Another November to Remember? – Update 4

Chaps… all this talk of holidays ending and tales of nurseRon and his love life dilemmas has got me thinking of November.

I will be arriving the 1st week. ‘Bruce’ will be there also. – As will a NYC buddy of mine.

If anyone is thinking of choosing a time come to Bangkok, I am thinking November might be just the time!

Should there be enough of us.. I’ll organize a party on the 2nd floor. A ‘special’ guests only party.


**** update ****

Well now, this is generating a good bit of interest!

I am now thinking about a ‘Pattaya in 12’ run… That’ll show the ‘September’ lot just how shit goes down in November!

If I hire a minibus to get there and back, maybe a soi 6 bar crawl?

Any suggestions are welcome.

And if any involve time spent at the Mango bar…with people eating and drinking, I am all for. I have single Mothers to support you know.

November Events

6th Mini Nana Tour – DW, Bruce, RainMan, Lomeo

7th Soi 4 Crawl –Β Β  DW, Bruce, Lomeo, RainMan, PRP

10th – Big Mango Bar Party –Β  All? (Good bye Tim, hello Anne)

12th – Pattaya in 12 on the 12th (kinda has a ring to it) – DW, Lomeo, Bruce, Salty, Batanha, RainMan,





153 thoughts on “Another November to Remember? – Update 4

  1. just came up for some air! Tail end of this is definitely making up for the dry spot down the pipe!
    BTW November is a wonderful time to in BKK! Sucks I’ll be starting a 3 month run in the central valley starting 10/29! My expectations of you blokes will be a bit higher since your not being so punished by the weather mates! carry on…

    • Safe travels Ron. Hope to see you again soon!

      Be sure to give us your US number so we can call you up in November from the Plaza. πŸ˜‰

  2. Gonna be in town from October 27th to November 6th, would love to meet up with whoever is around and sample some of these legendary nana tours!

  3. @DW; yet to be confirmed but likely to land in the LOS second to last or last week of October. Provided I am in town then I confirm, I am in!

  4. What a lovely way to start the day. Just got my passport back with a 60 day dual entry TV and now news of a Mango party on the 2nd floor. And Nov is a great time to be in the kingdom! I’m there ..

  5. I’ll be in country, but depending on the day I may not be in Bangkok (and I’d have to take teerak if I was, lol).

    I’ll definitely stop by on my first day in country, my only free solo day, sometime at the end of October.

    • @ All…..Gents, this has all the makings of something beautiful….

      We have 2 options… well maybe 3.

      1) The ‘normal’ Mango Party upstairs. I barfine a bunch of ‘friendly’ girls from the Plaza. Kick off around 9pm.. cheap booze and free food and then wrap it up around 1am when hopefully all are drunk. All welcome

      2) We wait until closing…. arrange for a bunch of girls to join us when they finish working at the Plaza (promises of untold riches) and then we have a PRIVATE party behind locked doors / shutters. The Mango may not have any staff, but I am sure between us, we can open a bottle of beer and pour a Tequila?

      3) Both

      We could do a Nana run around 9pm scouting for girls who want an ‘afterhours’ party?


      @nR Your girl, is she the short one, dark skin, black hair and one syllable name?

      @ Cheesy – Come join us. I could do with a fellow Brit – who will understand my humor.

  6. “wrap it up about 1pm” – don’t think too many would be left standing then if we started at 9 πŸ˜‰

    Put me down for the scouting run and (2). But whatever happens, sure it’ll be a blast.

  7. Both option has its merits, but I can’t be fucked waiting around till closing time to get the girls, plus I don’t want to be getting anybody’s sloppy seconds or third for the night. Hands up for the scouting party tho. πŸ™‚

    • Bruce Bruce Bruce……

      The problem with the ‘evening’ girls, is that they are required to return to their place of work at the end of the night (don’t know why).

      If we round up some ‘all night’ girls, then they wont be on a clock and will be more inclined to relax more.

      All the best parties take place after hours, so don’t write it off just yet.

      And remember, if your name aint on the list, you aint coming in!

      I was going to have a word with the Straps crew and see if that lot are up for a bit of after-hours partying.

      Oh, and I am assured they are all virgins.

  8. Count me in, if I manage to be up there the week that this occurs. Just let me know how to place an order with the scouting party to ensure there is one that fits my demographic?

    • No worries Rob… Keep checking this Post for updates on what the plan is.

      Regarding your demographic, please note that we will not be visiting any LB bars πŸ˜‰

  9. Happy with all 3 options and a Pattaya in 12 run…..excited!
    After hours parties, Mango parties, Scouting runs….count me in!
    Ditto Straps virgins…

    @Daywalker – No guarantees on the humour thing, I take myself very seriously!!

