Soi Cowboy Crawl.. the conclusion – by Daycrawler

 Cowboy Crawl part 2

So what did we learn then? Apart from not letting PRP borrow your phone?

Soi Cowboy has 32 bars, give or take a restaurant theme or two. Are they all worth a visit? Fuck no. It took visiting them all, to determine which bars I never have to make the mistake of going into again in the future.

I now have a list of bars that I will visit when hitting cowboy again. The next time I do a bar crawl, it’ll be to this list of bars and I will spend more than the 10-15 mins there – which was all we could afford on the crawl.

These are ONLY bars I’d hit if I were planning a night out in Cowboy. Starting off at the Old Dutch for a bit of food… then 30 mins in each bar.

Jungle Jims
Suzi Wong
Spice Girls
Shadow – at kicking out time. Beer bar type deal. Drink and sit and people watch as the night ends.

They all had pretty good service, good attitudes from the girls, some/all nudity, ‘frolicking’ and decent looking girls.

The bars that are not on the list, are ones I doubt I’ll be going back to. I’ll not name them, as it’s just down to my personal preference. I am sure they are all good bars and have great service – when I am not there.
Having a little knowledge of the bar life now, there are a few observations that stick in my mind. Things that piss me off.







1) Drink ordering.
When there is a group of more than 4 people, for fuck sake (waitress) write the order down on a notepad. I lost count of how many times I was given the wrong drink and then looked at me like I had just trodden  on a baby rabbit. How many times have I ordered a premium whiskey to be given some nasty ass shit with flat coke?
And get this – when they finally bring out a bunch of drinks and you get handed something you didn’t order, you spend the next few minutes asking your pals if they’ve got your drink. You don’t think that they’ve fucked your order up. After a minute – you then tell them they fucked up. They’re not happy. Easy solution, write it down and read it back. Simples.

2) The Naughty boys corner.
I stopped going to this bar a long time ago. I hate the fucking place. Why? Well when you are sittingin the NB corner having a ‘massage’, the girl giving you the ‘massage’ will ask for a drink. You oblige. She then orders a tequila & coke – which is 2 separate drinks. In pathetically small glasses. Not sure how much they were.. but they were not cheap. As you are getting into the ‘massage’, more drinks are ordered. The girl then asks for one for the Mamasan?!?! And then the bartender muscles in on it. All whilst you are concentrating.. before you know it, there are half a dozen drinks on your bill. I’ve been stung a few times. The last time I told them they’re a bunch of cunts and I shall not be returning.

3) Girls outside.
Of course the owner is going to want the pretty girls outside to attract the punters. But if that is working, then use the increased revenue to employ more girls or pretty girls inside. I lost count of the bars we went into as the girls were hot on the outside.. only to find some kind of cattle market inside.

4) Pricing inconsistency –
If you go into every bar on soi 4, you’ll pretty much be greeted with similar prices as they all compete for a low price – as offered in the Mango.
Why is it then, at Cowboy, the pricing is all over the place?  We went into one (crap) bar which was virtually double the price of the last bar. We no like this.

All in all… was it all worth it?   Well, I certainly had a good time, and I now know which bars to re-visit, and which ones to avoid.

Would I do it again… no point.  Not when there are other crawls to go on.

So until the next organized crawl… I’ll leave you with a picture that Peter took on the night.  I have no recollection of this.  I don’t know where the monkey came from and I don’t know where the monkey went?    Looking at a stool cover it looks like Tilac, however, Doc Bond says he saw some bananas in Cockatoo?

Monkey Bane… on a dark night.



Recognize this stool?

22 thoughts on “Soi Cowboy Crawl.. the conclusion – by Daycrawler

  1. dido that mate! I’m surprised at just how many bars I had never even seen from the street let alone actually poked my head or had a drink. How do these places stay afloat?
    Given I’m all about the plaza since my old fav. Rawhide went to shit nearly 3 years ago, I just don’t go to Cowboy anymore! I don’t like the vibe, the attitudes and the prices are at least 30% higher across the board.
    @DW you have a pretty good idea now for what I consider fun and you surely know my flavor of lass! It was a great time to get to hang out with you and the crew foremost but I’m with you on a repeat. No reason now, we know it’s possible and we know what lurks in nearly every corner now, and we know some things belong in the shadows! Thanks again for a great night out and a fantastic first week of my trip while you were still about. And to all thanks for putting up with my belly aching over a gogo dancer that I just can’t seem to shake? You guys don’t really care to hear how that drama played out?

