Soi 4 Bar Crawl – 7th November Update – By Daydrinker

******    Update ******

It’s on!!!  Wednesday… 2pm.  Kick off at the Mango.

The Mango will be open for the bar-crawlers at 2pm.    Join me for a Bloody Mary and a bacon sandwich before we hit the soi.

– Hopefully RainMan will be sober by then?



Starting in the day time….   As it’ll be an early one, I am thinking that half way down would be a good idea to stop for some food.  I’ve done all sorts of complicated equations and big sums. I’m no Economics Professor (thankfully) but no matter how I look at it, half waaaaay eating will be at the Big Mango Bar. (I knew it’d pay off!)

And here is the cool thing….  in the Mango.. we’ll be on MSN Messenger  so whenever we hit the Mango, we’ll fire up the Sinclair ZX81 and turn on the webcam.   If you want to say hi, then please log on and see us.  I’ll post more details on that later.

From there, we’ll continue waaaaay down the end of Soi 4, – hitting the bars only. Pool bars are not bars.. They’re Pool houses that sell booze.  They’re dead to me.

I count 32 bars. (funny that!)  It’s Soi 4 only.  Not the Plaza.  We’ll do that later.  I might add the few bars on Soi 6.. we’ll see how drunk we are.

So far we have….

nurseRon (in spirit)
Companyman (in the form of a thong)
Gamblin Man
PRP (Pencil)
Peter (I accepted on his behalf)
ROLLN (Via Skype)


This is Bangkok

As per usual… ALL ARE WELCOME…

Sadly, nurseRon will not be able to join us.  I am thinking (out of respect) we should barfine his GoGo cutie and take her with us?


51 thoughts on “Soi 4 Bar Crawl – 7th November Update – By Daydrinker”

  1. Yes to the go-go cutie. 😉

    Lot’s of bars and eating at the Mango a stroke of genius. I’m going to rely on you rather than google maps now.

  2. not so fast boyz, I smell a resurrection incarnate from spirit! We’ll see what the agents can hash out?

  3. Well if NR make its from over there I guess I will make it down from Soi 31. But this time I will follow my own advice.

  4. @PRP I’d say even if it’s raining your odds look alot better than mine mate! I’m currently in re-negotiations with a client, their agent and mine all to just postpone a start date by a couple weeks! It sucks because everyday that passes makes airfares that much more short notice…Oh well, the prices we pay?

  5. I like where this crawl is headed, back to cunted town. Lovin it. And thats another yay for bf NR’s GoGo girl for the crawl, I want to see what the hype is about 😉

  6. isn’t silverboi the fella that doesnt drink and walks around with a Nikon round his neck?

  7. Fuck, I just got back to Oz and i don’t know why.The work had lined up for my return has fallen through,so I’m sitting on my arse contemplating what to do next.Don’t be suprised if I turn up there, although I would be under severe budgetary pressure.

  8. You going to include the confused sex bars such as Guess?? Don’t ask me how I know that Guess? is a confused sex bar….

    1. @Barry.. I’ve often said they should re-name it the ‘Bleedin fuckin obvious bar’.. but I guess that’d make too long a website address.

      Yes, we will be venturing in there. No bar is too tough for the Mango Troops!

      Only those who are not comfortable with their sexuality will be nervous.

      Besides – it’s the only way we could get Spats to join us.

      Are you wanting to use the excuse of ‘joining us’ if we walk in there and see you with LB legs wrapped around your neck? 😉

  9. @DW Count me in. I will be getting there on 5th so will that previously mentioned Nana tour on 6th take place?

    1. @GM… fuck yeah the Nana Run is on. Meet at the Mango at 8pm me finks. (I’ll be there from 7 getting drunk)
      I’ve added you to the list of troops and also the Calendar. Good to have you in the team.

      @all… “we got ourselves a Convoy”

  10. I know this is going off topic BUT how about a write up on After Hours Clubs and Lounge Bars- I heard there are new ones now like Levels, Bash both on soi 11.

    A complete review including MIXX, Climax, CM2, Qbar etc would be interesting and appreciated by all.

    By the way DW are you going to be around from Thurs 11 Oct to Sat 22. Coming in from London but never been to the Mango despite the 2 trips we make a year for the last 5 years. SHAME ON ME.

    Would like to meet and have a quick drink.

    1. WCP – after hours clubs, lounges, holding cells…. They are all worthy of a write up. Getting these lazy bastards to do it is another thing!

      Sorry, I’ll not be in town until the 5th of November. Do stop by the Mango had meet the team. We’ve a new Supervisor called ‘Ann’ who has just joined.