  10. Pattaya in 12. Keep me informed and I will join you when you get here. Would love to get to the Nov party if I can get a leave pass for the night. Might get there late after finish work Sat in Pattaya.

  11. I really really dont think its a good idea at all, anything of this …. πŸ™ ….

    because i cant come until december, so save some energy until then πŸ˜‰

    • C-Man.. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it in December until after Christmas. So a New Years party is on the cards!

      You know, if this partying lark continues, I think I’ll need to enlist an Events Organizer or something!

  12. I’m with C-man, I’m stuck in the lovely Cali central valley near Fresno till Feb.
    BTW made it home and a proper soap opera write up to follow soon…
    @DW; yeah that’s her, nice smile too!
    @ miss Tim; you can tell DW anything you and I and my sweetheart talked about! Good luck on your trip home, I hope everything goes GREAT!
    @ et-al; you know tim reads the blog now and has figured out who many of you are!

  13. @DW I’m good for any events planned, Pattaya in 12 sounds like alot fun, although I’ve already plan on 7days down there earlier this trip, but a bunch of the Mango crew should be a riot.

    @Tim, this is secret man’s business, you should not be reading these blogs and working us out πŸ˜›

  14. Given that I am hoping to obliterate Virgin girls hymen on the weekend of the 3/11, I think I will skulk around Patts until the party and defile anything decent on Soi 6 before you lot get there.

  15. Lomeo, You’re too late. I have already defiled all the good ones in Soi 6. I am there every day and there aren’t too many good ones left, however, with the tourist season starting again very soon, there will be fresh meat available.

      • @ nR I am sure Miss Tim doesn’t read the blog. After seeing all us drunken fools pass by the bar with girls in various stages of drunkenness, I really don’t think she would want to read about the details!

  16. Hua Hin is where you head to when you actually want a decent beach. For building sandcastles and that kind of stuff.

    I don’t really think a mongering day trip would work well there, but an over-nighter could be a lot of fun.

    Maybe the Mango needs to invest in a minibus that could do airport pickups as well πŸ™‚

    • Beaches? who the fuck wants to see them? Madness.

      It’s official. Hua Hin is off the table now.

      Airport pickups in a minibus? Hmm… not sure I could get that one past our accountant. I could always put you in the back of my bike?
      – hand luggage only though. And you pay the tolls.

  17. Did I say that Fender was of the ‘Elite’…… scrub that.

    I am sure a man of his means could just drop everything and jump on his private jet.

    Shame on you.

    Fallen hero.

    (no pressure πŸ˜‰ )

  18. Soi 6 is not all that Pattaya has to offer. Sois 7 & 8 are not worth the visit BUT soi LK Metro has had quite a revamp over the last year or so. It also has the well known establishments of Lolitas and Devils Den as well as some new Gogo bars. Definitely worth a visit.

  19. It looks like we have a winner for being the nominated ‘host’?!?!

    Salty – knock up some sort of plan / schedule and submit it to my secretary for a approval.

    The reason I thought of soi 6 (or any other soi) is that these things are best executed when we don’t have to travel far to the next bar. We tend to loose people when we’re in a soi with all the bars next to each other. Let alone if the bars are dotted all over the place.

    We need a soi.. and a line of bars. If you have a suggestion then we’ll get on to it.

    I am happy to sort a minibus leaving Bangkok around 12 and depart Patts around 2am.

    I am even willing to get the Chef at the Mango to do us some breakfast upon the return if needed.

    To start proceedings, on Nov the 7th.. I’ll be doing a soi 4 crawl in the daytime. From the top, going waaaaaay down to the bottom. Nothing official. If you fancy it, let me know.

  20. @DW – This plan is starting to come together. I am even going to stay on Soi 4 (for a while) so I am close to the action. Can’t wait πŸ˜‰

  21. Yep, I’m up for the crawl on the 7th, don’t know how long I can last for tho, I seem to always take the early train to cunted town.

  22. Top man Bruce. Knew I could rely on you.

    I’ll do a separate post for each even to be undertaken. I’ve penciled you in for all of them.

    Lomeo.. are you there on the 7th?

    I love it when a plan comes together.

    Being on soi 4.. I could always call up a Mango Team member to bring food and a change of underpants.

  23. I will arrive 1st Nov and work my schedule around the Mango happenings .. gotta get your priorities straight!

    I’ll need the change of underpants but my tip for hitting the six is to go commando!

  24. My pub crawl days are over. I nearly died after the Cowboy run.

    I’ve turned over a new leaf, no more last train to mashville for me. I am acting my age from now on.

