Welcome Cheese74!

Cheese74 arrives in town today.  A week earlier than most people… so there are not many of us around!!

Anyone looking to hook up for a beer – then please do so – and show the Mango love!

Suggestions on what Cheese74 should get upto when out and about?




Mango Bi-Weekly! 22nd October


Sorry for the (slight) delay. I’ve been busier harder than the SMS service between nurseRon and his girl.  These weeks certainly do fly-by.  In fact, so fast there is little time to plan the events coming up! (Notice the title ‘bi-weekly’ – just for you Cam!)

A lot of talk lately about upcoming visits, past visits and what would be the perfect visit.  Well, what would be the perfect visit, and why is it we never stick to our plans?  There is so much to do.  Shopping for knock off shit in Patpong.  Increasing your computer memory at Pantip.  Eating bugs on a street corner on Sukhumvit.  Hit the beach at HuaHin.  Hit the Indians in Pattaya.  And then there are the temples and floating markets.  Are they not somewhere near by? Continue reading “Mango Bi-Weekly! 22nd October”

The Beach – by Lomeo DiCaprio

(Ed… Great stuff from Lomeo.. what with November just around the corner and people coming in, this might just be the way to go!)

As I count down to trip number 6 (tickets booked today and am planning a weekend in Pattaya with Bruce in the near future), I realise that it’s almost my one year anniversary – since I stepped onto the hallowed turf that is the ‘Land of Smiles’. I’ll spare you all the gory details, but I found myself in a marriage where I was getting laid less than a nun at a vicars picnic. Something had to give.

I still remember the first time .. that someone told me about Thailand. Continue reading “The Beach – by Lomeo DiCaprio”

Mango Fortnightly – 8th October


Greetings.  These weeks certainly do fly-by.  In fact, so fast there is little time to plan the events coming up!

The great thing about being in the bar business, is not that I can drink for 24 hours… it’s not that I never have to cook a meal ever again, it’s not that I can watch whatever TV station I want, it’s not that I can listen to whatever music I want and it’s not that I can sit there in my underpants.  No.. the best thing about the bar business, is the socializing.  I am sure I’ve harped on about this before.

With the success of the Cowboy Crawl under the belt, I got looking into other kinds of activities.  The one thing that seems to unite us all is booze.  So another booze crawl it is.  But where?

What is it that we seek when going on a bar crawl?   Normally you’d expect to hear ‘women’, but I think in this instance, the main driver is that it’s an excuse to venture into bars you’d not normally visit.  Be that on your own or with a pal.  This is where it’s safety in numbers.

Having a little think about it.. there are quite a few options.

Soi 4

Nana Plaza

Queens Park Plaza

Soi 33

Patpong 1 & 2

That’s without even thinking of Pattaya.

Admittedly, some are bigger than others.  The QPP for example, isn’t that big.  It’s less attractive than being kicked in the balls if I am honest, but then how will I know if I have never been there.   Also, places like the soi’s – open up the events to the daytime drinker (and helps avoid English Teachers)

Regardless of the venue / area… it’s all about the group participation.   The Cowboy group consisted of all sorts and mixed well with others.    We are also fortunate to have overseas travelers usually in BKK to join the fun.  – which is always a bonus.

Next up will be the Soi 4 tour.  A daytime starter.  We’ve a few names already on the list and hopefully a few more will follow.


Comings and Goings

Anyone in town?

The calendar is looking empty for October.  Sort it out lads!

Cheesy 74 will be arriving later this month.  Anyone around to meet up for a beer and welcome him?

Rainman has confirmed for next month.  Good on him.  You should see him when he’s drunk.

Tale of the week.

– No tales to tell this week (or the week before)

Instead, I’ve been asked a few time about some T-shirts.  We had a whole bunch a while back, but they’ve all gone.  It’s about that time to get some more knocked up.

They’ll all have the Mango Logo on the back (of course) but on the front there is space for your own wording.  I am thinking it might be good to have something in Thai written.  Something that a Farang won’t understand, but the girl he is with will understand all too well!

Maybe have something written like ‘ I want your number’  (in Thai).  When you are out and spot a girl, you can just point to the writing!

Submit your phrases or text to me at bigmangobar@hotmail.com  – I’ll add them to the next post.

Also.. should you happen to stop by the Mango in a ‘Mango Shirt’.. expect a free drink or shot.  Not decided yet.

Mango shirts – as seen in Monaco



Incoming e-mails this week.

Every so often I get an e-mail from THE MAN….  these are some of the latest…



















The Blog

We have a few posts being ‘worked on’ allegedly.   nR is steadily getting through his, Mike the Warrior has one in the chamber, as does  our resident Aussie ‘RainMan’ .

Please.. please guys – if you have a spare half hour – send something in to keep us all entertained.  If not, I fear nurseRon will be writing up about how he fell in love in Nana.  Trust me, we don’t want to hear about that.

There are 2 or 3 which are going to be published over the next week… and then it’ll be radio silence!

