Meet the parents…. – Big G

After 8 years of absence from the Christmas dinner, my parents asked the question ‘where the fuck is my present’? No, they asked where I’ve been.

My parents grew up in the East End of London. They’ve seen and done things that would make your teeth itch. I’ve no reason hide anything I get upto in Bangkok or indeed my passion of the Mango Bar.

With this year being my wind down of the Mango year, I have decided to bring them over to Thailand to check it out.

But here is the thing. What do I do with them? I know how to entertain my Dad, but my Mum and my little Brother? Actually, I know how to entertain my little Brother also.

The plan is to meet up with them in Dubai and fly to BKK. These are the parents, so it’s only right that I fly them business class.

Booked into a suite at the Marriott (not bad at 15k per night). I thought it only right they get pampered a little on the flight and the hotel before I subject them to all the rats, hookers, drug dealers and criminals. – or as we know it ‘soi 4’.

After a few days – take them to HH where they can kick back and relax. But then, will they get bored?

What on earth will keep them entertained in Bangkok and HH? I never really did the touristy thing.

So I am throwing this out there to the masses. Please let me know what my parents could do when they come to Thailand.

They’re old… like late 60’s

Keep it sensible… they are my parents.

I might just open up a free bar on their last night 😉

BBQ Week in HH – by Big G

Part 1

Buying sea-monsters 1st thing in the morning is not exactly what I call fun. But then I am sure there are many things that I’ve had Miss Tim do early in the mornings which wouldn’t have been her 1st choice either.

The troops were in the minivan heading to HH. A bargain price at 2700, considering a taxi is around 2400.

When the troops arrived, the plan was to have a few beers then leave the women to do whatever it is women do when we’re not around (dance around in underwear I’d like to think)– and then us lads head into town for a few more beers. Easy. Continue reading “BBQ Week in HH – by Big G”