  25. @PRP; key word here mate is “nearly” that can also mean “Can do!” Or is humanly possible, at what ever age…Hmmmm?
    We could do a LA crawl but every one had better bring at least 50k+, and that’s just for taxi fare!

  26. ok this is getting confusing now? Get your IT dude to add a “reply” button near or replacing “the view all comments” directly under the comment your responding to or crack heads like me are going get lost and confuse everyone with absolute unrelated drivel…

  27. Ha… the reason you can’t comment on other peoples comments – is to keep the thread going.. instead of sub-threads.

    And also to encourage you (all) to pay regular visits to the blog!


  28. @DW: Ouch! Cut me some slack, Jack! The jet is in the shop until December, and I NEVER fly commercial. I’ve bought another jet, but it won’t be delivered until December either.

    Somehow I’ll just have to find something fun to do then.

  29. DW. Glad to suggest some sort of itinery for you. Maybe Soi 6 to start but not until after about 4:00 pm as the girls are still shoving Som Tum in thier faces or still applying makeup. I have a mate from home here for the next few weeks and this gives me a good excuse to do a reconnisance for a future trip.
    LOMEO, I am spending my days as a Scuba Dive instructor. Keeps me out of the house and bars during the day.

  30. I’ve thought of a way to get one free day in November (I lie more than a dog), so let me know which day you’re going to do the crawl in Pattaya, Kap Phun Krap.

    • Chaps… I’ve updated the post again. Denoted by a ‘update 2’ in the title. Keep checking for updates.

      I’ll look into having an ‘Events’ page at some stage. But for now, keep a look out for the updates and the calendar.

      If I’ve missed people off – then apologies. If you want inclusion on the Calendar, please e-mail me the dates / plans for all to share.

      I don’t get paid for this.. but I do accept Vodka πŸ˜‰

    • Doh. I’ll be heading out around the 18th. If you guys want gas for your cars, this ‘Dumbass Oilfield Roustabout’ (apparently?) has to get back to work!

  31. Unfortunately I depart on 6th Nov so looks like i’ll miss out on the ‘official’ events, but am around for 8 nights prior and will defo be dropping in to the Mango so if anyone fancies a rebel tour during that time count me in.

    • Doh. Sorry to hear that Cheeseman. Taking the lead position of the Mango Resident Fast Action Response Team ( MR FART) will be Bruce.

      He’s done the rounds several times and even lived the life of a character in a well known book πŸ˜‰

  32. Will it be Soi 6 or LK Metro for the 12th in Pattaya? If it’s Soi 6 I may try to come as a Panda, we’ll see (no promises). I may have to bring teerak too, we’ll see if I can manage to get time alone or not. Ugh.

    • Panda suite you say? I like the sound of that. Do they have gorilla suites too?

      I’m up for a fancy dress crawl.

      As for bringing your Teerak…. grow a pair man. After all, with this crowd, we can’t guarantee we wont be hitting on her after booze has been consumed.

    • Here is what you do…

      Ask her.. ‘how would you like to go out shopping, buy some new (sexy) clothes, get your hair done and then go out with all your mates and get totally drunk’?

      When she says ‘yes’, say ‘Good. Because you’re dumped’.

      Works every time.

  33. Have been reading the blog for years and have been waiting for a chance to catch up with the legends from the Mango. In town from 5th Nov so count me in for the Nana crawl to warm up for the other events.

    • G-Man… welcome aboard! We’re not legends… just drunken idiots if the truth be told.

      Looking forward to meeting you on the 6th… when I hit town.

      Put yourself down for the Soi 4 (daytime) crawl on the 7th with Bruce and I. πŸ™‚

  34. Welcome aboard G-Man, you’ll have a blast, DW is a superstar on Soi 4 so I’m sure he’ll show u a great time. Just don’t try to keep up with his superstar spending mentality.

  35. @ G-man; Wednesday’s are great for a Nana run with the crew! Hopefully DW can get a fire under the ass of his mates at Straps and they’ll be up and running by then? And pretty lady for that matter, heard they re-hired a sparky to finish up inside, this time COD? Got a few new venue ideas for you also, seems many of the bars have taken notice of the DW crawls!

  36. Ha. You are all great guys I’m sure, but the missus takes priority. If I can’t escape, then I’ll gladly stick my face into her pussy that has me so whipped. πŸ˜›

    I’ll definitely make the effort to escape with a lie though, so for now count me in.

  37. @Salty, don’t forget Champagne a go go/the Office/Oasis. Lolitas are cool, they didn’t even charge me when I fell over trying to make a pool shot and knocked over a 3 metre high, indoor light stand, fk it made a great crashing sound.
    Mmmm..the memories..sniff.

