Lumpini in the morning! – by Big G

Who knew there is a bloody great park in the middle of Bangkok?    I’ve recently discovered Lumpini!    Having ventured out in the daytime for a little stroll and taking a big swan boat thingy around the pond, I thought I’d join the active people of Bangkok and go for a little jog in the morning.

The last time I was in the streets at 6am was when I was heading out of a club with some kind of monster or walking along with pmmp, frantically calling some of the numbers on his phone – trying to drum up some action.  Being too drunk to care that I was about to melt in the morning sun and that I smelled worse that an Arabs armpit.

So – 6am this morning, I woke Miss Tim with a gentle dig in the ribs.  ‘Get up you lazy cow’.

This has been our plan for a while now.  Each morning I’ll suggest we head to the park, and each morning we’ve come up with an excuse to stay in bed, for another 6 hours.   To be honest, it’s not hard to think of an excuse to stay in bed with Miss Tim.    Anyway, as Miss Tim had just allowed me to buy her some new Nike Airmax, she was keen to get out and use them

By 06:40 we were at Lumpini park, thanks to my little gay scooter.   I was amazed at how many people were in the park.  Many had been there for what looked like hours.

We set off for a brisk walk round the park 1st to warm up.   I must say  I found this very relaxing.  Many, many Thai-Chinese people out doing yoga and some kind of dance waving swords n shit around.   Most folk in the park were old duffers.    There was something quite peaceful and gracious about the place.  It felt like we were a thousand miles away from the city.  For those of you that frequent Central Park in NYC, you’ll know what I mean.

We walked past the little Prison gym which wasn’t at all busy, then past all the little public exercise devices that are scattered around.  All of them were in use.

What struck me is the lack of farangs that were there.  Sure, there were the ultra-fit people circling us at an alarming rate, but all in all, the old duffers were out in droves and put us to shame.

After 1 lap, we picked it up a bit and jogged round for a lap.  We stayed together incase one of us keeled over – then the other could take any valuables and then trow the dead body into the pond for the wildlife to eat.   After a lap of jogging, we then walked another lap.   Very relaxing, very peaceful, very satisfying.

By 07:30 the sun was breaking through the trees and it was starting to hurt my eyes.    Head back to HQ for a bit of breakfast and yoghurt.     Don’t want to over do it, as we want to continue this each/most days.

Of course, as soon as we got home, Miss Tim reminded me that we’d only had 5 hours sleep so far and  was heading back to bed.  I swear she was asleep before her head hit the pillow.  It’s like she’d paid for sleep and she was damn sure to get her monies worth.

* Update*   We’ve since been told about a footpath that stretches from soi 10 to Wireless Road.  It’s empty and takes only 15 mins to get from Mango HQ to the Park.

The walkway is not accessible from soi 4 (although it does pass over it at the bottom of the soi) so we walk along the road by the expressway and join it at the bridge.   The little road next to the expressway also has a good decent foot/cycle path.

Was at the park at 06:30 this morning. I don’t recommend Sunday mornings! Way too busy.

Quiet at 06:30
Quiet at 06:30

21 thoughts on “Lumpini in the morning! – by Big G”

  1. Glad to see I wasn’t the only ones still awake and enjoying what Thailand has to offer at that time of the morning.

    Beautiful scenery, great food and drink and wonderful company. My favourite karaoke bar in Suk 105. Hate it when you stagger out and the sun is up.

  2. Lumpini Park late at night is the exact oppoiste of Lumpini in the morning. You see some scary tarts there at night…they are trolling..hard.

  3. Yeah I’ve only seen pictures of the place during the day, my only first hand experiences were at night and seeing all the dark shadow lurckers along the outer perimeter.

  4. Obvious answer>> slip it in.
    Found it stunning that you just discovered Lumpini Park after 6>8 years
    How about a weekly report on How many kilomters/How much time jogging interested to see if there is hope for the booze soaked

  5. I have sometimes been persuaded to go running at dawn in Rama 9 Park out in the suburbs behind Seacon Square/Paradise Park. The place is huge, far bigger than Lumpini, and you get the locals doing the same stuff there as well. Whether I actually enjoy it is another thing. Knackered before breakfast doesn’t really seem to me to be the best way to start the day.

    As for staggering out into the sun (Gamblin’ Man), I used to do that when I operated a disco on the Arctic Circle in Finland. Except there it was midsummer and I emerged into the sun at 2am. Bizarre. Played tennis there at midnight too, without lights.

  6. Jesus Graham, I can’t believe you just found out about Lumpini Park. I’m gonna spend more time running the perimeter next time I’m in town so I don’t blow up like a whale from all the booze. Might try and keep up with Spats if I manage to wake up early enough.

  7. Is there ever a good time for outdoor running in Thailand? Around 6am you have just jumped into bed, around 6pm you are already into serious beer time. In between it is just a tiny bit too hot and humid for the average Dutch middle aged man ….

