Soi Cowboy Challenge! 12th September – Updated!

Gents…     talking with my old pal PRP, we came to the assumption that it’d fun to do a Soi Cowboy challenge.  ALL the bars in one night.

– There are a lot, so we’ll need to start early evening.


We shall be starting at the Old Dutch at the bottom of Cowboy.  A deal has been struck with the Big Cheese there for a bunch of snacks before the marathon.  Chicken Wings, Ribs, Spring rolls… kinda thing.     

And when I say ‘deal’… this one is on me and PRP.  The marathon eaters are welcome. Of course you’ll have to identify who you are to us.  Any freeloaders will be stabbed in the chest with half eaten rib.

The plan is ‘one drink and out’.  No exceptions.    (even the Arab bars)    All are welcome.   If you can make it to the Mango (and spend some money) before we set off, it will be a good opportunity for introductions and name calling.

Planned date is Wednesday 12th September  ETD (Estimated Time of Drinkathon) is 18:30 at THE OLD DUTCH

Let us all know who is in….  and I’ll add it to the Calendar.     (for those of you already said they’re up for it, please mention again on this tread, as it’s easier to track)

A write-up will follow.   So I’ll need people to take notes.





Doc Bond


Mike the warrior


nurseRon – flying in especially! How Elite is that?  You hear that Fender / ROLLN?  😉




In pencil…

– although doubt they can make the whole night.. it’s an age thing 😉

113 thoughts on “Soi Cowboy Challenge! 12th September – Updated!

  1. I’ll ask Stick and DtR if they want to join us.

    nR – What is it you want Stick to do? (from the other post)

    I am not sure we’ll want pictures 😉

  2. Mr Daywalker I will be around until the 16th so as they say in politics it’s a mandate.I look forward to a guided tour of Soi Cowboy. Maybe I should say semi-guided as I’m sure I will be propping someone up and putting them in a Tuk Tuk. Sadly I have never really had a decent look around Soi Cowboy so I will be glad of the experience.

    • Cool. For all those in attendance… on the Friday after, I’ll put on a little spread at the Mango.. food n drink for the Iron Men. Hopefully we’ll all be sick of booze by then so it won’t cost me much.

  3. I misunderstood, I was talking about a contest for those of us not in BKK (“10 things I miss about BKK right now”)
    But a Cowboy ironman scrawl sounds like much more fun! And pictures would only produce evidence that could be held against you, so yeah no photo log is good idea!
    I’ll start checking airfare prices, see if I can make it…

    • Pete, I count 32 bars.

      32 drinks… No problem. We can head over to Nana after.

      6 bars an hour. 10 mins in each bar. The time taken to get the drinks is the main problem. Maybe we should send the person who finishes his drink 1st – ahead to the next bar to order the drinks prior to us piling through the door?

      I should do this shit for a living.

  4. I would suggest making Cockatoo’s one of the early stops to prevent excessive groping.

    groping – [groh-ping]: Feel about or search blindly or uncertainly with the hands.

    • Bubba… C’mon.. admit it. You only want to stop there early so that there is more of a selection for barfining! 😉

      Actually.. I was thinking we just start at the top/bottom and work our way down?

      That way, the last drink of the night will be that Yah-dong (spelling?) from that manky old wooden bucket they sell on the street at the entrance of Cowboy.

      Enough to make anyone puke.

  5. 32! Maybe that’s why I’ve never made it past Tilac, starting either end? Out of the 2 guys I know that can drink that much, one lives and works in BKK and usually has to work the next day, although you’ll most likely see him at Country Road pounding pitchers of Heinies? The other is here in Cali and I’ll bet his wife wouldn’t like this idea at all!

    • In some bars… we can just have a shot of Tequila or Jeager. Maybe even a coke. There is no shame in vomiting either. If it’s to help you soldier on.. then you get a ‘pass’.

      Man up and be counted.

  6. I haven’t been near pussy or a beer for nearly six months so I’m gonna struggle on the booze bender but I will give it the old college try. I pity the poor lass who will be the first to cop my release from sexual purgatory (aka, the outer suburbs of Melbourne). I am also requesting some info on where i might find some ladies who are into other ladies and men for a genuine threesome. I,m not thinking of Eden but I’m sure NurseRon and Rollin might help on this one. Cheers and see you soon.

