Getting tired of Bangkok…. – By Big G

People said it and I didn’t believe them.   Friends, Family, they all said it would come.  “You’ll get bored of life in Bangkok one day” they said.

– I fear the day has come where they are right.

I’ve always maintained that I’ll do what I do, whilst it’s fun.  And when it’s no longer fun, I’ll move on.

For the past 2 months I’ve been in Bangkok.  I’ve made the odd trip here and there, but mainly, I’ve spent most of my time in Bangkok.  Bangkok is/was a place I loved.  I loved the buzz of the place.  The smells stopped me thinking I was somewhere else, the heat told me I was nowhere else but there.  The people were interesting and entertaining.

But this has now passed.   People change.  Ideals change. Priorities change.  Most of all, Bangkok has changed.

I used to look forward to walking down Sukhumvit Road at night.  I used to get excited about visiting gogo’s.  I used to enjoy buying dancers drinks.  I used to find it fun.

Sukhumvit Road now makes me angry each time I walk down it.  The people hovering around there piss me off and I now deliberately bump into the ‘people’ so as to provoke some kind of retaliation so that I can vent my frustrations out on them for walking so slowly, stopping for no reason or for just being a B.O smelling M.F.

Now when I hit the Plaza/Cowboy, I first have to plan my route because there are various gogos I want to avoid.  There are girls that I have known for many years and used to buy drinks for.  But now, many of them just piss me off now because they think they have some claim on me.  I don’t want to buy them drinks.  I want to buy a drink for someone I WANT to buy a drink for.  Not because some bint stands in front of me gesturing that the throat is sore.

The bars have changed.  They have no soul.  No atmosphere.  No interest for me anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not on a complete downer.  The only reason I am still in Bangkok now is because of the people in my ‘circle’ that keeps me returning.    We have people that come in the Mango that I don’t see as customers – but pals.  I look forward to seeing them and like spending time with them. (be that in the Mango or somewhere else)

Bangkok has changed.  The visitors have changed.  The people I consider ‘friends’ are the only reason I am there.

But, for every good person there is, there are a dozen arseholes.  We all know who they are.  These are the less popular people who have nothing better to do than talk shit about people.  I’ve no time for them.

So what’s my little rant for?  Well, I am thinking this is my last year in Bangkok.  Not my last year in Thailand, but my last in Bangkok.   As much as Bangkok has changed, I guess I have too. Time to move on.

I want a nice place near the beach with a private swimming pool.  Somewhere I can relax and not have to endure assholes each day. That rules out Pattaya.

My top ten hates are still much as they were a while back.  All that’s changed is their place on the list.

1) Arrogant Arabs walking down Suk

2) Smelly cheap ass Indians – everywhere

3) Sidewalks being blocked by beggars, vendors and assholes

4) Crap service staff

5) Taxi drivers not taking you where you want to go.

6) Tuk Tuks

7) Assholes

8) Cheap Charlie mother fuckers

9) Nigerians

10) Certain English Teachers

The thing is, I like Cities.  I’ve always lived in a City.  I am hoping that I’ll not get bored sitting by my pool everyday with a cold beer??  So I guess I better keep a place in Bangkok for the weekends?

Carry on…..
















Round up.. catch up….. By Big G

Some of you may have picked up on a comment I made a few months back, saying to look out for a bit of an announcement in the new year. Well, those of you that know me, know that I work a month and then have a month off. I am in the Oil and Gas Industry. Yes.. it sucks. Anyway, the month ‘off’ allows me to run the Mango. The Mango is my hobby. So, last year, when I decided it was time to ditch my current job in Algeria, I was heading for a UK based job. Nine to five. Mon-Fri. No time off like my last gig. Now that does suck! So, with not enough time to spend on my ‘hobby’, the only option was to get shot of it. Bye, see-ya, hasta la vista.. baby! Continue reading “Round up.. catch up….. By Big G”

Lomeo in Limbo part 2 – by Lomeo!

Papa Lomeo …

I’d made my way out to Don Meung to pick up the old man, and this is a cunt of a place to get to – I’d taken the cheap option by getting the BTS to Mo Chit and then a taxi from there. Didn’t recognize him when he came through the arrival doors ; probably because I expected him to be walking and he came through in a fucking wheel chair. WTF had happened? Had he decided whilst in Bali to ride the longboard one more time? The bloke pushing the chair wants a payday, the old man informs me. “How much?” I ask in thai. “Roi yii sip baht krup”. I peel of the notes and hand them to him and take the old man outside for a smoke. “You know that was a scam?” I say to him – “they don’t charge for some cunt to push the wheelchair it’s included in the ticket cost”. “How much did it cost?” he asks. “Four bucks” I say which is greeted with rapturous laughter – “Best four dollars I’ve ever spent! They picked me up on the plane and wheeled me straight through immigration where they didn’t even look at me before stamping my passport. Thank Christ I bought this walking stick in Bali – it’s a great prop and really adds to the overall look” he says as he adjusts his panama hat. Continue reading “Lomeo in Limbo part 2 – by Lomeo!”

