Mango Fortnightly – 22nd September

I missed out the last ‘fortnightly’!. No one noticed… or cared? Which kinda steers me towards the option of scrapping it. It takes time thinking up stuff that you maybe interested in. For me, this posting I do is for those who have 5 mins to kill, maybe at their desk, in a coffee shop or even sitting in a bar with time on their hands. I don’t know how the likes of Stickman can knock his up every week. I don’t know where he finds the time or patience, let alone gets all the info he has. Amazing. Which why this bit of garb is more for US – made up by US. So please, do send in anything I can use for the fortnightly.

Much debate this week on the blog regarding payments to girls. How much is too much? How much is too little? Is it cheaper than a girlfriend? It is dead money…. Etc….

I don’t think there is a right or wrong. I personally think it’s down to personal preference. It can be said that having a girlfriend is more expensive (of course it is) than having the equivalent or better sex with a bar girl.

You pay for sex. Period. Be that in the form of a meal, cinema, bunch of flowers or a straight handing over of the green. It all costs money. For people who ‘need’ to be in a relationship and ‘make love’ then that’s fine. For those who prefer not to have the relationship and ‘fuck’ rather than make love – then Bangkok is the place for you.

Determining how much you pay is again, down to what you’re happy with. I personally know from experience that paying over the top (upfront) to a girl, gave me in return, over the top sex and immeasurable fun. Well worth the money I laid out. I do tend to think that if I negotiated the price of a good time down as low as possible, then the girl will be thinking about how much of a cheap bastard I am – while we are supposed to be having a good time. Look at the people who spend their time negotiating a cheaper, more efficient way of getting laid. Home alone most nights to whack off. Oddly enough, these tend to be the people who normally have to pay over the odd to get a girl anyway.

I never believed it before, but I do know – about putting in the hours and chatting with the girls. After several months / years I now have a network of girls that I could call up to hang with – which is not seen as a business deal. Once they know you well, you are no longer a customer. The only problem you have then, is they start getting emotional and develop those things called feelings.

It’s a tough one.

• Comings and Goings

September so far has been pretty sociable! Welcome back nurseRon, Dingho, Doc Bond, Cam, Irish Liam and the Canadian Telecoms guys!

Doc Bond has now left… as has Mike (although he is returning in a few days) as have I. Just a short trip for me this time.
• Tale of the week.

Schumacher is coming to Thailand in December. It’s going to take a bit of fighting with my boss, but if I can, I’ll be coming to this event.

All F1 events are great. The crowds are are friendly and it’s a real good atmosphere. As you know, the other week I trotted off to the Monza F1. A few pics for you!

Obviously a woman?

They’d need this to catch me on my bike.

Mango goes to Monza























Schumacher to make Thai debut in Race of Champions

Seven-times Formula One champion Michael Schumacher and his compatriot and reigning champion Sebastian Vettel will pair up to headline this year’s Race of Champions in Bangkok, organisers said on Tuesday.
The annual event features winners from various motorsport series Racing in identical cars and will take place at the Rajamangala Stadium, home of Thailand’s national football team, from December 15-16.
The event has been held in Duesseldorf, Germany, for the last two years before which it made its Asian debut at Beijing’s ‘Bird’s Nest’ Olympic Stadium.
Schumacher and Vettel have teamed up for Germany to win the “Race of Nations”, which forms the first half of the event, for the last five years.
“I have never raced in Thailand before so this will be an interesting addition to my motor sport travels,” Schumacher said in a news release.
“Of course it means Team Germany won’t have the home advantage of the past two years but Seb and I managed okay in London and Beijing so we hope it won’t stop us from keeping up our run.
“Racing in a stadium is sensational – and it’s a very different experience for us drivers to hear the fans so close. And of course we are all professionals so the moment we close the visor we want to win…”

• Incoming e-mails this week.