  7. @Lachiedog,,,
    Sounds like your gonna need a few warm up nights before you hit this bar crawl or you may be laid out by the toilet… I know i would need some priming before taking on that task. Now, as for the mentioned Threesomes. You need to make friends with the momason’s, flirt with them, buy them drinks, all of that. I have even brought them bottles from Dutyfree and it has paid off well at times. Once you find one good girl into that scene she will lead you to the rest of them.

    • I am surprised at ROLLNs comment. I thought he’d have said ‘why a threesome? Why not a Fivesome’?

      Lachiedog… fear not. We will ‘take care you very big’.

      It just so happens… we’re tight with a few mamasans.. You are in good (evil) hands!

  8. @ROLLN; I think he was asking for specific Bars and girl tag#’s! Funny how we covet our little treasures when found…Good input on the mamason’s, I’ve never done that but it makes perfect sense!
    @Lachiedog; I’ve always payed close attention to the girls while they interact with each other on stage and elsewhere. With a little study and liquid persuasion you can usually get a very positive response from a girl if your offering to pay bar for both her and her best mate! But before offering do ever so gently inquire of your contact girl if she’s into both boys and girls or you may just end up with two girls at the same time, which isn’t a bad thing but if your seeking an all inclusive interaction you may be disappointed? I’ve had great luck at Erotica (2nd level opposite side of Escalator next to Rainbow, Nana Plaza, not the Erotica on 3rd floor) Also Mandarin has a few very bi ladies.
    After closing time you may see many of the gogo girls working the street bars along lower Suk, and I’ve had some fun times with these also. In fact at one little bar is an adorable little cutie and her mom, both working the family business together. I’ve been trying to angle a 3 way with mother and daughter now for a while!
    If your not too picky you can always get as nasty as you like, even sitting at the bar, at the Connection Bar down on Suk soi 22 (about 3rd business on your right hand side from corner entering from Suk) But do scout this dump before and it’s usually a last ditch effort kinda gig but they are happy to please!
    If you ever make it to Nataree before 4-5 pm weekdays, do ask either the fat little flamingly gay annoying Papason or just pick one you like and ask her if she’s into it and they’ll usually either be very enthusiastic or will point you in the right direction. And here no reason to tip toe around what your looking for, just bluntly ask! That will set you back around 6k for a 90 minute session with 2 side liners, fish bowl is about 1k/girl cheaper and you will get a proper massage, soapy and whatever in 120 min.-ish…
    Oddly enough I’ve never been to Eden so I can’t comment? Maybe DW and ROLLN will take me someday! 😉
    DW may have a hot tip or two while in country but you gotta go get that one at the Mango directly…
    hope this helps but the search is part of the fun too so don’t waste to much effort doing home work, just hit it, hard as you can starting at the Family mart in Suvarnabhumi! Cheers 😉

  9. @batanha; every fight I’ve EVER been in while in BKK was at Cowboy with YP! Not blaming him for any of it but the correlation is hard to over look. Best his attendance be unobserved for many reasons?

  10. Thanks for the info fella’s. I’ve done a fair bit or research on the massage parlours and the like. Yes lots of options.I have been offered them(threesomes) before but at inopportune times ( like about 20 minutes before leaving for the airport) or I’ve been too unwell. Had plenty of offers from the row of massage shops in Soi Bukhao, but they definately weren’t into pussy licking,so I didn’t waste the money. I have been to BKK many times, stay near Soi 4 but have hardly ever been to the gogos there.I always travel alone and just found it a bit daunting, I’m sure they are more fun when with a few companions.I will spend a bit more time there and do some fieldwork.I shall be a bit more focused on new adventures and yes NurseRon, I shall be more direct and to the point.Cheers and I’m counting the seconds to when I can have a beer, a game of pool and to waking up with a little brown skinned lady. Yum yum.

  11. @Lachiedog; I hope you didn’t take it I was saying you weren’t being direct enough buddy? I just meant in the non-gogo venues you don’t have to worry too much about offending the girls as you might in a bar. The only guy I know ( and since has been my Hero) that can get away with saying and/or doing what ever enters his mind at that particular moment is Sir ROLLN, but I’ll let him tell that story. If he even remembers!
    And your spot on about hitting the gogo’s alone vrs with friends. I’m not big on heading out on a gogo crawl unless I’m meeting up with others, I liken it to hitting a movie or eating at a proper restaurant alone. Some people have no problems but I don’t enjoy it half as much as with company. Weird auh?

