Visit Round-Up – by Graham

Aside from the emotional stuff I’ve been dealing with the last few weeks… I’ve also been attending the Mango duties as best I can.

We’re thin on the ground with staff at the moment. The staff we do have are pretty good. It’s the ‘new’ staff that let us down. Most recently we’ve been let down by a new-starter who never showed up and then the cook that just scarpered to go be with his gf for a little holiday. Our little Tom Bartender and resident pool player has returned though! Those of you that know the Mango Menu, will know that there is a lot on there. With the absence of a full-time cook, we have no choice to reduce the menu. Having said that, the main food sellers in the Mango are the burgers. Turns out, the staff are pretty good at making burgers! We have a new girl in the kitchen. She is learning the ropes. Each Sunday, we have Chef Jui on site showing her new items. For now, I ask for patience when ordering food. Burgers are not a problem. Duck L’orange maybe a struggle! Continue reading “Visit Round-Up – by Graham”

Calling Time – by Daywalker

You can die a hero… or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”
-The Dark Knight

The time has come for Daywalker to retire. It’s been 6 years since I took on the role. Why ‘Daywalker’? Well, Back in 2007, I was living like a vampire – partying all night, but then doing the walk of shame early in the morning sun.

Daywalker – “all of their powers, none of their weaknesses”
– Blade

Being the Daywalker was a mask to protect myself. Or so I thought. The mask however, is to protect loved ones. I learned this the hard way. My ‘ex’ can read. And read she did. Unfortunately, our small world of Nana couldn’t protect me. Continue reading “Calling Time – by Daywalker”

Big Mango Bar Party! – Saturday 10th November

It’s been a while since we had a party. Mainly due to no one being around to organize it – and being low-low season – no one to attend!

It’s now November. Time to get back on track.

Saturday 10th November 8pm onwards we will be having the usual party. Upstairs will be various girls from various gogos.

Heineken & Tiger Pints will be on offer for 40bht each and there will be the usual Tikka Masala offerings prepared by the wonderful Kwan.

Through out the week, I’ll be enlisting Lomeo… RainMan and Bruce to help out with ideas, and blowing up balloons.

Last weeks Ninja party was packed out.

Lee Morris

It comes with great sadness to learn of the passing of Lee Morris (ex-Mango Manager) a few days ago

Lee was only 38 and is survived by his Thai partner and 6 month old baby. A nice guy and great pool player.

May Lee rest in peace.

1st week of November

Right then… now I have a window for a little ‘me time’, I can try and recount what’s been happening these last few days.

Arrival on Tuesday was pretty action packed. Lomeo, Rainman,Bruce, Peter and Gamblin Man all came to the Mango for a few drinks before we hit Nana. The usual haunts – Pretty Lady, Straps and now Mercury were all visited. The Plaza is looking a hell of a lot better these days.

What happened in all that time we were in the Plaza is a bit of a mystery. I think we all had a good time? We had to relatively easy, as the next day was the soi 4 crawl.

I say we took it easy – I headed back to the Mango around 1am. RainMan had died somewhere… Gamblin Man vanished and Lomeo and Bruciette hit an LB bar to ‘see what they were like’.

Finding myself alone at the bar.. everyone gone, me drunk and getting hungry, realized that I don’t actually cook. Shit. Head out the door to see what delights the 7/11 has to offer. Not a lot.

On the way back to the Mango I bumped into Bruce and Lomeo. What to do?!! Some idiot suggested we go to Liquid. Afterall, on DavetheRaves website, it does look rather glamorous and full of hot girls. Damn those websites. Lies, lies, lies! Full of skanks and CW’s. One drink and done. Off to Jersey Bar where some of the Straps girls that had been left on the shelf that night had gone to drink. And by that, I mean they were waiting for us to buy them drinks.

A few games of pool, nothing special. For a big guy, Lomeo seemed to do a pretty good job of disappearing. It was around 4am I think.. and his is scared of his gf.

Bruce had to get back to the girl he had called in and I went home to bed with my packet of M&M’s and a bottle of water. Not how I’d envisaged my 1st night back.

Feeling like hammered dog shit when I woke up around 13:00 I turned on the aircon in the bar and waiting for the troops. Tim kindly came to the bar early and ordered our food and made the Bloody Marys. She then tied our shoe laces and told us all to be good little boys as we headed out on the soi 4 crawl.

Soi 4 crawl. Well if I am honest – it was pretty uneventful. The 1st bar we stopped at, we met a guy called Thomas. We took him with us. Great guy and made it until the end. Probably not how he thought his day was going to turn out as he drank quietly in Jools that lunchtime!