Lomeo in Limbo Part 1 – By Lomeo

I’ve descended the lift and make the short journey to the end of the soi in Ratchada near the Huai Kwang MRT station., I jag a taxi pretty quickly and settle in for ‘slit your wrist traffic’ to the airport – As I sit in the taxi there’s nothing that can make me happy ; I managed a last fuck with Juliet before the tears began to stream. (hers not mine..) I don’t want to be here, in this taxi, homeward bound today, but we’ll get to that later. Right now I just want to remember the good times, as I know the LOS blues are going to hit me hard this time…my life really is in limbo in more ways than one. There simply is no other city in the world like Bangkok and a lot of guys like me are trying to “find themselves” there – with varying degrees of success. I don’t regret anything I’ve done since I booked my first trip to the City of Angels, but there is a price to pay for everything, and some days it feels like the reaper is sharpening his sickle while looking at my mugshot.

It was a great trip – I think I managed to clock up about 10 weeks in the Kingdom. It’s hard to compare trips, the’re not like Olympic games where I will happily declare this one the “best ever” – but I ticked a lot off the list on this one – and at the end of a trip all you really have are memories – and my passport is looking like a ‘real’ one now, with visa’s as well as entry stamps. Save your money on those tacky souvenirs – Better to spend it on hookers and blow. But I digress .. This trip took on a few themes as follows

The Mango Crew ..

Flew into town on the 1st of November and high-tailed it to Pattaya. There is simply no place on earth like Patts and I never tire of the town, but I tend to spend short stints there now. A few days is enough. I met up with Bruce and we had the pedal to the metal (or was that just me?). Read about it <here>. I don’t regret anything I did on that weekend, was a total blast. But once a ladyboy fucks you in the ass there really is no going back .. more on this later.

Got back to Bangkok and lived the 2 week millionaire lifestyle – for two weeks!. Hit the Mango, put faces to names and hit Nana plaza with DW (as he was then still known!) and watched him work that gangsta roll in Pretty Lady ; awesome to see!! As @NurseRon has opined before it’s amazing to be part of the posse, and see the looks on the faces of the other punters when you hit a venue – “Who the fuck are these guys?”. We partied pretty hard, I am amazed I managed to get myself back to Ratchada in a taxi some nights ; thank fuck for autopilot!

The Mango party was a bit of a fizzer but I still enjoyed it – the four girls recruited from Pretty Lady are all gems and I have to say I fucked this one up pretty badly. There was only one of the four that could be easily eliminated as potential mates for that night, and the other three were definite contenders. At one stage I’ve hit Big G up for a loan and am stuffing 1K notes down the front of panties as the girls gyrate while holding on to chains. Who the fuck do I think I am? I definitely do not have a job in an Algerian gas plant (*phew*) and am not earning the sort of money that those FIFO boys are – anyway I made a selection, making a late change, after a discussion with a guy from Cali (you know how you are). The sort that goes “Look mate if you want her, take her” ..”Are you sure, because if you want her, you can take her, you saw her first”. I ended up with her, but was too drunk to fuck and bundled her into a taxi in the early hours of the morning on Sukhumvit road with B500 in her hand. And she is my absolute favourite in Pretty Lady. Next time .. maybe .. I hope so ..

Some shout-outs to those of you who made up the fabric of my BKK life. Big G – Great to meet you and thanks for all youv’ve done for the blog, the bar, and making us part of your extended family. Rainman – you are larger than life with a million stories to tell ; I want to hear every one of them! Bruce – I have a soft spot for you, my protege, it was fun to watch you squirm in Cascade, and I had an absolute blast with you in Patts that weekend, thanks! Gamblin Man – VB wants you for their next tv commercial, walking in the ‘blokes punching above their weight’ section ; you had some of the hottest babes hanging off your arm. You must have a big .. wallet! PMMP – sorry I had to card you, but it had to be done. Thanks for the drink! Heckler .. sorry I missed working out with you at the Lumphini prison gym .. next time. BikerPete – sorry to hear about your run in with the B.I.B ; hope you had enough baht to sort things out.

Juliet – whatever becomes of us, and I’m not sure as I write this, she will always have a special place in my heart. I met her on Thai Love Links (TLL). She deserves better than me, but may never find it, this is the reality of girls that have been discarded by Thai guys. She is fantastic in bed, the best I have ever had, and that is hard to walk away from, for good – but good girls and the bar scene is not a great mix, and I’m not ready to commit to her 100% and leave the bar scene behind – therein lies the problem ? But I may never find better than her as well ; we all settle for someone. In the too hard basket for now ..

Many great times with the gang .. The Soi 4 pub crawl and the infamous ‘family mart receipt’ incident. The Patpong night was fun, Kwan and her team put on a great spread. I think Rainman was headed home shortly thereafter. I remember giving Bruce a good sendoff with a night at the Tawandang German Brewery followed by Route 66 on RCA until the wee hours. Once the gang had dispersed, life quietened down, and I did a bunch of different stuff in and around BKK. Morning walks around Lumphini, lazy Sunday afternoons at JJ markets, Loy Krathong at Asiatique. Some days I stayed within 100m of the condo in Ratchada and still had a good time. I’d pop into the Mango every now and then, Soi 4 has a calling that is hard to ignore.

Continued in part 2………..