Big Mango Bar Party! – Saturday 10th November

It’s been a while since we had a party. Mainly due to no one being around to organize it – and being low-low season – no one to attend!

It’s now November. Time to get back on track.

Saturday 10th November 8pm onwards we will be having the usual party. Upstairs will be various girls from various gogos.

Heineken & Tiger Pints will be on offer for 40bht each and there will be the usual Tikka Masala offerings prepared by the wonderful Kwan.

Through out the week, I’ll be enlisting Lomeo… RainMan and Bruce to help out with ideas, and blowing up balloons.

Last weeks Ninja party was packed out.

49 thoughts on “Big Mango Bar Party! – Saturday 10th November”

  1. I held two balloons in X zone as a chick popped them with pussy darts so am well equipped for the assigned task

  2. Lomeo i have a friend who swears thats how he caught some random std (forget what it was) from and arrant dart… becareful! ha! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    DW i am now actually using fortnightly in normal conversation, no one seems to get it but i’m convinced its going to stick…. will report back!

  3. It was something I ate out of someone haha these girls pussies have no taste and I gin hoi enough to know

    1. You just had sex with a man?!?!

      Tell us. – Did it hurt? Did you use lube?

      Is your arsehole in tatters now?

      We await your full write up!

  4. It’s a hard act to follow nR…personally I do like midgets in fire fighting outfits climbing up ladders ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I hope the Mango blog is not returning to its previous glorification and pontification of lady boy sex. We Mango patrons that are “straight” women lovers only really and enjoy the Mango food and parties and pool tables and don’t want to be grouped or associated in any way with this perversion. So lets keep it on TGs including BGs, “good girls”, “uni girls” and plain old TGFs and not homo sex with men in drag.

    1. 8-Ball. Why not contribute then? Many times now you have expressed your feelings on what you don’t like about the blog and what you’d like to see more/less off. That’s good that you express your opinion but please appreciate that if it wasn’t for ALL of these contributions – there would not be a blog at all.

      I am glad you enjoy the bar / pool tables, but please note, that although the blog is linked to the bar – this does not mean that patrons are associated with what goes on in the blog. We’re all grown up enough to distinguish the differences.

      One last thing I will mention is that the blog is a non-profit making blog. You’ll not see any adverts or banners. To keep this going, we rely on everyone to share their tales with us. And.. as an appreciation of everyone contributing – I will happily subsidies a load of beer so that bloggers and patrons feel appreciated too.

      So I put it to you once again… ‘give us a story’.

  6. “Homo sex”, Hmmmm? That sounds like somebody had a weird touchy feely uncle growing up back back in Nebraska… Perhaps he’s got a nice corn field story for us??

  7. A gentleman never tells DW! I pashed her in the bar and was pretty sure she was an LB but she was so hot I didn’t care and the rest they say, is history.

    @RM I asked about the watch but no luck sorry

    1. “a gentleman never tells”

      – I agree. But tell me this.. at what point where you were smashing one up a dudes ass with fake tits did you consider this Gentlemanly behavior?


  8. sHe was great but I think I’ll leave the finer details (like cum sharing) out of the blog. reach arounds? – you are assuming I was a top then?

    I enjoyed myself and don’t feel too freaked out today – but had to barfine ting-tong from BabyDolls and LT her just to feel a little less gay after the fact. (*deletes pics from phone*)

  9. @DW “Weโ€™re all grown up enough” Not sure I am willing to concede this point, DW; but, it is a given that you know waaay more of the contributors here than I am likely to meet anytime soon, so will defer to you. And that part of it (not knowing more of the Big Mango clientele) upsets me some.

    Another missed party!! Hold March because I am putting together another two weeks’ travelogue with various Thai lady friends, and I would much enjoy scheduling a party amongst the other events.

  10. So where are ya Cheese74, am here waiting t have a few b4 ya go, ah well, Tim’s looking great, Anne is a shy creature…but I’m charmin the pants off her, so t speak, great t b home, roll on Dw, Tim jus lent me 30k, pay her back tmorro when I win the Melb Cup, ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. DW, b4 I get 2 pissed, just like t say totaly agree, people who lay there thoughts and experiiannces on d line havve guts an stile then beaning a jujmental persn, onya contribtorsfk im dizzy, jus felll of chaiir

  12. think Pear likes me, she got blak hairgood t be home, SWEDISH GUY JUS CUM IN WITH A STUNNER, might b a fight on, hurry DW ur bar is about t get bloodty…he he…

    1. …. and this is why we don’t let RainMan out on his own.

