Prime time eating – by Big G

As you know, Miss Tim and I spend lots of our time doing nothing.   Then, after we’ve finished doing nothing we like to not cook a meal, so head into town and have someone do it for us.  I like nothing more than a fully qualified Chef prepare my meal.  Tastes so much nicer than the beans on toast which is the best I can do.

I have a love of steak.  Medium rare to be more specific.  And none of that pepper-sauce that in my opinion takes the taste of blood away.  Nothing like a bit of red meat washed down with a bottle of wine.  Yum yum.

In Bangkok, our search saw us reach the conclusion of Arturs and Monsoon being our faves.  Well it’s my fave, as I am sure Miss Tim would prefer to eat crabs direct from a fishing net. Continue reading “Prime time eating – by Big G”

Lomeo goes Honkers – by Lomeo!

The thing about Bangkok is that it get’s to you after being there for a while – the Indian tailors, ladyboys and ‘buy me dink’ bar girls It’s just so hard to get them in the one room for an orgy at a reasonable price. But I digress..

Having dodged the overstay bullet once, time was fast approaching where I had to do a visa run. I’m sure that sitting in a van speeding towards the Cambodian border watching the blur of the Thai countryside from a minivan window (with a bunch of still drunk Englishmen and Somchai at the wheel) is a load of fun, but it’s not for me. I decided that a long weekend in Hong Kong was more the ticket and so Juliet and I made our way to Swampy one Friday morning to fly with Thai Airways on their new A380 (upper deck!) to HKG. A nice flight, although a little bumpy, I was reminded that someone told me over a beer once that Thai pilots got their jobs the same way other Thais did – perish the thought, better concentrate on the movie. Continue reading “Lomeo goes Honkers – by Lomeo!”

Star Trek : Into the Darkness

The movie certainly lives upto it’s name.

Miss Tim and I ventured out to Terminal 21 a few hours ago to take in the flick.

Maybe the VIP seats were just too comfy, because within half an hour we were both drifting into the darkness and having a little snore.

Bored out of our skulls, we upped and left 1 hour into the film. It’s rare to say this, but accompanying Miss Tim shoe shopping was the better option!


Hua Hin – The Arrival – by Big G

Having been away for almost 4 weeks – sampling the English Spring time in London, I was starting to miss Thailand. Oh, and miss Miss Tim of course.

Landing on Friday afternoon, the usual binge drinking took place. Some regulars turned up at the bar and a good drinking session got under way. These are the good times that I will have locked away in the memory banks.

A quick tour of Nana saw us hit the usual spots and like we always do when tired, drunk and hungry, we hit the 24hr café on soi 11. Continue reading “Hua Hin – The Arrival – by Big G”