I couldn’t go without sharing this…..

I couldn’t shut this site down without taking a moment to give my good friend FatFaceKenny a mention.

You remember him right? The loser that created a website when we decided to pull one of his posts. The guys ego is bigger than his waist line and got all upset about it. I’ll not waste the keystrokes going into it, so you can read the odd articles that are kicking around.

This taken from the Daily News came of no surprise….

As this article states
“In 2001, a civil lawsuit was filed against him by a then 22-year-old Pasadena City College student, who said Ng mischaracterized her on a website by using photographs of her, then writing erotic fictional tales about her.

The case was later settled, but Ng said the case was an example of extortion against him.”

Kenny then tried to seek social acceptance by explaining how to negotiate with hookers to get a better rate. He even provided GPS coordinates on his site! The guy is a complete and utter fucking loser.

On the few times I have corresponded with him – he gave me threats of going to the Police.  I called his bluff and contacted the police,   but hey,   guess what? – they were not interested.  Kenny is an old over-weight asshole.  If he were  younger and fitter,  I’d knock the living shit out of him.  But he’s old and obese. Where is the fun in that.   At least I have the satisfaction knowing that it pains Kenny to know that he only ever held (a little) credibility when he was posting on the Mango Blog. He then lost all that respect and humiliated himself.

His popularity peaked when he was posting on here and he can not get that back. He is now, and will always be regarded as a joke. As sure as Tuesday follows Monday, I will be meeting up with him in the future to confront him on many lies that he has written about me.

I thought I’d share the e-mails with you so you can see what an idiot he is.  Notice they’re a few months old.  I was waiting for the right time to publish.

Oops,  did I include Kennys Kennys e-mail address?  Kenny won’t mind, as he is so keen on giving out personal information.

From: Kenny <hceco004@gmail.com>
Date: 24 March 2013 18:30:02 GMT

To: Graham Jones
Subject: Re: Big Mango

I will only write you once and only because I do not wish you, Nicholas, or Michael, to get into legal trouble that will ruin your lives.

Last year, the Risk Management Office at the university contacted me about a website that alleged I was having sex with students and a barrage of emails that were being sent to university administrators I explained the situation, which they were already aware of, with you, Nicholas, and Michael. The university lawyer pressed me to refer the matter to the police pointing out that such activity is a felony under California law. Initially, I resisted but eventually consented to file a criminal complaint.

I provided Nicholas, Michael and your name to the police for them to investigate. The police contacted the hosting company for the sites, including BigDummyKenny.com and Saphanloy.wordpress.com, and requested the names of the owners of those sites.They also conducted an electronic investigation tracing the email addresses that were used to send the emails to establish who was sending them. The hosting company for one of the sites took the site down after being contacted by the police and made aware of the legal consequences.

This file on this case is still open and under investigation.

You can contact Detective Sergeant Dana Archer at 818-677-3826 or email him at dana.archer@csun.edu and confirm this information. The case number is 111533. He is the investigating officer and would be happy to hear from you.

I suggest you pass this information on to the other three so that they can take appropriate legal action to protect themselves.

Please do not contact me again. Any inquiries should be directed to Detective Sergeant Archer.

Kenneth Ng

My response…

To: Kenny <hceco004@gmail.com>
From: Graham
25th March 2013


You are a complete and utter fucking idiot.

I am not looking for a response. I am merely letting you know that all the lies that you are publishing on YOUR website about a THAI business has been passed onto the Thai authorities.

Nick, Mike and myself have nothing to do with Big Dummy Kenny or Saphanloy websites. And as you know, there has never been any acknowledgement of you on the Mango website. It’s about time you gave your ego a reality check. As for Harry Zink – we met him about 3 years ago one night for about 15 mins! Again, you need to realise that you have pissed people off everywhere. It doesn’t just lay at the Mango door.

I look forward to being contacted by any police. Please remember that you were a patron of a business that YOU are calling a brothel. Do you really want this brought up again?

Look at all your info that YOU have published. If anyone is in trouble here – it’s YOU!

For someone as highly educated as you, you are a very silly boy.

One last thing….. ‘California’ is not the whole world!

After contacting D.S Archer….

From: Dana V Archer <dana.archer@csun.edu>
Date: 28 March 2013 16:26:43 GMT
To: Graham Jones
Subject: RE: Case Number 111533

Mr. Jones:

Thanks for the information. Our investigation regarding this case is no longer active; however I will attach your e-mail to it in the event your information is needed at a later date.

Dana Archer
Detective Sergeant
CSU Northridge Police Department
Northridge, California 91330-8282
Office: (818) 677-3826 Fax: (818) 677-6816

Oh.. and here is a little something extra –  I saved the best for last. Notice that D.S Archer thanked me for the ‘information’ – here it is.

SEVERAL months ago I was sent this FaceBook link. Look familiar? It can’t be Obese Kenny because he’s calling himself Tommy Tone?

I’ve put some screenshots here also, because I am sure Kenny will pull the plug on his FaceBook page to save even more embarrassment.  Not that it matters now.  All the right people have been looking at this for a few months.

One might ask the question ‘why would a single guy in his mid-50’s, overweight, who has a website focused on negotiating the price of sex with prostitutes, who holidays in Thailand have a FaceBook page under a different name with lots of young Thai girls as friends?


Just say 'no' to dieting
Just say ‘no’ to dieting


Kenny has more friends in the cyber world than the real world.
Kenny has more friends in the cyber world than the real world.

And last of all… have I broken any laws here? No, I’ve not. Have I given correct information? Yes, I have. Have I made you look an idiot?  No.  You did that yourself.

You see Kenny, that’s how it’s done.

20 thoughts on “I couldn’t go without sharing this…..”


