Assholes! (but not everyone) – By Big G

It’s no secret, I am growing tired of assholes in Bangkok. But what type of person comes under ‘asshole’?

– The Indian / Pakistani tourist on a tight budget who doesn’t wash and wants to play pool for free in a bar.  They have also been known to bring their own drinks!

– The sweaty, wet Arabs walking three abreast down Sukhumvit road and then stop for no reason, blocking all pedestrians.

– Rude guys that after having one or two drinks, get loud and abusive to staff.

– The internet trolls (cowards) who are scared to say things to my face.

– People who only visit a bar when there is a freebie on offer (and balloon chasers)

– Nigerians on the street saying ‘alright man’ when I walk past.

– People who will mess around with the girls in a bar and then not tip them

Basically, YOU know if you’re an asshole.  You’ll be the one walking down soi cowboy or wherever on your own.  Your only companion is someone you pay, and you always have a separate bin at a bar because you’re too cheap to buy a drink for anyone and no one is going to buy you one.

But lets not leave this as negative.  The reason that the Big Mango doors are open today is because of the cool people I have met.  There are too many to name here, but YOU know who you are.

We have some great English Teachers in our stable.  One little Irish fella who is a blast and is always generous to the staff.  We have the usual I.T bods, always happy to assist with our I.T problems.  We have people living all over the globe that offer us a place to stay should we happen upon their neighborhood.  We have people who ‘get’ what I am trying to achieve with the Mango and have bought me a bottle of booze!  To get a bottle of booze off someone, when you have a bar shows that the bar was not a consideration when purchasing it.  In other words, these guys are genuine, and the Mango Bar is not the only reason we hang out.  Some of the guys, are just really nice people who don’t have a nasty word to say about anyone.

The Mango has been good to me.  I’ve made some great friends and I’ll remain in contact with long after the Mango has gone.

But for now.. it’s business as usual…

19 thoughts on “Assholes! (but not everyone) – By Big G”

  1. I’m surprised at your antipathy towards people who prefer separate bins. In my experience, this innovation allows guys on different incomes to socialize without friction and to drink at their own pace. It also allows a guy to buy lady-drinks without expecting others to bankroll his love-life.

  2. No Dobby, I was referring to the assholes who have no pals – because they’re assholes!

    The good folk have separate bins due to what you point out. – which is a good idea so your friends don’t share the lady drinks you may buy.

    The people I refer to know who they are.

    Visiting Pretty Lady bar now, they always keep a separate bin aside for me for the lady drinks as its not fair that the guys with me pay for my bell ringing.

  3. Thanks for the clarification regarding separate bills. For one ghastly moment there, I thought that you were calling me an asshole. I’ll avoid future drinks promotions in case you change your mind. I’d hate to be labelled as a balloon-chasing asshole.

    1. Ha! Dobby, again, the people I was aiming at, ‘know’ who they are. If you have to query or ask, then it’s not you!

      Good example tonight… great crowd in. Such nice people. I shouted many drinks and bought pizzas for everyone.

      It’s nights like this when it makes it all worth while!

  4. Only two weeks or so and I will be paying my first visit. The more I read about the Mango the more I think I will feel very much at home.

  5. Get into town for 10 days from next Monday with a total newbie!
    Will the Mango still be up and running? If so I’ll defo be dropping by on a few occasions.
    Let me know if anything organised is occurring.

    1. Cheesy – fear not, the Mango will be here for a fair old while don’t worry.

      I shall be here when you arrive, so be sure to stop by!

      Rolln – fancy getting a ‘copter to Pattaya?

  6. I know when i travel Nana with G, i keep a separate tab, because god knows what might end up on my tab on my own doing, or on his. It would be rude for it look assumed the tab was going to be split, Ha. Other times I’m just shit can wasted and didn’t notice i havent paid for anything… ha ha. I’m always good for it though…

    On your next trips, If you were planning on giving your favorite mamasan a bottle of whiskey, give it to G instead. Better investment.

  7. I’ll be stopping by next month and will ring the bell again. I was going to come by this month, but I’m having too much fun in Pattaya at the moment.

  8. @ Graham: you know as many times as I’ve rang the bell/rally monkey I don’t think I’ve ever bought you one? I guess that’s kinda good in that I’ve never considered you to be a staffer or merchant doing business with me?
    give everyone a hug for me, see y-all when it cools back down 😉

  9. Still trying to figure out what ballon chasing is! ha! Big G i think i still owe you about 50 drinks, how about a bottle of tequila on my next visit instead? 🙂

  10. that’s in his own bar mind you, although I must admit to being the recipient of way too many treated drinks while we were out and about! He does like Vodka…..

  11. Bottle of Russia’s finest coming your way Big G – will be in the Big Mango from 9th April for a few days of pillage. Hope to share a dram or two with any fine fellows in town then.

  12. Do I include myself in this category now? This morning I had a Cambodian LB scream at me that sHe doesn’t go with anyone for less than 2K. “you do this time sweetheart” was my reply as I threw 1K on the bed. Better not show my face in Cascade for a while.

      1. Guys – seeing some very nice gestures here.. but totally not necessary. Don’t worry about bringing me a bottle. (much prefer a strawberry milkshake these days!)

        If you want to show some generosity/appreciation to the Mango – buy the girls in the bar a drink. You never know, it might make them smile?!

  13. I think it’s pretty obvious that Big G had some very specific people in mind with each of his bullet-points, and those he meant, know that they are the “asshole” – funny certain english teachers didn’t make the list 🙂

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