The good thing about the daytime crawl was that it gave us all chance to actually meet each other and chat. It’s just aswell too, as most of bars along Soi 4 now seem to be ‘generic’ soulless bars. I am talking about the bigger bars. It doesn’t matter which one you’re in. They’re the same. Can’t see me rushing back.

Around 7pm we returned to the Mango for some fuel. A few more guys turned up ‘Canadian Telecoms Guy’ came through the door, larger than life and wanted to drink his own bodyweight in JD. Ouch.

After making ourselves unpopular in the Mango – we all left and continued the crawl. Strikers was next. Again – it just seems to be some generic bar. Nothing memorable. We hit the other little bars around there. Things started getting difficult then. I had to admit defeat and ask for a coke. Enlisting CTG to get me a coke when no one was watching he made a big song and dance about it. Called me a homo and threatened to kick my ass up and down soi 4 if I didn’t man up. I didn’t man up. What I did do, was throw up though. Much better.

Next bar on the list was ‘Guess Bar’. Nuff said. Mental note made to never ever go back there!

We had a few more bars left on the crawl – but that involved walking waaaaay down soi 4, so the executive decision was made to finish at Hilary bar. We all shook hands and complimented ourselves on still being alive. The night was young. It was only 10pm. What to do?

Plaza anyone?

Into Pretty Lady – only to find CTG already devouring some poor girl in the corner. Into Anglewitch and see Dave. Either he was drunk.. or I was drunk. Anglewitch was packed as usual.

New Guy Thomas was still hanging in there. The usual shenanigans took place and by 2am I was needing to retreat back to the Mango. Thinking I’d slip away unnoticed I turned round to see the troops looking like the walking dead all in convoy. I felt like the Pied Piper – and these were my rats.

Back at the Mango… it was closed. Kitchen closed. However, as I am well-in with the guvnor, the staff jumped into action. Food appeared from Kwans magic kitchen and we were all happy campers. Fed and watered, we were then left with the decision of what to do next. Bruce had a girl gagged and bound in his room from last night still. RainMan godknows where. Gamblin Man took his hot girlfriend home to lock her in a tower and shave her head, Thomas was on the hunt to Lussian Girls and Lomeo being a star-trooper fought back his girlfriends threats of violence and offered to keep me company for what the rest of the night would have in store.

Lomeo might not be scared of his girlfriend, but I sure as shit am. Lots of thanks… man hugs and high-fiving followed. I grabbed a bucket of Masala, some water and a whole bunch of cheap porn and headed for my bed.

Finally woke about an hour ago. Fully clothed. Bucket of untouched Masala by the bed, and porn that looks even cheaper in the morning. I must have been tired.

‘Shout outs’….

RainMan – you should see him when he’s drunk.
Gamblin Man – Such a likable and honest guy. Then his girlfriend shows up. He’s now a bastard and we hate him.
Lomeo – Have to take my hat off to him – he will keep going until he can take no more. And then he’ll go some more. Unless his girlfriend tells him off.
Bruce – Ahh… I remember when he was just a young boy – all new and naive in Bangkok. Now he’s a seasoned dirty little bastard who roots anything that will sniff his chloroform.
Thomas – Great to meet him. Sorry to Jools – having taken their only customer!
CTG – Did a good job playing catch up to all us drunken slobs. But 6 hours is a lot to catch up on 😉

Tim and Kwan – for taking care of us. Stirling job.

So here I sit now. A couple of my most favorite people have come to play pool whilst sharing a bottle of beer. I am in a good mood right now… so I am going to give them a few minutes before I go and show them another use for a pool queue.

CTC stopping by later for a catch up and to find some ‘sexy time’.

Party on Saturday boys. I need some help on this one as we are down on staff. Recruiting Friday, so come and join. Bruce and Lomeo… I have jobs for you to do. I expect to reporting for duty in a timely fashion.

Carry on….

Soi 4 Bar Crawl – 7th November Update – By Daydrinker

******    Update ******

It’s on!!!  Wednesday… 2pm.  Kick off at the Mango.

The Mango will be open for the bar-crawlers at 2pm.    Join me for a Bloody Mary and a bacon sandwich before we hit the soi.

– Hopefully RainMan will be sober by then?



Starting in the day time….   As it’ll be an early one, I am thinking that half way down would be a good idea to stop for some food.  I’ve done all sorts of complicated equations and big sums. I’m no Economics Professor (thankfully) but no matter how I look at it, half waaaaay eating will be at the Big Mango Bar. (I knew it’d pay off!)

And here is the cool thing….  in the Mango.. we’ll be on MSN Messenger  so whenever we hit the Mango, we’ll fire up the Sinclair ZX81 and turn on the webcam.   If you want to say hi, then please log on and see us.  I’ll post more details on that later.

Continue reading “Soi 4 Bar Crawl – 7th November Update – By Daydrinker”