Even with the lack of reader submissions, the numbers we are achieving on the blog is pretty impressive. 60,000 (unique) visitors per month is not to be sniffed at.  Especially for a bar waaaaaay down soi 4.

Thanks go out to…   Rob, JtL, Lomeo, RainMain, Mike the Warrior and Bubba for contributions to the website.


Stool Sample…

We’ve still had no one come forward with the identity of the bar stool that appeared in the Soi Cowboy bar crawl.  And there was me thinking you lot were ‘good’?!

So here is another one…   Can you tell me from which bar this stool is from?

The new Scratch n Sniff stool.

The winner will get nothing more that a cheer when the Mango bell is rung for the staff.. in honor of him (or her)

Paid for by me 🙁


Round up / news gossip

Stick has it all… however…..

Anyone been to the new Dr.BJ’s.. opposite the existing Dr.BJ’s?

Straps is open!   I am hoping to get a bunch of them to a Mango party at some point.

Pretty Lady is open, but they’ve not enough girls to fill the stages.   Where are all the girls?

DavetheRave keeps pointing me in the direction of Mercury.  Sorry Dave, I didn’t get a chance to visit yet, but I am sure the troops will check it out.

Whats happening in the bar – food specials, parties?

Sad news 1st….  we’ve lost Tim.  Next month Tim will be moving away to pastures new – in Phuket to live with her boyfriend John.

For those of you that don’t know who Tim is, she is the wonderful girl behind the Mango bar that runs shit.  She is the girl that laughs at your jokes, serves you drinks, takes your food orders, prepares your bills, lies to your girlfriend, tells you, you look handsome, informs you that you’ve lost weight and always has a smile.

For me, she is the girl that ignores me, doesn’t serve me, spends my money, shouts at me, tells me off and calls me a midget.  So I am glad she is going.

Only kidding.  Despite my best efforts of large payments and threats of violence, I couldn’t persuade Tim to stay.  This tells me that Tim and her man are for real.  Tim is not like other girls that I have met. She is sincere, genuine, caring and honest.  In fact, I am not sure she is a Thai girl at all.

I wanted to inform Tim that John is a serial killer, wife beating drug dealer who burns bunny rabbits with his cigarettes that he makes kids smoke.. but I couldn’t.  John is a really nice guy who, from what I know of him, does not have a bad bone in his body.  And if he did, I have offered to break it for him.

Please join with me in wishing Tim all the best for her future.  She’ll be sadly missed.

We’ll miss her ‘too much’!



There will be a little party for Tim next month.. I’ll keep you posted. Please do stop by and give her your best wishes.


Right then,  now we’ve got rid of what’s her name.. Oh yeah.. Tim.. please welcome to the Mango Team.. ‘Anne’.   I don’t really know much about Anne yet, but I have had good things reported back already!     Just when I thought the Mango was over because.. (what’s her name again?) .. Tim left us.. along comes Anne.   She is great and will carry on the high level of service we’ve gotten used to from Tim.

The only magazine you’ll find her in……



Farewell Tim… Hello Anne party will be in November.   I’ll work on some details.  Expect lots of food, booze and tears.  MY tears, as I guess I’ll have to pay for the food and booze.



Walter can be found in the Mango from Thurs-Sun.  Do stop by and say hello to the old bastard!

The usual daily specials….

Mondays – Beer Lao 79bht

Tuesdays – Beer Chang 79bht

Wednesdays – Beer Leo – 79bht

Thursdays – Heineken – 89bht

Fridays – San Mig.Light 89bht

Saturday – Tiger Pint Draught 99bht

Sunday – Heineken Pint Draught 99bht

Hamburger  / Cheeseburger   89 / 99bht  (find a better value burger if you can!)

Upstairs at the Mango we have a party room.  Open party nights and any night you want if you have a group.  Just ask… we can supply all your needs!


Up coming events (sports)

The usual footy… and the Jap F1.   Check out our Sports page for details.


Got something to say?  bigmangobar@hotmail.com


Another November to Remember? – Update 4

Chaps… all this talk of holidays ending and tales of nurseRon and his love life dilemmas has got me thinking of November.

I will be arriving the 1st week. ‘Bruce’ will be there also. – As will a NYC buddy of mine.

If anyone is thinking of choosing a time come to Bangkok, I am thinking November might be just the time!

Should there be enough of us.. I’ll organize a party on the 2nd floor. A ‘special’ guests only party.

Anyone? Continue reading “Another November to Remember? – Update 4”

Soi Cowboy Crawl.. the conclusion – by Daycrawler

 Cowboy Crawl part 2

So what did we learn then? Apart from not letting PRP borrow your phone?

Soi Cowboy has 32 bars, give or take a restaurant theme or two. Are they all worth a visit? Fuck no. It took visiting them all, to determine which bars I never have to make the mistake of going into again in the future.

I now have a list of bars that I will visit when hitting cowboy again. The next time I do a bar crawl, it’ll be to this list of bars and I will spend more than the 10-15 mins there – which was all we could afford on the crawl. Continue reading “Soi Cowboy Crawl.. the conclusion – by Daycrawler”