  12. Walk into the plaza or ago go bar with DW. It’s an experience when all the girls drop their dancing stance and come over to greet him. Be prepared to lay down some cash and do lots of tequilas though.

    • Dolph… this is only down to me going there many.. many times with various people. I guess the girls appreciate the return custom. All to many times they’re subjected to the one-night tourists that promise to come back and see them later that night or the following night and never do.

      That and me also being similar to Tom Cruise. Well.. height wise anyway.

  13. Just admit it, your a fucking Rock Star, especially in the plaza! But that’s always a good reason to come visit the Mango to see if your up for a run 🙂

  14. NurseRon, I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels a bit intimidated by going to the Gogos alone. I have no problem going to beer bars and the like, alone as it is something I have gotten used to.I think I get a bit over awed by having too much choice. I used to be indecisive but now I just can’t make up my mind. I don’t know too many people in Bkk so it will be good to meet some fellows with the same interests who for a change, can read, write and have a conversation.Hopefully thats everyone on this site.

  15. Mr Daywalker, I am also vertically challenged and when a younger man, was often told I look like Mel Gibson.Shit, I’ve aged badly, now I get compared with Golum from Lord of the Rings.

  16. @lachiedog; lol! well as of late everyone appears to be reading and writing at par, but that changes as does the wind!
    My biggest problem, aside from just having more fun with your mates while out, is I have terrible eye sight and until recently refused to wear glasses. I picked up 3 pairs on my trip before last to BKK and lost one pair on the second or third night out. Then on my last trip lost another at Nana Plaza thus leaving me with only a pair of Rx sunglasses. Now a 45yr white guy stumbling around BKK at 3am is everything but cool looking so needless to say, I was once again sight challenged. If I hit a gogo and pull a girl I have a very high probability of regretting my choice in the following afternoon light. Hence my wingman is tasked to insure I don’t mistakenly pick poorly…But for us it is just a better time with fellow punters acting like pubescent teen age boys. I’ve often noticed, especially on slower weekday nights, the solo guys sitting up in the perv rows often with a stoic grimace? They don’t look like their having much fun and if the girls don’t think your happy they will often avoid you because who wants to hang out with a grumpy old goat that looks pissed off all the time. But just head over to the Mango and take a seat in the middle and you’ll surely strike up with a group heading out on safari! And in the mean time grab a beer& bite and flirt with miss Tim, she’s the beautiful smile that will most likely great you as family and take your order…It’s good stuff!

  17. I like going to the gogo’s alone sometimes. Depends on which gogo though. Thats when the most epic adventures happen. But, if your the guy smiling all over the place all the girls are going to approach you and the first ones to do it will not be the ones you like!!! So a grimace here and there is not bad.

    @nurseron,,, you must be referring to the time I barfined a girl for longtime, took her to another gogo and told her to wait with u while I short timed another girl real quick. Good times…

  18. >I like going to the gogo’s alone sometimes. Depends on which gogo though. Thats when the most epic adventures happen.

    I would have to concur with Rolln, my times with or without friends/fam have been 50/50 whether epic or tamada, although the top epics have been with friends/fam. It has been an ongoing internal debate as to which is better sometimes, but in the end, I prefer to kick with friends/fam, but it won’t hold me back in the least bit if none with, I’ll shortly be with new friends in good company and having more life time memories!

    >But, if your the guy smiling all over the place all the girls are going to approach you and the first ones to do it will not be the ones you like!!! So a grimace here and there is not bad.

    Again have to concur with Rollin, so so true, but maybe not a grimace, just that look/signal like/that my girl is coming don’t mess with me, but it’s all good I may mess with you a different day (not, but never say never, hol is a hellava drug)!