  8. @ RM: no doubt! This last Feb. trip I was slimmed down to a touch over 160, and starting to show abbs! After 1 month gut was back and circling dangerously around the 180 mark…All those lazy LEO afternoons? Props to ya Big G for not exploding from all your prior times in LOS but also to your efforts to improve your current health state while there! Especially this time of year….

    1. Just got back from Lumpini again. Was told about a cycle/walkway that goes from Suk Soi 10 – straight to Lumpini Park.

      We never knew it was there. It’s a pretty interesting walk too. Seeing all the Thai houses n shit.

      But damn… it’s hot.

  9. Really, you only NOW found out about Lumpini park? I make sure to always stay in a hotel in the neighborhood (usually around Ratchprasong, or Sanam Luang), when it’s just a short stroll in the morning to reach Lumpini.

    It’s a great park just for a stroll – have you gone looking for the Komodo Dragon Lizards yet? They are all over the park, either swimming in the lake, or just lumbering over the grass, or looking for some edible infants to drag back to their lair. Awesome critters.

    Be sure to check out the Aerobics group by one of the entrances (usually a big group on weekends). It’s a great place to just go biking around – next time, I’ll be sure to find a place to rent a bike (and I’m sure to promptly get nicked by a bus, I’m sure, on the way there).

    Anyone know if you can rent bikes in Lumpini?

    1. Just got back from the park.

      It takes 15 minutes to get the park from Mango HQ, using the walkway. Pretty good.

      The morning time is ideal as it’s not too hot as the sun is just poking it’s head out. However, avoid Sunday mornings – the place is packed.

      Have looked for bikes.. didn’t see any. If I wasn’t buggering off to HH, then I’d certainly buy some bikes.

  10. @ Graham; R U talking about the pathway (also a drainage canal) that starts at Suk sio 10 and runs para with Suk all the way to Wireless Rd.?

    1. nR – erm… sort of. The walkway is not a drainage canal, as it’s 30 feet up in the air!

      I’ve updated the post to include some pics.

      The canal is beneath the walkway – but not parallel all the way.

      Mind you, looking at all the scum n shit in/on the water in the canal, you could probably walk on it!

  11. OK, I know what your talking about…If you go in the opposite direction (towards Askoke/Soi Cowboy) it’s at ground level and your walking parallel with the canal. I use this route alot when I’m heading to say Lotitas/Lollypop or Vasu exchange? As you know I like to stay in the soi 16 to 22 area and if you take the foot bridge over Asoke (the one with the green roof, at about the Lakes Hotel) and walk down Asoke (away from Suk.) 30 meters, you come to a small path to the right that leads to a cool little Thai style shanty town. If you follow this little soi it ends at the inter section of what will become soi 10 and the bus storage yard and it crosses the canal that’s the beginning or your short cut. It’s a cool little walk during the winter months (that’s when I found it a few years)

  12. Okay! I understand all these hoopla about staying fit.. we deserve to live with a robust dick at least few years more than the attorney who swooped you for your grandma’s last dime! Okay, I take that we are indulgent in a grossly understated way, we are by no means made by chiseling a solid rock – yet we are a happy lot.. We don’t ploy for a blitzkrieg terrorist attack, we don’t run around shooting in schools – we are just a happy bunch of people making merry by impregnating a few oriental dollies and in return, kind of hands-on, corroborating the Freudian theories…

    On a more grounded note – having sex is perhaps a far more rewarding exercise than running around in a polluted neighborhood. A round of sex relieves you of, among a few other things like your sperm and money, 300 to 500 calories depending on the ferocity with which you hump. To achieve the same feat, you have to run at upwards of 7 miles/hr for about 20 minutes. The God has made the choice obvious, at least for me. By getting up early, in fact, you are not helping yourself much – rather your sleep deprived body is undergoing an array of chemical reactions, that result in higher cholesterol, blood sugar and a few other fucking curses – such as a perpetually loose dick only good for urinating. On the contrary, early morning sex, nicely sets up your BMR for the day, it helps in releasing atrophene (I think I got this correct) and few other pleasure pheromones/hormones that stops your ageing process – remember the attorney?

    Well, don’t think I am a hellmate that you never want to meet or I am that legendary Dr. Love – it is just that I love having sex and no compromising on that – so much so that I have given up the idea of marriage to not contract with a deadly disease of one-vagina-itis. Drink less, love your liver, avoid smoking as much as you can – have more sex though… Remember, you are helping an innocuous Oriental girl who deserves a more compassionate sexual treatment and some financial assistance at the same time… #feelgood!

  13. Good points Nomadic
    Still researching ‘atrophene,’… is there something I should know about?

    Now every jogger has an excuse to stop, I’m going with that one.

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