Lomeo’s Gambit – by Lomeo!

Sometimes I think I need my head examined. By someone who actually knows what they are looking at and can interpret the results accurately.

Funny things happen when you are spinning your wheels while waiting for the next tour. A few weeks ago I made contact with ‘Virgin Girl’ via email after 12 Bundy & Cokes (If you’re not Aussie you’ll have to google it). Of course she was thrilled to hear from me, professed to still love me, and seems to have accepted her position as ‘mia noi in waiting’. Not sure why but I really want to plough this girl, blood on sheets and all (they charge extra for that, don’t they? – the sheets I mean..)

We quickly resume web-camming where she plays with her tits and clit, arching her back while she cums while I flog the log and gulp down a Dos Equis. Cheap as, compared to being on the Suk. I occasionally have to message Good-girl on the iPhone during the ordeal that I am in the middle of an overdue work assignment, using key phrases like ‘miss u like crazy’ or ‘love u too much’ – they always seem to work. It’s getting a bit hairy because ‘Good Girl’ has been coached by her friend, and I have been informed that she has stopped taking the pill – if I continue to bareback her I am playing Russian roulette (and I know for a fact that I’m not firing blanks.)

What’s a man to do in this situation? Book a week to Pattaya I say, and I start making some tentative plans. I will need an alibi, and a good one. Given that iPhone’s have a GPS thingy, it just won’t do to say that I am in Oz when I am in fact on Soi 6, Pattaya. No we can’t have that – I am leaning towards a submarine deployment as part of working for a civil contractor to the Australian Defense Forces. One where all communications are disallowed for ‘National Security’ reasons. I think a thai girl might ‘buy’ that one. Shit I hope so, anyway.

There are reasons Lomeo wants to get sucked off on the sofa

I will stay ‘On the Six’ amongst the action. I have a lot to tick off the ‘bucket list’. A blowjob on the couch at ‘My Friend You’ bar ; hopefully while slugging down a cold Leo. Checking out the action at Red Point and re-acquainting myself with a girl who is a true-three holer at Lisa Bar. When I reach the Beach Road end of the Soi I want my sac to be empty so I’m not tempted to try and pull from the Coconut bar – even though B500 is a good price some of those women are downright scarey – just don’t make eye contact is my advice.

I intend to root myself silly before meeting virgin girl for the weekend. We have negotiated kissing, sucking of noms, DATY and fingering but no sex. I reckon she’ll want the sausage before the weekend is out. Will let you know.

Then I’ll rock up to BKK and surprise ‘Good Girl’ – “Surprise darling – I just got here. I love you too much.”. And hit the Mango.

18 thoughts on “Lomeo’s Gambit – by Lomeo!

  1. yeah she’ll buy the alibi about as much we do during the radio silence period starting around 8ish BKK time! Funny and sad to know if she got barfined since if she doesn’t return your call till noon the next day. Any earlier and you know she’s most likely out with her mates trolling for scraps. Not sure which option I like better but the girls gota eat…

  2. Lomeo, if you need the bundy and coke fortification while you are in soi 6, Willy’s Hang Out at the bottom end of soi 6 usually has bundy in stock.

  3. as a fellow aussie after to many experiences of swearing that I had been poisoned and was going to die the next morning I have sworn off Bundy for life. Just the smell of it makes the stomach do backflips, similar result with Tequila. “Kill yourself now” I hear you say… well let’s just say that my mate Jack has been stepping up to the mark for many years now and has yet to do real wrong by me. I am sure that one day after a heavy night at Mix in BKK or CJ’s in JKT that will all come undone. But until then Jack has moved in and doesn’t look like he will be leaving anytime soon.
    Anyway what’s the point, Lomeo if you find yourself up in BKK after your week of debauchery in Patts around the 9th of October. I will be happy to buy the first round for a fellow aussie. Just don’t expect me to drink that Bindy Poison stuff.

  4. @nR – Enjoyed the ‘Radio Silence’ spiel

    @Salty – thanks for the tip. I assume you’re talking about the beach end of the soi. Is Mandarin still going? I do miss Lisa Bar. Did some of my best work in one of those upstairs rooms.