In a Chicago hospital, a gentleman had made several attempts to get into the men’s restroom, but it had always been occupied. A nurse noticed his predicament. Sir, she said ‘ You may use the ladies room if you promise not to touch any of the buttons on the wall.’ He did what he needed to, and as he sat there h e noticed the buttons he had promised not to touch. Each button was identified by letters: WW , WA , PP, and a red one labeled ATR. Who would know if he touched them? He couldn’t resist.. He pushed WW – warm water was sprayed gently upon his bottom. What a nice feeling, he thought. Men’s restrooms don’t have nice things like this. Anticipating greater pleasure, he pushed the WA button. Warm air replaced the warm water, gently drying his underside. When this stopped, he pushed the PP button. A large powder puff caressed his bottom adding a fragile scent of spring flower to this unbelievable pleasure. The ladies restroom was more than a restroom, it is tender loving pleasure. When the powder puff completed its pleasure, he couldn’t wait to push the ATR button which he knew would be supreme ecstasy. Next thing he knew he opened his eyes, he was in a hospital bed, and a nurse was staring down at him. ‘What happened?’ he exclaimed. ‘The last thing I remember was pushing the ATR button’. ‘The button ATR is an Automatic Tampon Remover. Your penis is under your pillow.’


• Round up / news gossip

Stick has it all… however…..

Pretty Lady is taking and age to get sorted. The girls told me it’s going to be weeks. Business still goes on inside, but it’s a bit of a building site. The girls have to cover up at the moment until there is a proper front curtain and by the looks of it, they’ve been given some sort of uniform aswell as underwear?!

Strapps is still undergoing renovations. I’ve popped my head in there a few times to see Thai guys sitting around smoking and drinking. So work rate is at the usual pace then. Again, it’s the end of the month before that’s open.

Anglewitch is still packing them in. On more than one occasion I’ve had to ‘about turn’ and leave as there have been no seats available. – a good position for DavetheRave to be in!

BillBoard wasn’t looking too busy lately. Plenty of girls, but maybe it’s lost it’s attraction?

Spankys was busy as per usual. Have you noticed that all the girls in Spankys seem to have big boobs? Must be the biggest selection of boobies in the Plaza. Apart from the LB bars of course.

• Whats happening in the bar – food specials, parties?

There is now a laptop in the Mango for all to use. If you are going to use it to download a bunch of sicko porn, please label the folder clearly where you save it so that I can easily find it.

wi-fi reaches to the toilets in the Mango

After spending hours for the dude at Pantip to get the thing ‘ready for use’ – Bubba did a sterling job of re-installing all the essential software needed in ENGLISH. Why do they install the Thai versions? They must know I am not a Thai?




Kwan went mad in the kitchen last Sunday. She just started producing plate after plate of food, much to the approval of all the patrons that were given a plate and TOLD to eat!
(Sundays seem to be her preferred days for doing this)

Walter can be found in the Mango from Thurs-Sun. Do stop by and say hello to the old bastard!

In November, we will have a party of some sort.   Details will follow.   Looking like one in December also,  courtesy of Lomeo… will look into the details.

The usual daily specials….
Mondays – Beer Lao 79bht
Tuesdays – Beer Chang 79bht
Wednesdays – Beer Leo – 79bht
Thursdays – Heineken – 89bht
Fridays – San Mig.Light 89bht
Saturday – Tiger Pint Draught 99bht
Sunday – Heineken Pint Draught 99bht
Hamburger / Cheeseburger 89 / 99bht (find a better value burger if you can!)
Upstairs at the Mango we have a party room. Open party nights and any night you want if you have a group. Just ask… we can supply all your needs!
• Up coming events (sports)

The usual footy this weekend.  Check the sports page for details.

Singapore F1 also….


Got something to say?

39 thoughts on “Mango Fortnightly – 22nd September

  1. Happy trails, DW.

    I’m glad to see a fortnightly update and I enjoy reading them. I for one certainly noticed and cared when the due date for the last update came & went, but I figured you had your reasons. More to the point, I figured it would take some serious chutzpah to push you to finish a post, regardless of the reasons.

  2. I’ve a submission from Lomoe…. part 2 of the cowboy run and another piece I am working on regarding another bar crawl.

    – If you’ve anything to share… you know the address!

  3. I find it amazing your ever able to post anything whilst in BKK! Having just spent the best part of last week in your wake, I’ve done well just to make it home with my phone and wallet (usually empty by that hour) still in my possession! I think the reason many didn’t chime in was due to the fact they were either here doing it first hand or attempting to fathom the scope of last weeks antics…

    On a side note, just got off the phone with that cute non-industry girl you saw me with at the Mango early on. It seems she’s a bit distraught over some shit and had a few drinks onboard before she decided to call me and out herself as always wanting to come rock my world! I told her come on over and take a shot, I’ll be here till 6pm, don’t be late…Hopefully more to follow?

