Big Mango Bar Closing Down! – By Big G

That’s right.. next week, the Big Mango Bar will close for the last time this year. But fear not, we’ll be open the following day on Jan 1st. (I just love a good headline!)

I was putting this post off as I thought it’d be a waste of time putting all the effort into it, only to arrive at the end of the world with no one to read it. (which is the feeling the host of a certain webiste has EVERY day) I heard there were many Thai people (and all other Nations I guess) that actually believed that nonsense!

It may not have been the end of the world, but it certainly is the end of the year. Was it a good year?

For me, yes. We of the Mango had a pretty good time. Met some new people, said farewell to some people and continued be envied by certain people!

So lets have a little re-cap of the past 12 months shall we….


The month of  the DW IV party. Each year the DW party gets a good turnout.   The original DW party was the mother of all parties.  Naked girls on the bar, police raid, getting shut down and thrown in jail for the night.  Good times.   The last one was a little quieter.  With the party room upstairs – events were kept out of the eyes of people we didn’t want watching.  P.L girls in action as always didn’t disappoint.  I flew YP in to make a guest appearance which I thought would be nice – but he went awol..

RainMan graced our presence…. Huge guy. You should see him when he’s drunk.


Feb was pretty quiet with people settling down in their lives after Christmas and New Year holidays

It was Feb when I put the feelers out about Biking in Bangkok.   It paid off.  Good advice from all and my quest for a bike began.


RainMan presented us with his 1st (of many) posts on the blog,  introduced us to his pal Big Dave


The staff were told go nuts for a night. Eat/drink what you want. This one is for them. They ate and drank like Gremlins after midnight. Great to see them relaxing for a change after running round for us lot all the time.  The problem we have when we offer Pints of beer for 20 or 40 bht is that the girls don’t get much in the way of tips.

Rick Masters –  was in town and was partying.  Shit….  he had a perfect party room where we all mixed it up.  The memory of a girl coming out of a bedroom to call her mates to check out the amount of sperm that Jonas had sprayed all over the room will never leave my mind.

DW left the building – It was time to try to live like a (semi) normal person. Found a nice place to live away from soi 4… time to be an adult.


Lomeo arrived on the scene this month.  Little did we know of how the young Lomeo would become a regular face!

Sitting on a sand dune in the middle of the Sahara in North Africa, my pal from NYC and I engineered a party for his Brother who had never been out of the States before.
P.L called up… party was on. Can’t say too much about it. But can say he had waaaaaay too much fun!

without padlocks, the girls soon broke free
without padlocks, the girls soon broke free








Our pal ‘Salty‘ that gives the big two-fingers up to anyone saying old guys should never marry young girls, shared one of his many tales on how his life is turning out – with his hot young wife. – ‘ A trip to the village‘!

With DW out of town, Kwan too the role of Entertainer and took care of a bunch of Military guys for a week. Great bunch of guys who we hope to see return soon

Their Military training taught them to blend in with their surroundings
Their Military training taught them to blend in with their surroundings







The Mango 4th year anniversary party!  There are many people out there that said we’d not make it this far.  Suckers!  A little early this year, but what with my international scheduling, this was the only time I could have made it to Bangkok. All worked out cool as Rolln and the gang we in town. As was RainMan, doc Bond and Bruce.

Party was o.k. Nothing too special. Lots of cheap booze all round.

This was the last time I partied with Rolln. He’s not been back since.

His last trip was a big one. One that I’ll not forget. Each time I hear of a Manny Pacquiao I do break out into a little chuckle!

We played a little prank on one of his gang… laughs all round!!








Rayyair gave us his impressions on Hua Hin

YP arrived to live out his days in Bangkok on this month. With little money, no job and nowhere to live, the people that cared for him gave him somewhere to stay and CREATED a position as a meet and greet at the Mango for him. However, this was not to the liking of YP and instead of declining the more than generous offer, decided to tell people he didn’t take the role as he was not recognized as ‘Manager’?!?!?! Not sure where he got the idea from that he would have been considered a ‘Manager’, as he couldn’t even ‘manage’ to pay his bar tab. Despite some encouraging words from WW to just ‘make changes’ in the Mango as I am not around, YP (smartly) chose to ignore that advice. WW.. if you don’t get a Christmas card this year – it’s from me.


It was this month that Kwan headed back to her hold job at ‘After Hours’ having taken time out to come help at the Mango

This was also the month that YP parted company from all that of the Mango and we’ve not seen him since. There are things that need to be said – which I’ll do face to face when I see him again.


After writing about it, talking about it and threatening to do it… I finally got a bike. I must have ridden it at least a dozen times now! My maiden voyage from my apartment in Sathorn to the Mango was epic. My (then) girlfriend hopped on the back of a mototcy taxi and told him that I was going to follow (as I didn’t know the way yet) and to ‘go slow’ as I am new to all this. New to a little gay bike – yes. New to motorcycles… NO. As soon as I saw a piece of road I recognized (soi 2) I unleashed all the little bikes power and flew past the gf and taxi at warp speed! Leaving the motorcy rider asking my gf what the fuck was wrong with me? Wasn’t I supposed to be following?!

