How to beat Bangkok scams!

This was sent in, which I think maybe amusing to us. To those of us here, we know it how it works. But to those planning a visit……

Bangkok can be a baptism of fire for rookie travellers who have never experienced how far some people will go to part you from your precious travel budget. While it is very unlikely that you will end up in serious danger, without some rapidly acquired street smarts you may end up leaving town with a lot less spare change than you were expecting.

Scams in Bangkok break down into four key types, ranging from the laughably transparent to elaborate tales with a cast of actors that are likely to fool even the most seasoned traveller. Knowledge of these and a dash of big-city cynicism should keep you safe. Continue reading “How to beat Bangkok scams!”

Soi LK Metro – By Big G.

After Kowshit Road, and Soi Cowboy, the next venue to hit was Walking Street.  How bad can it be?   Booked into a hotel for a few days in Pattaya and set about having a bit of fun.

The plan was to take a little walk down Beach Road, hit a few bars and then end up at W.S to check it out.

The 1st thing that struck me (again) was the amount of scumbag Indians and Arabs that walk along at a snails pace and stop on the sidewalk for no apparent reason.  Before getting too mad, I kept darting into one of the many beer bars along Beach Road for a calming drink.   If that’s possible.   The drinks in Pattaya are cheap, but there is a reason.  The drinks are ‘lady drink’ size.  I’d rather pay full price and get a decent size glass.   Two mouthfuls and the glass was empty.  Check-bin and move on. Continue reading “Soi LK Metro – By Big G.”

From Cowshit to Cowboy – by Big G

Koahsan Road – Back-packer central.

o.k… first of all, I understand that kids on a limited budget who want to see the ‘real’ Thailand on their year out of college, or the go travelling wanting to ‘find themselves’ or maybe they are just unwashed that much that they have no friends –Koahsan Road is appealing to them. I am not a kid, or trying to find myself and I wash regularly – so Koahsan Road has not been on my agenda in the 8 years that I have been in Thailand. Until last night. It has been said that when I am not fending off terrorists in Algeria, I tend to do a lot of socializing. I meet a lot of people and the conversations always seem to turn to Bangkok. When speaking with the great unwashed, Kow shit road’ is mentioned. Mostly question about where to get a cheap room that 18 people can share – to getting a fake drivers license. With little or no knowledge I set about to check it out. All I did know is that KS Road is not in soi 4. So for this adventure I called up the services of Miss Tim. Continue reading “From Cowshit to Cowboy – by Big G”

Koh Samui trip.. outside soi 4. – by Big G

On New Years morning, I should have been, like most of you, working on a hangover. Maybe still fast asleep or kicking an LB out of bed claiming that was the last LB due to a new resolution. I however, was heading to Koh Samui. I wasn’t quite sure why we needed a taxi, as Miss Tim assured me that Koh Samui was just at the end of soi 4. She lied.

After getting over the initial shock that I was no longer in soi 4, we scuttled through the airport without causing any arguments or fights, which is unusual for me. Maybe I have mellowed?

I am not sure how long the flight was, as we both fell asleep the moment we sat in our seats. I should have asked someone sitting near by, as there was not a hope in hell of any of them sleeping whilst we snored.

I’ll not give you all the details of the trip – just the highlights. I can’t have you changing your opinion of Miss Tim now can I? Continue reading “Koh Samui trip.. outside soi 4. – by Big G”