    • I think nR needs to write up his exploits over the past few weeks.

      – it’s better than a soap opera.

      However, I do think it’ll all end in tears…. (his!)

  4. +1 DW .. more to follow. Your fortnightlies (sounds bad doesn’t it!) are a staple of my time away from ‘The Big Mango’. If you ever stop writing them I will have to put the word out that you’ve .. never mind. Just keep writing them OK

    @nR – Your writing over the past few days is nothing short of spectacular. It’s like we’ve been thrown into the middle of a Jake Needham thriller and I fully expect you to end up doing some pro-dono work for Demonia in one of their ‘Medical Play’ nights, where mistress Jeab takes you from behind on the pool table with the strap-on.

  5. Nice pic’s of the F1. I was a big fan back in the day when I ( with the boys, of course) would make the trip from Sydney to Adelaide every year in a little Alfasud. Bless that car, it spent more time at the mechanics than on the road, but shit did it go. A great little 5-speed that would top-out at about 195 KPH (at least that’s what the cops clocked me at in the dead of night somewhere around Hay). When we got to the track I was so tired (driving non stop for 13 hrs) that I slept under the grandstands during practise. Those were the days. Always figured that the stereo was the ‘black box’ – if the car left the road and hit the trees they would have checked the CD player and said “Guns N Roses – They never had a chance.” Little did I know what ‘Paradise City’ meant back then 555

    A timely submission re the whole P4P vs relationships (real or other). I am firmly of the belief that there are two types of men – those who accept that we pay for it period and those who are still lying to themselves. I have found P4P ‘hit and miss’ and had better results mining GF/GFE type action but the emotional side is indeed a minefield. I think @nR was on to a good wicket but even his tale shows that it’s hard not to get emotionally involved. (he’s now a basket case!) Also finding a girl who will indulge your particular kind of nasty can be hard once the kiknky meter heads towards the red zone.

    It’s not easy ..

  6. Girls need money. If they’re with you out of ‘love’.. then they’re not out earning. Whether you call it ‘taxi money’ or food money, whatever you call it. You end up giving them something. People fail to realize that buying them a drink, or some food IS STILL MONEY!!

    There are girls out there however that genuinely like you. They are not in it for the money. However, they still NEED money for whatever reason.

    If you were in your own Country – dating aint cheap.

    It’s simple.. if you are on vacation, then keep the relationships temporary. If you live there… well… then you’re fucked!

  7. I prefer Monaco as my F1 venue. It’s just buzzing. I’ve driven there in a Ferrari, 911 Turbo and my R1’s. Half the buzz is in the ride/drive.

    Now that I am old and poor, I took a plane and a hire car. Not quite the same.

    Next year I’ll probably have to go there on a skateboard.

  8. In todays news: “In 2011-12, Australians made a record 8 million short-term overseas trips, according to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, compared with just over 3 million in 2001-02. The top five destinations were New Zealand, Indonesia (Bali, ostensibly), the US, Thailand and Britain.”

    ST trips? I swear we are only interested in temples and places of historic interest!

  9. @DW Yes I noticed the missed Fortnightly, but I also noticed the time it was taking you to organize the Cowboy Crawl.

    Often better to do one thing well, and now you have had time to return to Fortnightly and also do that well again.

    I am just sad that I could not visit for the crawl. Looking for March now in BKK, too, too long away.

    But will take solace with my Hua Hin masseuse in Maldives and Dubai in October.

    How a man must suffer sometimes!! rayyar

  10. I realize that for some trying to get the girl for the cheapest price is a matter of pride and some strange form of self respect. But for me, I always apply the Time=Money equation. My time is valuable, more valuable that girls time. I never forget that. Low balling the girl and getting a less that satisfactory experience is a waste of my time and my money. I like picking up the good girl and only paying for food and/or movies etc as much as anyone but that takes time, not a lot of time but time none the less. Time i could use with more that one girl… I usually dont even ask the girls how much, most of the time they dont mention it to me either. I’m not trying to say i get out of paying or any of that, although it does happen. I know how much the girl is worth to me, and i will hand it to her plus tip when im done. If the the girl asks me how much she is getting before we leave the bar. I know already how this will go. Either, I really want to her (HOT) and price is not so much an issue. Or I tell her the going rate, if she complains in the slightest, i know she will be a problem, and i tell her to move on… Simple as that. I’ve found that simply pretenting that their not hookers goes a long way with them. You know it, they know it, but you can make them feel more comfortable by not getting into price. Just be confident in your choice, be prepared to pay and deal with whatever comes later… Some old Pro’s will say leaving the bar with the girl without negotiating everything in advance is not a good idea. Some times they are right. This is what works for me…