      I think Bruce will be around also…

      Hope to meet for that drink one day…in your twice yearly visits!

  11. November…I am out.
    I’ll be cherry pickin’….and you can make of that what u will.

    1. WOM… I’ve made something of that. And it aint pretty. 😉

      All…. would anyone be interested in some Mango T-shirts for the ‘events’?!

      We’re ordering some up… if anyone is interested, we can have names embroidered.

      I’ll word out some prices.. They’ll be at cost price.. plus, Kwan is looking at a deal where if you walk into the Mango you get a free drink.

      – who else does that?!!

      Let me know…

  12. @DW; yes please! I love t-shirts, it’s fun as shit wearing something in Thai or touting a Bangkok address here at home! All the fat fucking ugly stinking pigs scowl at me, and I give em my best Thai smile 😉

  13. Fairdinkem Drinkem: I might have a cranberry juice that night.
    Also i don’t use a strap, so its never around my neck.

  14. @DW, just wondering…..can you put…. ‘Greetings Earthlings’ on mine?
    …Unless DocBond already ordered that one.
    I’m in.

    1. Chaps… let me explain my earlier comment about ‘E-mailing me your requirements’

      If you send me an e-mail, I shall file that e-mail in a folder marked ‘T-Shirts’.
      In a few weeks, my elite Admin team (Me or Kwan) will look in the folder and retrieve the details and give them to our T-Shirt people.

      Any requirements you put on a thread on the blog will long lost forever, as we don’t look back here. We are always going fwd!

      Typical T-shirt will be a black (or white) polo shirt. Default will say Big Mango Bar or Mango Team. Some shit like that. Any ‘custom’ – you’ll need to let me know. Sizes.. well, I wear a large and I am a dwarf. RainMan will need extra large mungril size x 3

      You know the e-mail address.

  15. @Rainman-they dont take credit cards in too many places in LOS. Fuck I’m getting depressed thinking how much fun i’m going to miss out on, especially with some likely lads like you and Lomeo. All points are pointing to a very good time by all. I might go to Bunning’s and cheer myself up by looking at the fat couples with fat kids,buying shit for the house they can’t afford.

  16. @DW, is their a Thai word for ‘mongrel’, might look good on the front of the Tshirt, tic toc tic toc…19 days.
    @lachiedog, using ccard for flight and accom only, I’ll scratch up the fun money selling pens if I have to. We’ll catch up one day sure, and funny that the Bunnings here has the same crowd.

    1. Gamblin’ Man…. The Mango doesn’t open until 4 or 5.. depending on how much the gang have had to drink the night before. Besides.. the opening hours published are more of a guideline… 🙂

      Any suggestions guys?

      Actually…. what about… meeting at the Mango before it opens. I’ll put on a bunch of sausage and bacon sarnies – we do the introductions – have a little bloody mary and be on our merry way?

  17. How cool is that boys! Look what the boss has laid on for us! He’s a great guy (despite what they say about him!)

    1. Let me just clarify… I will not be wearing high-heels or taking orders. You’ll get what you’re given! I think I can operate the music so we don’t have to listen to me breaking glasses. – but apart from that, it’ll be ‘select’ group of crawlers only!

      And as the timers on the vaults will not allow me to open the cash registers.. I guess we’ll just have to eat and drink on the house?!

      Shhh… don’t tell me 😉

  18. Please tell us what you will be wearing then .. I would like to see you in a red dress and sporting a holllow strap-on .. of at least 10 inches

  19. Like my gf said to me: “Darling a small penis shouldn’t be a problem in a loving relationship” I replied ” yeah I just wish you didn’t have one!”

  20. @DW, now your talking, a bar-b-cue to start the day with open bar, you could also hold a raffle for ‘bloody Mary’…she sounds bloody hot. I’m sort of thinking we may not get to the end of your soi.
    6 days…sniff, there’s something in my eye.

    @Lomeo, so you’ve been in jail too? 🙂

    1. Bacon and Sausage rolls.. with Bloody Marys. Fuck. I should do this shit for a living!

      I am thinking that in addition to breakfast, we can have a rummage through the collection of panties that Companyman collected on the last crawl. Apparently, there is a crotchless pair in there!

  21. Sounds like a great way to start the day but I’m guessing it’ll all come back up by the end of the day.

  22. The Big Cheese will arrive around 5pm.

    Time for a few halves of lager and cucumber sandwich… before we hit Nana?

    1. What’s better than a Martini in the lounge at the airport waiting for the plane?

      Correct…. TWO Martinis!

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