  19. @ROLLN; that’s the night dude! But now paint the picture here, firstly neither of the girls were slouches, at all! The one we brought with was not only an absolute angel but she was fine, and little miss hot lips, well she was hotter than expected! But that was a pretty fun and bold night, even for Patts….
    I’ve had a few memorable solo outings but as far as I can remember, all my bad nights were flying alone. But you gotta also take into account I get pretty sloppy and it’s those times alone when I end up barfining abunch of girls and loosing time and waking up to escaped wildlife herding in my bed! Nothing too sinister but can be a bit scarring before coffee?
    I guess it’s the false sense of security I gain no matter how many days we been up all wacked out and stumbling drunk, if there’s atleast two of us were a fucking Army and that’s good?
    As far as those foul looking characters, you guys know who I’m talking about. I’m more the happy go lucky sanook for all, bubbly drunk. But those guys just look constipated and angry, with that hardcore stare at the girls like their to be his next meal! Those dudes creep me out. Funny thing I was out with a buddy and commented on this other dude that fit the bill. Turned out my pal knew the guy quite well and that’s just the way he looks, was quite pleasant after engaged. But all the girls were afraid of him, even after we kinda joined in.
    Beauty of LOS, it can be everything to everyone at any time you wish! That’s my story and I’m sticking with it…

    • nR. Get yourself over. Do it.

      I see Kwan everyday. Not a problem to stop over at Afterhours in Silom though. Will have to call ahead so that she can put some glass ashtrays on the tables for us. 🙂

  20. Cool! Oh for those that have had to endure my stinking of tobacco, second hand smoke and general nastiness of being a smoker I’ve been doing the “E-cigs” now for about 6-7 months and it’s great! No more smelly ashtrays, no more excusing my self for a outdoor break and I can actually taste and smell things, including when I have the dragons breath! But the ashtrays do come in handy for other uses! 😉

  21. yeah and I’m flying home Thursday morning to start my new job Friday night shift stocking the dog food and shoe laces at Walmart! Wish me luck and tell YP if anyone sees him I can probably get him too if he can get one more referral to vouch for him?

  22. Man, I am so jealous now. I feel like when I was a kid and my brother got to go somewhere and I could not. Doesn’t matter where, doesn’t matter with who; he got to go and I was left back. (Don’t remember when I got to go and he didn’t; but then i wasn’t feeling jealous then, was I?)

    I’m looking at maybe a week in October, at about the 11th. I’ll see. I wonder if Soi Cowboy will have recovered by then, or will the ladies still be wasted and the clubs in shambles.

    How many club crawlers are on your list, as of now, DW?


    • Things are hotting up here!!

      I’ve just had an e-mail asking what time kick off is on the Cowboy run.

      Well.. I plan to start proceedings at 5pm at the Mango. This get some food inside prior to filling myself up with booze. Then, meet and greet the comrades before setting off around 18:30. You are going to say 18:30 is too early, but there is a few open air bars that we can get out the way before the gogo’s open up. Shadow bar for example.

      We have a long list to get through!

    • nRon… I like your way of thinking.

      I am thinking that Thursday we’ll be a little worse for wear. And if we’re not, we didn’t drink enough.

      On Friday – hopefully we can gather at the Mango to recount some tales for the write-up. We can then visit a few Nana bars 😉

      Snacks and shots will be provided for the cowboys.

  23. Great idea! If I can get the flight, I would be glad to join you.
    After Saudi and a few days in Abu Dhabi it will be a nice challenge.

  24. I would love to come but I’m sure I wouldnt be able manage more than half before passing out.
    What’s that its not a girl at each bar its a drink, well in that case I’ll be passed out at the quarter mark

    • supermonger…. fear not, it’s only 30 bars. You don’t have to drink an alcoholic drink in every bar. And you can come and join us or leave us at any point.

      I’ll be sending out Tweets – to let everyone know where we are!

      This has all the makings of a pretty good (drunken) social event.

      I hope the bar owners of soi cowboy appreciate it!

  25. Yeah if some of the Mango friendly bars (good networking prospect) were to do something special for these BM hosted tours this could really turn into a great little mid week, low season business boosting promotion? Say Happy hour all night for those in the group? Or even just expedited service so we all could finish our lap and then go back to follow up at any good prospects? (although we may not be the model customers after 30 nips?) Shit if we hit Cowboy with just 10 in tow and complete 1 lap that will pump about 45k into that street just for drinks! That’s nothing sneeze at mate, I bet that’s more than alot of those little bars pull down in week. And at 4500 per stop for one and out, pretty easy money too!

    • I hear ya. However, we don’t really spend much time in Cowboy these past few years. All attention has been spent locally at the Plaza. Which, we’ll hit at a later time.