  11. Was out last night with nR…. that was a short night, 2 stops and then the CALL came that made a man smile and take off like a lightning… no it wasnt me…

    good luck Ron, i know u missed her.. 🙂

  12. @C-man; was I that obvious? I tell you what though, you couldn’t have found a happier dude than I was this morning, marveling at my sleeping angel! BTW don’t ever get caught, it really creeps em out when they awaken to being studied.
    lets hope tonight pans out? If there is lesson here it’s you just never know?

  13. as do I, but can’t ever properly calibrate for the LOS effect! Tonight will actually be quite telling if that means much around here, she was supposed to be pre-booked to see another dude and she knows, and has thus far respected my request not to be her 2nd rounder of a night. So it’s now 7:44ish, I’ve sent her an SMS asking if we can meet for food soon. If she declines it’s most likely because she’ll be heading into work and that will be that! If she accepts it’s most likely we will hang out together for the remaining 2 night of this trip and I’ll be elated! Not sure how I’ll deal with the other options but I’m home bound either way in <48hrs so how bad could it possibly be?

  14. I’m with ROLLIN, I never talk about price, duration or services… It’s only come back to bite me once…

    She is now my girlfriend and I spend half of every trip to Thailand with her, she spends 15-20 minutes every day on the phone asking when she is getting a visa to come to America to live with me. My latest excuse is winter is coming and she won’t like it when the temps drop below 0…

    Sometime I have to do a write-up about my first trip to the Mango, last November, and how I spent two nights in Bangkok alone…

  15. I love the fortnightly, and even know it means ever two weeks now that I’ve looked it up a half dozen times. nR good luck! Good to see everyone, I’m also in Rollin’s camp. Spent two nights with my commodities trader with no love. Granted I had a raging good time with her and her friends tore it up and got home solo, as much as we both we wanted her to stayover social forces prevail. Thank god for scraps late night on lower Suk.

    DW thanks for the phenomenal hospitality! Much love.



    • As we all set off home from the Motherland, why is it we always look back and think ‘wow… fuck that was a good time’, yet when we are there, we find ourselves getting pissed off with anything and everything. Odd.

      I had a great time, and at the risk of sounding gay – it was great to hang out with the lads. When so many are in town at the same time, it’s always easy to grab a wing man for the night.

      Cam – how was Patts? Any stories there? The shaven head trick works there too!! 😉

  16. In an ideal world there would be a place called Tingland – plenty of girls and cheap living + a lush green garden to sit in and good telly

  17. will do a write-up after i get home…. sit right now with the 4 times kicked out girl, that is hard to forget and sure doesnt let me forget her either… with huge amounts of textmessages when shes kicked out…

    although not a bad thing, since i get breakfeast served in the apartment with just the right condiments after breakfeast 😉

    well, this trip havent been pissed off, only really pissed due to DWs bad influence on Soi Cowboy 😉 … and cant wait until i get home tomorrow so i can book the next trip in december….

    CYA then 🙂

  18. Well I had some of the best sexcapades of a lifetime on this trip. I’m not the uppish type when it comes to the ladies as I can appreciate whats on offer compared to home. I have found that it is definitely better to have some rapport with the lady and buy them a drink or two and play pool etc.I try not too talk about money too much but I dont want them taking the piss either. I am never going to pay a LON more per hour than what I can earn. I have to put up with driving, traffic, fuckwits on site and incompetent bosses, not to mention some hard graft. I seriously doubt if any gogo dancer or bargirl has to put up with all that every day plus have a skill.I’m sure I would rather eat all day, have drinks bought for me, dance and get pissed with mates and then have some sex (hopefully with someone attractive) and get some more money.
    Does anyone think that its a bit fucked up that roles aren’t reversed on this. Bar boys and gogo dancing men mmm.

  19. @ldog “Does anyone think that its a bit fucked up that roles aren’t reversed on this. Bar boys and gogo dancing men mmm.”

