Developments at the Mango! – Update

As you are aware, I am looking to do some other things.  This means freeing up my time (and Miss Tims) from the Mango.  In the last few days – discussions have been held, decisions made and plans drawn up.    Time to share!

Changes are coming.  I was going to head into the sunset… but things change daily… I think I’ll stick around for  a little while longer…  😉

We have 5 floors (not 4 as stated in a wrong article by a fat proffessor) at the Mango and lots of room, so the plan is to turn some of the floors into Serviced Apartments and Hotel rooms.   We arrived at this idea due to all the inquiries we get from people walking in off the street and asking if we have accommodation.  We have plenty of hotels around us – which are always full, so there seems to be a market down the sub-soi.

And what of the bar?   Changes are going to be there too.  I don’t know the details of the plans, but I do know that there will be a bit of construction on the the upper floors.

If you wonder about the staff, then don’t.  They’ll remain.    The bar will close for a while for some major construction works to be carried out.

Not too sure about the name just yet…. it’ll no longer be just a ‘bar’.   So…

Big Mango Place?   Big Mango HQ?   Big Mango Hotel & Bar?

Suggestions please…. something that’ll capture the place it is.  Bar and hotel.

For those of you around the world looking for decent value for money accommodation – long term and short term, then get in touch!

I’ll still keep my hand in…. I’ll just do most of that from my new crib… poolside!












38 thoughts on “Developments at the Mango! – Update”

  1. When is the bar going to close down for renovations? I’ll be in Bangkok in a few weeks and was hoping to stop by.

    So if Miss Tim’s leaving, who’s going to give the Nana Tours now? 😉

    Great ideas on the bar btw.

  2. What about the blog? It seems as though there is an opportunity here considering the numbers and the global reach.

  3. Nice one. Onwards and upwards. Good to know that the staff will be staying as getting humiliated on the pool table by Tai is what it’s all about for me

  4. I think you are right on the money with your plans! Good luck and I will definately be staying upstairs next time I’m in town.

  5. Good quality serviced apartments, in your location would be a great little earner I reckon. Even with just this blog and through word of mouth I reckon you will have plenty of customers too keep it busy ticking over.

  6. Sounds to me like you will end up with a bag of money, that Mango customers will end up with a cool place to stay and rent, and that an expanded menu will attract more Thai girls after closing time….

    … for those able to read between the lines, sounds like a win/win to me for everyone (well, except for *one* guy, maybe, who’ll now lose his purpose).

    I say, once this is all over, house-warming party at Big G’s new digs!

    1. I can’t decide on the CLK63 or another 911 Turbo to celebrate the sale?

      Oh, for those of you who still have a 20% discount card at the Mango – feel free to chuck it in the trash to save the Mango staff cutting it up infront of you and your pals!

    2. Looks like I’ll stick around. Had a meeting… looked at the building and what can be done with it… it’s exciting!

      Any suggestions on a name for the building? It’s no longer going to be just a bar.

      ‘Big Mango Bar & Hotel’? Big Mango Place?

      Suggestions please…..

  7. It’s all coming together.

    Just checked out a new crib in Hua Hin. Pool was too small so told them to poke it.

    After a little more searching, found the perfect place.

    I feel a pool party coming on!


  8. Awesome – sounds like things are working out for Poolside G!

    Better get the guest room ready for me! 🙂

  9. If you want to appease your loyal following (which is understandable) called it Mango Place (think Melrose Place, the TV show) 🙂

    Otherwise I would think the “Metropolitan” would be a nice name. It would/could attract a wider demographic than a redux of the old bar. Name the lobby/lounge area the Mango Room, or something like that.

    1. Namer – Mango Place is definitely a possibility.

      Please note that if you are a 1st time poster – your comment goes into moderation automatically until I can approve it.

      I can’t approve it when I am sleeping.

      If you want to write crap about us on fatboys site, then please don’t bother visiting this site. The people on here don’t give a shit about him or what he has to say.

  10. If I can make it there
    I’ll make it anywhere
    It’s up to you

    …’It’s up to you’, see the connection, Thais got it from Frank.

  11. The Big Mango Bar and Hotel gets my vote. Sometimes the short, sweet, and factually accurate description route is the best way to go.

  12. Call it The Bangkok Hilton …. it might generate a few lawsuits but you’ll be full every night and they’ll tip well

  13. Mango Bar, Grill & Chill
    The Mangosteen
    Green Mango Hotel
    A Soi Somewhere
    Wasabi Bar & Hotel
    Nurse Rons Recovery Room
    Rainmans Retreat
    Lomeos Loft

  14. How about “the Unit”? if you worked in a hospital it would make more sense…What about just “the Big Mango Inn”….? 😉

  15. How about “The Mangrove”

    “Just popping into the Big Mango, down at the Mangrove”

    Whatever it’s called, I have no issue bedding down on future visits.

    Will the rooms have sound proofing, & Bang & Olufsen TV’s.?

  16. I sure hope you put in some 52″ plasma tv’s with a kick ass cable package. I can’t stand what most hotels offer for tv.

  17. if the rooms were nicely soundproofed i would be more than willing to stay during my vacation! excellent idea!

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