      Now sitting in the lounge stuffing my face. Boarding in a few hours.

      Hitting the bar around 5pm tomorrow. I am expecting a warm welcome!

  13. Chaps… don’t forget the party tonight!

    Had to change some of the (girls) arrangements due to the Mamasan at Mercury loading up our bill last night. – full report to follow.

  14. Have a great night everyone, I personally will be attending a triplets 30th birthday party in Ipswich…..fuck!

  15. The girls are working hard to get the food up-and-running now, great to watch. Sorry Cheese, sounds like a tuff gig.

  16. Hey 8 Ball………………………..Fancy a shag?
    Its well known that the loudest Homophobes make the best Batty Boys………
    Chill out Mate and stop sounding so scared.

  17. @Lomeo, miss Macca’s wanted soi food and I got the volcano ass, missed the party dam, try and waddle over tonite with super soaker nappy…think that’s enough info

  18. I was going to stop by for the party last night, but as it was 1:30 am already I figured it would be pretty much over or everyone moved on to somewhere else. I’ll stop by the Mango again today after it opens.

    1. Pretty poor turnout if I am honest! Many people that we thought were coming didn’t show. It’s a pity, because we were all hyped up for it.

      Still.. Lomeo & Bruce did a good job with the girls. Peter turned up with a stunner.. We all had a good time upstairs!

      Pity we couldn’t have had more in attendance for what I believe to be he last Mango party…. ๐Ÿ™

  19. Last Mango Party? Say it ain’t so!
    Must be disappointing when you put in a lot of time and effort (not to mention cash) and you don’t get the support but from what i’ve seen on here you’ve got a pretty devoted set of followers and developed a decent community!
    Hang in there.

  20. Thanks for the party. I had a great time and really appreciated the effort you and your staff went through. If it’s the last party then so be it. Sometimes it’s right for things to end.

    1. Appreciated… some people couldn’t make it for genuine reasons. That’s the nature of the beast. There are always going to be difficulties scheduling peoples time when they’re here on a clock.

      Thinking of turning the second floor into a carpark or maybe a helipad. Something that’ll get used more.

  21. If you choose to have another party, maybe you could recruit some promo girls to pass out fliers on the soi.

    1. 20/20 – The parties laid on are for the ‘team’! 40bht for a pint of beer and free food is a way of giving something back to our loyal patrons.

      Rather than employ promo girl to hand out flyers… it’d be cheaper to just pour the beer down the drain.

  22. My lady and I really enjoyed it, thanks. And thanks to the staff cos they really do keep things running smoothly. The missus loves Tim as much as we do now!

    Do what you have to do. It would be sad to see the parties stop but I understand your reasons.


  23. Thanks for having the party DW, I know you always put a lot of effort into these events and we are very appreciative. I suspect it wasn’t its usual roaring success as in the past but us guys that turned up did really enjoy it. I only dream of having parties like these back home.

    The food and staff were great as usual, where else can you go get a free feed and nice lovely girls to goggle/chat/flirt at. Will always miss this place, snff snff, when back in farangland.

    Met a few friendly new punters too, which is always great to do.

  24. ya done good DW. Great to see you in your natural habitat. The party was fun Tim looked stunning – what is it about that girl, and you being the only one who can barfine her now? – and why did I think it a good idea to follow your lead and start stuffing 1K notes down the front of panties.

    I suspect that we are all part of Heisenburgs Mongering Uncertainty Principle – the bad boy scene is changing around us – I’ve seen the changes in Patong and Bangkok is not immune. The scene, and by association the Mango are probably on the ‘the dip’ already. Change is inevitable – adapt or die, like the goblin I stabbed with an ice pick through the heart in my dream last night.

    But as long as the Mango is around we will be drawn to it, a sanctuary in an otherwise bland array of bars.

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