    I will have to be the papasan bz I’m bloody sure no-one will barfine me.

    @DW – It really does pay to embrace the ‘mai pen rai’ attitude. To many things can go wrong and plans change by the minute in LOS. Seen too any blokes get their knickers in a knot over a few baht or missing out on a girl (guilty of that myself). Not worth spoiling a holiday

    • Lomeo… was that comment meant for me? ‘@DW’?

      If it was.. there is no ‘mai pen rai’ attitude for me to adopt. It’s my way.. or fuck off to all way!!


  20. @ Lomeo: A-men mate! Was funny I was just packing my shit for the journey home in the morning and kinda in a reflective state if you will, dirty laundry holds many truths if you look hard enough! But summation is an odd thing, and no matter how up or down your usually left with RMS standing attitude in general. (usually?)
    So self was this worth the Cash spent? Hmmm maybe, maybe not? Usually I’m pretty happy with my past trips value.
    Was it worth all the logistical head ache? I’m thinking not..the fucking heat, asshole taxi’s, congestion all around, my F*&@# mold spore factory AC? Packing un packing repacking…Short trip duration this time. Rain!!!! Smelling like a wet dog 30 minutes post shower and shave (same frustration when a baby shits all over that just changed clean diaper! They do it on purpose)
    Was it worth all the mental/emotional strife? Absolutely Yes! If I don’t heed the lessons learned herein I should be committed to a nut house! ( not Cascade kinda nut house) And no matter how fucked up it got now you have no excuse to ever let it go that way again…
    All and all, first week fucking rocked! Second week hurt! Although starting to show a bit of color in the pan, might be too little, too late. Ask me in the morning…

  21. @DW I didn’t have the gun pointed at you but I think the whole “when we are there, we find ourselves getting pissed off with anything and everything” is largely avoidable by a change in attitude.

    Like when I’m given a Leo from your fridge that isn’t quite cold enough. Is is really worth me kicking up a stink about it?

  22. Agree that we all pay for sex, in many ways.

    I always chat with the girls for awhile and establish a rapport with them before broaching BF & LT prices and 99% of the time their prices have been very acceptable. I always plan to see many girls each trip, but usually end up staying with one for the majority of the time. I guess in the end I’m a one-woman guy no matter how hard I try to spread it around. I too have had girls say they didn’t want my money afterward, but I either convinced them to take it anyway or stuffed it in their purse when they weren’t looking.

  23. @batanha; I think we have exactly the same approach and results. I always plan to have many ladies but usually end up with one or two favourites that I spend the majority of time with.The last trip i planned to spend several days in Soi 6 Pattaya having a crack at the so called top performers. I spent a few hours there and it just wasn’t my scene. The mantra of ” you want dink, you want boom boom” and you got a short shift if the answer you gave was no. I guess it has to be a mood thing for me or I have to be extremely horny. I had a great time with a little lady who spoke little english and was new to Pattaya.I took her to a few gogos and to Walking Street,neither of which she had seen before and it was great to see someone in awe of everything.
    @Dw; It sounds like you are with a western woman, or more precisely one from Oz. I know you aren’t, but maybe woman are alll the same once you spend too long with them. At least your lady is a honey, imagine putting up with all that crap for a fat pig.

    • Lachiedog – For every beautiful girl out there, there is a dude sick of her shit.

      Men age like a fine wine. Women seem to age like milk. It’s a buyers market out there. 😉

      nR.. think about it. When the little spinner is your age, you will still be able to have girls that are her current age.

      Sobering thought.

      – and you know, I did actually once bag a Nicole Kidman lookalike in Oz once. Actually, she looked like she’d eaten Nicole Kidman. It was the James Bond accent that did it. (Daniel Craig James Bond that is. the hard one 😉 )

  24. @ lachiedog: I love pigs, well that is with pancaeks, eggs and hashbrowns…I’m with you though, look at all the shit I put up with but then again look at who I’m putting up with! Still not too bad a deal IMHO!

  25. Ahmen buddy!
    The really sad thing about how poorly some women age is when you see pictures of her family and her mother is a few years younger than you are, yet well you know where this is going…At the rate my little one’s going at I’ll be having nothing to do with her next by year 🙁 fortunately by that time the one pmmp and I found will most likely be allowed to leave the bar finally!

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