Question: Where can I find a girl?

Every so often I’ll receive e-mails asking about rooms, local gogos and so on.  This is a recent e-mail I received from a reader.   I think there are many people out there who can answer these better than me.  I also get the impression that this guy needs to get a little more Thailand experience.

Finding myself single…again…I’ve toyed with the idea now and again about finding a nice Thai girl to settle down with. But, the biggest fear is in finding myself caught up with either a scammer, liar, or bar girl.

Of course, there are great bar girls, but I don’t see that kind of woman being the future Mother of my children.

 – How does one go about doing the long-distance thing, and being sure about your partner?

 – What sites should I use to find them?

 – Should I just ask some of the men here with Thai girlfriends or wives to recommend a  friend/cousin/niece/sister?

I know that a lot of the guys here are jaded about the entire scene, but perhaps this kind of post/question would open discussion about the nicer sides of the Thai culture when it comes to finding someone…

– Thanks, Eric.


Bangkok Daze….

My 3 months stretch here is coming to an end soon. I arrived on Dec 27th and apart from a few trips back to the UK for a few days, I’ve been in Thailand ever since. I’ve actually seen more of Thailand in the last 3 months than I have in the last 8 years. Things are changing!

Just got back from Hua Hin the other day…. Miss Tim and I went to sign papers for the house and then started work on the list of shit we need to get the house the way we want it. Continue reading “Bangkok Daze….”