  38. Just a note for Aussies using Air Asia, from 1st Oct they no longer will be landing in Suvarnabhumi Airport, they will be using Donmaung? (spell-check).

    I found the ‘Web Jet’ site the best for giving price comparisons.

  39. Good to have you along Rainman.

    @DW I’ve tried this whole ‘put your foot down’ thing – told her tonight I was spending a week in Patts before meeting her (figured that sends the right message) – she not happy but ‘up to you’ .. does this mean she will cut off my johnson?

  40. sms .. I still have my cock .. I thought a distance of about 4,000 KM between us was safe enough. I do like this whole ‘man up’ thing – feels good.

  41. @DW, I used to have a moe when I was doubling for John Holmes movies but nowadays, really, a moe…the fashion police will be knocking at your door shortly.

    @Lomeo, looking fwd to the upcoming NovemberAdventure and ‘up to you’ means exactly that.
    I’ve had a GF catch me out once when she found a soggy condom and plastic 2 inch-stick-on eye lash in my bed one morning when she turned up unexpected (plastic eyelash… I still worry about that one). She just said ‘Up to you, happy you wear condom, good you’…go figure, I was actually ready to jump out the window and the sex with GF turned out better after that, she was actually more angry with the ST girl than me, thinking it was her fault.
    After that episode she told me anytime I stray ‘please wear condom’, all good.
    My point it seems with me, better the devil you know.
    It may not work for every GF and I take no responsibility if you do loose your pecker in a scissor attack but from my experiance it’s better to be straight up early on, I mean you do hold the winning hand, money.

  42. Gotta love some of that Thai logic Rainman, being angry with the girl. Radio silence today, but I’m OK with that, I have reached the ‘why the fuck do I need a gf’ stage.

    Phantom Lomeo has re-appeared – and to him i suggest a segregation of duties is in order when I am in town. next I will concentrate of the drinking and girls, while you are the financial controller and should ensure that all my holiday debts are settled in a timely fashion. You can continue to post as me, but do try to be a little funny. BTW I like the bear comment re DW! (and yes I am narrowing down the list of suspects)

  43. @Lomeo, cheers…
    .. many many years ago, (and still a virgin)… I was sitting in a bar somewhere in the Philippines with my toungue hanginging out, a gorgeous girl draged me over to a poster on the wall which read, ‘If you want to fall in love, get a dog’ She and her friends laughed proudly, their tougher than you think, and my attitude changed overnite.
    In Asia, and just my cautious generalization, it’s just plain logic 95% of the time, and happy days to the 5% that find a diamond in the rough, while on the subject of sensitive quotations and self preservation;
    ‘If I give my heart to you,
    then I’ll have none,
    and you’ll have two.’
    @nR, I hope you have a dog…big hugs πŸ™‚

  44. @Rainman – I’ve been caught many times, but the one that stands out the most is when I lived in New York. I brought my girlfriend back to my apartment and as soon as she walked in the bedroom she said “what’s that!?!?” I said “what’s what?” She said “that!” and pointed to an earring that was barely noticeable partway under the bed. As soon as I saw it I knew that the girl I had on the side had left it there on purpose to fuck with me. I didn’t get my johnson cut off, but I made up an elaborate lie that no one would believe, and she didn’t, but I did get some good sex out of it amazingly. In fact, we were using the pull out method and that night she was on top riding me and when I told her to get off as I was going to finish she pretended not to hear, so I pushed her off and she yelled “what’s wrong with you?” and I said “what’s wrong with me, what the fuck’s wrong with you.” She was a cute Filipina, but I had no plans to marry her or get her pregnant. What a roller coaster of a night that was.

    • Bathana…. you really should have excuses already lined up.

      If my girl came back to my (UK or NYC) crib and found an earring, I’d just say “oh, that must be my scruffy Sister… she was staying here a while back”.
      Of course, you need to explain that she was sleeping in your bed and you took the sofa. You are a gent, not a perv.

      You could then follow it up explaining the similarities of you sharing your place with your Sister – with Dexter and his Sister. Pointing out that Dexter was a serial killer with no heart. πŸ˜‰

      Saves a messy break up.

  45. @Salty; I was in Soi 6 a couple of weeks ago and i couldn’t agree with you more there aren’t too many good one’s left. I went with the intention of having a crack at a few of the ” legends” but alas they look much worse in person and after an altercation with a ladyboy, i was not in the mood to stay there. I’m sure it would be better with to have a mate or two in tow.Shame I didn’t make an effort to meet you when I was there a few weeks ago.
    @Dw; Any jobs going as a “Dumbass Oilfield Roustabout”. It sounds much more interesting and rewarding than my “chosen/didn’t know any better” line of work.
    @Rainman: I don’t have any books to cook or much money left but I,m considering going back in November if i don’t have gainful employment here by then. If I’m goin down I’m goin down in flames.

