Soi Cowboy Challenge 2012

Soi Cowboy Challenge!

Gents…     talking with my old pal PRP, we came to the assumption that it’d fun to do a Soi Cowboy challenge.  ALL the bars in one night.

– There are a lot, so we’ll need to start early evening.


We shall be starting at the Old Dutch at the bottom of Cowboy.  A deal has been struck with the Big Cheese there for a bunch of snacks before the marathon.  Chicken Wings, Ribs, Spring rolls… kinda thing.     

And when I say ‘deal’… this one is on me and PRP.  The marathon eaters are welcome. Of course you’ll have to identify who you are to us.  Any freeloaders will be stabbed in the chest with half eaten rib.

The plan is ‘one drink and out’.  No exceptions.    (even the Arab bars)    All are welcome.   If you can make it to the Mango (and spend some money) before we set off, it will be a good opportunity for introductions and name calling.

Planned date is Wednesday 12th September  ETD (Estimated Time of Drinkathon) is 18:30 at THE OLD DUTCH

Let us all know who is in….  and I’ll add it to the Calendar.     (for those of you already said they’re up for it, please mention again on this tread, as it’s easier to track)

A write-up will follow.   So I’ll need people to take notes.


  • Daywalker
  • PRP
  • Laitiedog
  • Doc Bond
  • Companyman
  • Mike the warrior
  • ZUFO


nurseRon – flying in especially! How Elite is that?  You hear that Fender / ROLLN?  ;)

  • Pete
  • Whisperingoldman

In pencil…

  • DavetheRave
  • Stickman

– although doubt they can make the whole night.. it’s an age thing ;)

One thought on “Soi Cowboy Challenge 2012”

  1. I wistfully wonder if I will ever manage to attend such a function and if I did would I revert to my Asperger’s personae? Or just get get normally cunted?

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