  2. @DW Enjoy seeing anyone getting what they deserve, in spades.

    Not sure unsuspecting Thai girls should be brought into it by showing their links to the big jerk.

    If you believe in numerology there may be some significance in tommytone1114 and case file 111533!! Hopefully on the negative side.

    1. Not sure I understand what you mean by “Not sure unsuspecting Thai girls should be brought into it by showing their links to the big jerk”

      They’re his ‘friends’. And it’s FaceBook, so all this is public domain.

      Also, it’s worth noting that one of his ‘friends’, is a friend of a friend of mine. 😉

  3. I was always surprised that a supposedly educated man lacked the ability to see how much of a twat he was being, then again economists are probably a bit like accountants – I suppose Karma will have its say one day.
    Thanks for being such a good host G over the years – no doubt see you around still 🙂

  4. If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by – Japanese proverb.

  5. The truly sad part is that few of the patrons there even know who he is.

    A couple of years in the Bangkok bar trade are like a lifetime elsewhere with customer, staff and ownership turnover.

    And yet he has carried on this personal war against, wait for it…….a bar. Really?

    The guy flushed what little career he had over a blog post. Seriously?

    Graham, good luck in the future, you were a gentlemen every time I spoke with you (twice) .

    And a thank you to Professor Kenneth Ng, I had never heard of Big Mango Bar until he started his crusade.

    The beer was always cold, the Wi-Fi always worked and the food was always spot on.

    See ya!

  6. Mr Jones, top boy you are, low life all over the world will try and hurt a person with a good heart(and a bald head…..joke), come back to England , we go and see real tits at my go go bar…..QUEEENS PARK RANGERS, if you cannot make it now, wait 3 years when my tits are in Champions League Finals.
    Tickets and pie and mash on me, on Goldhalk Road..Top PIE with liquire.
    Good luck with your next business plan, wish you all the luck for your billion £££ ideas.
    $$$.no good you hanson baldy..£££ rules the world…. long time.
    Time starts in London for the world. tell the birds in golden bar in Nana hotel.
    Graham make sure in Asia they are on time.
    Good luck mate.and you will NOT SHUT THIS BLOG DOWN, if you do .I will send all the Somalians to your bar from Edgware.

  7. After your dramatic “Upwards and Onwards” posting I don’t know about this final posting of “not being able to go without posting this” by resurrecting this old evil and giving more notierity to an enemy that you cannot seem to clear your thoughts of. To me this was a depature on a low note.

    So, I hope that there is an inspirational epilogue from you forthcoming as all great mean should leave on a high note. And you are a “great man” in the lore of the Farang community in BKK.

  8. I think you need to have one last party sir.
    With 20 bath Tiger beer pints and Chicken Masala.
    Oh yes please.

    Thankyou kind sir

  9. Got to end with a party,where everyone wakes up like they were in Hangover 2,so no one has any idea what the hell happened the night before…

  10. APRIL the 1st joke by the MANGO…..if he shuts down, how will he get his middle stump spunk the bail off.
    ENGLAND are in the FINAL, We will cook the curry now
    Bring on Sri Lanka or India

    1. Chaps – I knew I’d get some negative feed back on that post. I was expecting it. All I can say is ‘why should I just take shit from FFK and not take a moment to defend myself. He continues to publish lies about me, the Mango, my friends. I feel justified in posting what I did.

      There is a whole lot more I could have written but couldn’t be bothered.

      It wasn’t the final post. I have some more in the pipeline.

      Good turn out in the Mango last night. Good to see the faces.

  11. Daywalker you are coming to QPR, to see the real tits on the pitch, my team never touch the ball, so they are not gay.YP will hate Loftus Road,
    we are normal at HaMMMMMDDersmith area.
    WEST LONDON is ours.. fuck off you Russian British Crapsea supporters from the tax payers homes….low life Kings Road has turned out to be…..council owners home owners, support Shitsea

    1. I knew I’d get some comments on the FFK site.

      – This proves my point. His loser mates on there hang on every word that is written here! Oh are they gonna miss this?!!

      For the record, BigBlackGulliver is NOT Michael Smith. BBG is an EX-STUDENT of Kennys!

  12. I read with interest Kenny,s versions of the Mango, Owners & Staff.
    I first stepped into the Big Mango when I looked upstairs when sitting in Big Dogs.
    The Big Mango to me, was an oasis of calm among all the shenanigans of Nana.
    Not once has either of the Big Mango Bars felt like a brothel.
    Not once have I ever felt threatened, coerced into something, or anything else negative in the two Big Mango’s.
    What I always felt was hospitality, friendship, good food, & good drink prices. Oh, & free pool.
    I know the owners, ex owners of Mango, & never felt like a lamb to the slaughter. Many times I have been slaughtered with the owners, someplace, somewhere in Bangkok.
    From my first trip to BKK in 2004, the Mango has always been my bar of choice, & all the good memories of the people I have met there, will always be with me.
    Negativity & jealousy go hand in hand, & you can never please everyone.
    And yes, I do have the t-shirts to prove it!

  13. Interesting. So are you the creator of Bigdummykenny as stated by Kenny in his LA News interview?

    Where is Kenny these days? Does he still come to Thailand or is he Persona non Gratas?

    1. Gershwin – wow, that’s an old one.

      No, I am not the creator of Bigdummykenny. If I was – I’d have shouted it from the rooftops. I’d have also called FatFuckKenny.com

      All the crap he came out with was lies. He was just trying to gain popularity – and failed.

  14. Hey guys, just for a bit of fun, why not cruise over to :


    … and learn all you can about heavy industrial equipment.

    ROTFLOL! *cackle*cackle*cackle*

    Now, whatever has become of Prufie?

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