    • Lachiedog… Sorry, you are not dumb enough to be a ‘Dumbass Oilfield Roustabout’. You have to be reeeeeeeally dumb!

      Going down in style eh? I like it a lot!

      The November ‘afterhours’ party will be a good one. πŸ˜‰

  46. @ Lachiedog: mate I hear you on the crap job market right now but I’ve found the LOS to be even more depressing whilst on a tight budget. To coin ” a broke kid in a candy store ” would be much worse that just staying home, maybe putting that effort into securing a better means so when holiday time does come you can afford to take over the place! I have a long time friend that’s constantly giving me shit about how much I spend on my adventures. He’s gota full time mia-noy put up in a condo and usually spends 6 to 10 weeks in BKK at a time. After all his extra expenses for keeping a place and his girl fed and happy I spend about the same in 2 wks that he does in 8! But I would say I’m having much more than 4x’s the fun!
    And when all else fails, that’s why God made plastic platinum!!! Much better to live like your not going to be around long enough to pay it off. But then again I got my MBA from a bargirl earlier this year….

  47. @ DW; hmmm, speaking of flames and total irresponsibility, first and second weeks of Nov. you say? I’ve still got some miles to burn and I hear Lao is lovely that time of year?

    • Trust me, what I have planned for the 1st 2 weeks of November, you’ll forget all about your wannabe wife!n πŸ˜‰

  48. “Much better to live like your not going to be around long enough to pay it off.” – Music to my ears @nR. Have to say I am getting just a little bit excited about Nov.

    Bruce – when do you arrive? We could both get into a horse costume and find somewhere fun to watch the Cup!!

    • My Financial Adviser once said to me…

      “Daywalker, when you die, would you rather people owed you money, or you owed people money”?

      I told him to send me his invoice πŸ˜‰

  49. @DW; come on dude I’m already 75 pages in and haven’t seen anything new to my experiences. I get it mate and if there ever were vows exchanged it wouldn’t be with such an old biddy with high mileage like her? πŸ˜‰ Chula might be a fun crawl option! I’ve got a few friends that might show us around?
    And yes! “do please bill me” are solid words to live by, hence I’ve yet to have a BG accept AX as a suitable option but imagine the prospects if they did. We could re-crash the world markets again. Now that’s going down in flames baby!

  50. @nR – why don’t we launch BarGirlCardΒ©. A USD500 annual subscription fee for the punters (payable upfront), and tell the girls that they will receive a 10% service fee on top of the billed amount for each transaction. Payments will be made to the girls monthly. A nice little ponzi scheme we just have to skip town after 3 – 6 months.

  51. oddly enough mate I’m absolutely opposed to any one other the girls making money off their services rendered! The industry’s ugly enough and we were lucky in birth and opportunity to not have need for exploiting what’s for some, their only viable option. Sorry for the downer seriousness but it’s a sore spot with me as I do genuinely love and appreciate all my little angels!
    Now on a more positive note I’d be all over hooking the girls up with the smart phone apps and card readers so they could start taking point of sale credit card transactions bed side! That’s a sure win win in my book! I can’t count how many times I’ve woke up to a girl(s) wanting go in fear of being late for work after over sleeping because of the prior nights partying only to find an empty wallet and a safe full of $USD! Some girls are cool with $USD others are cool about an IOU but having to make that ATM walk of shame, with a nasty hang over, can’t find the prescription sunglasses so can’t and don’t want to see shit, in addition to double time so she won’t be late fucking sucks! Asia’s really gota come around here soon with the credit thing and just deal with the 1-3% hit. The rest of planet Earth seems to think it’s well worth the convenience to the customer…

  52. Guys all this talk of Nov is getting me all excited, at this rate I’ll be blowing my first load on the flight over. Always been a bit quick of the mark, probably will blow the budget out the window by the sound of things too, thanks DW. But NO REGRETS, like they say you only live once, cheers to fun filled life.

    @NR I can see where you’re coming from ref your little gogo angel, I have a habit of breaking the one night only rule and end up spending the whole week with my tempt GF. Once I find a nice one I’m pretty happy with I’ll stick with her like a koala, DW reckons the ones I get look like koalas, haha.

    @Lomeo I’ll be in country from the 22 Oct so will be conditioning myself b4 DW’s planned events. Got a week down in Pats if you want to do some horsing around(Melbourne Cup?). Also not yet tasted the delights of Soi 6. Plus plan to do a recon of LK metro area. Anyone else in Pats? Salty ? up for some shenanigans.