      I’ll put some feelers out so one of the guys who owns several bars. Thing is, I would feel cheeky asking for a happy hour, as I know him, yet as I don’t know his competitors, pay full price. It’s a tricky one.

      What we can do though, is before we set off, sort out the order in which we’ll visit the bars. That way, we can hit certain bars that we are not keen on giving custom to, during Happy Hour.

      I need to employ a P.A to organize all this shit.

      nRon… the night before, I suggest you and I meet up do discuss tactics. 8pm at Straps?

  26. Yeah I don’t know who I’m fooling I’m a one pop then nappy time kinda guy! But just for the T-shirt alone would get back on a plane! 😉

    • nR – are you aware that nappy is a word we use in the UK that means diaper. Kinda puts a whole new spin on what you’ve said there.

      – you sicko!

  27. sometimes you just gota go big! BBB style? Oh come on now I find it hard to believe I’m the ONLY one out here that craps himself after a good hummer? That’s why I have to be such a good tipper…

  28. The pic of those dudes in the costumes is funny as hell. And its a classic representation of what the scene in Thailand will do to you… ha. Curious as to how the girls felt about it, I know they like a good laugh but, would they be embarrassed to stroll down the street with you dressed up like that? All us farrangs probably look like that to them anyway I suppose…

    @ DW, in the US, when we use the word Nappy it sometimes means the way you look when you’ve just woke up from a mid day nap, hair all crazy and what not. But you wouldn’t know anything about that would you.

  29. @ ROLLN – I actually have plans to wear a Panda suit one day in Pattaya next March. Thinking about doing it at night though to avoid the midday heat. I’ve worn the Tigger tiger costume to some stateside bar crawls, so I have some experience with this (yeah, I’m a loon).

  30. for the record I was using “nappy” in reference to sleep…Is pretty funny though how with the same language (kinda) we still struggle!
    Halloween is an absolute blast in BKK, but it’s still so frigging hot you can’t really do the full on costumes and enjoy your self without suffering a heat stroke! Here it’s starting to get pretty nippy at the end of Oct. I had this cool baby outfit with a proper nappy, over sized safety pins, a poo bear shrunken T-shirt and bonnet with matching bib, and an adapted 2L baby bottle with a bright neon green high flow battery terminal sized nipple…that would work in BKK?

  31. @batanha, funny you mentioned panda. I picked up a dead panda mask one time in pattaya we were going to use in some vid action. It never worked out, coulda shoulda woulda.

  32. I think wearing a nappy might be a good idea, maybe the toilets will be busy with passed out gents. i haven’t been to a BJ bar yet, I have no plausible explanation why not. I will have have to find an “I lub you longtime”, for the first few days, so as to get some “match fitness”, so to speak. I might then attend one of those BJ bars. It would be quite embarassing if I shot my load as she was just stroking my shorts.Maybe I could also wear the nappy in there. Just in case.

    • lachiedog. Stop it. Seriously, you’re killing me here.

      Stop by the Mango and let me slap you around the face a little. Then we’ll go for a little walk that will change your life forever. (in a good way).

      If the cowboy crawl is a success, I’ll then arrange another bar crawl… the bj bar crawl.. Lolitas, Dr BJ, Lollipop and Kangaroo. Any takers?

  33. 2 tickets please.
    Bus leaves Mango 6.30pm…duly noted.
    Will be there 6.25pm…have to put the “trouble & strife”” to bed first.

  34. Anyone recall the Thai short video that plays before feature presentations at cinemas that shows a Panda punishing cell phone users for talking during a movie? It was actually pretty funny. I went to see a Thai ghost story with my friend and our bar fines once and when that Panda video came on my friend started laughing hysterically. Of course we started laughing because he was laughing so hard and soon the whole theater was looking at us. I should wear the Panda costume to the movie theater and start tackling cell phone users Jack Ass style.

    • Why is it that I started laughing, when reading that you were laughing at your friend laughing. That’s a whole lot of laughing.

  35. This could prove to be quite cumbersome. Are you going to have a kitty? Are you buying drinks separately? Pairing off? A little organisation may be in order.

    • hmmm… we can sort out the paying when we all meet at the start. I think the people who are together – it maybe better to do rounds and the non-drinkers, loners have separates? Just thinking about how 12 bins on the table will confuse us.

      I am by no means making any rules up here. This crawl is for us all.