    @ROLLN – turning off location services on your phone is akin to an admission of guilt. I have come up with a better plan for that one.

    rob – I won’t be there until early Nov but thanks for the offer. If your around from Nov until Feb then give me I shout, and I’ll let you shout 😉 I actually don’t get on the Bundy all that often and it tends to be the pre-mixed stuff these days. Tequilia is the one that does me in now – get’s too messy afterwoods. Maybe we’ll stick to Jack that night.

    In breaking news Papa Lomeo has decided he will pop over and meet me in Dec. “I’ll take you to a blowjob bar” I tell him. “What’s that?” he asks (He’s normally sharper than this but is closing in on 70). “Well they suck your knob while you have a beer”. “Sounds good” he says “Can I cum in her mouth or is that extra?” .. Anyone know if the Star of Light in Patpong is still open? Haven’t decided if it is creepy or will be a father & son bonding session.

    • Jeeeeze… what is it with you pussy-whipped guys.

      Give the girl a choice. You can turn the GPS off, or you can bury the phone into her skull. Either one works for me.

      As I’ve often said to my girl – when going off radar with Rolln… “if at any point you don’t like our current arrangement, be sure to close the door on your way out”

      A TG has to make allowances. The farang just has to tell her (or any girl) that he is available.

  5. When I started using skype I thought it was pretty fucking great for communicating with the missus when she went to visit her family in Isaan ahead of when I came over. I soon realized though that it made it harder to lie about where I was since she could see as soon as we started skyping. If you’re married and not using skype, keep it that way.

  6. @Lomeo, a three holer at Lisa bar, mmmm… me thinks it aint rare, did you get to DevilsDen?……(jus wondering if they fixed the leather swing chair in room 4)

  7. Lomeo, Lisa bar is still going strong with the girls last night all in cute uniforms. Mandarin is still there but looking a little jaded now that there are 2 new gogo’s very near there. Sorry to tell you that Willy’s hang out closed last night. A mate from Sydney arrived yesterday and I took him along soi 6 as an eye opener. Had trouble holding him back until he had seen all the offerings, but then….

  8. I do like a woman in uniform, speaking of which I hope Saigon girl is still there. Nov marks my 1 year anniversary, when I sat in Walking Street eating a kebab and couldn’t believe that I was fucking well there at last !!

    The good thing about Lisa bar is that many a bloke has taken refuge in Jack Tar and perv’ed at the offerings across the road.

    Love the Six!

  9. Yep, Lomeo sure a busy dude. Plans and back up plans. GG, VG, 3 hole, GPS, Lisa, soi 6, chair 4. But big question is can Papa Lomeo still bring it

  10. Lomeo- i had almost exactly the same plans as you for Soi 6 except for staying there. I did some research on who and where to go and it seems that it is not a coincidence that you have the same places in mind. Unfortunately it didn’t quite pan out as expected. I went there twice but both times was not feeling great or overly horny and an incident with an aggresive ladyboy didn’t help the mood.Mind you I was also a little loved out after 3 days and nights with a little Isaan cutie.I did a little bit of reconnaissance and found some other interesting places that would tickle your kink meter.I would love to have a few bevvies there with you and get up to some mischief. Always better to have a wingman or two especially as I’ve heard one of the ladies at Red Point enjoys a wingman or two at the same time. A bucket list thing for me.

  11. Nice comment Lachiedog – part of the problem is that some of these girls have become minor celebrities – just think of how much porridge you are stirring. It’s always good to have a wing-man, I’m not sure what you’re plans are re next trip. Let us know, it’s always good to know who is in town, and when.

    Kink meter , eh? Mine’s up there not sure about yours. Are we talking X-Zone, Windmill or the Castle? Or maybe you’ve found some ‘under the radar’ joints. I like the idea of a hottie pegging me on the pool table – but not with the cue!

  12. lachiedog just put it on the Platinum nab card and come back over, you know you want to. Crash and burn, its the only way to go down.

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