  53. @Dw-I am not clever but I can lift heavy things. Perfect for an OF Roustabout.
    @nR-You are spot on about the financial thing, LOS is certainly more fun with money to burn,but I would never have been anywhere or done anything if I concerned only about the money. That is the reason I have fuck all but I have had fun.Dw, I think that is point 2 to prove I’m dumb enough.
    Maybe the solution to not thinking about and rueing my absence from the above event is to not read the blog.Unfortunately television is shithouse and I can’t read- point 3 Dw.

    • @lachiedog – Forgive me, the ‘dumbass oilfield roustabout’ comment was coined by a very good pal of mine who happens to be a failed College Professor.

      He claims that’s what I do for a living?! Then again, he also made many other claims such as the Mango was sold last year, it closed down, I worked for Saudi Aramco? And the best of all…. according to him, I graduated from London University at the age of 16!! I wish that one was true!!

      Truth be told, a Roustabout earns far more than a Uni Tutor, so I know which one I’d rather be. I am sure he’d rather be one also, as he needs all the money he can earn to get him laid.

      I’ll stop there, this blog isn’t about the petty bickering that he has a hardon for. One day he’ll have the balls to face me. Until then…. πŸ™‚

  54. @Bruce @nR,
    I’m guilty of being warm blooded to, nobodys made of steel but… when you only get 10 days and the bank just issued you a new Platinum Card…crash and burn re:@Lachiedog

    (By the way Tim, if you are reading this, don’t tell anyone I’ve got a small …fk fk fk! I just pressed Submit instead of delete.)

  55. that’s the spirit boyz!
    Actually my biggest problem isn’t being a thinking, feeling human being, at the end of the day sad as it may sound, were just an income stream to them no matter what delusional fantasy we choose to believe! My problem is I’ve been coming to LOS for too long now, I’ve honed my taste in woman so narrowly that it’s a real pain in the ass to find one that really fits all my specs. Nothing warm blooded about that at all, that’s me being a lazy ass, tight wad pig! That said once I do find my girls not only do I covet them, in keeping I do so enjoy spoiling them for the rare little gems they are.
    I know I’m fucked in the head but I’m happy πŸ˜‰

  56. @nR- Yes I think you might be fucked in the head.I’m glad I don’t have such narrow specs,it makes hunting much less fun. I had a couple of great ladies on the last tour, 6-7’s but crackers in the bedroom and no hassle fun. Variety is the spice of life my friend (although my diet has been exclusively Asian for a while) and they don’t look all the same to me.
    @Dw- Nothing to forgive my man, but I would perpetuate the London University 16 yr old graduate rumour, good for one’s ego and YOU didn’t make it up. On a more serious note I would be prepared to lick toilet bowls clean with my tongue to get into the field you are in,not just the money but the on/off time. I will soon be scouring the mines of Western Oz looking for an entry level toilet bowl licker job.

  57. @ lachiedog: it is what it is dude! I truly wish I could go back, hell the last few times I hit Lollita’s and Lollypop I barely could finish, and only after clinching my eyes tight and thinking about you know who was I able to arrive. They’ve ruined me! Especially here back home, I haven’t a hope of ever nailing anything I find even remotely attractive any more. As the saying goes “once you’ve gone (fill in the blank) you never go back” Word bro!

  58. @nR-Yes mate, it is what it is and don’t even look at pale skinned ladies anymore. Just lucky there is a large Vietnamese community nearby so I can still pretend I’m in Asia somewhere. Nothing worse than not being able to blow your load which happened to me, thanks to the effects of my Bkk belly, of which I am still suffering from. Having to have nana naps in the afternoon because I feel exhausted is not at all cool.I was in the city yesterday, some great looking ladies around, but I always stare longer at the Asian ladies. Like you said above, “once you’ve gone…..”

  59. @ lachiedog; yeah we have a huge Viet scene here too but can’t really pay too much attention to em since most that made it to the US are southerners, hence Catholics. And if there’s one thing that really fucks up the wonders of Asia it’s the plague of Christianity! Look what happened to the Philippines! Also the really hot Viets are more conservative than our hardest core GOP types and you can just flat forget about all the girls that are >5 years your junior! And at my age those girls, Viet or not just won’t do!
    I don’t even notice white girls anymore, all hairy, they have stronger less pleasant taste down low, and they just never shut up! Do miss the across the board BJ skills that nearly every white girl is born with but that’s really no reason to ever consider given all the other crap in the package.
    Nope I’m fucked! I could never(?) live in Asia full time, I’d melt! And as I was talking to a mate about the full time mindlessness of Bangkok would eat me up eventually. Not sure what the solution will be but so far jumping a plane 3 or 4 times a year has kept me going!