      As Rubber Duck said in Convoy.. “They aint following me, I’m just infront of them”

    • Dolph… I have knocked up a little spreadsheet.

      It lists all the bars – as they are on the diagram in the posting.

      I think it’s easier if we start at the top/bottom and work our way up/down.

      On my list, I’ll simply tick them off as we go along. I shall also record if it’s worth a re-visit and if the girls are o.k. Not really much else we give a fuck about really.

      Oh, I’ll also note how many in our party there is in each bar… just so I can name and shame the people that bail on us!

  36. @Dolph: bro relax, all you need to know is “we” are going to Cowboy for a knarly night of drinking with naked girls! What more does man really need? I think you should be the official stop watch holder and keeper of record for who’s where and when, feel better mate! 😉

    • Chaps… check the updates on the Drinkathon. The chaps who own half of Cowboy have sprung me a ‘deal’ on some food before we set off!!

      Join us at the OLD DUTCH at 18:15 for pre-drink snacks.

  37. I’m gonna have to drop out of the full crusade, but will come along for some of the evening. That’s the problem with living in paradise, you occasionally have to go to work…

    • Pete.. no worries. Hopefully you’ll be able to hunt us down?!

      I am now sitting in the lounge at Heathrow airport.. stuffing my face with cucumber sandwiches and dodging all the Olympians in wheel-chairs.

      Should anyone like to pop into the Mango tomorrow evening to firm up plans or just say hello.. I’ll be there from 6pm onwards. I’ll also be taking a little walk to the Plaza if anyone wants to tag along!


  38. Just got in last night in time to catch up and buy a few rounds for the staff! Place was hopping along with a group of about 6-8 guys and was fun! Was nice to catch up until it was time for the ladies to get home and recharge for tonight. BTW I’m in!

  39. Yes, I’m in. Catch the flight to Bangkok in a few hours and after a nap I will be at the Old Durch at 6:30 or earlier at the Mango.
    See you!

  40. pics or it didn’t happen boys! – have a great one!. I’m off the piss (and the puss) at the moment so i won’t even be able to have one for y’all

  41. Great stuff…am sure you guys will have a blast. Would have loved to join but only back in BKK next week. 30 drinks is a lot though, and what goes in must come out (one way or another), so you guys may face some delays queuing up to drain the tanks 😉
    Anyways, have fun guys and am looking forward to that write-up!

  42. made it! kinda, I bugged out at around 1:35am, had to get back to the plaza and pick up my favorite before closing! Bummer was we had to start so early that a lot of the places weren’t even open yet. Was fun seeing the inside of places that I’d never been in but I think all would agree there’s a reason I’ve never seen the inside of some places!

  43. After visiting half the list I bid the troops godspeed, Daywalker and his monkey leading the merry band ever onwards. Work this morning is painful…

  44. oh crap…. it was as fun last night as painful now…. to bad the last one Rawhide was closed so we didnt get to do it….. well we have to do it again i guess 😉

    well, did a count today….. brought home 17 pairs with me… will be donated to Big Mango wall on friday 🙂

  45. @Cman; now that’s the spirit! Actually I heard some rumors going round about a BJ bar crawl in the works…that would be a funny sight given the size of our crew last night if everybody rolled in at Lolita’s at the same time, kinda nasty too but…

  46. I’ve just thrown up.

    Had to trek half way across the world this morning to retrieve my phone.

    Feel like shit. I left the last bar at 03:30 looking for my phone!

    More to follow… right now, I need a little ‘me time’.

  47. We’ll done boys!!

    I knew there would be a spew or ten in there! Gold goes to nRon who had the sense to keep his eye on a girl while the rest of you were fixated to the demon drink!!

  48. Gents…. Starting to feel a little better thanks to a Vodka & Redbull…

    Group meeting at the Mango tomorrow…. 8pm onwards.

    Need to get some notes down.

  49. Hardly… he has had a very successful career as a songwriter, singer and actor. It’s just that “One Night in Bangkok” is what he’s best known for.

  50. hmmm, I did not know that. I assumed Mr. Head was but one of the many 80’s one hit wonders. It’s arguably one of the West’s lowest artistic and highest commercial periods…that said I own way to many pointy headstock, pastel colored Charvel/Jackson’s to pose as anything but an 80’s product! 😉

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