  2. @DW;
    Ya dun good.
    Reasonably well organised and organised reasonably well as best you could with the rabble, me included, you had to work with.

    • Having just looked closely at the photo of me and the monkey…. it looks like I have the devil sitting on my shoulder in the relaxing pose having said ‘my work is done here’!

      @WOM – If I am honest, as we all had the same aim, to visit all the bars, all it took was someone to keep an eye on the time and shout at the crowd to drink up. Which Bubba did most of the time.

      Of course, we may have been slowed down as C-Man removed panties from girls, barfined a dancer, got her wasted and then started fighting with the Mamasan of the wasted girl, but all in all, the crowd was pretty well behaved and took their task seriously.

      Roll on next month…. 🙂

  3. These are the bars that I distinctly remember having a good time in. I am not one for sitting on the tier seating.. with a bunch of other dudes looking at a diss-interested line up.

    For me, the gogo’s should be fun and have some interaction with girls.

    That’s just my own personal preference. I guess sitting up the back out of the way gives you a better chance of having one off the wrist without being noticed?

  4. I remember that T shirt in the background . I was apparently wearing it when I stepped into the lift in my condo, but it was nowhere to be found when I woke up in the morning.

    My condo is not exactly what you would describe as spacious and I scoured every room for it.

    One of lifes great unsolved mysteries.

  5. – the devils work.

    Actually, if my Spidey senses are correct… the next day when I visited PRP to collect my phone – I did make a trip to your bathroom to throw up. I noticed there was a distinct lack of toilet paper.

    No toilet roll and no t-shirt? Coincidence?

  6. re the monkey question you’ll need to ask Phantom Lomeo

    I’ll leave identifying stools in bars to the rest of you. I usually make it to the crapper.

    The drink prices tend to keep me away from Cowboy, but Tilac and Shark Bar are standouts, the latter always full of hotties.

    • Raider… no so fast. Tilac does have the same stools.. but so does another bar. I was drunk when I got the monkey. I wasn’t drunk when I got to Tilac – as it was only the 3rd or 4th bar.


  7. Yeah I’m surprised C-man didn’t pull the old Jet-eye/Vulcan mind meld trick on her, you know the thumb forefinger back door knock or AKA old school six pack tote! They sober right up! 😉

  8. We have all congratulated C-Man on getting all those knickers but the perplexing question is……did he get a pair in Cockatoo. Love to hear how that went down.

  9. the monkey…. i bought that one for the dancer…. and she took it with her i think, but i got the panties and bra instead 😉 , although the bra she came back for and reclaimed….. but panties i refused to give back 🙂

    yes, there were ONE set of crotchless panties in the collection… although didnt get any from cockatoo…. next time i get u some from there if u want 😉

    i have a suggestion for a crawl in december when i come back 🙂 all the thai-places that i only heard of.. so need someone speaking thai with us.. mike??

    like saphan thaksin or what its called… and the som-tam girls on the road when u take taxi to kao-san… and the street where all the cars find girls , that u pass sometimes when go to/from RCA…. all those strange places not around suk and not for regular tourists…..

    • Ahh… well that explains the monkey!!

      What’s this about December? Looks like I not be there in December, as Santa puts us on double shifts at the toy factory.

      However… ‘Fender the Elite’ is in town in December. C-Man and Fender are a pretty good pair actually. Taking things to the extreme, then kicking fuck out of extreme and venturing forward.

      I want a monkey. 🙁

  10. Got to agree on Cowboy not being up to scratch these days. It used to be my hangout of choice but over the last couple of years it has gone down hill.

    I don’t bother going there any more as there are lots of pretty girls in Nana and there is the drink price inconsistency in Cowboy to boot.

  11. I don’t know about bananas in cockatoo – I do remember trying to avoid seeing one particular banana which you displayed wantonly…. ignoring your vomiting compatriots – not satisfied with that, out it came again in the next bar
    WOM tried his best to shield me, but bars have a lot of reflective surfaces … in the end I had to head out front for a calming cigarette – I’m still getting the nightmares

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