  60. Here goes .. I enjoyed reading that last bit by by @nR – I just hope he never gives me an enema! It’s an interesting piece he’s written there, and yes I have hit the Bundy tonight so I’m probably talking out of my ass. We all need what we need and when in LOS we can have anything, for a price. The reality is, we are never the same after our first trip and spend subsequent visits refining our preferred tipple. It’s intoxicating, something we can’t get back home.

    We are lucky that space and time have allowed this interaction, @nR alluded to this not too long ago and it’s true. We get to live in this fantasy world but remember that it’s just that – a fantasy. It’s not real, and if you accept that you can enjoy it for all that it is – but the City of Angels has consumed many a soul and yours might be next if you’re not careful. I’m about to embark on my 6th trip within 1 calendar year from my 1st. This shit IS addictive, for sure!!

    • Hang on a minute… “remember that it’s just that – a fantasy. It’s not real

      For some of us… for a fair few years… this IS the way we roll! BITCH!!! (ala Jesse from Breaking Bad)

  61. @ Lomeo: I fear your predictions have already come to pass my way! And thank you sir for the kind words present and past. I did find some comfort during this last trips rough spots from you and others and appreciate the support! per DW “your heart is for pumping the blood to make your dick hard” Gentle wisdom he has!
    But in all honesty I’ve struggled with posting my memoirs in not so much that I’ve concerns for turning my girl into a tourist attraction, but to protect my own anonymity! Had I omitted too many details the tale would loose it’s vibrancy, if I included too much I may as well just post pictures with our names, age, Bdays, and passport #s because it’s not too much of a challenge to retrace my steps?
    But given my current station in life and family ties, I’d have to agree with DW in that it has become “how I roll” now! We all perceive the goings of life differently and in my camp, I live in a world devoid of absolutes, having everything subject to interpretation.
    Mind you my aim here isn’t to go off on some existential rant ( we do that at Pretty lady with drinks and mirrors!)
    But at the end of our day what do we really have, are we happy with it, and will we want to continue? Some say fantasy but if your living within those boundaries, how different is that from the agreed upon, popularly accepted version of reality? Space and time my friend, it’s only there if we perceive, interpret and maybe measure it to be…All right beer me now!

    • As Jack Nicholson said in The Departed “I don’t want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me”.

      – I’m not sure what that means…but it sure as hell sounded cool coming from Jack.

      I am sure it could be applied here somewhere.

    • Ha. erm…. I have to be honest here… we’re a long way off the ‘post with the most’!

      Having said that.. we’re trying to knock a new post out every 2 or 3 days.

      When a post is left out there on it’s own for too long, the thread goes off topic. We’re doing pretty well so far!

      I think BBB’s Breakfast post and pmmp’s Knight in Shining Armour take a lot of beating. (187 & 208 respectively)

  62. NR we all know DW comes across as a bitter tough nut, but inside he is just a big soft teddy bear, he’s built up all these walls so his little heart doesn’t get broken again 555.

  63. @Bruce; shhhh! don’t say that, these lines aren’t secure anymore. We wouldn’t want any of our man secrets getting out now would we? πŸ˜‰

  64. @ Rainman: I love that quote, looked at it for years having it on the outside jacket of most of my lab note books in back at school! Didn’t always help though?

  65. @Lomeo how the heck do you get 6 times already in 12 months, that’s bloody awesome. This will be only my 7th trip in the last 4 years, wish I could get it up to 3 times a year, but I think like everyone too much of a good thing would prob fuck you over. This drug which is Thailand is so addictive and harmful to you if not taken in moderation. Don’t burn out dude.

  66. Agree @Bruce about the moderation bit, especially the alcohol. I find it very hard to have meaningful, loving sex, while throwing up and shitting the bed.

  67. Thai girls dig it when you puke and shit all over em! lol!!!
    I’m with you on the booze limits though. I can usually rage pretty much every night for about the first week to 10 days. After that I go to 1 on 1 off. And by the 4th week I’m all about 1 quiet mild on, with 2 off and so on till I’m shitting my seat home for a holiday from my holiday.

  68. Gents.. actually, I have it on good authority that the girls are reeeeally impressed when you try to drink your own body weight in alcohol, or until you are bleeding from the eyes. It’s true. And when doing it in the Mango, whilst ringing the bell for the staff.. well…. fuck me… to all the women, you look like Brad Pitt and George Clooneys love child.


  69. @DW, your staff never told me I looked like Brad Pitt’s lovechild.

    @Bruce @ nR, was thinking of doing a write up about that, pissing it up for 10 days then going home without getting some pork on your fork, but I have a problem writing non fiction πŸ™

    • Actually… Bruce has the best story of all…

      It’s like he read the book Private Dancer and then used it as a screen play.

