Soi Cowboy Challenge 2012

Soi Cowboy Challenge!

Gents…     talking with my old pal PRP, we came to the assumption that it’d fun to do a Soi Cowboy challenge.  ALL the bars in one night.

– There are a lot, so we’ll need to start early evening.


We shall be starting at the Old Dutch at the bottom of Cowboy.  A deal has been struck with the Big Cheese there for a bunch of snacks before the marathon.  Chicken Wings, Ribs, Spring rolls… kinda thing.     

And when I say ‘deal’… this one is on me and PRP.  The marathon eaters are welcome. Of course you’ll have to identify who you are to us.  Any freeloaders will be stabbed in the chest with half eaten rib.

The plan is ‘one drink and out’.  No exceptions.    (even the Arab bars)    All are welcome.   If you can make it to the Mango (and spend some money) before we set off, it will be a good opportunity for introductions and name calling.

Planned date is Wednesday 12th September  ETD (Estimated Time of Drinkathon) is 18:30 at THE OLD DUTCH

Let us all know who is in….  and I’ll add it to the Calendar.     (for those of you already said they’re up for it, please mention again on this tread, as it’s easier to track)

A write-up will follow.   So I’ll need people to take notes.


  • Daywalker
  • PRP
  • Laitiedog
  • Doc Bond
  • Companyman
  • Mike the warrior
  • ZUFO


nurseRon – flying in especially! How Elite is that?  You hear that Fender / ROLLN?  ;)

  • Pete
  • Whisperingoldman

In pencil…

  • DavetheRave
  • Stickman

– although doubt they can make the whole night.. it’s an age thing ;)

Lumpini in the morning! – by Big G

Who knew there is a bloody great park in the middle of Bangkok?    I’ve recently discovered Lumpini!    Having ventured out in the daytime for a little stroll and taking a big swan boat thingy around the pond, I thought I’d join the active people of Bangkok and go for a little jog in the morning.

The last time I was in the streets at 6am was when I was heading out of a club with some kind of monster or walking along with pmmp, frantically calling some of the numbers on his phone – trying to drum up some action.  Being too drunk to care that I was about to melt in the morning sun and that I smelled worse that an Arabs armpit. Continue reading “Lumpini in the morning! – by Big G”

Assholes! (but not everyone) – By Big G

It’s no secret, I am growing tired of assholes in Bangkok. But what type of person comes under ‘asshole’?

– The Indian / Pakistani tourist on a tight budget who doesn’t wash and wants to play pool for free in a bar.  They have also been known to bring their own drinks!

– The sweaty, wet Arabs walking three abreast down Sukhumvit road and then stop for no reason, blocking all pedestrians.

– Rude guys that after having one or two drinks, get loud and abusive to staff.

– The internet trolls (cowards) who are scared to say things to my face.

– People who only visit a bar when there is a freebie on offer (and balloon chasers)

– Nigerians on the street saying ‘alright man’ when I walk past.

– People who will mess around with the girls in a bar and then not tip them Continue reading “Assholes! (but not everyone) – By Big G”

Developments at the Mango! – Update

As you are aware, I am looking to do some other things.  This means freeing up my time (and Miss Tims) from the Mango.  In the last few days – discussions have been held, decisions made and plans drawn up.    Time to share!

Changes are coming.  I was going to head into the sunset… but things change daily… I think I’ll stick around for  a little while longer…  😉

We have 5 floors (not 4 as stated in a wrong article by a fat proffessor) at the Mango and lots of room, so the plan is to turn some of the floors into Serviced Apartments and Hotel rooms.   We arrived at this idea due to all the inquiries we get from people walking in off the street and asking if we have accommodation.  We have plenty of hotels around us – which are always full, so there seems to be a market down the sub-soi.

And what of the bar?   Changes are going to be there too.  I don’t know the details of the plans, but I do know that there will be a bit of construction on the the upper floors.

If you wonder about the staff, then don’t.  They’ll remain.    The bar will close for a while for some major construction works to be carried out.

Not too sure about the name just yet…. it’ll no longer be just a ‘bar’.   So…

Big Mango Place?   Big Mango HQ?   Big Mango Hotel & Bar?

Suggestions please…. something that’ll capture the place it is.  Bar and hotel.

For those of you around the world looking for decent value for money accommodation – long term and short term, then get in touch!

I’ll still keep my hand in…. I’ll just do most of that from my new crib… poolside!