI, I’m fat and have too much body hair.

  15. If you’re gonna want young hot tail when you’re old & fat, you better plan to have more $$ and expect to have to pay a mark-up. You don’t see a lot of trophy wives in the trailer parks, after all.

    • If I am honest… I’ve paid a lot more. 🙂

      – Ha!! Just stuffing my face in the lounge, when some guy just said ‘hello again’. Do I know you I asked? He replied that he was in the queue with me last week at the airport when I told a load of Indians (who were pushing in) to get to the back of the queue!

      That sounds like me. Anyway, he asked if I’d had a nice time and I replied that the Nana Plaza never fails to deliver.

      “Nana Plaza”? “Whats that” he asks?

      Fool. I just walked off in disgust.

      For the next 12 hours, I am going to be on a plane. I nurseRon and Companyman are still very much hitting it full on Keep up with them if you can!

      Good to see dingho the other night.. even if it was only brief.


  16. to any that wish for some company to the plaza do drop a reply here and I’ll be more than happy to join. It won’t be as fun as with DW, buying all the staff lady drinks and meeting all the management but we’ll do our best to find what ever flavor you want so long as it involves beautiful, young nubile “real” female agogo dancers! And for those that seek other, we’ll be more than happy to point out a destination to suit your taste but your on your own after 😉
    @DW; keep it real baby and hurry back, they all started crying last night again when I told them of your travels…the poor dears, how will they eat?

  17. I wish I could’ve made it. I’m in the doghouse for awhile now, but I’ll have one free night to hit the Mango in either late October or early November.

    I’ll be in the LOS for all of March and April, but unless I bring the wife with me there’s no way I can hit the Mango (don’t think I’ll be bringing her by, too much could go wrong).

  18. 6000 Baht? Yeah, I remember when girls tried that number on me in the past (between 4,000 Baht and 6,000 Baht for LT).

    I would congratulate her on her excellent sense of humor, explain to her that it is her choice to make a guaranteed 2000 Baht, or wait several days for a 6000 Baht customer.

    She smiles.

    I ask her “when was your last barfine”

    ‘2 week ago’, she retorts (I have no idea why she would deliberately undermine her leverage like that).

    I get up – “okay, see you in 2 weeks…”

    She grabs my arm – “wait, I go with you. Okay.”


    This strategy applies even more so when business is bad.

  19. @ Duck: couldn’t disagree with you more! If you haggle service is going to suffer, the girl feels she’s getting less than she should be and you end up paying 2K for shit? I’d rather go without and save the cash. If a girl gives a silly quote just smile and politely decline. If she likes you or is attracted in any way she’ll make you a counter and if she doesn’t? I guess you need to back to the beer garden or lower Suk street fare dude…

  20. BTW; all you guys with girlfriends and wives ever run the real numbers on how much your actually paying per pop? I know for me when I did 6k, no strings, no bullshit, would be a bargain! Just something to chew on…

    • Bubba.. I am working on the write-up. It’s coming. I need to do a little massaging with the notes to give them value.

      In the mean time, I have a write-up from RainMan being posted shortly to buy me a little time.

  21. @ DW; funny you of all people would be the first to chime in, it was you and yours that motivated the the thought 😉
    but you know where I’m going with this, a happy hooker is the best hooker!

  22. It’s a valid point @nR. Last trip for me I calculate the cost as 5K per day (her) and about 2K for me – and as she will tell you I am farang ke-neow. Good value

    No way will I pay those stupid prices ST, but value is in the eye of the beholder. I am planning a small trip to Pattaya by myself and I will limit my activities to the Devils Den (excellent value IMHO), Soi 6 and one or two go-gos if the price/quality is right.

    agree that once price is the determining factor quality goes out the window.

  23. Agree w/ nR 100%. Even the risk of a sour, uh, puss makes me take a pass rather than haggle. There’s always another hottie, and then there’s my HD full of porn.

    As to the price per pop vs GF or wife, as Homer Simpson said, “it’s not just the sex, it’s also the food preparation.”

  24. @ Fender: good point! I really wish I could be a lot less discriminating but having been so spoiled by the last few little stars I’ve had, I find it nearly impossible to pick a girl and be able to find satisfaction for <3k LT? Actually really sucks but gota go with what works and as they say " the beauty in the eye thing" although my still decaying eye sight and my lack of supply for suitable eye wear should be saving me cash by now? just have to make more! 😉

  25. hi fellas great to meet ythose ot you that i did. unfortunately i got a bit of bkk belly and it took 3 or 4 days to recover, so i left bkk for more quiet pastures.i was planning on getting back to bkk for a few days to s catch up and visit soapies etc, but i got waylaid by a farm fresh isaan lady. spoke little english and no wasnt one of them. i hope to see you guys again and be in better form, but thanks for the company, much appeciated.

  26. I think Charlie Sheen said it best: “you’re not paying for the sex you’re paying for them to leave quietly after”

    Of course this is the guy who attacked his wife with a kitchen knife so take it for what it’s worth….

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