      Hilarious when looking back at it!

      Certainly a tale to tell over a few cold ones.

  70. 2 girls ; 1 cup. Someone had to go there

    I’m glad to see some references to Jack appeared – There’s a man who has his shit together.

    @nR – it’s an interesting line of thought the whole perception vs reality and we’ll end up with a Matrix like interpretation. Next time I’ll take the blue pill or is that the red one? I can never remember (speaking of which has anyone got onto the cheap Thai Viagra yet?). And I’m surprised that you don’t have the edge re being a boozehound. The best thing for a force 10 hangover is an IV saline drip, but they can be a little hard to come by and administer, especially for people who are scared of needles.

    @Bruce – I want this ‘private dancer’ story first hand. Over a few cold ones at Windmill in Patts. The girls will warm the necks of our bottles for us. As my moniker would tell you, not all my trips have been pure mongering ones (gasp!). I’m lucky that my work involves just opening a laptop.

    • Lomeo / Bruce… let’s save this story for the 6th. I’d like to be there to assist.. as I was on hand at the time and like to think I had a helping hand in a) causing the fucking problem and b) planning Bruce’s escape!!

      I am wetting myself thinking about it now!


  71. Hahaha , yes lets save the story for a few beers Lomeo, DW is a much better story teller anyway plus he tends to embellish the facts for a better yarn. 555 Thinking back on it now it was pretty funny, but at the time I was in LUB with my first bg(fucking naive, sad and sickening really) I can’t believe I went there. I think maybe DW set me up just for just his sick sense of humor πŸ™‚

  72. @Lomeo; I’m way ahead of you mate! I’ve ALWAYS got a couple bags of LR just for those nasty nasty ones! I’ve only started a line on my self twice but it’s so true, a couple liters of fluid can raise the dead!
    As far as the whole perception/interpretation thing goes I actually do believe in it, it’s hard to break away from conventional awareness like some of the hard core monks do, but if you study or have had to study some of the more esoteric physics theories most will end up somewhere closely describing the Buddhist idea of emptiness. That said I’m no scholar and I only struggled through physics because I struggled through math but I needed to command Chemistry (BIO undergrad). Just kinda neatly explains how people (species) of the same planet but from different locations and cultures came to have such contrasting views for the same things, during the same time, together?
    Now back to the drinking and mirrors at Pretty lady! I say eat the blue pill, snort the red and see how deep you can make to hole appear πŸ˜‰

  73. Ah the Windmill, I had my head buried in the crack of a stage performer there once and I get a tap on the shoulder, this hot girl I new well from another club was saying g’day but I had a brown stuff on my nose and dribble was running from my mou …oh never mind.

  74. Got my tickets, cost just over $90 (used 80,000 miles to get a free ticket, but had to pay for the taxes). I’m still a go for the 12th.

  75. Lomeo – Yeah, I saw that the LOS is now offering Sidegra, a generic blue pill to combat the flood of fakes. It’s only available via prescription though. Anyone know of a good place to go to get a cheap prescription?

  76. @ Bruce, just cant help myself, @Lomeo, if you get to Xzone, ask the girl that does the fisting show if she found my wristwatch yet. πŸ™‚

  77. My first time at Mango’s last October(4th time in Thailand). Have to say I found Mango’s a great place, friendly bar & people.
    I’m returning to Bangkok on the 27th of Nov. Goes without saying, first place myself & a mate will be calling will be Mango’s

    • Kev, will be good to see you back. I’ll create a little itinerary for you and your pal to go through as I won’t be there. However, I am sure there are some other reprobates around that will be more than happy to have a beer or 10 with you. πŸ™‚

      et all… Mango Fortnightly is a little late this week. Been upto my armpits it stuff. Tomorrow is looking good though!

  78. “et all… Mango Fortnightly is a little late this week.” Yes we are waiting .. somewhat patiently .. things have been a little quiet around here lately.

    Got a lovely txt message today from an absolute stunner in Patts telling me that I am missed and wanting to know when I will be back. The good news for her is Nov3 is the date (I have already lined up another girl for the night before . shhh!). Times must be tough if she got that far down in her contacts list.

  79. Oh man! Would I love to tear up the sois one more time.

    Unfortunately, the job situation back home is going bad again. Need to count my pennies and save my $$$s. But believe me when I say I would go in a heartbeat if I could.

    I wish everyone enough braincells left over next morning to remember the November to Remember. Everyone hoist a few rounds on me. You know I’m good for it as soon as I make it back down there. Or Daywalker’s tech guy hooks up a PayPal button to Mangounchained, whichever comes first.

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