Walter from Big Dogs also joined the Mango this month. At 132 years of age, he doesn’t look a day over 80. He is at the Mango as a meet and greet. Well, if truth be told, he is really the bouncer in disguise. I wanted someone who could handle people out to make trouble. Like fat sex tourists in the Education industry.


Things were hotting up by September. With a few people incoming, nR and I created the ‘Cowboy Challenge!

CompanyMan collected a whole bunch of (girls) underwear. I think all the scents have been sniffed out of them now!

Cam and Liam (not together) arrived in Bangkok also. Always good to see them.


October is one to forget for nurseRon as he fell head over-heels in love with a young hottie.
Where are they now?!

Ron showered his girl with many, many, many gifts....
Ron showered his girl with many, many, many gifts….






Khun Mike arrived on the scene as was an instant hit. I shall be spending more time in this mans company that’s for sure. This guy has a talent for writing.

The lovely Tim resigned from the Mango Bar. Gutted. Let’s face it, she is the only reason we all visit there. What will we do with out her? Of course, we wished her well for the future, but you know, I am not entirely convinced by her new chosen path. Maybe… just ‘maybe’ I can convince her to stay?

Arrival of Ann to replace Tim. Ann has not settled in fully yet and needs to adjust to the bunch of missfits that we all are.

This month also saw me leave Sathorn. As much as I liked it, it was just too far from the Mango Bar and my nose kept bleeding and I had dizzy spells each time I left soi 4. It also marked the demise of my relationship with my girlfriend. A wonderful girl who I have been with for many years. No hard feelings or bad stories to tell. We were just not suited.

November (to remember)

Along with June and September – November has to be marked down as one of the better visits of the year.

The Soi 4 crawl was arranged. – Lots of ‘faces’ in attendance.

Canadian Telecoms Guy hit the scene in full force. Elusive as ever….

This month was also significant for me / the Mango as Tim left for all of a DAY! Long story, a few twists and a few people upset. It’s all out of the bag now. Tim is now chief ‘Finger-pointer’ in the Mango now.

Tim.. going and coming....
Tim.. going and coming….










Also this month, I retired ‘Daywalker’.  Enough of mucking around each trip. Time to settle down me thinks!

On a sad note, the ex-Mango Manager passed away. Bad things happen to good people


Lomeo is in town with his Dad, AUK gave us a refreshing piece on the blog and Fender came and went.

Doc Bond, Khun Mike and myself will all be arriving on Dec 28th to see out the new year.
Small party at the Mango planned. I’ll let Tim sort out the details. Not opening the second floor. Too much hassle and tidying up to do. We’ll keep it downstairs and cozy!


A big warm thanks to all who have taken part and supported the Mango Bar this past year. 
Big Dom, Captain Baz, Aussie John, Doc B, nR, Rolln, Fender, AUK, Liam, Cam, Lomeo, RainMan, Mike, CompanyMan, Gamblin Man, Robin, Big Tony, Kevin, JtL, CTG, Latchiedog, Rayyair, DavetheRave, Stickman, Bruce, Bubba, PRP, Khun Jon . and a whole bunch of others that I can’t remember now. (I’ll update as I remember)

What’s planned for next year?

On the 31st of December, the Big Mango Bar will close it’s doors for the last time this year. – Obviously.

But, some changes are coming.  I can’t quite reveal the plans yet as I don’t exactly know.  What I do know is that I have another project on the go.  Something else to focus my attention on so don’t expect to see too much of me in Bangkok next year.

I’ve always maintained that I’ll continue the Mango while I am having fun.  I am still having fun, but now I have found something more fun.  More to follow at a later date.


From all the Mango Team – Have a great Christmas and New Year. – (even the French)

Milo & Otis hit Pattaya (aka Lomeo and Bruce) – by Lomeo

So once again the sun had risen and finally there were no more sleeps left until I boarded the bird bound for Bangkok, but this time I had to do a one nighter in SIN as I couldn’t get a connecting flight through to the Kingdom that same night. I couldn’t be arsed making my way to the FFOW for a over-priced liason so met up with an old school friend in a bar in the Crowne Plaza hotel. Was good to talk about the old days, he seems settled with a nice wife and family I’d better not tell him too much about my upcoming travels. Roughed it in the transit hotel and grabbed about 4 hours sleep before finally being BKK bound, arivving early the next day to the arms of my loving teerak. The routine is familiar to me now, airport link train to Makkasan then cab to condo and clothes off – bless her for taking (another) day off work. Continue reading “Milo & Otis hit Pattaya (aka Lomeo and Bruce) – by Lomeo”